Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 505

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Episode 505 Hehehe. Melpix, let’s get it!

Episode 505 Hehehe. Let’s catch Melpix!

The center of destruction.

-huh? Melpix why are you here? Where have Fenrir and Halfas gone?! And who told you to orchestrate disaster?!

Anger filled the eerie dark brown eyes of destruction upon seeing Melphix, who was commanding the disaster, and said,

“Well… that’s why Halfas didn’t come back. And Jormungand is also being revived, so I’m next in line…”

Melphix trembled and hurriedly answered.

-what?! Halfas, who went to pick up Fenrir, didn’t return?

Doom hurries to find the location of Fenrir and Halfas.

what?! Why can I feel the souls of the Apostles of Destruction over there?

In the tenth tower towering below me, I could feel a total of seven souls, including not only Fenrir and Halfas, but also Sasha Kuruger Delia Alice Violet.


why isn’t it dirty?!

The souls of the Apostles of Destruction, who should have been tainted by the power of Destruction, were so pure that they were almost pure white.

-Ugh! These guys! Are you betraying me?!

Doom has only just learned of the betrayal of the Kamangi family.

As the angry gaze of destruction reaches the 10th tower,

Kugu Palace.

Some of the red fog that had spread around began moving towards the 10th tower.

And a red mist, thicker than the red mist that spread around, flowed from the Black Moon and formed a shape.

In terms of physical ability alone, it is a huge, muscular monster that can rival even the Apostle of Destruction before the seal was released.


The sixth plague has appeared.

-Go with the Melpix Ogres and punish the traitors!

“yes! let’s go!”

Melphix, who received instructions for destruction, took 100 ogres and headed to the 10th tower.

-Fenrir You betray me…

Destruction glared at the 10th Tower, pulling out the hand that had forced open the Black Moon.


-no! Melphix…

He realized later that he had entrusted 100 ogres to Melphix, who had poor command skills, and tried to call him again,


the black door closed.


Knock! Kak!!!

Beep! Beep!!

While the party is introducing themselves to Patrick and Hamer,

[The 10th tower begins operation.]

[The 10th tower’s shield is lifted.]

[The first floor of the 10th tower is activated.]

[The energy of destruction Absorbs.]

[The second floor of the 10th tower is activated.]

[The suction power to draw the energy of destruction increases by 100%.]

A message appeared in front of Sejun.


At the same time, golden patterns appeared and resonated on the outside and inside of the 10th tower.

“oh! at las!”

“It’s operational!”

Patrick and Hamer looked at the sight of the 10th tower in operation with expressions of emotion.

After a while.


As a faint golden energy began to appear on the ground,

“Park Se-jun. “Now all we have to do is plant crops.”

“okay. “Go ahead and plant it.”

Patrick and Hamer told Sejun to plant crops.


At the words of the two gods, Sejun planted the corn seeds he had in his pocket.


[Stamina corn seeds were planted in the ground containing the refined energy of destruction and magical power.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Proficiency in sowing magic seeds (Master) increases slightly.]

A message appears.

‘Refined energy of destruction? Is this energy only found in the 10th Tower?’

Sejun was a little puzzled.

It’s a bit like planting just one.

Sejun, who creates a field of at least 1,000 pyeong, started planting corn seeds.

As Sejun was diligently planting the corn seeds,

[Corn seeds absorb the purified energy of destruction and emit a very minute amount of the energy of creation.]


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At the place where Sejun planted the seeds, a message appeared so faint that it could barely be seen if you looked closely. A blue fog rose like a haze.

“The energy of creation?”

When Sejun was confused, he

said, “I’ll explain that. The 10th tower is…”

Hamer, the god of agriculture, began to explain.

The tenth tower had a different role from the other nine towers, fighting the destruction that invaded the world and rescuing the survivors of the destroyed world.

The 10th tower was built to purify the energy of destruction as arranged by the Creator God.

When the 10th tower absorbs the energy of destruction spread around it, the tower’s system changes the energy of destruction into a form that is good for crops to absorb, and when the

tower farmer plants crops in the tower, the crops absorb the energy and emit the energy of creation. It was the principle of making it.

“It’s complicated.”

“At least this is the safest…”

In response to Sejun’s words, Hamer tried hard to explain the greatness of the 10th Tower, but it only seemed cumbersome to Sejun, who had the Devourer of Destruction.

Hamer, you will be surprised later.

Of course, Patrick, who had already seen Sejun’s Devourer of Destruction, was laughing behind the scenes as he watched Hamer eagerly explaining to Sejun how great the 10th Tower’s system was.

At that time,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun achieved the Great Achievement of Creation, spreading the energy of creation to the 10th tower.] [As a

reward for the Great Creation Achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 0.5%.]

Achievement Message appeared. As the name value rose, achievement rewards were almost cut in half.

This is originally 1% off.

When Sejun was saddened by the message

[An unbearable amount of destruction energy is being forcibly flowed in from outside the 10th Tower.] [

It is an amount that cannot be purified by the 10th Tower’s refining system.]

[ The energy of destruction flows unrefined into the first floor of the 10th tower.]



A message that appears before two gods.

The red mist sent by destruction has arrived.

At the same time, a low red fog began to form on the outskirts of the first floor of the tower, gradually approaching Sejun’s direction.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Hurry to eliminate the spirit of destruction that is trying to encroach on the first floor of the 10th tower.]

Reward: Upgrade rights for the 10th tower.

A quest message appeared for Sejun.

Upgrade rights to the 10th tower?

“Is it good?”


Sejun tilted his head, opened the subspace warehouse wide, and said,

“Guys, eat.”

The predators were called.




The destruction predators in the subspace warehouse came out excitedly, and the energy of creation accumulated in the subspace warehouse also flowed out.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Follow the leader!]



Blackfish began hunting down the energy of destruction by riding on the destruction predators.

“uh?! What is that?”

While Hamer was surprised to see the destruction predators


The energy of destruction disappeared in an instant as it was consumed by predators,

and Kiki!


Predators, like baby birds waiting for food brought by their mother birds, put their mouths to the four outlets where the energy of destruction comes from, north, south, east, west, and wait to see when the energy of destruction will come out


Nao was eating everything he could.

[The energy of destruction spreading on the first floor of the 10th tower has been completely removed.]

[The quest has been completed.]

[The upgrade rights to the 10th tower have been obtained as a reward for completing the quest.]

Thanks to this, the quest was completed quickly.


[Prints information on what can be upgraded at the 10th tower.]

– Current energy of creation: 37,000 L

Installing the lighthouse of creation that burns destruction (1 million L of creation energy)




Tower durability +100 million (10,000 L of creative energy)

Tower automatic repair speed +10% (5000 L of creative energy)

Refining system throughput +10% (500 L of creative energy)

Suction power +10% (100 L of creative energy)

Sejun’s The upgrade window of the 10th tower is visible.

“Let’s start by increasing the intake amount. “Increase the amount of suction.”

Since the price was the cheapest and it didn’t seem to attract predators, Sejun first increased the intake amount to increase the energy of destruction.

[Consumes 100L of Creation Energy to increase suction power by 10%.]

“Suction power up.”

[Consumes 100L of creative energy to increase suction power by 10%.]

“Up. up.”

Sejun continued to increase his suction power.

[Consumes 100L of creative energy to increase suction power by 10%.]




[Consumes 100L of creative energy to increase suction power by 10%.]

[Suction amount has doubled from the initial amount.]

[The creative energy required to increase suction amount by 10% increases to 200L.]

Cost increases in the middle . However, compared to other upgrades, it was still the cheapest.

“up. up.”

Sejun continued to increase his suction power and

sum. sum.

Thanks to this, I had a blast with the excited predators


[Hehe. Eat a lot! This is all thanks to the great captain Kamangi, who has a great butler!]

Kamangi shouts loudly and is proud.

After a while.

[The suction amount has increased to 5 times the initial amount.]

[The energy of creation required to increase the suction amount by 10% has increased to 500L.]


Oh my.

The predators digested the energy of destruction and began to spit out the energy of creation

– Current energy of creation: 42,000L

The energy of creation that had been consumed was refilled and became more than before.

The more you use your creative energy, the more it becomes a virtuous cycle.

And there

it is.

The destruction predators were even spitting seeds at the destruction pioneers, and the number of mouths to feed on the energy of destruction was rapidly increasing.

“It’s hard to even talk. Just increase the suction power until the creative energy runs out.”

[Consumes 700L of creative energy to increase suction power by 10%.]




So Sejun just concentrated on channeling all his creative energy and asked,

“Who will we compete with more?”



They competed with the destruction pioneers and began to plant the seeds of destruction predators.

“What is he?”

How can the energy of destruction be purified so easily?

When Hamer, the god of farming, looked at Sejun with a shocked expression,

it was a good idea to bring Park Sejun quickly.

Patrick looked at Sejun with warm eyes and a very happy expression.


Outside the 10th tower.

“There it is! attack!”


At Melpix’s command, the ogres rushed towards the 10th tower.

The ogres rushed towards the 10th tower without any countermeasures. Huh



Suddenly, the suction power of the 10th tower began to become stronger.

Of course, it wasn’t enough for Melpix or the ogres to care.



Increasingly stronger suction power.


When the ogres reached the tenth tower, the suction power became so strong that they were stuck on the tower and could not move.


The ogres tried their best to fall from the tower, but

each time they did so, the energy of destruction they gave off was absorbed into the 10th tower, making the ogres even more exhausted.

“You idiots! What are you doing?! Unseal!”

Melpix, unable to see it, breaks the seal, approaches the tower, and


They tore off the wall of the tower and entered the first floor of the tower.

“Ugh! “What is this unpleasant thing?!”

The first thing that greeted Melpix was the strong energy of creation.

While Melpix is confronting the energy of creation

, [Encountered the Apostle of Destruction.]

[ is activated.]

[Weakens the abilities of the Apostle of Destruction within 200m by 25%.]

Destruction Apostle?!

“Guys, come here! “Eat this quickly!”

Seeing the huge demon that appeared through the wall, Sejun hurriedly fed beans to his companions and shouted,

“Kueng! “Get ready!”


[I understand!]


Sejun and Theo Batbat’s family came into contact with Kuengi’s body.


[11 divided powers are combined into one, and is activated for 13 seconds.]

[Power increases by 1300%.]

The power is activated, and Kuengi’s power increases by 13 times. rose.


In addition,

let’s break the calm state of .

Kuengi’s energy, which had been extremely compressed, exploded and a tremendous amount of energy was released.


Meanwhile, Sejun hurriedly hid in the bomb shelter with the Kamangi family to block Kuengi’s energy.

In the meantime, I raised the shelter level to 7, created my first shelter, and had the option to double my defense for 5 seconds, so I was able to withstand Kuengi’s energy for a while.


[Bev, the god of valor, is happy and asks if he went to meet the Apostle of Destruction on purpose for his own sake.]


[The God of Valor Bev recognizes him as a brave warrior who will not disappoint.]

[1 Brave Achievement has been obtained.]

[If the God of Valor Bev fights the Apostle of Destruction one-on-one, he will receive 10 Brave Achievements. Offers to put the dog down.]


I blocked Bev’s noisy message and prepared for the second match after Kuengi attacked.



[Dad Kkueng knocked him out!]

There was no second round.

Hee hee, hee hee! [Hee hee, let’s catch Melpix!]

The black man who came out of the shelter quickly ran towards the fainted Melpix


I headbutted him.

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