Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 486

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Episode 486 Dining with Eileen

Episode 486 Dining with Eileen

Black Tower administrator area.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun says you can come now.]

“Yes. wait for a sec! weakness. The punishment of heavy chains. Steps in a swamp. The Curse of the Magical Leech…”

Eileen hurriedly cast 20 curses on herself that were strong but did not affect the surroundings and were in harmony with each other.

“good. Perfect!”

Eileen smiled brightly as she assessed her strength, which had been weakened by the curse.

Although my body became heavy due to the curse, my heart was so happy from the joy of meeting Sejun.

“Sejun, I’m going now! movement!”

Eileen has disappeared from the admin area.


“Aileen, welcome.”

Sejun smiled brightly and welcomed Eileen who appeared in front of him.

It’s dazzling.

Eileen’s beauty shined again today.


I’m rotten.

Sejun’s self-esteem plummeted to the ground due to Eileen’s starry beauty.

The moment Sejun saw Eileen, the standard of beauty he knew completely collapsed.

As soon as you eat 1++ Korean beef, the meat at the all-you-can-eat restaurant no longer tastes good.

“Have confidence in the great hybrid Chairman Park! “Today, Chairman Park’s face is the least rotten so far!”

Theo shouted in his own way to comfort Sejun, but

is that comforting?!

It was no comfort at all.

But thanks to that, Sejun came to his senses. Kueng



[Cheer up, Dad!]

[Cheer up, Sejun! Park Se-jun, the world’s most talented man!]

(Batbat. Sejun, you look great today!)

Weeing! Weeing!

[cheer up! Sejun has charm pheromones!]

Kueng is cheering for Sejun hard behind his back, and Batbat is sweet.

For reference, the Kamangi family are sunfish, so I gave them 100 dried sweet potatoes and placed them in the subspace warehouse.

okay. The face isn’t everything!

Sejun regained his self-esteem with the support of his companions.

I have power!

Ability to stand in front of Eileen.

I thought about the things I had prepared for this moment.

In addition to the stats I worked hard to raise, I borrowed 0.5% of the stats from each of the six top farmers as a job characteristic, so the total stats were around 15,000, and

with the effect of [Talent: Stronger than Looks], all stats were +10% and amplified 16 times with the black bean set. The total stats for the year were close to 270,000.

In addition, he blossomed after eating the perfect platinum royal jelly given by Dalkomgi [Talent: Tenacity], and his defense increased with the tough spider web camouflage suit made by Komi.

Vitality was also increased by 10% due to the effect of [Talent: Strong Tenacity], and the

level was raised with and , reducing the difference in level with Eileen, albeit slightly. .

And he deliberately ate only 99 of the golden grapes that contained the energy of the world, creating a situation where eating just one more could cause a small miracle.

Lastly, and , which can be considered life insurance.

When Sejun thinks about the preparations he made to meet Eileen,

[He is happy to see Bev, the god of bravery, taking on the challenge of facing an untouchable target.]

[One achievement of bravery has been obtained.]

Bev’s message appears.

It would have been nice if it had just ended here…

[Bev, the god of bravery, said that warriors should clash with their bare bodies, so next time, without preparation…]

Block Bev.

[Conversation with Bev, the god of bravery, has been blocked for 3 days.]

I was eventually blocked due to adding unnecessary words.

Five seconds have passed since Sejun faced Eileen,

and Sejun did not faint!

“Sejun, I missed you!”

Eileen, who was only looking around without making eye contact with Sejun for fear that he would faint, looked at Sejun and spoke brightly.

“huh. me too.”

I can’t believe I can see Eileen for this long.

Even as Sejun answered, this moment felt like a dream.

Of course, this is possible because Theo blocks half of Eileen’s energy directed at Sejun.

“Woah, shall we eat first?”

“huh! “I wanted to see Sejun cook in person!”

“Then let’s go to the kitchen.”



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Sejun takes Eileen to the kitchen

. Kuhehehe.




Kueng follows behind the two as if it were natural, and Batbat is sweet.

The four of them hid behind the wall of the kitchen and stuck their heads out to take a peek inside

– I’m glad Kaiser wasn’t there.

-It’s a good time.

-I know.

Kelion Ramter Tear also took a seat at the window and secretly looked inside.

Actually, watching other people’s relationships is as fun as watching them fight.

After a while.

“Pizza and pasta. “Try it.”

On TV, they said it was okay for a first date.

Sejun put food on the table and

said, “Yes! “I’ll eat well!”

Eileen began chewing Sejun’s food slowly and thoroughly, unlike usual.

Hee hee hee. As expected, our Sejun’s food is delicious!

Today it was especially delicious because I was able to eat it face to face with Sejun instead of a crystal ball!

Eileen enjoyed the food so much.



I felt like something was torn.

It’s not that my clothes are torn because I ate too much, but

‘the curse has been destroyed!’

Among the 20 curses, the weakest curse, ‘Blunt Momentum’, which could not withstand Eileen’s power, was destroyed.

At the same time, Eileen’s dull spirit became sharper and attacked Sejun, shouting,


Theo, who was hanging on Sejun’s lap, worked hard to prevent Eileen’s momentum from reaching Sejun.

‘Well done Theo!’

‘Fuhuhuhu. Sister Aileen, just trust the Hybrid Te hatchery!’

Eileen and Theo exchange autographs without Sejun’s knowledge.

But the problem started now.


One of the 20 curses that balanced Eileen’s power is destroyed .

The curses lost their balance and began to be destroyed in succession.

Afterwards, while eating, five more of Eileen’s curses were destroyed, but fortunately Theo held on well.

Great Hybrid Chairman Park is great! I, Vice Chairman Hybrid Te, will help Chairman Park!

[Your faith in Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun cannot be measured.]

[Potential increases endlessly.]

Due to the effect of the Golden Boots of the One Who Believes in Miracles, Theo’s potential has increased infinitely and

[Talent: Absorb energy with energy absorber. ]

[All stats increase by 1.]

[By burning wealth (10 billion Top Coins), all stats increase by 10.]





As his potential increased, Theo absorbed Eileen’s energy and burned gold to increase his stats.

Sejun enjoyed a meal with Eileen thanks to Theo’s increased strength that prevented Eileen’s momentum from reaching Sejun.

“Aileen, shall we have dessert? How about ice cream?”

“huh! good!”

“Then wait a moment. “I’ll make it for you right away.”

While Sejun was making his own strawberry ice cream,

‘Theo, thank you so much.’

‘Fuhuhuhu. ‘Don’t worry, Eileen!’

Eileen once again gave Theo a look of gratitude.

At that time

[I don’t have any more money to burn.]


I ran out of money!

All of Sejun’s assets were destroyed much sooner than expected.

Money was coming in through Money Hug, a built-in skill of the Golden Boots of a person who believes in miracles, but

[Money Hug (Master) is activated.]

[10,000 Top Coins were obtained.]




Compared to the speed at which Theo burns money, pouring water into a pot that is almost empty.


patter patter.

As if waiting for the money to run out, Eileen’s remaining curses began to be destroyed all at once.

I was in big trouble.

Eileen tried to quickly return to the administrator’s area so as not to harm Sejun, but

the curse was destroyed and her powers were tangled, so she could not move.

It’s a big deal! If we do this, we won’t be able to help the great hybrid Chairman Park and sister Eileen!

Theo sees this and needs urgent money.

‘Her, please give me money! Or impeachment!’

Serial impeachment threat Theo demanded money from Her, the most formidable merchant god.


Her pawn shop.

[10,000 mushroom ants, tenant farmers of Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun, witness your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 2.]




“Good. “It’s so sweet.”

Square. Square.

Today too, Her is writing a ledger while looking at the divine power coming in.

At that time,

[Aileen Fritani, the great black dragon and manager of the Black Tower, witnesses your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 50,000!]

A message appears in front of Her.


Why is a dragon here?!

After seeing the message, Herr turned to ice and said,

“Hehehehe.” Trust me! “Believe me!”

Of course, Park Se-jun! It goes well with a dragon and is of a different class!

Soon they started shouting slogans.

When Her shouts a slogan so passionately,

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, says give him some money.]

[If Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, refuses, he says impeachment.]

A message from Theo appeared.

Is asking for a loan just asking for money?

Theo, like a kitten, opened the door with pride. Even against God.


[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, says it is urgent and if there is no answer within 3 seconds, he will start an impeachment vote immediately.]

“Okay! I’ll give!”

Today, Herr, who gave in to the threat of impeachment, hurriedly sent the Top Coin he had saved up to Theo.



Does Eileen like it?

Sejun was working hard on making strawberry ice cream, not knowing that Eileen’s curse was being destroyed and a huge momentum was happening behind him.

At that time

, [The Orb of Fraud warns of impending death.]

Ominous red letters appeared in front of Sejun.


Warning of death?!

Sunfish Sejun didn’t wonder why or where this happened.


[I consumed golden grapes that contain the essence of the world.]




I simply prepared for danger by swallowing the golden grapes containing the energy of the world that I had prepared in advance.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to eat some lucky strawberries

then ?

In Sejun’s eyes, he saw strawberries that had been taken out to make strawberry ice cream

. [He consumed the lucky strawberries.]

[His luck increases significantly for 1 hour.]

If the lucky strawberries, which did not give him luck no matter how much he ate these days, are of some help, I swallowed it quickly, thinking it would be good.

For reference, I fed Yuren some lucky strawberries, and Yuren’s unhappiness was slightly weakened for an hour, but after an hour, a

huge aftereffect of unhappiness hit Yuren. Afterwards, Yuren’s complexion became pale whenever he saw strawberries.

While Sejun prepares for danger with the help of the Orb of Fraud,

[Her, the god of merchants, gives out 100 trillion Top Coins.]

“Fuhuhuhu. “I got money!”


Theo started burning the money he received from Her.


[the essence of the world gathers to create a small miracle.]

[A huge power stirs.]

[Luck overflows.]

[A lot of money is being burned.]

[Power, luck, and money gather to strengthen the power of small miracles. [Yes.]

A great miracle occurred.

[A miracle happens.]

[A safe zone that does not affect each other is created for 1 hour.] The safe

zone that Eileen could go to by paying 100 quintillion Top Coins as a stay fee appeared on the 99th floor of the Black Tower for 1 hour. thing.

Now you can go on a date with Sejun without having to be careful!

Eileen is happy to see the message.


“Mean?! Chairman Park, come to your senses!”

Slap. Slap. Slap.

I felt like I had to wake up Sejun first.

It was Sejun who fainted after being hit directly by Eileen’s energy just a split second before the miracle occurred.

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