Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 487

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Episode 487 I will continue to live comfortably like this!

Episode 487 I will continue to live comfortably like this!

Inside Sejun’s subconscious.


Where am I?

Sejun looked around at the suddenly changed environment.

The fields were so wide that the end was not visible, were full of grains and fruits, and a blue river could be seen running through the center of the farm.

And a small cabin built next to the river. In front of him, Sejun’s farm family was huddled together and eating.

The sky was layered with blue and pink colors, creating a beautiful scene, and

many shooting stars fell to the ground, painting pictures of light in the sky.

Shooting stars that fell to the ground turned into gods and dragons, ate with the farm family, ran around the farm, and then disappeared. Paaat



-You must have had a hard time being caught between powerful beings.

A being emitting strong light appeared, looked down at Sejun, and spoke to him in a warm voice.

“Ugh. Who are you?”

Sejun asked the other person’s identity without being able to look at him properly due to the glare.

-I can’t tell you right now. Take this.

Instead of answering, the other person sent a blue ball of light into Sejun’s body and the light ball was absorbed into Sejun’s body.


[The power of creation is converted into the talents and skills most suitable for the survival of Park Se-jun, a Black Tower farmer.]

[Talent: Master of Shedding has been developed.]

[Skill – Bombshell Lv. [Learned 1.]

A message that appears in front of Sejun.

-If you were stronger, I could have given you something better…

The other person’s words got on Sejun’s nerves, but

“Thank you.”

First of all, since I was given talents and skills for free, I accepted them gratefully and confirmed what I had received.

[Talent: Master of Shedding]

Instinctively attacks to minimize damage.

Because he is a master, the first attack always releases 99% of its power.

[Raid Shelter Lv. 1]

Protect yourself by making a 3-pyeong air-raid shelter with a thickness of 5 m.

The shelter reduces external shock by 5% and external energy by 10%.

Some vague talents and skills that are helpful but not of much help.

‘Just give me something good.’

When Sejun was grumbling inside

– Have a hard time from now on.

The shining being spoke to Sejun.


“I don’t like it.” “I won’t have any trouble.”

Sejun, who felt rebellious when he was told to work hard, rebelled.


“I will continue to live comfortably like this! “I will never go through any trouble!”

That’s what I want.

When the shining being looked at Sejun in bewilderment,

“But do you know anything about the God of Creation who built the tower and then ran away?”

Sejun, who saw the power of creation being used and thought he might know something about the God of Creation, asked the shining being

– Yes, this guy!!!

The being wrapped in light became enraged by Sejun’s words and kicked him out of Sejun’s unconsciousness.

-Who made the rumor about the strategic retreat?

A shining being left Sejun’s subconscious to catch the culprit who started the strange rumor.


Slap. Slap. Slap.


hmm. Are these sticky soles Theo?

Sejun, unable to open his eyes yet, analyzed the sole of his foot hitting his face in a half-asleep state.

“Chairman Park, wake up!”

Slap. Slap. Slap.

As expected, Theo.

“Vice President Te, I’m awake.”

Feeling his cheeks getting hotter, Sejun hurriedly opened his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Aileen, the great Hybrid Chairman Park has risen!”

“really!? Sejun, are you okay?! “Is there any pain anywhere?!”

Eileen, who was making nutritious porridge for Sejun, hurriedly ran over.

For Sejun, it was a great relief.

Otherwise, I would have passed out and woke up after being forced to eat the porridge Eileen made.

no. I might not have woken up.


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Sejun came to his senses just like that.

[Safe zone maintenance time: 55 minutes and 31 seconds]

“Huh?! Safe zone?!”

He later found out that the miracle he had used created a safe zone on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Hehehe. Have I caused another great miracle?

While Sejun was feeling proud,

“Sejun, we don’t have time! “Let’s play quickly!”

Eileen urged Sejun.

“huh! okay!”

But what do we play?

After a while.

“Vice President Te, what are you craving?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I’m craving this!”

Theo, who was sitting on Sejun’s lap, picked a card with his front foot.

“Hehehe. okay?!”

Sejun smiled sinisterly and played the card indicated to him by Theo.

It was a hand that did not match the one card on the floor, but the moment Theo took possession of it, all calculations were useless.

Clap! Clap!

“Write it on the side!” ruler. “Please give me two pieces of blood each.”

Eileen collected six pieces of blood from the opposing teams, placed them on the floor, and counted the scores.

“We got 5 points. “I’ll tell you!”

Eileen shouted in a loud voice as she looked at the remaining cards and the opponent’s cards.

This wasn’t Sejun’s initial plan.

Hehehe. Alone with Eileen…

Sejun tried to go on a date with Eileen without anyone’s interference.


what…what should I do?!!!

When Mosol Sejun thought about what he should do alone with the opposite sex, his mind went blank.

So we quickly changed our strategy and started playing GoStop where we could all play together.

Precious time is passing, so you can’t waste even a minute.

The team of Sejun, Eileen, and Teo, who went to first high school like that.


Kelion, the representative of the Saryonghoe, abandoned Samgwang after much deliberation as there was nothing to eat on the ground due to Sejun’s sweep


I turned the hand over, but a flash of light came out.

“Uhehe. Enjoy your meal, Kelion!”


Yu-ren, who was next, ate Samgwang with a cherry blossom tile with a red dandelion on it.

-Are you stupid?!

-Why throw away Gwang?!

Ramtor and Tier are looking at this and scolding Kelion.



The hand Yuren flipped over had a cherry blossom drawing on it.

“It sucks.”

As expected, Yuren is unfortunate.


[no. What if I eat what they give me?!]

“Brother Yuren, I’m really disappointed.”

While Yuren is being mistreated by his fellow allies Piyot and Bayon,



King Uma pretends to eat bigwang


I curiously flipped the card over, but

it was daylight.


I quietly put down my card.

And so it was Sejun’s team’s turn.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, this is it! “This is the end of it!”

“Hehehe. okay.”

Clap! Clap!

Sejun ended the game by eating Yuren’s cheap hand and taking Ilgwang with the overturned hand.

“Because it’s okay, one piece of blood each.”

Eileen received one piece of blood from each of the three teams.

“10 points… Hongdan Won Gokani in the 3rd area… 17 points. “Stop.”

Eileen finished calculating the scores.

“For the Kuengi team, please give me 34 pieces of dried roasted sweet potatoes since they are Gwangbak and pibag.”

I took away the dried sweet potatoes that were the stake.


kihihihi. whine! whine!

[Hehe. exciting! The butler won again!]

“Fighting, Sejun!”





Kamangi and his subordinates cheered as they watched the dried roasted sweet potatoes pile up like a mountain next to Sejun.


When Sejun’s team’s three-game winning streak came to an end

– they were all gone…


Wow… 300 dried

sweet potatoes that had been distributed to each team were all returned to Sejun.

[Safe zone maintenance time: 10 minutes and 31 seconds]

– Huh. Then we’ll have to have a drink. Theo, please follow me too.


[We should also go for special training.]

“Brother Yuren, didn’t we have something to do too?”

The dragons and the Demon King Bayon noticeably moved out of the way.

“Nyan?! Dragons, Vice President Hybrid Te doesn’t drink!”


[Kueng is not going to do special training today and is going to play with dad!]

“Baion, did we have something to do?”

Of course, there were some kids who tried to keep their seats without notice, but they were cleared away by helpers who wanted to help Sejun and Eileen go on a date.

Sejun and Eileen are finally alone together.

“···Shall we take a walk?”


As they walked, the two talked about trivial things without much substance, but the laughter never left between them.

It was fun.


Ripe atmosphere.

[Safe zone maintenance time: 20 seconds]


Sejun, who saw that there was not much time left, stopped walking and called Eileen.


Eileen also stopped walking and looked at Sejun with a shy expression.

I don’t know when a day like today will come when we can face each other again.

This moment might not have come at all.


“Thank you for calling me to the top. And live with me…”

Sejun mustered up the courage to look directly at Eileen’s face and say what he wanted to say.


– Hahaha! Sejun, I caught the guy who stole your reward!

Sejun’s voice was drowned out as Kaiser, who flew directly to the silver tower and captured Kwin, appeared.


(Will you date me?)

Eileen, who was only looking at Sejun, was able to understand Sejun’s words using all her hearing.

[Safe zone maintenance time: 1 second]

“Yes! “I want to date you!”


Eileen hurriedly kissed Sejun on the lips and hurried back to the administrator’s area.

Of course, Eileen, who almost didn’t get the confession, got angry at Kaiser as soon as she got back

– Granddaughter!

To appease Eileen, Kaiser abandoned Kwin and hurried to the administrator’s area.

[The safe zone disappears.]


“The great Hybrid Chairman Park fainted again!”

Theo, who was at the fountain, hurriedly ran to Sejun, who had fainted while standing.

The safe zone only prevents damage from the other person’s energy and does not include skinship.

Fortunately, Sejun survived today as he was able to shed 99% of Eileen’s attacks(?) with the effect of Sejun’s newly acquired talent: Master of Shedding.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is a great hybrid! “I survived even after coming into contact with Sister Aileen!”

Theo’s respect for Sejun grew steadily as he watched Sejun faint even after touching Aileen.

But my face got even more rotten!

Hold. Hold.

I massaged Sejun’s face diligently.

A few minutes later.


Sejun comes to consciousness.

[Would you like to exchange 70,000,000 grapes commemorating the harvest festival for the God of Grape Vine Uncle’s protection stone?]

“Yes. And I will exchange all the remaining grapes for blessed wine.”

Before the harvest festival ends, go to the exchange shop and use all the harvest festival commemorative grapes and say,

“Take these with you.”

“Thank you, Sejun!”

I prepared to say goodbye by distributing food to the returning foxes.


[The Great Harvest Festival, filled with abundance and magic that everyone enjoys, ends.] [The

1,000 foxes that were summoned from the nine towers during the Harvest Festival return to their daily lives.]

With the Harvest Festival over, the foxes returned to where they lived.

When the harvest festival ended, the residents of the Black Tower who had climbed to the 99th floor to participate in the harvest festival also went down the tower one by one.


“Guys, wait a minute.”

Sejun called out to the Kuengyi black bears who were going down to the first floor.

“Take this and tell me to sell it to the skeletons.”

He gave the black bears 1,000 seedless grapes for beginners as a reward for the grape harvest competition.

“ah. Kyung-cheol gives 100 of them. Understand?”

Sejun, who thought that the previous gift was not enough for Gyeongcheol, who helped him meet Fireworks, gave him an additional gift.

“yes! Please leave it to us! “I will definitely deliver!”

The farm became quiet as the residents and Kuengyipa black bears left.


Suddenly the wind started to blow.

“It’s cool.”

When Sejun spreads his arms and feels the wind,


The wind became increasingly harsh and began to howl.

“Ugh. “I’ll kill you all!”

While Kwin was unconscious, his mania worsened and he went berserk.




Of course, there were plenty of friendly helpers here to calm the madness and




The wind quickly fell asleep.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. It’s time for the great Black Mang to step forward!]

Black Mang headbutted the fallen Kwin.

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