Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 485

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Episode 485 Sejun is ugly, so at least like this…

Episode 485. Sejun is ugly, so let’s do this…

82nd floor of the silver tower.

[Applications for the wine drinking contest have closed.]

[Applicants must gather under the altar.]

[The wine drinking contest will begin in 1 minute.]

“Get ready!”

“yes! “Stop, wind!”

Under the instructions of the Silver Tower Farmer Kwin, other wind wizards helped Kwin weaken the surrounding winds, and

while the wind calmed down, the residents of the Silver Tower gathered under the altar to participate in the competition.

[The competition begins.]


Along with the message, a huge grape-shaped wine bottle about 20 meters high filled with purple wine appeared in front of the altar.

At the same time, when a wine glass full of wine appeared in front of the participants,

they gulped. Gulp.

The participants began to drink quickly.

The emptied wine glass was filled with new wine, and at the same time, the wine in the giant wine bottle decreased.

Residents drank to survive, not to get drunk.

Alcohol is a representative high-calorie food.

The goal was to reduce the burden on wind magicians by filling up as many calories as possible in a short period of time.

When the wine in the giant liquor bottle ran out and was refilled about 10 times,

“What?!” “You just gave me a bad look in your eyes!”

“what?! “Your eyes make me feel even worse!”

Residents who were drunk and intoxicated appeared one by one.


“If you’ve finished drinking, don’t make a fuss and go to sleep.”



The residents who caused the commotion fell asleep peacefully after being hit by the crazy wind Kwin.

Perhaps thanks to several examples, after that, most of the residents drank quietly and went down to the cave to fall asleep,

wanting to feel the taste of their hands…

Kwin sipped his wine and looked at the residents with maniacal eyes to see if there were any residents he could beat again.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

[Wine Drinking Contest Ranking]

1st place – Bull Demon King (1001L) [Black Tower 99th floor]

2nd place – Pink Fur (1000L) [Black Tower 99th floor]

3rd place – Yuren (700L) [Black Tower 99th floor]

4th place – Woochil Lee (200L) [Black Tower 99th floor]






The Ox Demon King and the Pink Fur competing for first place.


“Uhehe.” “Do you want this?”

“Oh my! Thank you, Brother Yuren! “Guys, say hello to your brother!”

“Hello, Brother Yuren!”

Third-rank Yuren, who turns objects around him into gold and gives them to the red fox Bayon and his subordinates.

Yuren had an injection like that.



Sejun and Theo smile sinisterly while looking at Yuren.

[Hehe. Hehe.]

Fireworks sat on Sejun’s shoulder and imitated Sejun’s laughter.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s delicious!]

Kueng was sitting with his butt against Sejun’s butt and drinking something delicious.

It was grape juice that Sejun made for Kueng, a minor who could not participate in the competition.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. it’s good! Kids, eat a lot!]

You have to eat and ask for more!

In front of Sejun, Kamangi and his subordinates were eagerly eating dried roasted sweet potatoes.

“Kkmang eat slowly. “I’ll give it to you again.”

Whip?! Whip!

[really?! Then just give it to me!]



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When Sejun came carrying a huge basket full of dried roasted sweet potatoes that Sejun No. 1 made,


[Hehe. Kids, steal it away!]

Kkamangi pretended to eat and began to steal dried roasted sweet potatoes with his subordinates into a secret warehouse.

‘I thought so.’

no. I always give it to you, so why do you take it separately?

Sejun seems like he can’t understand such a person, but

if he likes you, that’s fine.

I gave up understanding and went back to watching the competition.

Sejun drank wine in moderation and gave up on the competition.

The taste of the wine was okay, but it wasn’t as good as the taste of wine made from grapes from Podori, and

it was difficult to get into the top 100, so I drank just enough to feel good.

If you get drunk and start running, it will affect your condition tomorrow.

Sejun is making his own preparations to meet Eileen tomorrow.

While Sejun sat peacefully with his companions and watched the competition,

Sejun’s shadow minions diligently delivered the snacks made by Sejun No. 1 to the participants.

As the rankings for the competition were almost decided, the participants were having a drinking party, drinking a mixture of wine and Samyang liquor.

After a while,

“Guys, let’s go to sleep.”

Sejun, who had been watching the bar, took his group with him and headed home.

Sejun sleeps earlier than usual.

‘I have to go to bed early to see Eileen tomorrow.’

That way, your face will become a little less rotten…

To be honest, I hate to admit it, but compared to Eileen, my face was a lot more rotten.

no. Eileen’s beauty is so sparkling that she looks inferior in comparison, but…

Sejun lies in bed with his companions.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I’m excited to sleep with my dad!]

Kueng hugged Sejun’s side and smiled happily.

Today, Sejun decided to sleep with Kuengi so that Pinkfur can drink as much as she wants.

As everyone lay down,

“Vice President Te, give me a massage…”

Sejun asked Theo for a massage in a slightly embarrassed voice.

“Fuhuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park is finally admitting that his face is rotten?!”

“Noisy. “Just give me a massage.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Just trust me, Vice President Te! “I will smooth out your wrinkles and make your face less rotten!”

Hold. Hold.

When Theo excitedly massaged Sejun’s face,

he shouted!

[Kuengi also gives Dad a massage!]

Kuengi also started massaging Sejun’s body and

[hehe. I’ll do it too! Yap!]

Flame removed Sejun’s waste with a purifying flame and stroked him with leaves.

Kihihihi. whing?

[Hehe. Can I do it this way? Kids, run!]

Blacky pressed Sejun’s body with its front paws a few times and then ran over Sejun’s body with his subordinates.

After a while,



Oh my gosh.




Kuengi and Kamangi family fell asleep.


hold. Hold.

“Chairman Park, but my leather is also made of dragon skin, so I’m a hybrid?”

Theo, who was massaging Sejun’s face, asked Sejun with sparkling eyes.

“yes. Our Te Vice President is also a hybrid. Hybrid Theo Park.”

“Fuhuhuhu. I’m excited! “This body is now the great hybrid Chairman Park’s right arm, the deadly dragon claw golden cat hybrid Theo Park!”

When Theo is happy that he has one more thing in common with Sejun,

he asks, ‘Can I become a hybrid flame if I graft myself with another branch?’

‘Batbat. “I also want to become a dragon skin…hybrid batbat…”

Flame and Batbat were listening closely to their conversation.

After a while,



Theo, who was half-asleep, pretended to lose strength in his front paws while he was drunk in sleep


Sejun picked up Teo and placed him on his lap and said,

“Good night, Vice Chairman Teo.” “Kkuengi and Kamangi too.”

After petting each of my companions,

I grow up.

fell asleep

While Sejun was sleeping,


[I lost…]




As the competition ended with Pink Fur, who barely defeated the Demon King, falling asleep,

[Wine drinking competition rewards are awarded from 1st to 100th place.]

Competition rewards began to be paid out.

The reward was…

[Golden Wine of Explosive Magical Power],

a wine that when consumed increases magic power by 30 and has the effect of amplifying magic power by 100% for 1 minute.


When the rewarded participants swallow their saliva as they watch the magical golden wine explode

– everyone stop!

-Hurry up and give me the reward!

-Don’t even think about stealing it.

-I know it would be very boring if I stole it!

The Saryonghoe dragons appeared and began collecting rewards on Sejun’s behalf.

The dragons of the Saryonghoe who made Sejun very upset by calling them ‘hybrids’.

The dragons were able to relieve Sejun’s anger on the condition that they collect the wine drinking competition reward in exchange for Sejun sleeping early.

The dragons who collected rewards like that.

-uh?! One guy is not enough?

-what? How dare you mock us?!

-If you get caught like this, it’s 100 years per bottle!

When the rewards were not properly collected, the dragons roared angrily at the participants.

At that time,

“Above… great dragons! “I know who the other one is!”

A frightened Bayon desperately shouted to the dragons.

-Who are you?! How dare you disobey our words?!

“That’s Kwin on the 82nd floor of the Silver Tower…”

[99th place – Kwin (70L) [Silver Tower, 82nd floor]

Bayon showed the name of Kwin, who ranked 99th in the wine drinking competition.

-Why… why in the silver tower?

-Should I go and come back?

-Because it’s a promise to Sejun.

-It’s annoying, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

The Saryu Association decided to go to the Silver Tower.

-But who will go?

-Of course, it was Kaiser Nagy who first told Sejun that he was a hybrid.

-what?! You guys nodded too! Those of you who agreed are even worse!

-What are you talking about?! We weren’t talking on purpose, but when you brought it up, Kaiser, we nodded without realizing it!


-Kaiser, you are the worst!


After arguing, the Kaiser eventually decided to go to the Silver Tower and get the reward.


Entrance to the divine world.

“Um… where should I go?”

[Seed Store Headquarters][Battle Store Headquarters]

Dark, the god of darkness, was troubled by the two options.

Dark, who was friendly with the battle gods before being sealed, naturally tried to head to the battle store headquarters, but

Park Se-jun, the tower farmer of the Black Tower? Of the nine tower farmers, six were enslaved… and there are two dragons among them!

And why is Kaiser Kelion Lamber Tier so close to the leaders?! ah. With alcohol…

huh?! That?! Fenrir, the wolf hunting the first god, the apostle of destruction who sealed me away?! Why is he in the tower?!

what?! Kuruger and Alice… how many apostles of destruction are there around?!

The memories of the thoughts that remained in Dark’s heart came together and he fell into trouble.

Clearly, there was no future in the seed store headquarters, but looking at Sejun, the future was in the seed store.


I can’t stand temples!

“I’m sorry, guys.”

Dark betrayed the battle gods and headed to the seed store headquarters.


The next morning.


As soon as Sejun opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but hum.

It’s finally the day I meet Eileen.

“Cheer up!”

I’ll make sure to get through today!

When Sejun got up from his seat and came out with a cheer,


[Good night, Sejun!]

Dalkom spotted Sejun from afar and quickly flew over.

“huh. “Has Dalkom already gone to practice?!”

Weeing! Weeing!

[yes! Sejun, eat this! I made it for Sejun!]

Dalkom handed a bright silver jelly to Sejun who asked how he was doing.

[Perfect Platinum Royal Jelly]

What the Great Poison Bee King gave me in the past was imperfect Platinum Royal Jelly.

But is this ‘perfect’?

Sejun was excited by the name Royal Jelly and hurriedly checked the options.

[Perfect Platinum Royal Jelly] This

royal jelly is miraculously created by the queen of poisonous bees, Dalkom, who carefully refined and purified various honey jellies to ensure a successful date for her master.

The honey jelly has been refined to enhance its taste and nutrition.

When consumed, all stats increase by 50 and defense talents bloom.

When ingested, it emits attractive pheromones towards the desired partner for a day.

Producer: Poison Bee Queen Sweet

Expiration date: 100 years

Grade: SS

I can’t believe you did this much for me.

“Thank you sweet.”

When Sejun pats Dalkom’s back and expresses his gratitude,

weeing! weeing!

[Yes! I’m going to capture Aileen’s heart with charm pheromones!]

Sejun is ugly, so even if it’s like this…

Sweetheart swallows back words and supports Sejun.

After a while.

“Aileen, welcome.”

Sejun met Eileen while receiving everyone’s support.

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