Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 469

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Episode 469 Now they’re taking away my divine power…

Episode 469. Now, they’re taking away even the divine power…

A fancy, small building between the fancy, huge battle store headquarters and the shabby, small seed store headquarters.

[Her Pawnshop]


Herr was sitting at his desk, humming a tune and playing with his ledger.

For Her, the god of merchants, bookkeeping is a game.

“good. “It’s perfect!”

When the sacred power with the ledger matched exactly to the second decimal place, Her felt proud and exhilarated.

I heard that I organize the books for this taste.

As Her’s play comes to an end,

[10,000 mushroom ants, tenant farmers of Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun, witness your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 2.]

[500 Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourers come to your temple. Witness.]

[Holy power increases by 5.]




The message that appears.

“Hehehe. “I’m really happy because I invested in Sejun.”

Her smiled and recorded the new divine power.

At that time,

[Black Tower farmer Park Se-jun witnesses your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 100.]

[Black Tower target Theo Park witnesses your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 5.]

·· ·



Sejun woke up and started working outside.

Thanks to this, the Sejun family also witnessed the temple, and Herr once again earned a lot of sacred power.

Everything was good.

Except for one annoying message in the middle.

[0.01 sacred power is lost to Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower.]

Since yesterday, Theo has been losing a little divine power every time he witnesses his temple.

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, witnesses your temple.]

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, loses 0.01 sacred power.]




And that continuously.

Normally, even if you see a temple multiple times, divine power accumulates once a day, but strangely, every time Theo saw the temple, he was losing divine power.

“Now this little bastard is even taking away my divine power…”

The amount of divine power going out was not large compared to the amount coming in, so it wasn’t a burden, but I didn’t like the idea of having to record a minus in the ledger.

In order to protect Sejun, Theo worked hard to sharpen his Talent: Energy Inhaler, and

before he knew it, his Talent: Energy Inhaler was evolving into a strange form and also absorbing divine power.

When Her curses at Theo like that,

[Theo Park, the subject of the Black Tower, demands that the name of the slave seal of the Five Towers be changed.]

[Theo Park, the subject of the Black Tower, says that the word ’employee’ should be included in the item name.]

Nobleman Theo spoke to me as if it were not true.

“what?! “Do you want me to change the name of the target item?”

The name of an item represents its essence. Therefore, if you change the name of an item, the essence of the item also changes.

This meant that it could be a completely different item than before.

Her explained the consequences of changing the name of the item diligently, but

[Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower, does not know about such a thing and says that if he refuses, he will be impeached.]

[Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower, begins voting for the impeachment of Her, the merchant god. ]




[The impeachment vote for Her, the god of merchants, begins.]

[If three more votes are in favor within a year, Her, the god of merchants, will be impeached.]

Theo starts the impeachment vote right away.

By enslaving Turbo and Shark, the targets of the Green Tower, Theo’s threats became even stronger as he was now able to cast eight votes.

You bitch!

“no. It’s not that I’m rejecting it, but I’m just explaining what happens if you change the name of the target item. Please explain. “Can I just include ‘employee’ in my name?”

Her accepted Theo’s request despite the threat of impeachment.

“First, send me the slave seals of the five towers and receive this.”

Her sent a scroll to Theo.


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[Theo Park, the subject of the Black Tower, asks what this is.]

“The subject must have used it when taking the test. The target is an item crafting scroll. When you open it, the ingredient name and quantity will appear. “You have to get it before you can change the name of the item.”

In order to change the name of the target item, one copy of the target item crafting scroll was required.

It is relatively easy compared to the process of making the target item, but depending on the item coming from the scroll, it could turn into extremely difficult.


[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, opened the item crafting scroll.]

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, is given a quest to collect one scale of each of the nine great dragons.] It

boasts the worst difficulty level among impossible. Theo pulls out the ingredients.

“and. “This must be really difficult, right?”

It is much more difficult to obtain one scale for each of the nine dragon clans than to obtain 100 scales for one dragon clan.

First of all, it takes nine times to meet bad-tempered dragons without any problems and nine times to receive scales.

You have to risk your life at least 18 times.

Plus, you could die if you go to a place with dragons, so if you think about that…

“Was he this unlucky?”

This time, there was no interference… Just

when Her thought Theo’s luck was poor

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, collected the scales of all nine great dragons, one each.]

[Kaiser Prytani, the head of the great black dragon . Obtained 1 scale.]

[Acquired 1 scale of Kelion Mamev, leader of the great white dragon.]




The message that appears.

“You already got all this?!”

A quest that will take your whole life?

‘I knew I would save the black dragon because I was familiar with it, but how did I save the rest?’

In addition, six of the scales that Theo sent were the scales of the leaders of the black dragon, white dragon, red dragon, purple dragon, green dragon, and blue dragon.

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, urges you to quickly change the item name.]

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, begins voting to impeach the merchant god Her.]




“okay! “I got it!”

At Theo’s urging, Her hurriedly placed the slave seals of the five towers and the scales of the nine dragons in one hand.


‘You said the word ’employee’ must be included, right?’

“employee. employee. employee.”

Her continued to say the word ‘employee’ as if reciting a spell and injected divine power into her hand,

and wow.

The seals and scales on my hands began to melt and come together.

‘How are we going to get out?’

Her is watching.

I don’t know anything else, but it seemed like it would be strong because it contained six of the scales of the chieftains in addition to the scales of the nine dragon clans. Paaat




Nine colors of light exploded, and an item with the word ’employee’ in its name was born.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“Kkkkkkkk. “Perish.”

Halfas has forgotten about the Earth and Neta, which he could not destroy, and is focused on destroying other worlds.



Two hands coming out of the Black Moon at the center of destruction.

Quad deuk.

The hand began to forcibly open the Black Moon.


wiggle. Wiggle.

Brown slime began pouring out through the open black door.

The slime that escaped from the Black Moon coalesced again and formed a droplet shape.

It was the fifth disaster slime that melts everything.

Thousands of slimes escaped from the Black Moon like that.

“huh?! Are troops already being replenished? oh! “It’s slime this time.”

Seeing that, Halpas hurriedly flew towards the Black Moon.

The reason why Fenrir had Halfas guard this place.

It manages the calamities that are replenished through the Black Moon and

“sees the Lord of Destruction.”

It was to receive instructions for destruction. Halfas bowed his head as he looked at the crimson eyes seen beyond the black door.

-Why are you here, Halfas, and not Fenrir?

“I think that’s what happened to Fenrir.”

-Fenrir got hit?

“yes. “I haven’t heard from you since I entered the Black Tower, and they say there is a piece of Fenrir’s core floating around.”

-That can’t be possible. I can definitely feel Fenrir’s spirit. Plus, I can feel the souls of Kuruger and Alice Delia. Go with the Halfas slimes and bring Fenrir and the other apostles.

As the crimson eyes of destruction turned towards Halfas and the slime,

they crept in.

The surrounding red fog began to surround Halpas and the slimes and disappeared in an instant.



The hand that was forcing the Black Moon open was withdrawn, and the Black Moon became smaller again.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“oh. That looks delicious. “Let’s eat it.”

When Sejun pointed to a stall selling grilled cheese at the Raccoon Market,

hehehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s good!]

Kkueng is delighted by Sejun’s words, raising both front paws.

“oh. it’s good!”


The two walked around the market and tried all the food at the street stalls.

After looking at all the stalls, when heading to the last remaining stall of Emil, the raccoon tribe elder,

[He says that Her, the god of merchants, made him include the name ‘Employee’, but he is not sure if he did a good job.]

Theo received the item that was the subject of his name change from Her.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, look at this! “I changed the slaves into employees just as Chairman Park ordered!”

Did I do well?

Thinking of receiving praise from Sejun, he handed over the target item with both paws.

[Nine Dragons’ Employee Contract Seal]

A luxurious seal with the scales of nine dragons and a dragon’s head emitting brilliant light in nine colors.

Was this what you took out from the subspace warehouse earlier?

Sejun looked at the options for the seal.

[Nine Dragon Employee Contract Seal]

This is a new seal created by adding the scales of nine dragons to the ‘Slave Seal of the Five Towers’.

You can easily sign an employee contract by placing a seal on the other person’s body.

Previously, those stamped with the Five Towers’ Slave Seal will automatically become employees on a one-year contract.

The stamp can be stamped up to 100 times.

Employees receive wages and three meals a day for the duration of their contract.

Instead, the owner of the seal guarantees employees three meals a day and wages. (Meals are automatically provided, and if meals are not guaranteed, the contract is automatically terminated.)

Employees belonging to the tower in partnership with Yong, the tower’s manager. During the contract period, you are protected by the dragon who manages the tower. (Instead, if you break the contract, you will incur the dragon’s wrath and be kicked out of the tower.)

Manager of the tower you are currently affiliated with: None

Black Tower farmer Sejun Park and Black Tower target Theo Park It belongs to.

Usage restrictions: Theovac, the target of the Black Tower. The expert of Theovac, the target of the Black Tower. Magic power of 3000 or more.

Creator: Merchant God Her.

Grade: ★★

Skill: [Eternal Contract (Master)]

[Eternal Contract (Master)]

Employee contract lasts forever. .

Even if meals are not covered, the contract is not automatically terminated (instead, overdue meals must be provided at a later time). It

can be used 50 times per month.


It is much less effective than before.

Once the seal is stamped, the contract period is for one year. If three meals a day are not provided, the contract is terminated.

Additionally, there is a skill that can be used to create full-time employees, but the limit is 50.

Instead, he had the privilege of being able to use the seal himself, and if he formed an alliance with the dragon that managed the tower, his employees would receive the dragon’s protection.

In particular, being protected by a dragon was a huge privilege.

Who would dare touch a being protected by a dragon?

‘I decided to slowly find out how to partner with the dragon.’

“Good job Vice President Te.”

Sejun stroked the head of Theo, whose eyes were shining at him.

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! “Vice President Te always does a good job!”

“okay. “I was always good, but I did even better today.”

“Fuhuhu. Try more!”

The corner of Theo’s mouth ascends to Sejun’s praise.

At that time,

[The first competition of the Harvest Festival, the Grape Harvest Competition, will begin shortly.] [

Participants, please gather in front of the altar of lovely grape clusters.]

A message appeared announcing the first competition of the Harvest Festival.

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