Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 470

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Episode 470 Can’t you smell the meat grilling somewhere?

Episode 470 Can’t you smell the meat grilling somewhere?


With the message that a grape harvest competition was coming, 2,000 100 pyeong vineyards appeared around the altar of desirable grape clusters.


[Exchange Shop]

A huge message window appeared in front of the desirable grape bunch altar.

“Exchange shop?”


As Sejun approaches,

[Exchange Shop]

1 seedless grape for beginners – 100 grapes commemorating the Harvest Festival

1 bottle of blessed wine – 5000 grapes commemorating the Harvest Festival




Magical Seal Grape Vine Bracelet – 10 million grapes commemorating the Harvest

Festival Magical Grape Vine Whip – 50 million grapes commemorating the Harvest Festival God of Grape Vine Uncle’s Goddess Stone – 70 million grapes

commemorating the Harvest Festival Grape seeds containing the World Tree –

There were items that could be exchanged at

the Harvest Festival 100 Million Grape Exchange Shop.

All grape-related items.


First of all, for beginners, strain out seedless grapes because they are not tasty.

Seedless Grapes for Beginners are the grapes that were given to Podori in the past when they were seedless. They increase all stats by 1, but are very bitter.

A sweet and sour elixir that increases magical power by 10:

There are cherry tomatoes with powerful magical power and plump drought-causing watermelons that increase all stats by 20,

so there was no reason to eat grapes that were tasteless and didn’t raise many stats. .

“The wine of blessing… is just a delicious wine when you drink it, but when you sprinkle it on a vineyard, it has the effect of increasing the harvest by 2 to 5 times?”

Hehehe. So, if you tell Theo to sow, is it guaranteed that the grape harvest will be 5 times higher?

When Sejun looks at the items sold at the exchange shop,


[It’s a job!]

Mushroom ants flocked to 2,000 vineyards measuring 100 pyeong.



Only one mushroom ant could enter the field,

and voila!

[We can’t go in!]


[So, harvest quickly!]

The 2,000 mushroom ants that entered the field received cheers from the mushroom ants that could not enter the field.


[okay! Just trust me!]

[9:50 – 1 bunch of grapes]

2000 mushroom ants harvesting grapes with the support of their colleagues.

In 10 minutes,

[Grape Harvest Competition Ranking]

1st place – Mushroom Ant No. 1009 (355 bunches) and 50 [Black Tower 99th floor]

2nd place – Mushroom Ant No. 204 (354 bunches) and 70 other [Black Tower 99th floor]

3rd place – Mushroom Ant No. 4912 (353 bunches) and 50 [Black Tower 99th floor]




Ranking of displayed mushroom ants.

Mushroom ants are hardworking but have low agility. The harvest speed was slow, so many grapes could not be harvested.


The mushroom ants that participated in the competition were automatically moved out of the vineyard and


[Trust me!]

2,000 mushroom ants around the field entered the field again and harvested grapes.



[The harvested grapes have disappeared!]


[But what is this?]

Keek! Keek!

[I don’t know! Let’s take it to the owner!]


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The mushroom ants who participated in the contest went to Sejun with three grapes in their mouths that were too hard to chew, which they received as a reward for participating in the contest.


“hmm. “The only things that are useful are the wine of blessing and the grape seeds that contain Uncle’s World Tree of God’s protection.”

Sejun looked through the items in the store and chose what to exchange.

“But where do you get the grapes to commemorate the harvest festival?

Belatedly, I began to wonder how to obtain grapes for the harvest festival, the most important means of exchange.




Mushroom ants put down the grapes they were holding in front of Sejun.

[Grapes commemorating the harvest festival]

“Huh? “Where did you get this?”


In response to Sejun’s question, the mushroom ants pointed with their antennae to the vineyard where a grape harvest competition was in progress.


You get it if you participate in the competition.

In the past, carrot harvesting competitions gave half carrot seeds as a reward for participation, but the rewards have changed because it is a large harvest festival.

Thanks to the mushroom ants, Sejun learns how to obtain commemorative harvest grapes.

“Hehehe. Kids, please tell the other kids to go and harvest once in a while. Understand?”


The mushroom ants eagerly waved their antennae up and down in response to Sejun’s instructions and

rumbled as they relayed Sejun’s words to the other mushroom ants.

A huge procession approaches the farm.

“The first competition of the Harvest Festival has already begun! “Hurry up!”

The residents of the Black Tower, who bought tickets for the Harvest Festival at dawn, have just arrived.

“uh?! “How did you know that the harvest festival was held here?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, it’s all thanks to me! “I sold Harvest Festival tickets for 100 million Top Coins through Mason, the head of the Wandering Merchants Association!”


“It’s real! “I, Vice President Te, will not lie to the great Chairman Park!”

“yes! There is no way our vice president would lie. “It’s great!”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! I, Vice President Te, are great! So praise me more!”

“Hehehe. okay.”

It would be easy to get grapes to commemorate the Harvest Festival.

Sejun stroked Theo’s head and looked at the residents lined up to participate in the grape harvest competition.


4th floor of the Black Tower.


A stone shaped like a bunch of grapes suddenly appeared in the center of the vineyard.


At the same time, 10 100 pyeong vineyards were created around the stone statue.


[The grape harvest competition of the harvest festival will begin shortly.]

[Those who wish to participate in the competition, please enter the vineyard.]

A message appeared in front of everyone at the farm.

“uh?! “It’s a harvest festival!”

“Where are the vineyards?!”

After the message that the harvest festival would be held yesterday appeared, the hunters who had been waiting since there was no word were excited and started looking for the vineyard.

While the hunters who entered the vineyard were harvesting grapes, they said,

“Huh?! “Who’s already in the rankings?!”

“First place is Mushroom Ant No. 1009?!”

“uh?! “There is a reward for being in the top 100 of the competition and a special reward for being in the top 5?!”


Other hunters checked what they could see on the statue.

10 minutes later.

Hunters who participated in the competition ran out of grapes and received one grape seed for each bunch of grapes they harvested.

[Grape Harvest Competition Ranking]

1st place – Speppan (520 bunches) [4th floor of the Black Tower]

2nd place – Myr (490 bunches) [4th floor of the Black Tower]

3rd place – Yoshida (483 bunches) [4th floor of the Black Tower]




At the same time, the hunters took the top spot by driving out the mushroom ants.

“Is this enough ranking?”

“They said it was on the 99th floor, so it’s nothing special.”

“I guess we were too scared. When this is over, let’s climb the tower again.”


Thanks to this, confidence grew in the hunters’ hearts instead of fear of the 99th floor of the tower.


[Grape Harvest Competition Ranking]

1st place – Grand Prize Golden Sheep Mimir (9,500 flowers) [Black Tower, 99th floor]

2nd place – Chestnut Hedgehog Godori (8,200 flowers) [Black Tower, 99th floor]

3rd place – Black Bear Lark (7,900 flowers) [ 99th floor of the Black Tower]




“uh?! The ranking…”

About an hour passed and another change occurred in the rankings.

Finally, the line of mushroom ants ended and the participants who had purchased tickets to the harvest festival finally began to participate.

“As expected, the 99th floor of the tower is a scary place.”

“It wasn’t a place for hunters like us to attack.”

When all the hunters were pushed out of the top 1000 and fell into frustration,

1st place – Top Farmer Park Se-jun (120,500 flowers) [Black Giant Tower 99th floor]

Se-jun appeared like a comet and immediately took first place with his outstanding farming skills and physical strength.


1st place – Theo Park (9,022,22 bunches) [Black Tower 99th floor], the grand

prize winner, withdrew from 1st place before the hunters could find any hope.

Theo’s overwhelming first-place solo performance by reducing travel time with Nyambo.

Fuhehehe. Chairman Park’s first place gift will be given to me by Vice Chairman Teh!

Theo was willing to give compensation, but had no intention of giving up first place.

Afterwards, Kuengi Iona, Uma King, and Black Minotaur participated, and Sejun’s name quickly fell from the top rankings, so none of the hunters saw Sejun’s name.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“ah. “It’s not 3 seconds. It’s not 0.3 seconds.”

I knew I would lose first place anyway, but it was too fast.

[Can be exchanged for harvest festival grape crops]

Sejun sat at the desk behind the sign carved with Theo’s dragon claws, resting his chin and sighing.

“I’m hungry. Should I eat something first?”

“It’s good!” “I want to eat the grilled fish that Chairman Park cooked!”

As the number of customers stopped coming, we prepared brunch.

The menu is a 10-layer whipped cream hotcake with vanilla ice cream on top and chocolate milk to soothe a depressed mind.

Dang+Dang’s Chodangdang set.

Of course, Sejun quickly made 100 sets per second because he doesn’t have one mouth.

Recently, my cooking skill has reached master level, and I can now cook the same dish in less than an hour just by adding magic to the ingredients.

“Take Aileen. “Guys, let’s eat!”

Sejun sends Eileen 5 sets per piece and calls the group.


Kueng, who was hungry during the grape harvest competition, hurriedly flew over and said,

“It’s food!”


The silver, brown, and red foxes who became employees of Sejun Company also ran quickly and lined up.


“Get out of the way! “Where are you going to stand in front of regular workers when you’re a non-regular worker?!”

“We are full-time employees!”

Bayon and the other red foxes stand at the front, pushing away the silver and brown foxes.

“Sejun, your loyal full-time employee Bayon has arrived!”

Bayon looked at Sejun with a very proud expression.


I’m jealous.

If you become a full-time employee, food will be free for life, right?

The other foxes look at Bayon and the red foxes with envy.

what? Full-time employees are worse, but are they idiots?

“Foxes who cut in line go to the back.”


The red foxes became sullen at Sejun’s words, dropped their ears, and went to the back of the line. At




Mushroom ants came towards Sejun, making angry noises.


“We’ll be arriving soon. “Get ready.”

Halfas spoke to the slimes while moving along the flow of the magic stream.

No matter how destroyed it was, the tower had no power to allow unauthorized beings into the tower. yet.

If that were possible, of course this world would have been destroyed already.

However, as the Great Harvest Festival, overflowing with abundance and magic, was held, an opening was created to enter the 99th floor of the Black Tower, where Fenrir is located.

Because of the two magical streams connected to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Thanks to this, Halfas and Slime were able to enter the Black Tower with almost no loss of strength.

You can stay at the tower for about an hour. I wish it had a purpose.

When Halfas, who has entered the tower with all his strength, shows confidence and looks forward to the time of slaughter to come,

[Stop! How dare they target the master’s farm?!]

A huge root blocking their path.


The magic power of the magic stream began to burn strongly as if responding to Flame’s will.


“I said no. Even a full-time job is a bad deal.”


[Master, we worked hard!]


[I will work harder! Please make me a full-time employee!]

Sejun was having a hard time convincing the mushroom ants to make him a full-time employee.



[We will go on strike until we become full-time employees!]

Sejun’s persuasion had no effect on the mushroom ants and they

said, “Okay, I’ll make you a regular employee.”

Sejun created a full-time employee contract for the mushroom ants and signed a contract.



Sniff. Sniff.

“Vice President Te, doesn’t it smell like grilling meat somewhere?”

“Nanda nyang!”

The strong smell of grilling meat began to spread throughout the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

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