Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 468

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Episode 468 From now on, there will be no slaves in Sejun Company.

Episode 468 From now on, there will be no slaves in Sejun Company.

“Sejun, you enjoyed your meal. This is the seventh time since I was born that I’ve had such a filling meal! “I will never forget this grace!”

“I am the third. “I will never forget this grace!”

“I am the first…”

While Bayon and his subordinates, who had eaten their fill of pork belly,

bowed to Sejun and expressed their gratitude [10 foxes of the Red Tower were fed to their fill.]

[All stats increase by 2 due to the effect of .]

[The outpouring of praise fills the soul.]

[Spirit increases by 8.]

‘Hehehe. ‘Good.’

Sejun smiled as he checked the message.

At that time

, Pyo!

[Sejun, we are here! On the way, I also saved a slave!]

“Hello, Sejun! But can I eat pork belly?”

Piyo and Yuren arrived with the brown tower foxes, who were depressed because they had become slaves.

“hang on. “Piyo, let’s eat this.”

Chi profit.

After putting the pork belly on the grill, Sejun provided peanuts and walnuts for Piyote to eat.


[Thank you!]

Kock, Kock, Kock.

While Piyote eagerly ate 5 peanuts and 1 walnut,

he said, “That’s it. “Eat now.”

When Sejun cut the grilled pork belly and placed it on the plate,

“Uhehe.” thank you for this food!”

Yuren, who had been preparing the ssam in advance, put three pieces of pork belly on top and immediately put them in his mouth and chewed them while preparing the next ssam.

A combative meal worthy of a food fighter.

That’s what Yuren

used when he frantically put the third wrap in his mouth.


In Sejun’s eyes, he saw brown foxes swallowing their saliva while staring intently at the pork belly.

‘Why don’t you eat?’

Sejun thought that if they came into the kitchen, they would eat together, so he didn’t tell them to eat separately, but he thought,

‘Isn’t it too much for evil people to do something like this?!’

The brown foxes thought that Sejun and Yuren had set it up on purpose to make them suffer.

‘It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold… Are you vegetarian?’

‘If you continue to do this and even touch something to eat, I will subject you to extreme torture as an example.’

Sejun and the brown foxes live with conflicting thoughts.

At that time,

I thought, ‘I just want to eat and die!’


A young brown fox couldn’t hold back his hunger and quickly snatched up a piece of pork belly and started eating it.


ah! I guess I didn’t eat it because I didn’t bring a fork!

I told you to be patient with Sena! What do we do?!

At the same time, Sejun and the brown foxes are surprised for different reasons.

and! Melt, melt! So delicious!

Meanwhile, Sena ate an entire piece of pork belly in an instant and started eating another piece of pork belly again


Sejun hurriedly took out several forks to give to the brown foxes.

Are you really going to torture them with those?!

The brown foxes take a guard stance, hiding Senna behind them.


When Sejun found the brown foxes’ fearful attitude toward him strange, he said,

“Okay. “Dip it and eat it.”

Sigh. Sigh.

In a friendly voice, like an employee at the tasting corner, he cut pork belly with a fork and handed it out to the brown foxes one by one.

“Thank you.”

“thank you for this food···.”

Although the brown foxes were embarrassed, they took the fork that Sejun gave them and quickly put it in their mouths.

It was delicious!

There’s a lot!

I couldn’t get my head around the taste of greasy meat that I hadn’t felt in a long time, so I grabbed the pork chops with both front paws and started eating them.

I don’t know if I didn’t eat it at all, but once I tried it, I couldn’t stop.

The pork belly fell in the middle and the type of meat changed to pork neck pork belly, but

I munched. munched.


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The brown foxes were so busy filling their stomachs that they didn’t even notice that the type of meat had changed.

After a while.

Pfft. Ppppt!

[Hmph. I’m full!]

“Uhehe. full.”

“I can’t believe I ate my fill of meat…”

Yuren and the brown foxes, who had sold out of Sejun’s pork, patted their bellies and were happy with the feeling of fullness

. [130 foxes in the Brown Tower were fed to their fill.]

[All stats increase by 26 due to the effect of . ]

[The soul is filled by the outpouring of praise.]

[Spirit increases by 13.]


Sejun was also happy because he gained stats in return for losing meat.

When the meal was over,

“Hehe. full.”

“Sena was delicious, right?”

“yes! “It was really delicious!”

Sejun spoke to Sena, who seemed the most alert.

“But why didn’t you eat it at first?”

The brown foxes threw away the fork that Sejun gave them and ate the meat with their bare feet, so it wasn’t a problem with the fork.

“That’s right… we are slaves… if a slave carelessly eats his master’s food, he will be in big trouble. no way?! Are you going to punish us for eating a lot of meat?!”

Sena suddenly asked in a very frightened voice, looking at Sejun with fearful eyes.

“no! no! Absolutely not! “Why are you punishing me for eating a lot of meat?!”

Sejun strongly denied Sena’s words and reassured her.

I thought it was okay until now because the kids around me didn’t mind being slaves…

but the word slave is actually very negative.

We need to change the policy a bit.

Sejun decided to change the policy to wash Sejun Company’s image.

But where did Theo go?

“Piyo, please find Theo.”



I had Theo visit me to discuss how to change the company policy.



While waiting in bed,

‘I shouldn’t sleep yet…’

I have something to say to Theo…

I didn’t even eat wormwood…


Sejun couldn’t sleep and fell asleep.


Outskirts of Destruction.


When Jormungand appeared with the Kraken Hydra to take Leviathan, he

said, ‘Jormungand, you have come! ‘Thank you guys!’

Leviathan expresses gratitude to the apostles of Vampa’s destruction with his eyes.


“Oh! Welcome! Jormungand! Kraken! Hydra!”

Halfas welcomed the Apostles of Destruction.

“Halpas, but why did you call me?”

Jormungand asks Halfas why he was summoned. Since I’ve come this far, I thought I’d at least ask why.


“Then why did I call you?”

Halfas was so angry that the Apostles of Destruction did not come that he forgot the reason for the summons.

“······Then we will go.”


When Jormungand disappeared with the Vampa Apostles of Destruction,

“What was I going to do?”

Halfas looked around and said,

“Ah! “We must destroy the world.”

As the red eyes became darker, they began to destroy the world again.


Dawn on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler, swallow!]

This will make you a little stronger!

Black Mangi puts a piece of Violet’s core purified by the destruction predators into Sejun’s mouth and


When I press it with my front foot,

it swells.


A piece of core slides gently down Sejun’s throat.

Normally, if two types of core pieces are mixed, it would be a big problem, but

it’s my core, so absorb it!

The core of Fenrir, a noble wolf who hunts gods, had the ability to consume any energy.

So I feed the core piece to Sejun and


A black bird nestled in Sejun’s chest.

Excited. Excited.

Hehehe. The deacon’s heart is beating well today too.


I fell asleep again while listening to Sejun’s heartbeat.

It was early morning when everyone was asleep.

“Move quickly!”

“We don’t have time to sell all the tickets tomorrow!”

Mason and Xerath were using the Wandering Merchants Association’s distribution network to sell harvest festival tickets to all floors.

“Fuhuhuhu. Please sell the ticket for 100 million Top Coins! And I’ll give you 10,000 Top Coins every time you sell it to Mason!”

Although the condition was 0.01 to 99.99, the labor cost was sufficient because the ticket price was so high.

Additionally, being able to exclusively sell tickets to the harvest festival in which the great black dragon participates can raise the status of the Wandering Merchant Association.

It was a profitable business.

Throughout the early morning, residents who bought harvest festival tickets sold by merchants from the Traveling Merchants Association began climbing the tower to participate in the harvest festival.


“Tsk tsk.”

Sejun wakes up.

[The purified core fragment of Violet was forcibly consumed.]

[Fenrir’s core fragment consumes 0.003% of Violet’s power.]

[Fenrir’s core fragment absorbs 0.002% of Violet’s power.]

[Fenrir’s body 0.0149% of power accumulates.]

Is this another trick?

“Well done.”

Sejun patted the butt of the baby sleeping on his chest.

My breasts were wet from the spit, but I decided to look after them because they had done something amazing.


Blacky laughs at Sejun’s pat.

Sejun listens to Black Mangi’s laughter

[The seal on the Earth Jewel has been broken.]



[Cleaning, the god of cleanliness, gives you the skill – Maintain Cleanliness Lv. I repay the favor by teaching 1.]

I checked the following message.

“···Keep clean?”

Sejun rubbed his eyes and checked his skills.

[Keeping Cleanliness Lv. 1]

-Clean the area within a 10cm radius around the hand using the skill.


It keeps your hands clean?

Kihi… whimpering…

Sejun lifts the baby sleeping on his chest and says,

“Keep it clean.”

I used the skill on clothes soaked in saliva.

Then the clothes became neater.

Sniff. Sniff.

The smell of black pepper has also disappeared.

“oh! Good?! Stay clean. “Keep it clean.”

First, Sejun focused his skills on Kamangi and Theo, who were the sources of pollution.

Cleaning, 5 pyeong.

Sejun gave generous points to his excellent life skills.

Sejun even finished washing his face to maintain cleanliness.


I marked the date on the wall and started the morning of day 445.

When I came out,

it came again this time.

I could see temporary buildings built near the grape cluster altar.

The raccoon tribe that follows the harvest festival and opens a market came to visit.

“But it’s pretty big, isn’t it?”

In the past, there were only 5 street vendors, but this time, there are more than 20 street vendors.

This was thanks to the increased scale of the harvest festival.

As Sejun slowly walked towards the market,

“Hurry up! “There will be a lot of customers soon!”

Emil, an elder of the raccoon tribe, was seen giving instructions to the raccoons.



Foxes preying on them.

The foxes in the Silver Tower, Red Tower, and Brown Tower received food from Sejun, but the rest were very hungry as they had starved all night.

This is going to be a big problem. Just

when Sejun thinks he needs to come up with something, kueng


[Good morning, Dad!]

Kueng, who had a good night’s sleep, approached Sejun and said good morning.


The foxes hurriedly hid themselves when Kuengi appeared.

Because yesterday I saw Bayon being beaten to the point of death by Kuengi.


“Oh my! Good night, Kuengi!”

Bayon, who had been beaten to the point of death yesterday, hurriedly ran to Kuengi, greeted him, and started acting friendly.


[That’s right! Good night!]

“I see! I also slept well! As expected, red fur goes well with each other!”

Bayon held out his paw to Kueng and waited for him to meet him, but


[Kuengi has crimson-colored fur, not red!]

Kuengi turned away.

“Ah! Yes! Ugh. “Compared to Kuengi’s wonderful and luxurious crimson-colored fur, my fur color is just an insignificant red.”

Flattery was truly a blessing in disguise.

It’s not good for our Kueng education.

“Watch out around Bayon Market.”

So I gave Bayon something to do and got him away from Kueng.


“Vice President Teh.”


“I think our Sejun Company needs to clean up its image now. So from now on there will be no slaves in Sejun Company.”

I told Theo about the new Sejun Company policy that I briefly thought about yesterday.

“Nyan?! Then, let’s free all the slaves…?”

Theo becomes sullen when told that he must free the slave he caught with such difficulty.

“no. “If you call it another way, it’s a pig.”

“Fuhuhuhu. After all, it’s Chairman Park! I understand! “Then what will we call slaves from now on?!”

When told that there was no need to free the slaves, Theo asked brightly.

“From now on, slaves with a fixed term will be called temporary workers, and permanent slaves will be called regular employees.”

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is great! “I think I’d rather be an employee than a slave!”

“Hehe. From now on, call me the master of image washing.”

Sejun was flattered by Theo’s words.

“Then I think I should change this name too!”

Heer, please change the name of this!

Theo asked Her, the god of merchants, to rename the slave seals of the Five Towers.

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