Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 463

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Episode 463 Hehehe. It’s okay for the great Kkamangi to do bad things!

Episode 463 Hehehe. It’s okay for the great Kkamangi to do bad things!

Golden Tower administrator area.

“Wow. good night.”

Artemis, who ate a piece of egg roll and immediately swallowed a glass of Samyang liquor, exclaimed.

Samyang Ju harmonized well with the food, eliminating the greasiness of the oil and not compromising the flavor of the eggs, pleasing the tongue.

‘This time, I should have a drink with stir-fried squid.

Artemis, who is obsessed with food, tried the combination of stir-fried squid and Samyang liquor.


“Ugh!” “This is better.”

As the pungent spiciness of stir-fried squid spreads in my mouth, the sweetness of Samyang liquor neutralized the spiciness and created a great taste.

‘It’s so amazing that Sejun can handle this apostle of destruction and even make drinks and snacks like this.’

Artemis was excited about the delicious drinks and snacks. My liking for Sejun continued to grow.


later, I’ll make a party and give her a gift and ask her to make some snacks for me.

When you decide to repay Sejun for killing Delia, the Apostle of Destruction, and ask for Anju

– Great Golden Dragon! Please save us!

Cecilia, the tower farmer of the Golden Tower, called her.


Artemis hurriedly focused her attention on the golden dragon statue,

huh?! It’s Sejun!

It’s your chance!

Artemis, who discovered Sejun, decided to carry out her decision just moments ago.


99th floor of the Golden Tower.

“Park Se-jun. Thank you for defeating the Apostle of Doom. “This is my reward.”

When the golden dragon statue opened its mouth and took out golden scales and dragon teeth as a gift, he said,

“Hehehe. thank you.”

Sejun is not surprised at all, as if he is used to this kind of thing, and takes care of the lumpy scales and teeth.


‘How did this happen?’

Cecilia realized that the situation was very serious.

The harsh and violent Artemis was treating Sejun as if he were her grandson, giving him a lot of her scales and teeth.

‘Could it be that you touched our Artemis’ grandson?’

We’re done!

When Cecilia was in despair, she said,

“Ah. “Are Kaiser and others there too?”

-Yes. Park Se-jun, we were drinking the Samyang liquor you made together.

“Then you don’t have enough snacks? “Would you like me to make you a few more snacks?”

-really?! Huh. I would appreciate it then.

Sejun talked amicably with Artemis.

“Then, let’s go to a place without lightning and then I’ll make you some snacks.”

-hmm. In that case… guide Cecilia Park Se-jun to the village. And provide Park Se-jun with everything he needs.

“yes?! yes “I will!”

thank god. He was the one who grew those magical cherry tomatoes.

Come to think of it, Artemis’s grandson’s name was Hocus Yule.

Through their conversation, Cecilia answered with relief after learning that Sejun was not a great dragon, but a farmer from the Black Tower who grew the magical cherry tomatoes she obtained at the Harvest Festival.

I thought that the same top farmers would get along well, but

“Hehehe.” I told you, but what should I do? Artemis, are you closer to me?”


It wasn’t. His personality was completely different from mine.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Our great Chairman Park is very close to the dragons!”

“Hehe. “My dragon veins are a bit flashy.”

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is great!”

Sejun and Theo smile like villains as they drink medicine behind Cecilia, who leads them into the village.



[The elves said daddy?! I’m going to scold you!]

Kkueng realized belatedly that Sejun had fallen into a trap without knowing anything, and became angry, calling out to the thunderbolt floating in the sky.

“Hang in there. “Dad solved everything.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “The great Chairman Park solved everything!”

Kueng? Kueng…

[Is that so? It’s a shame…] Hearing

Sejun and Theo’s words, Kueng sent the thunderbolt back into the sky with a regretful expression.

After a while.

“This is the village of Neril where we live.”

Cecilia guided Sejun into a huge cave.

There were so many mushrooms growing on the ceiling of the cave that the walls could not be seen, and cherry tomatoes and rice and wheat were planted on the ground.


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“First, lead me to a large place.”


Sejun was guided to a land where there was nothing.

“Move the ground!”

Use Milo’s hoe to build a kitchen and then

grind it.

I opened the subspace warehouse to take out ingredients to make snacks.


whine! whine! whine?

[Everyone listen carefully! The butler knows that you are the apostles of destruction who were exorcised by the great Kamangi, so you must not do anything bad in the future! Got it?]




In the sub-space warehouse, Kkamangi gives attention to Eomdori Kkomi.

Whip! Whip!

[good! Then, each of you, tell me how you will help the butler in the future!]

I had my subordinates think of ways to help Sejun.

It was a great help to Sejun so that he would not be kicked out even if it was later discovered that he was Fenrir, the wolf hunting the first apostle of destruction, God.

“I plan to make a stone pot for Sejun!”

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Eomdol is a good idea! The butler will love it!]


[I’m going to make clothes to protect Sejun out of spider webs!]

Kihihi. Bwain! Bwain!

[Hehe. Komi is great! A weak butler needs sturdy clothes!]


[I will help Sejun by spoiling the food he makes deliciously!]

Kihihihi. Bwain! Buk! Buk!

[Hehe. Kabhi is a good idea too! Everything is great! Let’s think about things that will be helpful to the butler in the future!]

After the subordinates’ reports were over,

I was hungry after chatting a lot.

Kamangi started eating the dried sweet potatoes stored in the warehouse without permission from Sejun.

Salt, salt, salt.

“Didn’t you, Great Black Man, say that we shouldn’t do bad things?”

Eomdol, who was watching this, gave advice to Kamangi.


kihihihi. whing! whining!

[Hehe. It’s okay for the great Kkamangi to do bad things! Because the great Kamangi was not exorcised!]

Kamangi proudly replies,

“Ah! As expected of you, the great Kamangi!”



The subordinates were convinced by Kamangi’s logic.


it crashes.

“Who wants to eat dried roasted sweet potatoes without permission?!”

Sejun could not be convinced.


[Run away!]

Ttungdadang. Ttungdadang

Blacky quickly ran away with a dried roasted sweet potato in his mouth, but

“Kkueng, catch the blacky.”


[I understand!]

I was caught in vain by Kkueng’s telekinesis and

said, “Kkamang, you should set an example in front of the kids you exorcised. What if you step in and cause an accident?! Is that okay? no?”



I had to listen to Sejun’s shameful nagging in front of my subordinates.

Sejun scolded Black Man like that.

“First, take out the egg bowl and squid…”

I took out the ingredients for the egg rolls and stir-fried squid that Artemis had requested, as well as the ingredients for other snacks, and started cooking.

1 hour later.

“I’m not staying here.”

When Sejun sent snacks to Artemis, she said,

“Wow! “What does this smell like?”

“It smells delicious!”

“What is that?”

The young elves, who smelled the smell of food in the cave, gathered one by one into Sejun’s kitchen.

Write it.


While wiping the saliva from my mouth.

“Guys, do you want some?”

When Sejun offered extra egg rolls for lunch to the young elves snooping around the kitchen door, they asked,

“Can I really eat them?”

The young elves are not willing to enter the kitchen and are watched.

“huh. “It’s delicious if you dip it here.”

Sejun gave me his homemade ketchup and he

gulped it down.

The young elves swallowed their saliva and cautiously entered the kitchen.



I picked up one piece of egg roll divided into 10 pieces.


“Shall we eat half each?”

Of course, there were more than 10 children, so there were not enough egg rolls, but

“Okay. “There’s more here.”

The minimum number of egg rolls Sejun makes for the Sejun family, who have many mouths, is about 50.

There was enough for each child to eat a piece.

As everyone picked up a piece of egg roll, the children dipped the egg roll in ketchup and put it in their mouths.

The sour taste of ketchup and gently crumbling egg rolls.

“and! “It’s so delicious!”

“Hehehe. “Then try this too.”

While the kids were eating, Sejun made a few more new dishes and ate them together.


“Huh?! “You can’t eat seafood or meat?”

“yes. “It hurts to eat that.”

I found out that elves are vegetarian.

The surprising thing is that green eggs and sausages harvested from trees are good to eat.

When I was eating lunch like that,

it was sweet.

A hole appeared in the air, and a completely sold golden cart from another floor rolled in front of Theo.

It rattled.

[Settlement begins.]

Settlement begins with the cart door opening.

[I earned 205,014,100,000 Top Coins by selling all the items.]

It was an incomparably large amount compared to before.

Thanks to upgrading the golden cart’s storage compartment five times using 30 Thunder Spirit Stones.

While fighting with Delia, Piyote and Yuren were picking up lightning-struck trees and lightning stones





The unfortunate Yuren continued to be struck by lightning and discovered that one of the thunderbolt stones he was carrying had turned into a thunderbolt stone.

“Yuren, don’t do anything, just hold the tree that was struck by lightning and the lightning stone.”

Sejun expected that just as a thunderbolt stone becomes a thunderbolt stone if it continues to be struck by lightning, a tree struck by lightning will also turn into a better tree.

“Can I stay while eating?”

“of course.”

I put a lot of food that Sejun had brought me into the space-expanding pocket with a lightning-proof function and

went crazy!


Yuren continued to be struck by lightning and created 30 Thunder Spirit Stones and 3 Thunder Spirit Trees.

The thunderbolt tree, which was transformed from a tree struck by lightning, was a material that contained strong brain energy, just like the thunderbolt stone.

But unfortunately, it was not an upgrade material for the golden cart.

So, I was planning to sell it later…

[The automatic cart that wanders the Black Tower and the Golden Tower successfully travels 10 times, and new upgrade items are unlocked.]

[Use 3 (1+2) Thunder Spirit Trees to purchase the Black Tower and the Golden Tower. You can increase the variety of dishes it sells by upgrading the wandering automatic cart twice.]

[Would you like to upgrade?]

The text that appears on the door of the cart.


“huh. “I will do it.”

When Sejun spoke as he put a Thunderbolt tree into the storage compartment of the cart,

he was puzzled.

The thunderbolt disappeared with a thunderbolt.


[The automatic cart traveling between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower has been upgraded twice and can now sell three dishes.] [If

you enter the recipe for the food to be sold on the automatic cart traveling between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower, the recipe will be stored in the storage box. When all the ingredients are available, the food in the recipe is automatically created.]

The golden cart can now automatically make and sell dishes.

“I just need to enter the recipe?”

Can I do it like this?

When Sejun puts his hand to writing the recipe for the hot cake he often eats on the door,

[Cooking Lv. Load the recipe registered in 9.]

The recipe that Sejun had registered so far appeared.


“I’ll enter the recipe for hotcakes, egg rolls, and cherry tomato juice.”

Cooking recipes that were popular among young elves were entered into the golden cart.

When the golden cart was filled with ingredients for cooking,

“Hey… let us cook too…”

One of the adult elves snooping around in front of the kitchen mustered up the courage to speak up and say,

“Fuhuhu. “Welcome, elves!”

Sweet, sweet.

Theo himself pulled the golden cart and parked it outside the kitchen and said,

“Fuhuhu. If you pay money here, you will get food! “If you don’t have money, come here! If you get this stamp, you get three free meals a day!”

He secretly tried to enslave the elves by teaching them how to use the golden cart.


10th Tower Administrator Area.


“You’re finally back.”

Patrick, the earth god and manager of the 10th Tower, looked around and said.


“Hamer, come out now.”

How dare you dishonor God’s name?!

Before coming here, Patrick, who had heard why Firefly distrusted God, called Hamer, the God of Farming, the assistant manager of the 10th Tower.

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