Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 464

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Episode 464 Are you still waiting?!

Episode 464 Are you still waiting?!

“Fuhuhuhu. “I took a lot of pictures!”


Theo, who had gone to get stamped with the slave seal of the Five Towers, returned with a proud expression and clung to Sejun’s lap


Hehehe. Well done Vice President Te.

Sejun quietly stroked Theo’s head.

Thanks to Theo, he had 1,000 slaves and all his stats increased by 10.

After a while.

“Now let’s get up.”

When Sejun woke up,


[I understand…]

Kueng, who had been dozing off with his butt pressed against Sejun after lunch, clung to Sejun’s waist.

“Are you leaving now?”

As Sejun came out of the kitchen, Cecilia, who was waiting in line in front of the golden cart to receive the food, hurried over.


“Then I’ll take you to the waypoint.”

“are you okay. What about the wheat seeds I was talking about?”

“ah. Here it is! “I put in about 1,000.”

At Sejun’s words, Cecilia took out a small pouch made of plant stems from her arms.

“thank you. And if you plant this in the field, it will help.”

Sejun, who received the wheat seeds, handed Cecilia a bag of kidney beans.

This is what Oric sent yesterday when he started harvesting the kidney beans of intelligence at the Brown Tower.

Of course, Sejun was not in a hurry, so he planned to receive it when the temporary storage was full, but [The slave of the Brown Tower always sends 10,000 kidney beans of intelligence, saying that he is harvesting diligently with a grateful heart

to Sejun .]

It was sent to show that they were working hard. As expected, it was a treacherous Oric.

Thanks to this, Cecilia obtained valuable beans that could strengthen her intellect.

“thank you!”

I thanked Sejun.

“Then I’ll go.”

When Sejun leaves,

“You’re saying it will restore the land’s intelligence?!”

I checked Jipower’s kidney bean option and quickly planted the beans in the field.


[The crops of Park Se-jun, a farmer of the Black Tower, who had exclusive cultivation rights, were planted without permission.]

[According to the laws of the tower, Cecilia, a farmer of the Golden Tower, will become a slave to Se-jun Park, a farmer of the Black Tower, for the next 100 years. ]

[Because he already has Cecilia, a tower farmer in the Golden Tower, his slave period will be extended by an additional 100 years.]

Cecilia has become a legitimate tower slave that Sejun can summon.

[It has been confirmed that Cecilia, a farmer in the Golden Tower, has been planting kidney beans of intelligence without permission.]




“ah. “I forgot.”

Sejun, who was on his way to the waypoint, looked at the message and said in an apologetic voice.


“What do you mean?”

“I made a mistake and didn’t give permission to plant it in the kidney beans of intelligence.”

“Nyan?! Like that? “I feel so sorry for Cecilia!”

“then. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Hehehe.”

Sejun didn’t look sorry at all.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is great! “I learned something from the great Chairman Park today!”

“Hehehe. Even if it’s a mistake. “More than that, Vice President Te was amazing for thinking of giving a seal to the elves in exchange for three meals.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s all thanks to what I learned from the great Chairman Park!”

“It’s all because Vice President Teh is great.”



Sejun and Theo arrived at the waypoint praising each other.

“Vice President Te is in.”


When Sejun opened the subspace warehouse and said,

“I understand!”

I’m going out in first place!

Theo quickly sits down in a loaf position right in front of the door and waits.

At that time,

I was upset.

Oh my gosh.


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The sound of Blackbird and his subordinates snoring coming from inside the subspace warehouse.

As soon as they had lunch, Kamangi and his men settled down in the very center of the subspace warehouse and were sleeping.


Sejun carefully picked up Kueng, who was sleeping on his waist, and laid him down next to Kamangi


The subspace warehouse was closed.



I placed my hand on the red crystal, called up the waypoint list, and moved to the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.


10th Tower Administrator Area.


“Patrick, what did I do wrong to be like this?”

Hamer, who was kneeling and barely holding a stone so large that it covered the sky with his trembling arms, asked in a frustrated voice.

The stone that Hamer is holding is a stone called spirit pressure stone, which can inflict soul-crushing pain on the gods.

“what?! Hamer, don’t you know what you did wrong?!”

Patrick is upset by Hamer’s question.



Thanks to this, one more giant spirit stone was added to the stone Patrick was holding, and

what is it?! What did I do wrong?

In order to escape the pain, Hamer began to turn his head to find his fault.

“ah! I remembered! “I brought some snacks called popcorn without Patrick’s knowledge!”

“no. And the popcorn is confiscated.”

no! My popcorn!

When Hamer, who looks like his popcorn has been confiscated, screams inwardly,


One more shameful spirit stone has been added. Thanks to this, Hamer had no time to think about anything else.

“Ugh! ah! Actually, I was bored while Patrick was away, so I brought a silver dragon named Stella Hisron to the 10th Tower on my own!”

He started telling all the mistakes he had made that came to mind and said,

“Actually, I should have found the piece of the door leading to the 10th Tower and told it to the person who passed the trials of the 10th Tower, but I didn’t bother to do it!”




“Recently, I tried to trick Top Farmer into getting some snacks! Isn’t this one too?! Patrick, I really don’t know! Just let me know! Sobbing.”

In the end, when Hamer bursts into tears in despair, he says,

“That’s right! That’s exactly what you did wrong. Because you tried to deceive Park Se-jun, the top farmer of the Black Tower, they think that Fireworks, the candidate for the Creation Tree born after 1 million years, cannot believe in God! Do you know what you did wrong?!”

Patrick, who heard Hamer’s words, shouted at Hamer, explaining in detail Hamer’s mistake.

“···yes?! “Fireworks are candidates for the creation tree?!”

Hamer’s heart sank at Patrick’s words. A being

who lives for hundreds of millions of years, guards the vacuum of the Creator God while the Creator God disappears and a new Creator God is born, and

grants the power of creation to the newly born Creator God.

In some ways, the Creation Tree is a higher being than the Creator God.

Since you are still a candidate, you can call yourself whatever you want, but the moment you become a true creator, you will become a supreme being that cannot even be looked at.


I was trying to scam Park Se-jun, whom Fireworks treats as its owner.

It seems like my new life is ruined.

Not only in this life, but also in the next life and the life after that… Even

if he is reborn, the fireworks that live for hundreds of millions of years will hate him.

I lost my mind.

“Patrick, what should I do?!”

Hamer was in a hurry and crawled to Patrick while holding the spirit stone and asked.

Yeongapseok’s pain wasn’t the problem right now.

“What should I do?! “I have to somehow do something that Flame will like and get rid of his disbelief in God.”

“All right! try hard···.”

When Hamer decides to somehow show a good side to Flame,

“But before that, Hamer, you have to be punished for the mistake I mentioned earlier.”




Patrick added dozens of giant spirit stones to the stone Hamer was holding.

“The punishment is until Park Se-jun finds the two door pieces leading to the 10th tower. So find it quickly.”


Hamer began to diligently carry out his duties as deputy manager of the 10th Tower, which he had been neglecting.


[Arrived at the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]

When Sejun arrived,



The destruction predators who had been waiting desperately for Sejun to arrive greeted him warmly.

“ruler. “Let’s go home, predators.”


When Sejun opened the subspace warehouse,

“I missed Chairman Park!”

Theo, who had been on standby from the moment he entered the subspace warehouse, hurriedly jumped out and clung to Sejun’s face.

“Chairman Park’s face rotted in just a moment!”

Theo kisses Sejun’s face.

“hey! “You’ve been in for less than 10 seconds!”

“But it’s still rotten!”

“It’s not rotten!”


In the end, Theo was punished by being slapped by Sejun.

Kihihihi. Bwain?!

[Hehe. Didn’t you say that the great Kkamangi is coming back?! Come in quickly!]

Meanwhile, Kcamangi led the destruction predators to enter the subspace warehouse and said,

“You go up here.”



Eomdoli Kkabi guided the extinction predators and allowed them to board as many as possible in the subspace warehouse.

Even without such confidence, the Destruction Predators smoothly entered the subspace warehouse and said,

“Let’s see.”

“Nyan nyang nyang.”

Sejun placed Theo on his lap and started checking things he had not been able to check because he was busy.

First, feats of bravery.

When Sejun thinks about the Heart of Valor that has been absorbed into his heart,

[Heart of Valor]

allows you to accumulate feats of bravery and use them when necessary.

Currently collected achievements of bravery: 2 (things that can be exchanged for achievements)

Only the desired content appeared in front of Sejun.

And I saw something that wasn’t there before.

‘Things that can be exchanged for achievements?’

As Sejun focused his attention on that part, he

strengthened – 100 achievements of bravery

‘Talent: Fearless’ Gaehwa –

acquired 50 achievements of bravery ‘Skill: Summon a Brave Warrior (Master)’ – Bravery Acquire 40 Achievements

‘Skill: Mark of Valor (Master)’ – 30 Achievements of Valor

All stats increase by 100 (10/10) – 2 Achievements of Valor

It has been revealed that they can be exchanged for Achievements of Valor.

“I need to collect more of this first.”

Stats: Strength (3015/3553) Stamina (3517/4088) Dexterity (2862/3379) Magic (4433/4907) Mental Strength (832/3000)

From Sejun’s perspective, all stats of 100 mean a lot to Sejun, whose total stats are over 10,000. Since there was no , I decided to aim for combat skills first.

Sejun then took out the Golden Earth Orb in which Patrick was sealed from his chest.

I had checked it before, but I got the feeling that the color of the beads became golden as time passed.

At first, he thought he had seen something wrong, but as time passed, the golden light became clearer.


the [Golden Earth Bead]

is the bead in which Patrick, the god of the earth, was sealed.

Some of the earth’s power remains.

Patrick, the god of the earth, thanked Park Se-jun of the Black Tower for saving him and left a copy of his .

Even if you use the power of the earth, the power of the earth continues to be replenished.

Usage Restrictions: None

Rating: ★★

As Sejun thought, there was a change in the Golden Earth Orb.

Patrick goes out of his way to put some of his power into a bead in order to increase Firefly’s trust in the gods.

“oh! Thank you Patrick!”

I’ll give you two achievement fees!

It’s called the Twin Achievement Monument.

Thanks to this, Sejun became the first god to receive twin achievement fees.

Sejun decided to go home and set up a monument to the twins for Patrick.

Lastly, I checked my skills.

Skill: Magic Sowing (Master) Harvest Lv. 9 Seed Store Lv. 5 Seedling Lv. 9 Farmer’s Warm Touch Lv. 8 Crop Enlargement Lv. 7 Hwajeon Lv. 5 You are a field Lv. 8 Greenhouse Lv. 6 Lawn Laying Lv. 2 Crop Miniaturization Lv. 1 Beekeeping Lv. 8 Thunder Lv. 6 Cooking Lv. 9 Fermentation Lv. 4 Vitality Lv. 7 Intermediate Swordsmanship Lv. 5 Intermediate Spear Lv. 1 Intermediate Shield Skill Lv. 1

By completing the job quest, the level of all job skills increased by 1, and the magic seeding skill became Master.

Sejun mastered his job skills for the first time.

Master means the end, but


[The Devourer of Doom seed was planted in the land containing magical power.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[The mastery of magic seeding (Master) increases slightly.]

Even though it is a master skill, the mastery of magic seeding continues to increase. .

Is there a next step?

I thought maybe I could unlock the next level if I met certain conditions.


whine? whine!

[Kids, do you trust the captain? The great Black Man will come back, so I’m waiting for you!]



As there was no room to ride in the subspace warehouse, the blackbird was barking hard to reassure the destruction predators.

“I have to go quickly. let’s go.”

Sejun hurriedly put his group into the subspace warehouse and returned to the Black Tower.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“shit! “There aren’t so many people following me?!”

Halpas, who had been waiting for the Apostles of Destruction for three weeks, was almost ready to give up.


The 12 Apostles of Destruction, Leviathan, the tsunami-calling serpent, returned to replenish the strength lost while trying to destroy the world and conquer the tower.

“oh! Leviathan came?! “I knew you’d come!”

Halfas welcomed Leviathan with joy.



Leviathan had no idea.

“uh?! That’s right! Forgive me for being late! “It took a while to get here because there was a lot of work to do.”

I belatedly remembered that Halfas had gathered the Apostles of Destruction and quickly answered.

‘But are you still waiting?!’

Someone, please come quickly! Halfas, I’m scared!

Leviathan felt afraid of Halfas’ persistence.

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