Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 462

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Episode 462 What are you guys?

Episode 462 What are you guys?

The time when Sejun took the waypoint on the 99th floor of the Golden Tower and returned to the Black Tower.

“A human being can kill the apostle of destruction…”

The nine dragon clan leaders gathered in the Golden Tower administrator’s area were still in shock.

Fifteen days ago, when Sejun started fighting with Delia

[Dilia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction and the Demon of Corruption, invaded the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]


The manager’s crystal ball began to vibrate violently, sending out a blood-red alarm and asking,

“What is it?”

Artemis Yul, manager of the Golden Tower and head of the Yul family, checked the crystal ball.


“Tier Lambtor, please come to the Golden Tower! “The true body of Delia, the 8-seat Apostle of Destruction and the Demon of Corruption, has appeared on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower!”

According to his promise, he summoned Tear, the leader of the great purple dragons, and Ramtor, the leader of the great red dragons, on the left and right sides of the Golden Tower.

-I heard that the Apostle of Destruction appeared on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower?

After hearing this, Tier and Ramtor informed Kaiser and Kelion that the Apostle of Destruction had appeared in the Golden Tower

-What?! The Apostle of Destruction appeared on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower that Sejun went to?!

-Then we go too!

As the four leaders quickly flew to the golden tower, the heads of other dragon tribes also came to the golden tower out of curiosity, and all nine dragon tribe leaders gathered together even though it was not a meeting.

The leaders of the nine dragon clans gathered in the Golden Tower administrator’s area and watched the battle through crystal balls.

Originally, Artemis was prepared to destroy the creatures on the 35th floor of the tower and tried to invade with the two leaders, but

“Wait! Let’s watch a little longer! “Our Sejun is still fighting!”

“okay! Our Sejun knows, right? “The Tower Farmer of the Black Tower!”

After confirming that Sejun was fine, Kaiser and the other four dragons (Kelion Ramter Tier Brachio) strongly insisted on watching him further.

The moment the three leaders appear on the 35th floor of the tower.

Sejun’s life could not be guaranteed.

Seeing how well it held up in front of the Apostle of Destruction, it seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem if the leaders showed up, but

there’s something about that.

Kaiser, who had seen the sunfish Sejun faint dozens of times, never let down his guard.

In addition, it was Sejun who brought the body of Kuruger, the 7th Apostle of Destruction, who destroyed the mountain of the 7th Apostle of Destruction, and Alice, the 9th Apostle of Destruction, at the Green Tower not long ago, so it was trustworthy.

Brachio didn’t know.

What if Sejun kills Delia, the Apostle of Destruction, in front of the other leaders?

‘Hehehe. ‘No one can ignore our Sejun.’

There is one more side that wants to watch 5 to 4.

“I get it. But if Delia moves even a little, we will start fighting right away.”

I don’t know what the situation was, but seeing Delia not moving, Artemis decided to take a step back and observe the situation.

1 hour later.

“what? “Does it hold up well to human subjects?”

“Uh-huh! A human subject?! Why is our Sejun a human?!

“okay! Grave! “Our Sejun is weak, but he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that!”

Kaiser Kelion Ramter Tear and Brachio are enraged by the words of the brown dragon Grave.

1 day later.

[Black Tower Tower Farmer Park Se-Jun has achieved the great achievement of creation by spreading the energy of creation throughout the Golden Tower.]

[The balance of the Golden Tower has partially returned.]

Along with the message, the number of times lightning strikes the Golden Tower has decreased slightly.

“The energy of creation?”

“Was the blue fog the energy of creation?!”

The leaders learned that the blue mist emitted from the plants planted by Sejun was the energy of creation.

“Hahaha. “Artemis, please be thankful to Sejun.”

“okay. “What would we have done if it wasn’t for our Sejun?!”

“Hahaha. “Give Sejun some scales later!”

Thanks to this, the Sejun faction dragons became proud.

7 days later.

The size of the red fog emitted by Delia, completely engulfed in blue fog, gradually decreased.

As I started to see Seunggi leaning more and more towards Sejun, I said,

“Hmm. Shall we have a drink and watch? “You know the Samyang liquor that our Sejun made?”

“Is that so?”

“Hahaha. “Our Sejun is also good at making snacks.”

Kaiser and Kelion Ramter Tier brought out snacks made by Samyangju and Sejun and began recruiting Sejun’s faction.

After a few days of drinking, I thought,


Suddenly, as they saw Kuengi putting Delia’s body in the subspace warehouse, the leaders of the nine dragon tribes realized that the battle was over.

no. Can you call that a battle? You won by just planting plants?

They won like that…

The leaders were in such shock.

“Hahaha. Did you see it?! After all, it’s our Sejun! I feel it! “I’ll shoot the second shot!”

“what?! Our Sejun won, so why did you shoot Kaiser?! “I’ll shoot the second shot!”

“Our Sejun is a farmer at the Black Tower, so of course I have to shoot him!”


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“What?! Our Sejun is our grandson’s older brother! So it’s right for me to shoot!”

Kaiser and Kelion came to their senses first and started fighting each other over whether they would buy the second car.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

Sejun comes home, takes a nap, and wakes up.

“ruler. Shall we name it?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”

Kamangi opened the Sejun Naming Center to decide on a name for the newly brought black butterfly.


Hehehe. The time has finally come!

Yes. It finally came. That time…

why am I more nervous?

What’s wrong with everyone?


Kamangi and his subordinates are nervous about Sejun’s words.


, “But before that, I think we need to have a serious conversation. “What are you guys?”

Sejun opened his mouth heavily.


[Who are we?!]

No way?! Did the butler realize that we were apostles of destruction?! What do we do?

I felt a sense of tension that was incomparable to when I was waiting for my name.

If they were discovered to be the apostles of destruction, their happy life would naturally disappear, and they might

be immediately captured by the dragons and sealed in the depths, or kicked out from the 99th floor of the tower and have to live a life of starvation.

There is something

to worry about when Kkamangi and his subordinates find out their true identity .

Sejun was convinced as he watched Kamangi and his subordinates lowering their heads and avoiding his gaze.

When I thought about it, it was strange.

The voice of Kamangi that he heard in the past when he lost consciousness due to the dragons’ praise.

When you wake up, pieces of Fenrir’s core are absorbed.

Suddenly, Eomdori looks similar to Kuruger, who was brought in by Kamangi.

Blackman, who fainted when fighting the main body of Alice, the Apostle of Destruction, and Kkomi, who resembled Alice, appeared after the battle.

And after Black Man and his subordinates fell asleep around Nelly, who had been refusing to answer, Nelly became frightened and began to answer.

This time, a black butterfly newly appeared next to Black Man and his subordinates who were sleeping next to Delia, who had lost her soul.

Although the appearance was different, it had the feel of Delia.

It all came down to one thing.

Hehehe. Sherlock Sejun’s eyes can’t deceive him.

Sejun is immersed in his own reasoning.

“You know how to exorcise, right? And you are the apostles of destruction exorcised by Kamangi.”

He opened his mouth, confidently pointing his finger at Kamangi and his subordinates, as if pointing out the culprit.

Sejun is only halfway correct. no. Sejun only got 75% correct.





Kamangi was taken aback by Sejun’s words and his subordinates froze.


[That’s right! In fact, the great Black Mangi is a wolf who knows how to exorcise!]

Black Man, who was anxious that his identity would be discovered, hurriedly answered, affirming Sejun’s misunderstanding.

“oh. So it’s an exorcism?

Whip! Whip? Whip! Whip!

[that’s right! Should I also call it Toumarang? Anyway, Deacon, the apostles exorcised by the great Kamangi don’t have to worry! The great Kamangi guarantees it!]

The subordinates who suddenly became the ones who were exorcised by Kamangi.

“okay. Still, you shouldn’t say that he’s an apostle of destruction somewhere else. Because the dragons hate the Apostles of Destruction.”



Nod. Nod.

Kamangi and his subordinates nodded vigorously at Sejun’s words.

Phew. You can keep eating delicious food.

The four of them were relieved by Sejun’s words.

“ah. And I decided to name him Kabbi. “Black butterfly is short for kabi.”





Three people laughed and one cried at Sejun’s words.

Sejun, a great man who made Kabi, who until yesterday was an apostle of destruction, cry with just one name.

“Guys, gather around. “Because I have to go pick up the predators.”

“I’m ready!”

Theo, who was still hanging on Sejun’s lap, answered,

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. You can recharge the thunderbolt again!]

Kuengi also hurried over with the thunderbolt.

Iona, who had been behind in work due to being away for 15 days, returned to the magic tower as soon as she returned yesterday, and

Piyoti and Yuren were receiving special training from the Demon King.

Let Sejun go to the waypoint



The two were seen training hard, holding on to the two arms of the Uma King one by one.

Now that I’ve gotten a little stronger, I can hold on to the Demon Lord’s two fingers, right?


pretended to think about his increased stats this time.

I placed my hand on the red crystal.


[Go to the 99th floor of the Golden Tower.]

It soon disappeared.


99th floor of the Golden Tower.

“So, it seems like the outsider who showed up yesterday knocked you out and registered a waypoint?”

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

To Cecilia’s question, John, the elf great warrior who guarded the waypoint as the boss of the 99th floor of the tower, answered in an innocent voice.

“Being an outsider… that’s a big deal.”

Cecilia made a serious expression.

The manager of the Golden Tower, the great golden dragon Artemis Yul, extremely disliked outsiders coming to the 99th floor of the Tower.

So, none of the residents of the Golden Tower came up to the 99th floor of the tower, except for a few who received permission from Artemis.

Because you might incur Artemis’ wrath.

But you come here, defeat Johan, the boss on the 99th floor of the tower, and then disappear?

If Artemis found out about this, it would be quite a big deal.

To outsiders and to themselves.

Outsiders who broke into the 99th floor of the tower would naturally receive Artemis’ wrath, but

they themselves, who failed to properly manage the 99th floor of the tower, could not be free from that wrath.

‘I should take responsibility.’

Fortunately, Artemis is still quiet.

‘Luckily, I don’t think Artemis noticed. As long as the outsider doesn’t appear again…’

Please don’t show up again.

When Cecilia prayed earnestly

[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Golden Tower.]



Sejun suddenly appears.

“Catch it!”


Cecilia hurriedly gave instructions to the elves who came with her, but

they stumbled.

“Nyan! “You can’t touch Chairman Park!”


[Kueng won’t stay still if Dad touches him!]

The situation was easily resolved with the appearance of Theo and Kueng.


“Fuhuhu.” “You’re a slave!”

After all, since you go around with the great Chairman Park, you end up with a lot of slaves!

Hold. Hold.

Theo praises Sejun and excitedly stamps the slave seals of the Five Towers on the foreheads of the subdued elves.

Thanks to this, the cute shape of Theo’s soles was engraved on the foreheads of the beautiful elves.


“Nyan!” “The money keeps coming!”

Hold. Hold.

When Theo stamped Cecilia about 10 times, which kept giving her money,

[Watchman Theo Park took Golden Tower Farmer Cecilia as a slave.]

[Watchman Theo Park kept Golden Tower Farmer Cecilia as a slave so that he could keep Golden Tower Farmer Cecilia. ]

[Depending on the job characteristics, 0.5% of the stats from Golden Tower Farmer Cecilia are borrowed.]

[Strength increases by 15, stamina 10, agility 55, and magic power 45.]

A message that appears in front of Sejun.

Were you a top farmer?

Now that I think about it, I remembered hearing Cecilia’s name from the raccoon tribe I met at a harvest festival in the past.

You said you grow rice and wheat, right?

“Cecilia, guide me to your village.”

Hehehe. I should ask for some wheat seeds.

Sejun is excited to grow wheat and use the flour to his heart’s content.


Cecilia obediently guided Sejun.

After a while.

“Great golden dragon! “Please save us!”

The elves suddenly bow down in front of the golden dragon statue.


Could it be that you tricked me?!

When Sejun is embarrassed when he sees the golden dragon statue in front of him and tries to run away with the Return of the Dragon Bracelet

– Welcome! Park Sejun, the tower farmer of the Black Tower!

Artemis welcomed Sejun.



It was ruined…

The elves lying down began to tremble.

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