Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 454

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Episode 454 Podori wins.

Episode 454 Podori wins.

Seed Store Headquarters.

“Sisters and brothers, look at this! This is the transcendental seed that I will sell to Park Se-jun this time!”

Po, the jelly god with a pink ponytail, showed off the secret seeds he had prepared.

A small, cute, and insignificant transcendental seed that resembles its owner in a white color that is slightly transparent like jelly and slightly flutters.

However, the non-combat gods did not hear Po’s words.

“Heh. “It won’t work against the green seed of this body!”

“How can you not even shine on your own! “My sliced green seeds are the best!”

“What! “I have my star green seeds!”

The God of Moonlight, the God of Starlight, and the God of Sunlight were watching each other fight, claiming that the transcendental seed they had prepared was superior.

Super-level seeds are the most expensive seeds available to non-combat gods belonging to the seed store headquarters and are difficult to grow, but

if you grow them well, you can harvest fruits with incredible abilities, so the non-combat gods’ pride in super-level seeds was great.

Of course, it also played a part in the fact that when the fruit was harvested, the god who sold the seed received enormous divine power as a reward.

At that time,

“Ho ho ho. I apologize in advance. “What Park Se-jun will buy this time will be my dragon and seed.”

A black-haired beauty who participates in the seed battle with a confident voice while stroking her own head.

It was Myrna, the dragon god who was always ignored by the dragons.

From the dragons’ perspective, they did not worship Myrna as a god because they were already gods.

These disgusting dragons! Sell these dragon fruit seeds and get a temple from Park Se-jun!

Thanks to this, he was a god, but there was no temple.

“Except for the three executives at the seed store headquarters, Myrna’s dragon fruit is the best.”

“Probably not. Even if it sticks to the seeds of other executives, there is no problem with the dragon fruit seeds.”

“That’s right.”

“no! “My seeds are the best!”

Po shouted out that his seed was the best, but his short stature and low voice were drowned out by the cries of other gods.


“It appeared!”

A sphere-shaped seed altar appears in the center of the seed store headquarters.

You put seeds there and a lottery determines which seeds will be sold at the seed store.

So, all the non-combat gods put their secret transcendental seeds into the altar one by one, and


A fast-moving altar. Now, when the seed shop opens, the lottery begins.

“Believe me!!”

“Believe me!!” The battle store headquarters

when the non-combat gods are looking at the rotating altar and praying with one mind and one mind that their transcendent level seeds will be picked and sold to Sejun


“Park Se-jun, I want you to show me your bravery. You can do it! Just do it one more time and the Heart of Valor will be yours. “The only better option is to die?”

Bev, the god of bravery, was persuading Sejun with words that would not be persuasive at all.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun blocked the conversation for 3 days.]

Of course, the result was blocking.

“no. “If you do it well, why don’t you do it?”

Bev speaks as if she can’t understand.

At that time

, “Believe me!!”

“Believe me!!”

The cries of non-combat gods could be heard beyond the wall.

Normally I would have just passed it over, but

I was like, “What?!” “It’s not quiet!!!”

I’m pissed because I got blocked by Park Se-jun!

Bev took out her anger at being blocked by Sejun on the non-combat gods.


“Believe, believe…”

“Believe, believe…”

The voices of the non-combat gods became quiet.

Why are you doing this so unbelievably?

“Sejun, let’s do it one more time.”

Bev was curious about what he was talking about and kept talking to Sejun, wondering if he would unblock him.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun blocks Bev, who has been bothering him since morning.

[You are a field Lv. 5 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 9th place, the Devourer of Destruction seed was planted in the body of Alice, the deceptive spider.]




I ate breakfast as usual and planted the Devourer of Doom seeds.


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After about an hour,

[You are a field Lv. The level increases as the proficiency level of 5 is filled.]

The proficiency level for the You Are a Field skill, which rose to level 5 two days ago, is once again filled, and the level increases.

“Hehehe. “The level keeps rising.”

Let’s see if something has changed.

Sejun checked the skill.

[You are a field Lv. 6]

-You can plant crops on living enemies. (However, you cannot plant on enemies whose skin cannot be pierced.) -When you

use Sow on an enemy, the planted seeds will take root in the enemy’s body and absorb life force, growing rapidly. .(Some seeds have special effects.)

– Additional damage can be inflicted by harvesting crops grown on the enemy’s body. (Stat harvesting, which can randomly harvest the target’s stats, is triggered with a low probability. .)

– When planting crops, adhesive strength is created on the feet, making it difficult for the feet to separate from the enemy’s body.

The probability of stat harvest activation changed from ‘slim’ to ‘low’ and

“Adhesion? “Your feet won’t leave the enemy’s body?”

An effect has been added to prevent feet from falling off the enemy’s body.

Sejun tried to move his feet and

he cried out loud.

Sticky sound from feet.

Thanks to this, Sejun was able to plant crops without difficulty even in locations where it was difficult to plant crops.

“oh! Good?!”

Sejun can now plant crops even while standing upside down.

It may be an insignificant ability to others, but to Sejun, it was a very good ability.

“Guys, look at this! “Now I can hang upside down like Bat Bat!”


[hey! Get off me!]



Of course, the black dog in the sling bag had no adhesive, so it fell to the floor, but


Sejun took it well.

[You are a field Lv. 6 is activated.]




Sejun stood upside down and planted a crop on Alice’s stomach.




The destruction predators that were born upside down were unable to move their roots for fear of falling to the ground and

said, “Okay. Relax your roots. Because if you apply too much, you’ll get hurt. ruler. Goes! one! two! three!”


Sejun carefully picked out the Doom Predator and placed it on the ground.

“Whew. “It’s also work to choose.”

When Sejun dropped off nearly 10,000 Devourers of Destruction,

[the seed shop opens.]

The 12th seed shop was opened.

“Hehehe. “It’s finally opened.”

Sejun looked at the store window with eyes full of anticipation.

[Park Se-jun’s grade is Transcendence.]

[7 types of seeds containing Transcendence grade to be sold today are shown at random.]

[At the current grade, you can purchase as many seeds as you want within 500 Top Coins.]

[Dragon Seeds (Seconds) monthly salary) – 300 top coins + 500 pieces of world energy]

[Swallow Jelly Seeds (super level) – 100 top coins + 100 pieces of world energy]

[10 sugarcane seeds – 55 top coins]

[10 pine tree seeds – 45 Top Coin]




“oh. They said that from now on, you can buy transcendental seeds…”

Sejun looked at the two transcendental seeds at the top.

Dragon fruit seeds?

Is this the dragon fruit you ate on Earth?

Jelly seeds that can be swallowed whole?

How much jelly can you swallow? Jelly is jelly.

“But the transcendental seed also needs the energy of the world?”

If it’s the energy of the world

Sejun took out about 1,000 coins that Theo had brought with him after defeating the Apostle of Destruction fragments.

“Is this enough?”

First of all, I was curious about the transcendent level, so I bought them all.

Sejun then looked at the rest of the seeds, but the only ones that really caught his attention were the sugar cane and the pine tree above.

“I’ll buy four like this.”

When Sejun purchases the seeds,

[Pay a total of 500 Top Coins and 600 pieces of World Energy to purchase the Jelly Sugarcane Pine Tree Seeds that Swallows the Dragon and All.]

[A total of 500 Top Coins will be deducted from Sejun Park’s account at the Seed Bank.]

[5000 Seed Store mileage points have been accumulated.]

[5101 Seed Store mileage points have been accumulated.] [

600 pieces of World Energy have been paid.]

[600 Seed Store coupons have been awarded.]

[Currently, products that can be exchanged are There is only 1.]

[600 Seed Shop Coupons are automatically exchanged for 6 Seed Shop Random Period Shortening Coupons.] [

Thank you for using the Seed Shop.]

[After 30 days, Seed Shop Lv. again. You can use 4.]

Along with the message, four leather pouches and six coupons appeared in Sejun’s hands.

“First, plant the seeds…”

When Sejun turned the bag full of dragon fruit seeds upside down and shook it out, he


A seed the size of a golf ball fell onto Sejun’s palm.

“and. “It’s really big.”

[Dragon Fruit Seed]


You will need to harvest to see your options.

“You have to harvest to know the options?”

Why is this so unkind?


Sejun grumbled and immediately planted the dragon fruit seeds.

[You are a field Lv. 6 is activated.]




Sejun is the type of person who does everything without complaining.

So I planted the seed,


the seed was quiet. Perhaps because it was a transcendent level, the reaction was different from other seeds.

Sejun then immediately picked up the leather bag containing the jelly seeds and

took it out.

I shook it off, but


Seeds that don’t come out.


Only after Sejun put his hand in his pocket and moved his hand around was he able to pull out a white, jelly-like seed the size of millet.

[Swallowing all the jelly seeds]


You will need to harvest to see your options.

“This is also a question mark.”

All transcendental seeds seemed to be like this.


After planting the swallowable jelly seeds, Sejun planted sugarcane and pine tree seeds.


Unlike super-level seeds, sugarcane and pine trees grow quickly as soon as they are planted.


is automatically used when you tear off the

[Seed Shop Random Period Shortening Ticket] while the crops are growing.

You can randomly shorten the next seed shop opening day (1 to 10 days).

Price: 100 Seed Store Coupons

Issued by: Seed Store Headquarters

Usage Restrictions: Seed Store Membership

Level: Transcendence

I checked the paper received from the Seed Store.

You can randomly shorten the seed store opening period by 1 to 10 days?!

“uh?! So, if I’m lucky, I can open another seed store right away?”


After reading the explanation, Sejun immediately tore up the seed store random period shortening ticket.


[A seed store random period shortening ticket was used.]

[The next seed store opening day is shortened by one day.]

[The next seed store opens in 29 days.]

A message appears.

“oh! “It’s decreasing like this.”

Then let’s shorten it to 10 days!


[The next seed store opening date will be shortened by one day.]


[The next seed store opening date is shortened by one day.]

“Eye! It’s too early to give up! There are still 3 chapters left! “You can do it if you come out for 10 days three times in a row!”

Everyone has a plan. Until I got robbed.





[The next seed shop opens in 24 days.]

Ah. It’s torn. My heart.

In the end, Sejun tore up all 6 seed store random period reduction tickets and shortened the period by 6 days.

“what? “My luck at drawing was good last time, but I also drew shoes…”

Was it because of Theo Buff at that time?

“Next time, I’ll try putting Theo on my lap.”

Greed was always close and reason was far.

Sejun was taught that he should use Theo’s buff when he needed luck.

Waiting for the immature pine tree to grow


[Sugar cane has been harvested.]

[You are a field Lv. 6 activates and deals additional damage.]




Sugarcane was harvested.

And then


When I got hungry in the middle of the day, I broke the harvested sugar cane, put a piece in my mouth, and chewed it.

“Hehehe. It’s there. Sweet.”

Sweet water fills your mouth after you chew it a few times.

“But I guess Kueng should be the one to squeeze the sugarcane juice?”

Because I will cut it very sharply.

However, it is too much to do alone…

Once planted, it grows in almost a minute, so even though it had not been an hour since the work was done, the harvested sugar cane was piled up to a height of about 10 meters.

Considering the amount of sugarcane that would be planted with the seeds collected in the future, it was too much to ask for.

“Then the pink fur…”

When Sejun tried to put the pink fur into the work of squeezing sugarcane juice,

[Found it! Why did you do that to me?!]

“Tell me what I said…”

Podri was seen shaking the King of Farmers’ neck, strangling it with its roots.

“Hehehe. I found it too.”

As expected, it is dark under the lamp.

“Grape Dori wins.”

Sejun chose Podori for the role of squeezing sugarcane juice.

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