Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 455

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Episode 455 I believed it, Park Se-jun!!!

Episode 455 I believed it, Park Se-jun!!!

I recently found a memory.

My original name, called the King of Farming, was Saint Ludwig Schruen Argon Walter XVIII.

He was the great saint of Ogan, a world now destroyed.

‘That was me…’

[Why did you get rid of my seed?]

‘Why am I being treated like this here?’

The king of farming was caught by the roots of a grape tree and fell into deep thought.

Of course, he admits his mistakes to some extent. But…

“It’s unfair! First, please listen to my story! “This is all drunk with wine…”

The farming king began to tell his unfair story.

Long before he became a great saint, King Nongsa was in charge of managing the wine warehouse when he was an ordinary priest.

However, the former wine warehouse manager, a senior at the monastery, said that the handover would be done tomorrow, but he ran away at night and said,

“What?! “They’re all empty!”

I found out later that most of the wine barrels in the warehouse were empty.

The senior priests who managed the wine warehouse for almost 10 years had been consuming little by little, and before we knew it, we were running out of wine.

He received the bomb when there was barely 1 mm left in the bomb wick.

“ah. ruined.”

When you spend your days in such despair,

“Huh?! “You’re checking inventory in a month?!”

To make matters worse, an official letter arrived from the central shrine announcing a large-scale inventory survey.

I’m really screwed!

If it is discovered that the quantity of wine is significantly different from the record, you will probably be taken to the Inquisition and subjected to terrible torture…

“Why are you putting me through this ordeal… God? Please help!”

So, he prayed to Leah, the god of abundance, in the wine cellar, but because Leah was so popular at the time, he could not afford to listen to the prayers of laymen.

“Eight! “Dirty world!”

When the farming king prayed hard for a day to no avail, he said,

“I’m going to die after eating what little I have left anyway!”

In a fit of anger, the farming king ate all the wine left in the warehouse.



When I came to my senses, I found myself lying on the ground and saw vines full of grapes that I had never seen before.

He developed a sacred magic that creates seedless grapes while drinking alcohol.

From then on, the future of the farming king was bright.

This is because we were able to produce as many grapes as the ingredient for holy water.

“That’s how I became a high priest.”

[So you’re saying that they mass-produced seedless grapes and ate well and lived well?]

This grape massacre! I will avenge the grapes that were never born because of you!


This isn’t it. He clearly explained his inevitable situation… but

the farming king was taken aback by Podori’s reaction.


“Wrong! “Please save me!”

I quickly realized what I had to do and started begging.


Podori also had no intention of killing Sejun’s subordinate, so she decided to vent her anger.

If he escalated things too much, he might even be found out for blocking Leah Road.

When the situation is over,

“Podori, feel better.” “You now have seeds, and there is no longer a king of farming.”

[oh! That’s right!]

Sejun came over and relieved Podori’s angry mood.


Thanks to this, the farming king suffered a mysterious loss. Something felt unfair.

Even if Sejun is there, I can’t…

The words I wanted to say came from my heart, not my head.


no! You have to be patient!

If he touched Sejun, he would suffer something incomparably worse than now, so the farming king held back what he wanted to say.

At that time,

“Farming King, do you have something to say?”

Sejun asked the farming king, who seemed to have something to say to him.



When the King of Farming was about to burst out the words he had barely been suppressing, he said,

“It’s been a long time.” [Park Se-jun, the tower farmer of the Black Tower.]

Fortunately, the King of Farming’s eyes turned golden and Leah descended.



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[Yes. [I have come a long way to deliver the miracle you have been waiting for.]

Although it is the farming king who has traveled a long way, Leah is the one showing off her pride.

[ruler. Receive my blessings.]


With Leah’s words, a brown tattered pouch appeared on Sejun’s hand.

[Pocket of Abundance]

Is this amazing?

When Sejun looks at Leah with suspicious eyes,

[Cr. Because appearances aren’t everything! Hurry and check it out!]

Leah speaks loudly, slightly avoiding Sejun’s eyes, as if she is being stabbed.


Yes, appearances aren’t everything.

Sejun also acknowledged Leah’s words and checked the options in the tattered bag.

[Pocket of Abundance]

This is a sacred instrument containing the power of Leah, the god of abundance, who was in charge of abundance in ancient times.

It was not made all at once, but was made several times each time divine power was created, so it became tattered.

In the process of connecting dozens of rags, the Shingi’s abilities changed inconsistently.

If you add one grain or fruit and wait a day, the number will randomly increase from 1 to 10.

Restrictions on use: Park Se-jun, a tower farmer of the Black Tower who was approved by Leah, the god of abundance

Creator: Leah, the god of abundance


“This is also random…”

In addition, it was said that the number may not increase from one to one.

Today, things with random effects kept appearing, as if I was trying my luck.


“Hehehe. “I already know the strategy.”

Sejun learned a lesson by throwing away 6 seed store random period shortening tickets a while ago.

‘It only opens when Theo is on your lap!’

Or should we just tell Theo to wear pockets?

‘Then there will be people who look down on Theo, who carries a rag bag…’

Then you become a slave. Hehehe.

When Sejun imagines Theo wearing a rag bag and luring slaves, he thinks,

‘Huh?! what? Park Se-jun is smiling.’

To be honest, Leah was under a lot of pressure because her magical abilities were lacking.

Ahem! As expected, the wonders of this body cannot disappoint Park Se-jun!

Seeing Sejun smiling at his amazing skills, his expression began to show pride.

Of course, the skeleton farming king couldn’t make facial expressions, so Sejun couldn’t see Leah’s smug expression.

“Thank you Leah. “I will use it well.”

[Chuck. Since you read the explanation, you know it well, but it has a tattered appearance due to lack of energy.]

“Yes. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

[Okay. More than that, if you want to change the appearance of the Pocket of Abundance…]

Leah was trying to tell her to set up an achievement monument for herself as well.


“Oh. The exterior is okay. “I like this better.”

Sejun refused, and


Leah was momentarily speechless, losing the justification for asking for an achievement monument.


[Well… then I’ll go back.]

Hmm. It’s ruined.

Advent time came to an end and I returned without any results.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“Ahh! Leah, you idiot! What if I get speechless there? It’s ruined! “It’s ruined!”

Leah, who did not receive the achievement fee from Sejun, cried out, swinging her pillow in the air in a voice full of despair as if the sky was falling.

“My achievements…”

I bragged to Her and Luna that I would also receive an achievement fee, but what should I do?

“If I go out for about three days, the kids will notice, right?”

When Leah decides to go into seclusion for three days

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun has rebuilt the temple for you in a larger and higher location in a new location.]

[Sacred power increases by 200.]

[The location of the temple is similar to that of the Creator God. Since it is next to the monument, the amount of divine power gained under the protection of the Creator God is doubled.]

[The third Apostle of Creation, Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple.] [Divine power increases by 5.] [The third Apostle of Creation, Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple

.] [The Holy Power

of the Third Creation increases by 5.] Eomdori, the first subordinate of Apostle Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple.]

[Divine power increases by 1.]

[Komi, the second subordinate of the third Apostle of Creation, Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple.]

[Divine power This increases by 1.]




The message that appears.

“Huh! “I believed it, Park Se-jun!!!”

After all, believing is always right!


Leah hurried to visit Her and Luna to boast about her achievements.


[Leah Achievement Monument]

– Leah, the god of abundance who will enrich our pockets with the elixir of harvest. She was a good god.

– Recognized as 1st place in level 100 job quest.

– Descend to the King of Farming and directly deliver the sacred bag of abundance.

“good. “I’m sure Leah will be satisfied with this, right?”

Sejun spoke after completing the 10-meter-high achievement monument in the center of the newly created 10-pyeong Leah Road near the monument to the Creator God.

Since I received a good gift that could increase both seeds and slaves at the same time, the reward was natural.

Sejun created Leah’s achievement monument like that.

“Farming King, but you said your memories came back? What is your name?

I asked the name of the king of farming.

“Saint Ludwig Schruen Argon Walter XVIII.”

“···I’ll just call him the King of Farming.”


“Farming King worked hard to get here, so take a break for now.”

“yes. thank you.”

Sejun let the farming king rest and

said, “Try squeezing these grapes.”

He handed out the sugarcane to Podori.



It’s annoying…

Of course Podori didn’t want to do it, but

if I hear that you refused to do what Sejun ordered, I’ll die if it gets into your ears, right?


When I imagined the angry fireworks creating flames and shouting, ‘I’ll burn it down!’, I trembled and quickly accepted the sugar cane.


pudduk. When he


the sugarcane with all his might using the roots,

the sugarcane was squeezed and the sugarcane juice flowed down with a cool sound into the glass bottle that Sejun had prepared on the floor.

‘uh. ‘Something feels refreshing?’

At the same time, Poori was squeezing the sugar cane and felt some of the anger built up in his chest melt away.

[Sejun, do you have any more of this?]

“There are a lot of them.”

Podo-ri volunteered to be in charge of sugarcane extraction.

“good. “Now let’s plant sugarcane in earnest.”

Sejun began harvesting sugarcane in earnest.


Green Tower 1st floor.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Slaves, tell me about your achievements so far!”

Theo called Turbo and Shark, the slaves of the Green Tower, and received a report on the results of the business.

“Vice President Te, I have obtained five land documents!”

At Theo’s words, Turbo quickly took out five land documents.

3 green tower land documents and 1 black tower and white tower land documents.

I can’t lose my target item, the Land Document Detector of the Seven Towers.

Theo was a devil-like target person who could steal items belonging to other target persons.

Let’s do our best before it gets taken away.

So Turbo worked really hard at doing what Theo told him to do.


“I led the slave army to search the tower and retrieve the green life orb that Vice President Te mentioned!”

Shark, being a good example to Turbo, took out a green marble.

what?! Green Life Orb?!

Turbo was shocked when he saw the marble.

Brachio took this orb without any hesitation, but it was not easy to obtain the green life orb from the tower.

There were always strong monsters around the beads with strong vitality, and

the strength of the monster that fought to the death with such strong monsters and became the owner of the beads was enormous.

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “Bring it again next time!”



Theo received the report from his subordinates.

“Ophelia, it’s time for special training!”

“huh. Okay, just eat this.”

I started special training with Ophelia, who was eating grilled sausage skewers next to me.

A few hours later.

“Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Theo, who had absorbed a lot of energy from special training with Ophelia, announced his return in a powerful voice.


sweet and sweet.

Finally, the golden cart that delivered all 10 million magical cherry tomatoes written on the order form quietly returned.

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