Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 453

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Episode 453 We apologize to Theo!

Episode 453 We apologize to Theo!

Green Tower 1st floor.

Yom yum yum.

Ophelia enjoyed the grilled sausage skewers brought by Theo.

“what?! “Do you want help with Vice President Te’s special training?”

I was a little taken aback by Theo’s sudden request.

“That’s right! “I, Vice President Te, need special training!”

We can’t protect Chairman Park like this!

Theo was very embarrassed when he met Eileen.

Meow! There is too much energy to absorb!

Eileen became stronger so quickly that the amount of energy she had to absorb in order to avoid harming Sejun became too much.

So, he managed to absorb Eileen’s power by burning money, but he could not absorb even half of the power Eileen exudes.



That too was rendered useless by Eileen’s single step.

When Sejun flies away,

‘I fainted leaving Chairman Park behind!’

Theo also lost consciousness for a moment.

I’m still not good enough!

That’s why I decided to get special training.

“How can I help you?”

“Ophelia just needs to radiate strong energy!”

“That’s easy. Instead, give me more sausage skewers.”

“I understand!”

Theo decided to receive special training from Ophelia in exchange for grilled sausage skewers.

I went back to the Black Tower, picked up some grilled sausage skewers, and went to see Ophelia again.

“First of all, it’s dangerous here, so let’s go to the 99th floor of the tower.”

“I understand!”

So the two moved to the 99th floor of the green tower.

“Then let’s begin. “I’ll keep it light since it’s my first time.”


Ophelia slightly loosened the faucet that had been tightly closed to drown out the energy shaking in her body.



A huge energy immediately leaps out of Ofelia’s body and takes over the surroundings.

It’s amazing!

Theo was taken aback by Ophelia’s energy, which was stronger than he expected.

Sejun, who almost died hundreds of times, may not admit it, but Sejun was, in his own way, a flower in a greenhouse.

The monsters and dragons on the 99th floor of the tower were always careful for Sejun, who could die even if he took a deep breath.

So Theo, who was by Sejun’s side, never experienced energy so strong that he couldn’t handle it. Because Sejun passed out before that.

“Suck it in!”

In this way, Theo began to use energy absorption to absorb the energy emitted by Ophelia.

After a while.

“Then I’ll upload it.”


As Theo got used to the current energy, Ophelia relaxed a little more.

The special training continued until evening.

“Let’s stop here for today.”

“I understand…”

I want to see Chairman Park quickly!

Theo, exhausted from the special training, answered weakly and hurriedly returned to the 99th floor of the Black Tower where Sejun was.

“Chairman Park… I’m back…”

I went to Chairman Park’s lap…

I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even get to the lap of Sejun, who I liked, and passed out.


“Vice President Te!”

Sejun hurriedly ran to Theo.

There were no injuries and no fever…

I hurriedly examined Theo’s body, but there was no sign of any major abnormality.


So, I picked up Theo and ran towards the fountain where Kaiser was.


– hmm. Is there anything wrong? Just sleeping.

-More than that, did Theo eat something good by himself?

-So why is there so much energy in my stomach?

-There is an answer. I got sick from eating good food alone.

Theo gets sick from eating good food alone.


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It was a misunderstanding that arose from continuing to absorb Ophelia’s energy.

-It’s the same as Sejun.

“yes?! Me?! “I’m not like that.”

-Theo is even similar to this.

Sejun denied it, but the dragons didn’t listen.

-Sejun, please behave well in front of Theo from now on.

-okay. If I keep picking Theo, I will collapse.

no. What kind of nonsense?! We apologize to Theo! And this is not an area that can be achieved through will!

“Samyangju sold out.”

It’s Theo’s revenge!


“Samyangju is sold out for the next 3 days!”


Sejun quickly went down the fountain carrying Theo and shouted to the dragons.

‘Anyway, I have enough Samyang liquor to last for two days, so you won’t be angry, right?’

Sejun took petty revenge on the dragons.

“But I still have to eat dinner.”

I sat down on the bed, laid Theo on my lap, and brought the chur to his mouth.


choch chok chok.

Theo’s tongue moves instinctively.

“Hehehe. “You’re eating well.”

When Sejun looks at Theo happily,


[hey! The great Black Mangi needs to be given something to eat too!]

Black Mangi, who had been dozing off in Sejun’s sling bag, woke up and barked.

“You ate it earlier.”

Whining… whining…

[Still… Still…]

The little black man can’t say whether he knows that he has no reason to eat more, but just repeats ‘still’.

“okay. Instead, it’s only half.”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Okay!]

Sejun cut the dried roasted sweet potato in half and gave it to Kamangi.



[Hehe. Guys, have you seen the great Kkamangi’s skills?! I’ll give you one bite at a time!]

Ranking on the 99th floor of the Black Tower is based on the ability to obtain food.

“Great Blackman, you are amazing!”


The subordinates praised the black bird for finding food.




Before we knew it, the three of them had eaten a midnight snack and were asleep.


“It’s really good.”

Sejun finished feeding Theo the whole meal and patted Theo’s plump stomach.

“Did Vice President Te really eat good food alone?”

Sejun suspected Theo for a moment,

but no. There is no way our vice president would do that.

I quickly shook my head. There was trust built up over time. If there was something good, Theo was the one to bring it to himself first.

Pat pat pat.


growled while patting Theo’s stomach.

I fell asleep while sitting down.


“Nyan? “Where am I?”

Theo quickly looks around.

Nearby, Theo could see the huge mountain of grilled fish and Chuur Pond, which Theo had always dreamed of.

So this is Vice President Na Te’s mental world?

When Theo realized where this was,

thud. thud.

The super-giant Sejun appears in front of Theo.

“Nice to meet you, the great President Park!”

Theo suddenly clung to the lap of the super-giant Sejun.


“Super Giant Chairman Park is actually worried these days!”

He started talking about his concerns. Because if you tell the great Sejun, everything will be resolved.

“The energy is so strong that it absorbs everything…”

Theo, a fanatic, talked about his worries to himself as if he were praying.


That’s it!

As soon as the boat warmed up, the fanatic’s prayers were answered.

There is no need to absorb all the energy! All you have to do is stop the energy directed at Chairman Park!

[Talent: Energy shedding has blossomed.]

Gained enlightenment.

[Talent: He absorbs energy and evolves into an energy sucker.]

At the same time, the framework of thinking that he had to absorb all the energy directed at Sejun was broken, and his original talent also evolved.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is great…”

Theo, who was praising Sejun, lost consciousness and headed to dreamland.


Emilla’s flower bed.

Oh my.

Oh my.

The newly planted destruction predators absorb the energy of destruction spread near the flower bed and emit the energy of creation


A blue mist seeped into Emila’s body as she tended to the crops.

At that time,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun tamed the Apostle of Destruction.]

[Three Apostles of Destruction converted to the Creation camp.]

[There are nine Apostles of Destruction remaining.]

A message that appears in front of Emilla.

“Three already?!”

I thought this was truly impossible…

but Emilla Evenus, the first apostle of the Creator God, was amazed when she saw the message.

‘Taming the Apostles of Destruction’ was a task the Creator God thought was absolutely impossible to solve.

They were the guardians of the world in the past, but they have been corrupted by the power of destruction and have fallen into the apostles of destruction that destroy the world.

So, although she understood the Creator God’s intention in giving this task, the mind is the mind, and Emilla secretly thought it was impossible.

The divine beasts who turned into apostles of destruction were monsters who had lost their past memories and only their destructive instincts remained.

But this time too, it was Park Se-jun, the top farmer of the Black Tower, who solved the impossible task.

Sejun is already carrying out the eight tasks given by the Creator God alone. Adding one more to that, I carried nine tasks.

“How did Park Se-jun tame the apostle of destruction?”

That’s three too. Sejun

must have never even been able to talk…

Sejun has enough power to disappear just by standing in front of the Apostle of Destruction.

“It’s obviously extremely weak…”

This was something that Emilla always couldn’t understand.

“Once the strength has been restored thanks to the energy of creation, we need to provide more support.”

Believe! Park Sejun!

Emila, who unknowingly joined the huge wave of faith, gave Sejun a new quest that would help him grow.


“huh? “Am I supposed to sleep like this?”


Sejun, who was sleeping while sitting, looked at Theo, who was snoring on his lap cross-legged and sleeping comfortably in the world, and said.

“It seems to be okay.”

I stroked Theo’s forehead, who had slept without snoring yesterday, but was snoring vigorously today.


Theo rubbed his forehead in his sleep, probably because he felt Sejun’s hand.


Sejun placed his hand on Theo’s forehead and played with it.


[the seal of the Earth Jewel has been broken.]



[Grass, the god of the grasslands, gives you the job skill – Lawn Laying Lv. I repay the favor by teaching 1.]

“Huh? Job skills?”

While reading the backlog of messages, I quickly checked my skills.

[Job Skill – Lawn Laying Lv. 1]

-Pow grass of uniform height on 10 pyeong of land at once.


Sejun had high expectations because of his job skills.

“Grass, 1 pyeong.”

I wanted to give it a 0.1 rating, but I held back because it was a job skill.

At that time,

[Quest occurs.]

[Quest: Plant 1 million Calamity Sentinel Devourer Seeds.]

Reward: 5 drops of growth elixir for every million Devourer seeds planted. Now

[Quest occurs.]

[ Quest: Achieve the population of Calamity Sentinel and Destruction Predators at 100 million.]


Two quests appeared in front of the new breed Sejun.


I’m just saying that you should plant predators hard.

Since I had originally planned to do it that way, nothing would change just because the quest was created.

“But it certainly seems important to increase the number of predators.”

Then it’s strengthening!

Instead, for greater performance, it was decided to use the elixir of strengthening on the Devourer of Destruction Seeds.


An elixir of strengthening that is instantly absorbed when it falls on the seed.


When Sejun picks up the strengthened seed and tries to check the options,

[Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourer is strengthened by the Elixir of Strengthening.]

[Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourer’s body becomes tough and strong.]

[Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourer preys on the destruction. The amount of energy increases.]

Messages pouring in.

We only strengthened the seeds, but the entire Devourer of Destruction was strengthened.


Sejun looks puzzled.


“good is good.”

I soon stopped paying attention.


low, low, low.

[The scorching cherry is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and gives strength.]

[Stamina stat potential increases from 4087 to 4088.] After

walking around the farm, I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.


74th floor of the Black Tower.

“Not much time left now.”

Are there any cracks anywhere?

When the farming king, who had barely climbed more than two-thirds of the way up the black tower, was checking his bones, he said,

“Huh?! “Who are they?!”

Sejun’s group was seen running from afar.

Little white bird and pink pig. It was Piyote and Yuren.

“good. “I can go comfortably now.”

Now is the end of suffering and the beginning of happiness.

Clatter, rattle.

Thinking that he could easily get to the 99th floor of the tower, the King of Farmers hurriedly got up from his seat and was about to say hello to the two


[ah! The real Yuren!]

“Quick! sorry!”

Piyo and Yuren pass by the farming king.


– STOP!!!

Three apostles of destruction are chasing them.

ah. That’s right! Yuren, you’re really unlucky…

The farming king belatedly remembered Yuren’s misfortune.


I hurriedly ran after Piyot and Yuren.

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