Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 451

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Episode 451 Why is a dragon here?!

Episode 451 Why is a dragon here?!

Seed Store Headquarters.

When the non-combat gods passed by and made eye contact, they shouted,

“Believe me!”

“Trust me!”

They chanted a unified slogan, nodded their heads vigorously, and passed by.

The term ‘Believe and Invest’ is a popular phrase these days among non-combat gods, and was an abbreviation for Park Se-jun, who believes and invests.


“Believe it!”

Park Se-jun, I only believe in you! All in!

Here was a scene where people were getting ready to invest in Sejun.

Luna, the god of moonlight, has been waiting for the blue moon to rise for 10 days to invest in Sejun.

“There’s a blue moon. good!”

When the blue moon appeared, I looked around the 99th floor of the Black Tower through the blue moon and quickly found Sejun.


“Huh?! “Where have you gone?”

Sejun was not seen until half of the blue moon had passed.

“If you miss today, you have to wait another 30 days…”

Where is Park Se-jun?

When Luna was anxiously looking for Sejun,

“I found him!”

Sejun, who returned to the 99th floor of the tower, was detected by the moonlight of the blue moon.

“Blue Moon’s blessing!”

Trust me!

Luna bestows the Blue Moon’s blessings on Sejun.

“Ahem. “Is this my achievement fee reservation now?”

Luna, who bestowed blessings on Sejun, spoke proudly.

There was no detailed explanation of Blue Moon’s protection in the explanation that Sejun saw, but

the protection was maintained for 30 days.

Infinite defense against attacks equal to up to 10 times the target’s ability until Blue Moon’s moonlight is consumed.

Blue Moon’s divine protection was a divine protection with tremendous power.


Luna was proud.

“uh?! Why is a dragon here?!”

Until Eileen showed up.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

[The tower manager says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.]

“Hmm. Eileen, are you afraid I’ll get hurt?”

[The tower manager says yes.]

“Hehehe. Don’t worry Eileen. Now I···.”

Sejun tried to reassure Eileen by talking about the abilities he had acquired.


[the tower manager says he would like to see your face in person, but is worried that you will get hurt.]

Eileen cannot feel reassured by that.

“Eileen, it’s really okay. “I can now touch the awakened Ajax.”

Sejun spoke in a confident voice.

“Aileen, I didn’t tell you because I was afraid you would worry, but I also withstood the energy of the Apostle of Destruction. don’t worry.”

To be exact, it was up to stage 2 sealing.

The awkward parts were omitted.

[Top’s manager asks if it’s really okay.]

Eileen is shaken by Sejun’s confident attitude.

It didn’t seem like it would work, but

it did. If the energy of the Apostle of Destruction can withstand it, so can my energy…

Because I wanted to see Sejun, I thought of Sejun’s words positively.


[the tower manager says he will just finish what he is doing now and leave quickly.]

Okay. There’s nothing in the mouth, and there’s no tail or wings!

Eileen answered and hurriedly checked her appearance in the mirror.

“huh. Take your time and come. Hehehe.”

When Sejun laughed brightly when he heard that Eileen was coming, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “It’s time for this body to step forward!”

Chairman Park, just trust me! I, Vice President Te, can now absorb Ophelia’s energy without difficulty!

Theo also wiggled his front toes to relax.

At that time

, kihihihi. whing! whining!

[Hehe. Guys, this is really delicious! Try it!]


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In Sejun’s eyes, he saw Kamangi offering dried roasted sweet potatoes to Eomdol and Komi.

“Sunfish are dangerous, right?”

The three went from being the world’s strongest beings, the apostles of destruction, to sunfish.


“Go inside for a moment and eat.”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Five dried roasted sweet potatoes!]

“Great Kkamangi, this is so delicious!”


As long as I could eat something delicious, I didn’t mind being treated like that.

“Just in case, you should also eat transcendental black beans.”

As Sejun prepares five beans,

[the tower manager asks if he can leave, saying the work is finished.]

“Wait a minute.”


[You have consumed Transcendence Black Beans (+2).]




Sejun hurriedly ate the Transcendence black beans and four other beans and

said wow.

[Kai-Ra Vision Skill: Absolute Protection is activated for yourself and your surrounding allies for 10 minutes.]

[Kai-Ra Vision Skill: While Absolute Protection is activated, physical resistance and resistance to other energies increase by 10 times. ]

The skill was activated by infusing magical energy into Kai-Ra’s guardian necklace.


“You can come now.”

Sejun, who was fully prepared to greet Eileen, answered.

[Top’s manager says he will go then.]

“I missed you, Sejun!”

As soon as he answers, Eileen appears in front of Sejun and smiles brightly.

“···huh. me too···.”

Sejun, who was momentarily stunned by Eileen’s dazzling smile, quickly came to his senses and answered.

At that time

[Blue Moon’s protection is shocked by powerful energy and cracks.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

‘uh?! It cracks so easily?!’

what? Blue Moon’s protection is very weak.

Luna, 3 reviews.

Sejun thought that it wasn’t that Eileen’s energy was strong, but that Blue Moon’s protection was weak.

That’s because Sejun’s current bean set has increased all his stats by 16 times, and his stats have been strengthened by 10% again with [Talent: Stronger than he looks].

Thanks to this, Sejun’s total stats are close to 220,000.

In addition, he was protected by two layers of and [Ky-Ra Vision Skill: Absolute Protection], and

Theo was diligently absorbing Eileen’s energy…

“Nyan?! Nyanyanyang!!!”


Theo’s condition is strange?

Theo is burning money with his left front paw holding a money bag and moving his golden right paw hurriedly.


When Sejun thinks something is wrong,

‘He’s really fine!’

Hee hee hee. Our Sejun has really become stronger!

Eileen is happy to see Sejun acting calmly in front of her.

‘Then it’s a kiss!’

With a happy heart, I took a light step forward to give Sejun a lip smack.



A huge shock wave erupted from Eileen’s toes.

[Blue Moon’s protection disappears due to powerful energy.]



As soon as the Blue Moon’s protection disappeared, Sejun flew away, feeling the formidable force hitting him.

[ is activated.]

[Consumes magic power to protect the body from breaking.] [

Magic power is severely lacking.]

[Braul skill – Dragon Scale is activated.]

[ The scales of the great black dragon Kaiser are destroyed.]

[The bones are not broken due to the effect of .]

[1 Life Orb was consumed.]

“What… ?”

I have definitely become very strong…

Sejun was so absorbed in his own tremendous growth that he didn’t even think about Eileen becoming stronger.

Thanks to this, the same ending as in the past.

no. A worse ending than the past.

I can’t even kiss you…

Sejun fainted, shedding a single tear out of frustration.

Whip! Whip!

[Stupid butler! If you needed help, you should have called the great Black Mangi!]

Black Mangi, who slightly opened the subspace storage room and was watching to see if Sejun was eating something delicious by himself, looked at the fainted Sejun with a pitiful look and said.

Blackman thought that Sejun was the weakest.



Even in a situation where Eileen’s energy was swirling, Black Mang was fine. As long as there was enough creative energy, Kkamangi was invincible.


[Treat the butler!]


Kamangi treated Sejun with the spirit of extinction containing the energy of creation.



[Guys, close the door quickly!]




Kamangi, who had run out of creative energy, hurriedly closed the door to the subspace warehouse.


10th tower, 1st floor.

“what?! “The door leading to the 10th tower was destroyed?!”

[yes. That’s why the master can’t come.]

“I see. I didn’t even know that and got angry at Sejun for no reason. “I’ll have to apologize to Sejun later.”

Stella’s misunderstanding about Sejun is resolved through Flame’s explanation.


“Okay. “Stella was wrong.”

Wow. Wow.

Hamer, the god of farming, ate popcorn without notice and criticized Stella.

“what!? How can you, the tower manager, not even know that the door was destroyed?! “Fix the door quickly!”

An angry Stella shouted at Hamer.


“If I could, I would have done it.” Observer mode!”

Hamer doesn’t want to hear Stella’s nagging, so he quickly hides himself.

“Ahh! It’s disgusting! Hamer this @#%!”

Stella let out her anger by swearing at Hamer for a long time.

“But Flame, can you tell my mom that I’m okay?”

I asked Flame if he could tell me how he was.

[You can do it, but you need money! About 10 billion Topcoin?]

“Money?! “I don’t have any money right now…”

[are you okay! I’ll pay you on credit! Instead, there is interest on overdue payments!]

Fireworks learned a lot about the capitalist system by watching Sejun.

“okay. “Then pay it on credit.”

[yes! Just leave it to us!]

Stella, Flame Bank’s first customer, opened a minus account.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Um…a bed?”



Oh my gosh.


, who came to his senses, looked around while listening to the snoring sounds of Theo sleeping on his lap, Blacky sleeping on his chest, and Eomdori and Kkomi sleeping clinging to Blacky’s fur.


“Aileen, I’m fine, don’t be sorry.”

He comforted Eileen, who was probably feeling sorry for herself.

[The tower manager asks if this is really okay.]

“Yes. are you okay.”

uh?! Are you really okay?

Sejun, who had been trying to pretend to be okay for fear of Eileen worrying, no longer needed to pretend to be okay when his body moved smoothly.

“But Eileen, what happened these days?”

Next time you will succeed!

Sejun began analyzing the cause of the failure.

[The tower manager says that he recently awakened and gained the power of Holy Dragon.]

“Ah. “You have awakened.”

But Ajax also had awakening?

When Sejun was puzzled,

[the manager of the tower said that as the Black Tower grew into the Black Tower, he also gained the power of the Guardian Dragon of the Black Tower.]

“The Guardian Dragon of the Black Tower?”

[The tower manager says it is a power that increases all stats by 100,000.]


All stats 100,000?!”

Then, if the total stat increases to 400,000 with and increases it by 10 with

That alone is 4 million?!

Eileen’s basic stats will be around 200,000…

I was lucky I didn’t die.

Sejun talked to Eileen and found out the cause of the failure.

I realized that it was thanks to Blue Moon’s blessing that I was okay for three seconds in front of Eileen.

“Luna, I’m sorry I didn’t know. “Move the ground!”

I’ll build it high!

[Luna Achievement Monument]

– Luna, the god of moonlight, who bestowed the blessings of the Blue Moon. She was a foresightful god.

In this way, Luna’s 5-meter monument was erected next to Her’s monument.

“We’ll prepare more thoroughly next time!”

Hehehe. I’m a man who doesn’t give up.

When Sejun, who set up an achievement monument, pledged to prepare more thoroughly for his next meeting with Eileen, he said,

“Fuhuhu. Chairman Park and Vice Chairman Te will prepare even harder!

I didn’t perform well this time!

Theo also burned with enthusiasm.


“Did you hear?! Luna said she received a huge temple from Park Se-jun!”

“As expected, it’s unbelievable!”

“uh?! Come to think of it, isn’t the seed store opening soon?!”

“That’s right! “Let’s prepare the seeds quickly!”

“Okay! Believe it or not!”

“Trust me!”

The non-combat gods at the seed store headquarters also began to burn with enthusiasm to sell good seeds to Sejun at the soon-to-open seed store.

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