Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 452

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Episode 452. I will burn you to death!

Episode 452. I will burn you to death!

Outskirts of destruction.

“I’m so busy, where have Kuruga and Alice gone? “If these don’t exist without Fenrir…”

Is it possible that you are ignoring me because I am the second apostle of destruction?!!

Halfas had an inferiority complex to Fenrir, the number one apostle of destruction.



All the apostles of destruction have been summoned.

However, this is the first time Halfas has summoned the Apostles of Destruction outside of Fenrir’s instructions.

Will you come?

Halfas waited nervously for the other Apostles of Doom to gather.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

Lunch two days after passing out.

“Guys, let’s have lunch!”

Sejun, who had been planting the Destruction Predator seeds all morning, called out to the Black-faced Umdori Kkomi.

Theo went to work at the green tower and Kueng went to work in the herb field.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Guys, I’ll come back after eating! It’s food!]

At Sejun’s call, Blackbird leaves behind the destruction predators and runs to Sejun, saying,

“Great Blackbird, I’m so excited to see what kind of food you have today!”


Eomdori and Kkomi are drooling while clinging to Blacky’s fur.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. The great Kkamangi will tell you something special! Today’s lunch menu is cheese egg roll!]

Black, who had secretly stolen the ingredients that Sejun took out earlier, spoke to the two with pride.

“As expected of you, the great Kamangi!”



Thanks to finding out the lunch menu, Kamangi arrived at the kitchen receiving praise from his subordinates.


[Butler, what is that hideous food?!]

There was one more food in the kitchen besides cheese egg rolls.

It’s cheese bomb steamed egg.

The sight of eggs boiling and puffing in a hot earthen pot seemed bizarre to Black.

“This is called steamed egg. “Try it once.”

Whip! Whip!

[I’m not going to eat! [I’m going to eat cheese egg rolls!]

Kkamangi ignored the steamed egg and went straight to eat egg rolls, but asked,

“Sejun, can I try it?”

“huh. “It’s hot, so eat carefully.”

Eomdol, who had developed a keen sense of taste and was very curious about new tastes, ate steamed egg without hesitation.

“oh! Delicious!”

As expected, this is Sejun’s dish!

When Eomdol was eagerly eating steamed egg custard,


[Eomdol, is it delicious?]

Kamangi, who had filled his stomach with egg rolls, strolled up to Eomdol, who was enjoying the steamed egg, and asked.

“yes! “It’s really delicious!”

Whine? Whine!

[okay? Then, the great Kkamangi will eat it!]

A little while ago, Kkamangi showed a bit of weakness as a leader by saying that steamed egg custard was ugly and was a picky eater.

Hehehe. I’ll show you the dignity of a captain!


I curiously put my nose into the earthen pot filled with steamed eggs.




I screamed and hurriedly spit out the steamed egg that was in my mouth.

Eomdol had a good mouth and was very fond of eating hot food.

“hey! “What if you don’t eat when I tell you to, but you put that hot stuff in your mouth?!”

Thanks to this, Kamangi had to listen to Sejun’s torment of nagging,

but he whined.

[Deacon, I’m going to cut my tongue.]

“Are you burned a lot? ah. try.”

It was nice to say I was sick and receive Sejun’s care. It was really strange that my tongue was sore, my heart was tickling, and the corners of my mouth were slowly turning up.



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“Why are you laughing because you did a good job?!”


Of course, I was nagged again for laughing.

So I ate lunch and

went to sleep.

When Sejun opens the subspace warehouse,



The body of Alice, the Apostle of Destruction, Kuruger, and the Devourers of Destruction greeted Sejun.

The energy of destruction emitted by the Apostles of Destruction is strong, so they are placed in a warehouse in subspace, and in the morning, they plant Devourers of Destruction in the warehouse and use

[You are a Field Lv. 4 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 7: A corn seed with explosive health was planted in the body of Kuruger, the rock that destroys mountains.] [

Job experience increases slightly and significantly.]

[You are a field Lv. Mastery of 4 increases significantly.]

[The explosive health corn grows rapidly by absorbing the life force of Kuruger, the rock that destroys the 7th mountain of the Apostle of Destruction.]

In the afternoon, to complete the quest, plant the explosive health corn. there was.

When the dragons first discovered the Apostle of Destruction in Sejun’s subspace warehouse, there was a huge uproar.

-This is Kuruger and Alice, right?!

-That’s not even a fragment, it’s a real body?!

-Why is this in Sejun’s warehouse?!

-But where did the soul go?

It is inevitable that the Apostle of Destruction is difficult to kill, but even if he dies, he only disappears for a moment and does not disappear.

But to capture the Apostles of Destruction like this… and two of them?!

When the dragons were confused by an incomprehensible situation, they said,

“Fuhuhu. Dragons, listen!”

Theo began to explain how he defeated the Doomsday Apostle.

“When Vice President Na Te and Kueng were in danger, Chairman Park screamed and Alice just collapsed! “Chairman Park saved us!”

Alice screamed in pain as she released the 4th level seal, but Theo wrapped Sejun up nicely.

“But then Kuruger appeared! We were exhausted, but as soon as Chairman Park laid eyes on Kuruga, we stopped! That’s why Chairman Park is great!”

The dragons listened to Theo’s explanation.

So who killed it?

I looked at Sejun with an expression that I didn’t understand at all.

I don’t know either.


Sejun also shook his head because he didn’t know how he won.

The commotion ended without anyone knowing who killed the Apostle of Destruction.

Since then, the dragons have been wondering if it is because of the strong energy of destruction flowing out from time to time around them.

“good. “Now we have to harvest.”

When Sejun, who had planted 1,000 corn, went to the location where he first planted the corn, there were corn that had grown rapidly and had grown well.


When Sejun picked and harvested the corn,

[I harvested corn with explosive health.]

[You are a field Lv. 4 activates and deals additional damage.]




The message that appears.

Although there was no violent clash of forces, Sejun was fighting the apostle of destruction in his own farmer’s way.


As I was harvesting corn and chipping away at the Apostle of Doom’s vitality,

[I harvested corn with explosive health.]

[You are a field Lv. 4 activates and deals additional damage.]

[You are a field Lv. 4 activates and harvests the stats of the 7th Apostle of Destruction, the mountain-destroying rock Kuruger.]

[Strength 20, stamina 50, agility 5, magic 30 increases.]

Oh! It’s up!

Among the options for the You Are Field skill, stat harvesting, which is activated with a rare probability, has been activated.

“Hehehe. Sweet.”

After all, farming is the best.

Sejun smiled, checked the message, and went back to harvesting corn.

Stat harvesting is a matter of probability anyway. In that case, the best and best way was to increase the probability by harvesting at least one more.

At that time,

[Bev, the god of bravery, tells him to hurry up and show his brave side like last time.]

Bev, the god of bravery, speaks to Sejun.

The reason Sejun caught the eye of Bev, the battle god and god of bravery, was because of the heart of bravery that Her gave to Theo.


[Heart of Valor]

is a sacred weapon created by Bev, the god of bravery, to give to brave people who do not give in to great power.

For more information, you must obtain the approval of Bev, the God of Valor.

Currently, we have received the approval of Bev, the God of Valor, twice, so you can see some of the content.

You will be granted .

You can accumulate achievements of bravery and use them when necessary.

Achievements of bravery currently collected: 0

Usage limit: A person whose bravery has been recognized by Bev, the god of bravery, three times

Creator: Bev, the god of bravery

Rating: ★★★

Currently, Sejun has been recognized by Bev twice.

Once against Alice, the Apostle of Destruction, an opponent she could not defeat.

Twice by courageously calling out Eileen, who had to risk her life just by meeting her face to face.

Since then, Sejun has been quietly farming,

and since making Shinki, you are the first man to receive my approval twice!

Bev was exhausted and was urging Sejun.

“ah. no, I do not want. I don’t do it. “I never do that.”

Risk your life again?! Are you crazy?!

Of course, Sejun flatly refused.

[Bev, the god of bravery, cheers, ‘Park Se-jun, you can do it!’]

“I won’t do it!” block!”

In the end, Sejun blocked Bev for 3 days. I learned how to block from Kueng.

By evening,

[1 million corn with explosive health was harvested.]

[Quest completed.]

[1 drop of elixir of strengthening was obtained as a reward for completing the quest.]

Quest completed.


Don’t you admit it?

When Sejun was waiting for recognition from Hamer, the god of farming

[He received recognition from Hamer, the god of farming, as a reward for completing the quest.]

A message of recognition from Hamer appeared belatedly.


Sejun looked puzzled and went to dinner.


10th tower, 1st floor.

[Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun harvested 100 corns with explosive health and obtained 1 corn with explosive health through .]




[Black Tower Farmer Sejun Park has harvested 1 million corn with explosive health.]

[Black Tower Farmer Park Sejun has completed the quest.]

“Wow. “It’s really fast.”

Hamer, who thought it would take several months, was amazed when he saw the quest completion message.

[Hehe. that’s right! My master is great! He is a farmer who owns as many as 25 new varieties!]

Fireworks is flattered by Hamer’s words and boasts about Sejun.


“Okay. “I received the first recognition, so now I have to get the second recognition.”

Hamer tried to pull a trick.

I admit it, but

chuckle. I need to complete the quest until the 100th recognition and secure snacks to last for 1000 years.

He doesn’t fully acknowledge it and wants to keep giving Sejun quests.


[Hamer, why don’t you give it a try?]

There was no way Flame could just stand by and watch Sejun being toyed with.

Cuckoo Palace.

The flame grows giant roots once again and prepares to fight.


This time, unlike when fighting Stella, he also used fire energy.


what? Didn’t you give it your all when you fought me?!

Stella was surprised to see the fireworks. Just as he himself did not use his last move, Fireworks also had his last move.

Of course, this was not used because neither party crossed the final line for each other.


[How dare you make fun of our master?!]

Hamer crossed the final line, and Flame also willingly brought out his hidden abilities.

[I will burn you to death!]

“Hehe! okay! “I’ll admit it!”

Thanks to Flame’s performance, Sejun was able to fully receive the recognition of Hamer, the god of farming.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

After dinner, I thought,

“Now all I have to do is get the approval of Patrick, the Earth God.”


Sejun said as he cut a huge watermelon in half and ate it with a spoon.


[It’s delicious!]

Next to Sejun, Kueng was eating a whole huge watermelon.

A plump watermelon that causes a major drought and increases all stats by 20 when consumed.

One from Sejun and one from Kuengi.

It was quite large for Sejun to eat alone, but

he needs to be strong to meet Eileen.


I ate it all by myself, digesting it with skill.

[You have consumed the plump watermelon that causes drought.]

[All stats increase by 20.]

[You will not be thirsty for two months by drinking enough water.]

“Hehe. As expected, hard work never betrays you.”

Sejun worked so hard to eat all the watermelon and saw the fruits of his efforts.

“But why hasn’t Vice President Teh come yet?”

To be exact, he stopped by briefly in the afternoon and only said he would give special training, but then went back to the Green Tower and never came back.

“There’s something going on, right?”

When Sejun was worried about Theo,

“Chairman Park… I’m back…”


Theo, who had barely announced his return, fell to the floor.

“uh?! Vice President Te!”

Sejun quickly ran towards the fallen Theo.

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