Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 450

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Episode 450 Eileen, would you like to see your face for a moment?

Episode 450 Eileen, would you like to see my face for a moment?

Black Tower administrator area.

“How dare you come in!”

As long as the great black dragon Eileen Fritani is guarding it, there is no way!

Eileen, who killed the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction trying to enter the tower, returned with a triumphant walk.

At that time,

[I successfully blocked the fragments of the Apostles of Doom trying to invade the Black Tower.] [

I succeeded in defending the Black Tower.]

[I obtained 300 billion experience points as a reward for successful defense.]

[I leveled up.]

[Bonus stat increased to 500. Acquired.]

[All stats increase by 100.]

[Magic power increases by 13000.]

[Dark power increases slightly.]

Eileen has leveled up with a message that the defense was successful.

The level up effect is very different from Sejun.

When Sejun leveled up, all he got was one bonus stat and a 10 increase in strength, but Eileen’s level up was spectacular.


“King… I got stronger again…”

Eileen, who was separated from Sejun, was just depressed.

Sejun already looks like a star in the sky, but he is getting stronger again… Wow…

It seemed like it would be difficult to stay together for even 5 seconds anymore.

When Eileen was depressed,

[the power of darkness had gathered enough.]

[All stats exceeded 100,000.]

[Magic power exceeded 300,000.]

[All conditions for awakening were met.]

[Awakening begins. .]

With the message, darkness swirled around Eileen.

“Kuh?! no!”

Our Sejun can’t meet!

Eileen was startled and resisted fiercely, but this was not something she could not say no to.

Eileen was thus enveloped in darkness.

After a while.

The swirling darkness calmed down and seeped into Eileen’s shadow, and

she acquired [].

For the first time in the history of the great dragon race, Eileen succeeded in awakening at the youngest age of 200.


“King… I’m screwed…”

Now it’s harder to see our Sejun…

My magic power has gotten stronger, so I have to practice fire control again…

Eileen is not happy at all.


Eileen cracked a bowl of eggs into the frying pan and began practicing controlling the heat.



I failed to control my fire due to my stronger magic power and

started rumbling.

A huge fire engulfed the frying pan and reduced the egg bowl to ashes.


Eileen called Kaiser to deal with the green egg that had turned into ashes.


Green Tower 93rd floor.

“The 7 Apostles of Doom who lost their souls?”

Why are all kids soulless?

Sejun looked curiously at the newly appeared Apostle of Destruction, Kuruger.

“ah. “That’s not important now.”

This is not the time!

The fact that two Apostles of Perdition appeared through that passage meant that another Apostle of Perdition could appear.

We have to close it quickly!

Sejun hurriedly ran to the passage and started planting Doom Devourer seeds around the passage.

However, due to the power of destruction emitted by Kuruger, the passage remained the same even though the destruction predators diligently absorbed the power of destruction.

“Kueng, please put this in the sub-space warehouse.”

So I had Kueng put Kuruger in the subspace warehouse.


[I understand!]



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Although Kuruger’s body was heavy, Kuengi, who had grown into a giant size, easily placed Kuruger’s body in the subspace warehouse.

“Kueng, please add Alice too.”

Come to think of it, if you put the Apostles of Doom in the subspace warehouse, you don’t have to spend time in the Green Tower.


[I understand!]


When Kueng put Alice’s body in the subspace warehouse, he

held. Hold. Hold.

Fuhehehe. It’s a total gold mine!


ah. If you put it in storage like that, you can take pictures later! As expected, Chairman Park is a genius!

Theo, who was making money by stamping Alice’s body, stopped what he was doing and clung to Sejun’s lap.

In the meantime, Sejun worked hard to plant destruction predators


The destruction predators diligently absorbed the energy of destruction and reduced the size of the passage.

Tsk tsk tsk.

“oh my. kind.”

While also spitting seeds at Sejun in the middle.

When Sejun plants the Devourer of Destruction again with the seeds he received,


[Hehe. Guys, follow me!]





Kamangi led the destruction predators scattered around and appeared with Eomdori Alice.


[Guys, eat a lot!]

Blackfish makes the destruction predators eat and


[Alice get down!]

How dare you try to kill the great Black Mang’s butler?!


I started craving Alice again.


“Why do you bully your weak friend!” “We should get along well together.”

Sejun, who found Blackman giving a small spider a scolding, scolded BlackKamangi.

Whip! Whip!

[He’s bad! I’m a good person!]

Thanks to you, Blacky’s heart is broken.


hehe hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! [Give her a name too!]

I quickly felt good about the anticipation for Alice’s new name that Sejun would come up with.

Hehehe. Give me a name weirder than mine!

I wish it had a weirder name than Eomdol.

Kamangi and Eomdori, who knew of Sejun’s terrible naming skills, looked at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation.

“Hmm… wait a minute…”

Just like that, Sejun Nammyeongso started business again.

It’s a spider the size of a thumbnail.

When you make the sound ‘Kiluk’, it is ‘Kiluk’.

Since it’s a black spider, you add ㄱ to ㄱ to get kkaemi.

As expected, Sejun’s naming skills did not betray their expectations.

I think the last one is the best?

Just before Alice’s new name was almost confirmed to be Kkummi

! Because it’s a tiny spider, it’s a tiny spider!

“How’s Kkomi?”

Sejun was suddenly inspired and a not bad name came out of his mouth.

Whip?! Whip!

[what?! You’re cuter than me!]

“You’re a lot better than me…”

Thanks to this, Kkamang and Eomdori are greatly disappointed.

While Sejun was creating Alice’s new name, the passage through which the Destruction Predators consumed the power of destruction became smaller, about 5 meters in diameter.

At that time,

it was Kugu Palace.

The walls of the passage, weakened by the absorption of the power of destruction, collapsed in succession


Eventually, the passage closed quietly.


[At the Green Tower, we accomplished the great feat of destroying the passage connected to the outskirts of destruction created by Alice the Deceptive Spider, the 9th Apostle of Doom.] [This is a great achievement

at the Green Tower, so we met with Ophelia Iolg, a farmer at the Green Tower. The reward is divided in half.]

[Ophelia Iolg is your slave.]

[Ophelia Iolg receives an additional 50% of the reward earned.]

[As a reward for completing a great achievement, I acquired Talent: A little stronger than it looks. ]

I got talent as a reward.

“A little stronger than it looks?”

What kind of talent is this?

Sejun quickly confirmed his talent.

[Talent: A little stronger than it looks]

This is a talent that shows an ability that is a little stronger than others see.

You can demonstrate your abilities with 110% of your stats.


If you have 110% of your stats, you can increase almost all your stats by about 300.


I’m so hot.

When Sejun is delighted with his newly acquired talent

[The slave of the Green Tower says in an excited voice that he has achieved great achievements thanks to you.]

Ophelia, who heard from Brachio that thanks to Sejun, she has exceeded one of the growth conditions of the Green Tower, tells Sejun came to talk

As the passage disappeared, the Devourers of Doom began to absorb the power of destruction surrounding the 93rd floor of the tower, creating a gap and making communication with other floors possible.

“If you are grateful, 500 Top Coins.”

When Sejun tells an Earth-style joke,

[The slave of the Green Tower gets angry and asks if he is ignoring him.]


Ophelia got angry and sent a bag of money in front of Sejun.

[The slave in the green tower tells him to open it.]


When Sejun opened the money bag, there was 500 billion Topcoin inside.

“Hehehe. “I made money.”

After all, dragons are big.

Sejun checked the money in his money bag and praised the dragons.

“Please save me a seat so I can go up to the 99th floor of Ophelia Tower.”

[The slave in the green tower has left it empty earlier, so he tells you to go up when you need to.]

“Okay. “Gather together, guys!”

Sejun gathered the group and had them enter the subspace warehouse.



Half of the destruction predators were left on the 93rd floor of the tower.

This is because you must remove all the energy of destruction that spreads here to complete the Land Document quest and obtain Mangosteen.


When Sejun activated the Return of the Dragon Bracelet, the gold letters engraved on

the Wooung

Bracelet began to glow.


[The return magic engraved on the dragon’s return bracelet is activated.]

[Calculate the distance between the current coordinates and the return coordinates.]

[It is valuable to the designated location.]

Sejun disappeared from the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.

After a while.

[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Green Tower.]

“This is the 99th floor of the Green Tower.”

I planted a lot of mugwort.

Sejun said, looking around the blue and red mugwort field full of mugworts.

Usually, Ophelia’s work style is to harvest immediately after planting, but today she deliberately did not harvest after hearing that Sejun was coming.


[There is a waypoint over there!]

Kueng, who went up to the sky and found the waypoint, told Sejun the direction of the waypoint and said,

“Yes. thank you.”

Sejun moved to the 99th floor waypoint of the tower.

We arrived at the 99th floor waypoint of the Green Tower.

Agni, the boss on the 99th floor of the tower who guarded the waypoint, was currently roasting sweet potatoes on the first floor of the tower, so there was no one at the waypoint.


[The 99th floor green tower waypoint has been saved.]

Sejun placed his hand on the red crystal and registered the waypoint.



[You have achieved the achievement of clearing the Black Tower, White Tower, and even the Green Tower.] [

As an achievement reward, you have obtained .]

[, the waypoint

on the 99th floor of the Three Towers is connected.] [With the effect of , the effect of is also applied to the Green Tower. Activated.]

The message that appears.

“Hehehe. good.”

When Sejun smiles happily after obtaining and being able to go to the Black Tower, White Tower, and Green Tower at will. [Clearing the

three towers strengthens .]

[Han Every time you go down a floor, all stats increase by 2.]

A message appeared saying that the effect of had been strengthened, but it was too small compared to Sejun’s stats.

“I have to go home. Ophelia, I’m going.”

Sejun greeted Ophelia, called up the Black Tower’s waypoint list, and clicked on the 99th floor of the tower.


[Go to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

Sejun disappeared from the 99th floor of the Green Tower and appeared on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

So we arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

The farm was colored blue by the blue moonlight.

“It’s a blue moon.”

This is the 15th blue moon that Sejun has seen since entering the tower.

At that time,

[Luna, the god of moonlight, shows favor to you.]

[Luna, the god of moonlight, grants you the blessings of the Blue Moon with the moonlight of the Blue Moon.]

A message appears.

“huh? Blue Moon’s blessing?”

When Sejun looked at the status window, he saw the words “Blue Moon’s Protection” written next to his name.



Click on it

[Blue Moon’s Protection]

The blue moon’s moonlight will protect you.

One line written.

“Protect me?”


“Summon Ajax.”

Sejun made up his mind and summoned Ajax.

After a while,

“Sejun hyung! I miss you!”


The summoned Ajax was held in Sejun’s arms.

oh! I’m fine!

Even when awakened by Ajax’s touch, there was no pain at all.

Thank you, Moonlight God Luna! I’ll raise an achievement fee later!

Sejun decided to make Luna an achievement monument.

Today is!

“Hmm. Eileen, would you like to see my face for a moment?”

Sejun, full of courage, called Eileen.

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