Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 449

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Episode 449 He fainted because of you!

Episode 449 He fainted because of you!

Outskirts of destruction.

“Are you okay, Fenrir?”

Kuruger looked at the Black Tower, worried about Fenrir.

Eomdori, a fragment of Kuruger, had already met with Kkamangi, but the main body had not yet received the latest information on Eomdori.

“By the way, you really send a lot.”

Currently, other apostles of destruction were sending a huge number of fragments into the Black Tower to take possession of the core pieces of Fenrir that were in the Black Tower.

“But isn’t that too much?”

Do you think I’ll get caught like that?

Kuruger said as he looked at the Apostle of Destruction fragments approaching the Black Tower.

In order for the pieces of the Apostle of Doom to enter the Black Tower, they need a deceptive camouflage created by Alice, the deceptive spider that can hide the power of destruction.

However, the size of the camouflage was not infinite, and more than 10,000 pieces of the Apostles of Doom were clumped together and barely hiding themselves within the camouflage.

“No, I would rather get caught.”

How dare you aim for a piece of the great Fenrir’s core?

Although they were on the same side, it was Kuruga who cursed rather than cheered.



Did you really get caught?

Suddenly, a small black dragon came out of the black tower and

cried out.

Unlike his small body, he fired a powerful breath at the area where the fragments of the Apostle of Doom were gathered, killing the Apostle of Doom fragments with one blow.

“ah. “I feel refreshed inside.”

The kid knows how to breathe.

When Kuruger was feeling relieved as he looked at the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction melted by his hot breath

– this is Eomdori. Can you hear the body?

A voice sounded in Kuruger’s head.

“Who is Eomdori that you claim to be his real name to me?”

-ah. Just wait a moment.

In response to the main body’s answer, Eomdori hurriedly sent his memories to the main body.

Kuruger received an update on Eomdori’s memory like that. No, Eomdol.

“…I can’t believe I’m a jerk…. “It’s really bad.”

The body frowned upon hearing its new name.

In addition,

“You gave Fenrir, the noble wolf who hunts gods, the vulgar name Black.”

I really don’t like Park Se-jun…

It was the first time in my life that I had murderous intentions because of my name.

“I get it. Then, I will separate my soul and send it to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.”

The method of splitting the soul and sending it into fragments is extremely dangerous. This is because there is a high possibility that part of the soul will be lost along the way.

However, Kuruger boldly chooses this method because it is the fastest way to get to the Black Mangi.

-There is no need for that. You can get there easily by going through the passage created by Alice.

“The passageway that Alice made?”

-Yes. And I hope Mr. Kkamangi comes quickly because he is in danger because of Alice.

“The Great Black Man is in danger?! I get it! “I’ll be there quickly!”

Eomdol hurriedly found the passage that Alice had made.

“Here it is.”

I was able to find it quickly by following the signals sent by the alien energy and my own fragments, not the energy of destruction.

“Great Black Man, wait a moment! “Loyal Eomdori will come quickly!”

Eomdori’s body threw itself towards the passage leading to the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.


Green Tower 93rd floor.


“Can you sleep in this situation?”

How can I sleep here?

Sejun was dumbfounded as he looked at Black Mangi and said,

“Ah. “You fainted?”

Hehehe. Sunfish guy.

I smiled happily and put the black cat in the sub-space warehouse.


“Nyan!” “It’s a drill storm!”


[I understand!]


[108 consecutive hits!]


[You are a field Lv. 4 is activated.]




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Sejun, who was leisurely planting a seed on the back of Alice, the 9th Apostle of Doom and the Deceptive Spider, near the group while a fierce battle was in progress, was also not normal.

Of course, this means that his mind was relaxed, and his hands were moving so fast that the average person’s eyes could not follow them.

Sejun is planting 10 Devourer seeds per second.

This means that the process of digging the ground, burying the seeds, covering the ground again, and watering is done in 0.1 second.

Tremendous speed.

This was thanks to eating Transcendent Black Beans, which increased all stats by 16 times.

When Sejun was planting the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction with a relaxed mind, unlike the rest of the group,

he said, “That’s pretty cool. Let me try harder too. Unseal.”

Alice unlocked the second level seal.


At the same time, Sejun felt pain as if his whole body was being crushed by Alice’s energy pressing down on him.

In fact, if it weren’t for , all the bones in my body would have already crumbled.


[the strong young dragon’s bones cracked.]

It was impossible to continue to hold on to Alice’s energy.

“President Park, cheer up!”

Chairman Park’s condition is not good!

Theo wanted to run to the fallen Sejun right away, but he couldn’t.

This is because Sejun becomes more dangerous if he does not attack Alice.


Let’s kill this guy quickly and return to Chairman Park!

Theo grabbed the money bag

and dug it out.

I started burning money again.

Burning more money!


Theo began to burn more than his body could sustain.


A golden light that seemed to burn when touched burst out from Theo’s body.



[Dad is in danger!]

Kuengi also gathered all the energy in his body as he looked at the fallen Sejun.


[The powerful power of the thunderbolt flows into the thunderbolt.]

[The thunderbolt is charged by 120%.]

The fur stands up, and golden sparks created by static electricity burst out continuously, charging the thunderbolt with the power of the thunderbolt.

The thought of saving Sejun made Theo and Kuengi desperate, and the two unconsciously broke through their limits.


“Nyan!” You hurt Chairman Park! I’ll scold you! “Vice President Te Bigi’s golden ticket!”

Place your golden-colored front paw on Alice’s stomach and

hold it.

Press lightly while conveying the strength of your entire body


The pink jelly on Theo’s front paws created a repulsive force and passed through Alice’s hard shell, delivering a powerful force inside.


A force so powerful that Alice’s body briefly floated in the air exploded within Alice’s body.

“Keuuk! this guy!”

When an angry Alice was about to attack Theo,

she screamed!

[Now it’s Kueng’s turn! Kueng is big, thunderstorm, Kueng Nantadayo!]

Bang! Bang!

As Kuengi moves quickly and hits Alice’s entire body with a thunderbolt,

she screams!


A powerful thunderbolt fell on the location where Kuengi hit with the lightning rod, causing so much damage that Alice’s body started to smoke.

“Ouch! These guys! “Seal everything…”

Thanks to this, Alice, who was completely angry, was about to release the two remaining seals at once, and it


Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Success!]

Kcamangi opened the door to the subspace warehouse and jumped out, shouting.


At the same time, Alice falls unconscious. Thanks to this, Alice’s power that was weighing down those around her disappeared.

While everyone was fighting Alice hard, Black Mango entered Alice’s mental world and fought against Alice’s spirit, and succeeded in sealing Alice’s spirit.

Kihihi. Whip?! Whip?

[Hehe. Did you see Eomdol?! Great Kamangi’s performance?]

“Of course! After all, you are the great Kamangi!”

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Yes! The great Kamangi solved it!]

“That’s amazing!”

Kamangi is so proud and receives Eomdori’s flattery.


[But what’s wrong with him?]

I asked, looking at Sejun who had fainted.

“It looks like your body has been damaged by exposure to Alice’s energy.”

Whip?! Whip!

[what?! Alice made him like this?! Alice!]

Kamangi, who was angry at Eomdori’s words, called Alice and



A small spider the size of a thumbnail runs towards you, moving its eight short legs vigorously. Alice was sealed by Black Man, lost her strength and became smaller.

Whip! Whip!

[Alice, he fainted because of you!]


When Black Mang was craving Alice like that,


Sejun comes to his senses due to the commotion.

‘Did I faint?’

I thought I had gotten stronger these days, but I still have a long way to go…

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Sejun drank the mugwort juice potion with a bitter expression.

Thanks to this, my vitality was restored, but my low self-esteem was not easily recovered.

At that time,

“Chairman Park are you okay?!”


[Dad, are you okay?!]


[Uncle, are you okay?!]

(Batbat, Sejun!)

After confirming that Alice was completely incapable of fighting, the group hurried to Sejun.


hold, hold, hold.

The group massaging Sejun’s body.

“Hehehe. Cool.”

Sejun feels better after the four massages.



Chairman Park is in good health! I’m happy! But the face is rotten!

Hold. Hold.

When I saw Theo smiling unpleasantly and focusing on massaging his face, I felt a little bad.

“But is this okay?”

[9th Apostle of Doom who lost her soul, Alice the Deceptive Spider]

You lost your soul?

Sejun said, looking at Alice’s huge body without a soul.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I, Vice President Te, checked it out and it’s safe!”

Theo shouts out with an energetic expression at Sejun’s words.

“Then let’s deal with it quickly and go back.”

I thought I could kill Sejun quickly since he was unconscious, but

he said, “Nyan! That’s hard! “Alice is so hard!”

Even without a soul, the opponent is an apostle of destruction. There was no one here who could kill Alice.

“Then, Brachio…”

At first, Sejun tried to call Brachio to deal with Alice.



I quickly changed my mind.

Let’s plant a predator of destruction in Alice’s body!

There was no better place than here to raise the skill level of You Are a Field and raise a Devourer of Destruction.

Through this battle, Sejun confirmed that the greater the number of destruction predators, the easier the battle against destruction becomes.

Devourers of destruction are beings that do nothing but inflict damage on the apostles of destruction even if they just breathe.


Next time, I’ll only win with the Devourer of Destruction!

When Sejun smiled darkly while looking at Alice’s body, he said,


Theo laughed along with Sejun.


[You are a field Lv. 4 is activated.]




“huh?! “When did you become level 4?”

Sejun found out that his You Are the Field skill, which was at level 2, had already reached level 4. I was so distracted earlier that I didn’t even know that my skill had improved.

“oh! Now the damage is doubled.”

At level 4, an option was added to double the damage when crops grow and when crops are harvested.

When Sejun, who had checked the options, was planting the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction in Alice’s body again, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “Become a slave!”

It’s like a giant slave!


Theo had fun imagining riding Alice, who had become a slave, and stamped the slave seal of the Five Towers on Alice’s body.


, [The slave seal of the Five Towers was placed on the body of the soulless 9th Apostle of Doom, the Alluring Spider Alice.]

[The slave seal of the Five Towers forced 500 points on the soulless 9th Apostle of Doom, the Alluring Spider Alice. I erase my debt of 100 million Top Coins.]

[Alice, the 9th apostle of destruction who lost her soul, the deceptive spider, paid off 50 billion Top Coins.]


Alice repays the money easily.

“I want to become Vice President Te’s slave!”


Theo stamps again, but this time Alice pays back.

“Nyaan!!! “I’m getting angry!”

Hold. Hold. Hold.

A pissed off Theo continued to stamp Alice’s body in excitement.

Alice became Theo’s ATM.

[The 9th apostle of destruction who lost her soul, the deceptive spider Alice, paid back 50 billion Top Coins.]




Theo didn’t know it, but the more he paid back, the more the red aura that Alice gave off became fainter.

Theo unintentionally purifies red energy.

At that time,

it was Kugu Palace.

Eomdori appeared in the passageway where Alice appeared.

“Alice, go for it! “I am of destruction…”


[Hey! Quickly throw away your body and come here!]

Eomdori tries to reveal his identity but is stopped by Kamangi.


Following Kamangi’s instructions, Eomdori hurriedly put only his soul into the fragment next to Kamangi. Thanks to

[Kuruger, the mountain-destroying rock of the 7th Apostle of Destruction who lost his soul], the

field for Sejun to practice his skills has increased.

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