Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 445

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Episode 445 Run away! Theo is a bitch!

Episode 445 Run away! Theo is a bitch!

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.


When Sejun wakes up and opens his eyes,

[The seal of the Earth Jewel has been released.]

[Posil, the God of Fossils, who was sealed in the Jewel of the Earth, is released from the seal.]

[Posil, the God of Fossils, has released his seal . He repays the favor to the target.]

[Posil, the god of fossils, repays the favor by burying his cherished fossil in 1 pyeong of land.]

The visible message.


Of course it’s not jewelry, and it’s not something to eat.

I had no expectations at all.

‘Still, I have to check.’



Sejun quickly got up, took Theo and Kamangi with him. For reference, Eomdori was sleeping clinging to Blackgid’s fur.


Sejun started the morning of day 421 by marking the date on the wall.

“So where are the fossils?”

Sejun came out and walked around the farm to find the place where the fossil was buried, but

“I can’t see it…”

The fossil was buried in the ground and was completely unnoticed from the outside. However, we cannot dig up all the land planted with crops to find fossils.

“Mr. Woo. “Why did you bury it in the ground so it’s hard to find?”

Posil has 0 pyeong.

In this way, the first god was born who returned the favor but was not given a temple.

After a while,


[Good morning, Dad!]


Kueng rang the bell clock loudly with a morning greeting and

said, “Wait a minute.”

Sejun hurriedly prepared breakfast.

“ruler. let’s eat.”

Today, we unified the menu with simple grilled fish.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, today is a grilled fish party?!”

Thanks to this, Theo was excited to see the pile of grilled fish in front of him, and his mood was even higher than usual.


“Nyan?!” “Why doesn’t Eomdori eat grilled fish?!”

Theo, who found Eomdori standing blankly next to Kamangi, asked Eomdori.

“Me? “I usually don’t eat it.”

Eomdol, whose body was made of rock, did not need to eat. Because when you just want to grow your body, you can grow your body by absorbing things around you.


“Nyan!” You have a mouth, what can you say?! “Hurry up and join the grilled fish party!”

Theo, who was not happy about not participating in the grilled fish party, forced a small piece of grilled fish into Eomdori’s mouth.


Eomdol tried to refuse, but Theo’s front feet were incredibly fast


Eomdol is surprised when a grilled fish suddenly pops into his mouth.

“Fuhuhuhu. How are you feeling, Eomdol?!”

“Wow, it’s delicious?”

Why is it delicious? no. Why doesn’t it taste good before that?

Eomdori answered with a voice filled with joy and confusion.

Eomdori didn’t know it, but Kamangi used the power of creation to create a new core in place of Eomdori’s missing core.

That gave Eomdori the ability to taste.

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! It’s delicious because it’s grilled fish made with Chairman Park’s sincerity! “Eat more!”

Feeling proud of having taught Eomdori the taste of delicious grilled fish, Theo placed a whole grilled fish in front of Eomdori.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Eomdori, eat this too!]

Kkamangi also secretly handed over the part that was too troublesome for him to spread to Eomdori.

Everyone enjoyed the grilled fish and said,

“Chairman Park, Vice Chairman Te, I’m going to work!”


[Dad Kuengi is going to work too!]

Theo and Kuengi each set off to their respective workplaces.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. hey! I’m going to work too! Let’s hurry!]



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Blacky said that he was going to play with the destruction predators around him anyway, but he followed them to work.

“okay. “Have a good day at work.”

Sejun accepted Kkamangi’s words and began to plant the seeds of the Destruction Devourer.


Green Tower 1st floor.

“Fuhuhuhu. Hey Netas, I’m here!”

Theo arrived at the green tower and announced his departure for work.

“Then the auction will begin!”

Sell it quickly and return to Chairman Park!

In order to get off work quickly, Theo started selling the crops he brought at auction.


“It’s sold out!”

Theo is the sell-out king who sells out crops without difficulty even today.

Fuhehehe. As expected, Vice President Na Te is great!

When Theo was proud of himself with his front paws on his waist, he said,

“Mr. Theo.”

“Nyan?! “Why did you call me Egel?”

Egel, the Saint of Destruction, the boss on the 97th floor of the Green Tower, approached Theo.

“I think I’ll have to go back to the 97th floor of the tower soon.”

“Nyan?! ‘What’s going on?!’

Are you really running away?!

Theo looked at Egel with a fierce expression.

“in fact···.”

Egel explains why.

Fortunately, they are not running away, but the forces that have risen from the 93rd floor of the tower are trying to invade Egel’s territory these days, so they are trying to go to war.

In the past, Egel would have chosen to attack the 93rd floor of the tower himself, but recently the power of the 93rd floor of the tower has become too strong.

“Fuhuhuhu. Egel, don’t worry! “I, Vice President Te, will solve it!”

Theo, who heard Egel’s story, hurriedly shouted.

As vice president, I don’t intend to solve employees’ grievances

. I just remembered!

What came to mind was what the Immortal Sect had mentioned about the powerful person on the 93rd floor of the tower.

The opportunity to acquire slaves on a large scale could not be missed.


“Fuhuhu.” “This time, Chairman Park and Vice Chairman Na Te are team players!”

Theo is excited to go to the 93rd floor of the tower with Sejun and create many slaves.

“Quickly get the land documents for the 93rd floor of the tower!”

He released members of the Immortal Sect to retrieve the land documents on the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.

I had him obtain the land documents, and when Theo was about to leave work,

he said, “Mr. Theo, I know a merchant who has a lot of land documents. Should I call him? “It’s on the 35th floor of the tower, so I’ll be there soon.”

Agni asked Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Call me!”

The more land documents, the better!

Theo postponed leaving work when he was told he would be back soon.

3 hours later.

The merchant whom Agni had called still had not arrived.

Thanks to this, Theo got home from work much later.


It’s taking too long!

It was a long time since I returned to Sejun’s lap, so I felt very uncomfortable.

At that time,

“Ah. “Agni, what kind of shabby shop are you calling this?”

A turtle grumbles and walks slowly.

‘Nyan! ‘Did you just call the great Chairman Park’s store shabby?!’

He’s angry that he made him wait, but he criticized the store that Vice Chairman Na Te worked hard to manage so that the great Chairman Park wouldn’t be criticized!


Theo, furious, jumped off the roof and landed in front of the turtle in a superhero landing.

“What?! How dare you block the target, the golden tortoise Turbo?!”

Turbo shouted, furious at Theo who suddenly blocked his path.

“How dare you call the great Chairman Park’s store shabby! “I’m going to scold you!”


When Theo pulled out his dragon claws and shouted,

“Hmph!” “You can’t even scratch my shell with those thin claws!”

My shell is the strongest shield and weapon!

Turbo, unaware that Theo’s claws were dragon claws, excitedly took off his shell, wore it as a shield, and rushed at Theo.


“Fuhuhu.” “Take a picture!”

“yes! “I’ll take a picture!”

Turbo, who saw his shell being torn like a piece of paper by Theo’s dragon claws, hurriedly signed the slave contract.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“Sobbing. “It’s a really good fossil… why…”

“Just wait a moment. “It’s because Park Se-jun hasn’t found a fossil yet.”

“Sniff. “If Park Se-jun finds my fossil later, he will build a temple for me, right?”

“Then Pearl used to be…”

Leah comforts Posil, who did not receive the shrine from Sejun.

“Thank you, Leah. “I’m feeling better now.”

“okay. “Now I’m playing with the kids.”


When Posil went to the other gods, he said,

“I have to repay some divine power today.”

Leah, who had extra divine power for the first time, left the seed store headquarters and visited Her, the merchant god.


When I opened Her’s building,

“No turbo!” Run away! “Theo is a bitch!”

I saw Her screaming.


“No!” Turbo, even you are in Theo’s hands…”

Her was holding her head in despair as if something wasn’t working out.

I’ll have to come later.

Leah carefully closed the door and returned.

So Leah goes back and says,

“I can’t do this. “I need to warn the remaining caravans about Theo.”

When Her decides to issue a Theo advisory to the people in the tower,


“Her! “Give me my shoes!”

A huge man opens the door opposite to the one used by Leah, enters Her’s building, and shouts loudly.

It was Thunder, the god of storms, who had entrusted the magical Thunderbolt to the Her pawn shop.

[Kueng Park blocked conversation for 3 days.]

Thunder was blocked for the 3rd time after asking her to quit being a herbalist.

Hehe. If you’re a warrior, great weapons make your blood boil.

After three days, when the block was lifted, he planned to awaken the warrior’s blood flowing in Kuengi’s body by showing him his greatest magic, the Thunderbolt.

Of course, it was completely useless. Even if he had a thunderbolt, Kueng had no intention of becoming a warrior.

“Thunderbolt? “I don’t have that?”

“what?! Then where did you go?!”

“I sold it.”

Herr couldn’t say that it was taken away because of his pride.

“Why are you selling my shoes without permission?!”

“Then you should have repaid the divine power in time. “Tell the other battle gods that if they don’t repay their divine power, I will sell all their gods.”

Herr shows a very cool-headed side, unlike when he was attacked by Theo. After all, he was not the god of merchants for nothing.



As Thunder roughly closed the door and left,

he said, “People. “If you encounter a yellow cat, run away!”

Her sent a warning to those who were not enslaved by Theo.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

[You have harvested corn with explosive health.]




Sejun, who planted the perishing predator seeds all morning, harvested corn in the afternoon.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. Guys, follow me!]

“Yes! Follow the great Kamangi!”



Kamangi leads Eomdori and the destruction predators and is obsessed with playing captain.



There’s something!

A suspicious smell was caught in the black man’s nose.

‘It’s good!’

Boom, boom, boom.

A black cat’s tail moves violently in response to a pleasant smell.



Faba Park.

Blackbird started digging the ground with its front paws.

After a while.

“hey! “Someone wants to make a hole in the field!”

Sejun came running to scold Blackbird, who was digging a hole in the middle of the sweet potato field.


kihihihi. whing! whining!

[Hehe. hey! Look at this! I found it!]

Unlike usual, the black cat does not run away but barks proudly.


Sejun looks down at the hole that Blackman dug.


“ah. “This was a fossil!”

I saw sparkling yellow gems. It was an amber stone.


one of the many amber stones

[an amber stone containing plum seeds] caught Sejun’s eye.

[Amber with plum seeds]

This is an amber stone made by hardening sap that accidentally contained plum seeds.

Germination of plum seeds is possible if planted in good preservation condition.

Grade: C


It’s a plum.

“I’ll give you 5 reviews, Posil.”

Sejun decided to make Posil a 5-pyeong Posil rod. Let’s

take the amber stones and cover the ground again


[Hehe. I did well, but is there anything missing?]

Kcamangi looked at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation.

“okay. good job. ruler.”

When Sejun gave me dried sweet potatoes,

it was salty. salty.

A delicious meal.

At that time

, “Puh-hu-huh. Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Now we’re playing as a team!

Theo, who stole the land documents from Turbo, the golden tortoise who is the target of the Green Tower, has returned.

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