Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 444

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Episode 444 Then how about Eomdol?

Episode 444 Then how about Eomdol?

1st floor of the 10th tower.


Do you see me?

In response to Flame’s question, the man who was eating popcorn pointed his finger at his face and said,

‘Yes. ‘It’s you.’

Nod, nod.

The flame waved its roots up and down.

“Who is there?”

Stella asked, concentrating on the direction where the flame’s roots were facing.


there’s nothing?

Stella couldn’t see anything in her eyes.

“You’re not making fun of me just because you beat me, are you?”

Stella glares fiercely at Flame

[Huh?! Can’t you see the person eating popcorn over there?]

Flame said in frustration.

“popcorn? “What is popcorn?”

[Popcorn is a corn with explosive physical strength grown by the owner. When heated, the inner part explodes… Huh?! How are you eating the master’s popcorn?]

Could it be that you stole the master’s crops?!

Flame, who was explaining popcorn to Stella, became excited and showed hostility towards the man.

-ah. I didn’t steal it, so don’t misunderstand. By the way, it’s great that you recognize me. Is it because it is the tree of Park Se-jun, who passed the 10th Tower ordeal?

The man answered quickly, perhaps wanting to clear up a misunderstanding.

“uh?! “Is that voice the manager?”

Stella responded to the man’s familiar voice.

-okay. Let me introduce you formally.

When the man turned off the observer mode, Stella also saw a brown-haired man holding popcorn.

“I am Hamer, the manager of the 10th Tower and the god of agriculture who oversees farming.”

When Hamer introduced himself to the two,

[Huh?! Are you really Hamer?!]

Flame looked at Hamer as if he were looking at a celebrity.

“Hehe. okay. “I am Hame, the god of farming.”

When Hamer is flattered by Flame’s attitude

[Hamer! Please quickly recognize my master’s farming skills!]

Once you have received recognition from Hamer, now you just need to receive recognition from Patrick!

Flame grabbed Hamer’s leg with its roots and began begging him to quickly acknowledge Sejun.

“no. “You can’t admit it that easily.”

[why?! My master is really good at farming!]

“You know that.”

Hamer is the god who presides over farming. I already knew the farming skills of top farmer Sejun.

[But why don’t you acknowledge my master?]

“This is a test from the holy god! It’s not like I’m urging you to do it! “There are procedures for everything!”


“Uh-huh! “Even if I want to wait!”

Hamer shouted at Flame like that.

Park Se-jun. The popcorn is running out. Harvest the exploding corn!

He began to satisfy his own self-interest by giving quests to Sejun.


[Obviously, Leah just acknowledged it…]

but the flame looked at Hamer with suspicious eyes. It seemed like Fireworks was going to hit Hamer sooner or later.


Morning on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Theo went to the Green Tower and Kueng went to work in the western forest to take care of the herbs.

[Planted the Seed of the Devourer of Destruction in the land filled with magic.]




Sejun was planting the Devourer of Destruction seeds he had been collecting.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. Guys, follow the leader!]



Even today, under the pretext of protecting Sejun, Black Mangi plays captain with the destruction predators around Sejun.

As Sejun was planting the seed,

“Chairman Park, I’m back!”

When it was time for lunch, Theo returned, having sold out the items at Green Tower.


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“Good job Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course, thank you for your hard work!”

Theo appeals to Sejun for his hard work as if he had been waiting for his words.

Praise me quickly!

It was to receive praise from Sejun.

“okay. “Our Vice President Te did a great job.”

Sejun gave Theo, who was on his lap, a snack and patted his stomach.


Cheap chook chok.

When Theo smiled brightly at Sejun’s praise and started eating the churro,

whine?! whine!

[hey! I am?! Give me food too!]

Blackman, who was playing captain, hurriedly ran over and sat in front of Sejun.

“ruler. “Dried blackened roasted sweet potatoes.”


Salt, salt, salt.

After giving them lunch, Sejun also took out some triangular gimbap from the convenience store and peeled them one by one and ate them.

At that time

, hehehe.

A black dog quickly runs away with an unwrapped triangular gimbap.

“hey! “If you eat plastic, you’ll be in big trouble!”

Sejun hurriedly tried to stop him, but

hee hee, whine! whine!

[Hehe. I will peel it and eat it! And the great Black Man is good at digesting food!]

With Sejun’s words flowing through his ears, the Black Man quickly ran away.


I floundered. I floundered.


Blackman, who was running away, suddenly realized that he was running in the air.


boom! Pajijic.

Pang! Fazizik.

He saw Kueng slowly approaching him, hitting his front paw with a thunderbolt.

Black is caught in Kueng’s telekinesis and can’t move in the air.


[Are you going to get a taste of justice?]


Kamangi shakes his head violently in response to Kuengi’s question.


[Then I will put it out.]

Kueng put out his front paw and


Kamangi spat out the triangle kimbap with a disappointed face.

In this way, Kamangi’s theft of triangle kimbap ended in failure, and

“If you want to eat it, just tell me.”

Blackbird listens to Sejun’s nagging.


[I wanted to peel it myself!]

“Ah. Is that it? “Then let’s see.”

Sejun, who found out why Kamangi carried the triangular kimbap, gave Kamangi the triangular gimbap and had him peel it.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi will give it to you!]

Kamangi is excitedly tearing into the triangular gimbap after receiving Sejun’s permission.




The structure of Kamangi’s mouth was too uncomfortable to open the package of triangle gimbap.

In addition, every time the dragon-toothed black man applied a little too much force, a hole appeared in the triangle gimbap.


[Mr. Lee! Why can’t it work?!]

Blacky gets irritated because the packaging doesn’t open even after struggling for a while.

Okay! I’ll just eat it!

In order to eat the whole triangle kimbap, I made a large triangle kimbap.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s easy if you peel it in order starting from step 1!]

Kkueng, who was watching Kkamang while easily peeling and eating the triangle gimbap,

said, ‘Kkueng!’

[No way!]

I weakly swung the thunderbolt and stopped Black Mangi.

Puck! It’s cracky.


The black cat that was hit by the thunderbolt trembled and convulsed.

“Then just eat whatever is given to you. “Why are you so stubborn?”

When Sejun looks at the black man with pity

, [a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Harvest 1 million corn with exploding stamina and have your farming skills recognized by Hamer, the god of farming.]

Corn with exploding stamina (0/1 million)

Reward: 1 drop of elixir of strengthening recognition of Hamer, god of farming

Hamer’s quest has appeared.

Hamer has , which allows him to obtain 1% of the crops harvested by excellent farmers.

So, I gave Sejun a quest to harvest corn with exploding health to fill the falling Popcorp.

“One million?”

Although it was a lot, it was not a large number for Sejun, who harvested tens of thousands of crops every day.

Will it take three months?

It just takes time.

[You have harvested corn with explosive health.]




Sejun eats lunch and harvests corn in the afternoon.

The 5 drops of harvest elixir received after completing the White Tower quest were not used on corn.

One corn seed produces only about 20 corn, and corn is an annual plant.

Because the entire corn stalk had to be cut down once harvested, the efficiency of using harvesting elixirs was extremely low compared to other crops.

3 hours later.

“Guys, push it.”


Black Minotaurs began to eat the remaining corn stalks from the harvested corn field.


[I planted corn seeds with explosive health in the ground filled with magical power.]




Sejun began planting corn again in the corn field that the Black Minotaurs had completely devoured.

So when Sejun devoted himself to planting corn,

ki! ki! ki!

Key! Key! Key!

Perhaps because they felt something, the destruction predators suddenly started running towards one side and


[Where are you going, kids?]

The blackbird that was playing on the perish predators also moved naturally.

Just like that, Kamangi ran away from home again.


Merchant passageway leading to the 90th and 99th floors of the Black Tower.

Piyo! Piyo!

[Yuren, we’re almost there! Cheer up!]


Pyogi, who was sitting on Yuren’s shoulder, cheered for Yuren.

They were moving to the 99th floor of the tower to deliver the money they had saved to Theo.


are we finally going to Fenrir?

Kuruger, who had been following the two for several days, chased after them, excited about meeting Black Mangi.


“Stop!” “Give me everything you have!”

As expected, Yuren’s misfortune does not disappoint. A robber appeared and blocked the two.


[Yuren, I’m so sick of you!]

“Hehehe. sorry.”

Piyo! Piyo!

[That’s Okay! Let’s deal with it quickly!]


Piyot grumbles and quickly flies towards the robbers, and Yuren follows behind.

ah. Really, let’s go now!


Kuruger also got irritated and moved the ground to gently grab the robber’s feet and help the two fight.

I didn’t want to help, but it would take longer if I didn’t do this, so I had no choice but to help.

After a while,


[Take a stamp!]

Piyote smiled and took the stamps of the robbers who had been subdued.

Following Theo’s example, he made sure to turn anyone who attacked him into a slave, no matter how long it took.

Thanks to this, Sejun’s stats with continued to rise even when Theo rested.

When I finished stamping and tried to move again,

it rumbled.

A huge number of destruction predators approached.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. The great Black Mang appears!]

The Black Mangi barks arrogantly above the predators of destruction.



When Piyote and Yuren were looking at Black Mangi and the Destruction Predators and were wondering,



The destruction predators surrounded the camouflaged Kuruger.

He ran after feeling the energy of destruction emitted by the Kuruger fragments.

Oh my!

Oh my!

As nearly 2 million destruction predators began to absorb Kuruga’s energy,

Kugu Palace.

Kuruger also had no choice but to appear.



Black Mangi recognized Kuruger and barked.

-Fenrir! This is a big deal! Other apostles of destruction…

Kuruger also found Black Mangi and was about to hurry to tell him that another destruction was after him, when he whimpered


[hey! Quickly remove the core!]

Black Mangi shouted towards Kuruger

– Yes!

Quad deuk.

Without any hesitation at Blackman’s words, the fragment of Kuruger reached into his chest and pulled out the core.


[Throw it over there!]


As a loyal subordinate of Fenrir, Kuruger threw his core at the Doom Devourers, and as his strength disappeared, his rock body crumbled.

Piyot? Piyot!

[uh?! The Apostle of Destruction has fallen alone!]

Pyogi, who was watching while recovering his stamina to fight Kuruger, said.

“lol. “You got lucky this time.”

Piyo! Piyo!

[Yuren, don’t say things like that! Because I’m pissed!]

“Ah. sorry···.”

When Piyo and Yuren are relieved to see Kuruger suddenly falling alone,


Blackfish went into the rock crevice where Kuruger’s body collapsed and came out carrying something on its back.

-It’s truly an honor for you to let me ride on Fenrir’s back!

Kuruger, whose strength disappeared and became the size of a thumb, spoke in a voice full of emotion.


[Kuruger, from now on, call me Great Black Man!]

-Yes! Great Kamangi!

That’s how Kuruger joined the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Without knowing that Sejun would receive a new name.

After a while,

“Nice to meet you. “You don’t have a name? Then how about Eomdol?”

It’s a thumb-sized stone, so it’s called Eomdori.

How dare you attack Kuruger, the rock that destroys the 7th Apostle of Destruction and the Mountain?!

‘Should I kill him?’

Can I kill this guy?

Kuruger looked at Black Mangi and asked for permission.


whine?! whine!

[Hit Uhmdori’s head!]


Eomdori was taken away by Kkamang when Sejun was away and was scolded immensely.

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