Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 446

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Episode 446 Uncle, thank you so much for calling me!

Episode 446 Thank you so much for calling me uncle!

Green Tower 93rd floor.

“Are you ready to open the passage?”

“sorry. Suddenly, the Immortal Sect in charge of the lower floor disappeared…”

To the cold voice coming from the huge throne, Bletoon, the boss of the 93rd floor of the tower, responded with a voice full of fear while lying down on the floor.

“10 days. Finish it in 10 days. “If you don’t finish it within that time, your life will end.”


As Bletoon quickly disappears

, Her, the god of merchants, tells him that there is a devil who enslaves people and tells him to run away if he encounters a yellow cat.

A message that appears in front of the person sitting on the throne of power.

“joy! If you see a yellow cat, do you have to run away? “That’s funny.”

Hey, stop worrying about your life. Anyway, it will soon disappear when destruction sweeps away everything. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Shark, the target of destruction who was promised a world after destruction by destruction and works for destruction, laughed bitterly.


“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, look at this!”


Theo took out a bunch of scrolled documents from his luggage.

“uh?! A land document?!”

“That’s right!”

As many as 10 land documents.

There were seven land documents for the Green Tower, one land document each for the 40th floor of the Golden Tower, the 53rd floor of the Red Tower, and the 27th floor of the Blue Tower.

Of course, the seven green tower land documents included the land document for the 93rd floor of the green tower that Theo wanted.

“and. Vice President Te Where did you get this?”

There is no way anyone could have given this many land documents… and who took them from?

Sejun came up with a reasonable result.


“Puh-hu-huh.” Turbo gave it to me!”

Contrary to Sejun’s rational conclusion, Theo confidently answers that Turbo gave it to him.


What is he doing, giving this to Theo?

“I’m the newly enslaved guy!”

Then what do you give me? It was stolen…

Just when Sejun thought he was right, he said,

“Chairman Park, this is not the time!” “I have to go to the 93rd floor of the green tower quickly!”

Theo urged Sejun.

“Green Tower, 93rd floor? Why are you going there?”

“Listen to Chairman Park! Egel…”

Theo explained the situation in Egel, which is threatened by the forces on the 93rd floor of the tower.

“So we’re going to the 93rd floor of the Green Tower and making slaves! “There are a lot of slaves there!”

Theo, a slave hunter who clearly started by talking about helping Egel, but soon ended his conversation with a slave, saying,

“Okay. okay. “You got help, so we should help too.”

Hehehe. Slaves are a surplus product that inevitably arises in the process.

Slave King Sejun.

“Guys, gather around! Kueng is summoned.”

Sejun called his companions to use the Land Document and summoned Kuengi with the dragon’s summoning bracelet.

[Summons the designated target.]



Kueng appeared in front of Sejun with a message and was embarrassed. Because he was holding the thunderbolt high above his head and swinging it forward.

Kueng was summoned while sparring with King Uma.


Kuengi used all his strength to turn his body using telekinesis, and


Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Instead, although the house and 100,000 pyeong of Haedok’s green onion field were destroyed,

“…he survived…”

I have to summon it carefully next time.

That wasn’t a problem to Sejun, who saved his life.

“ruler. Go in.”

Sejun led the group into the subspace warehouse.


“Ophelia, come out. “Oba.”

He called Ophelia and said,

“Ophelia, we are going to the 93rd floor of the Green Tower…”

I spoke to Ophelia in advance so that she could receive help in any unexpected situation.

[The slave in the green tower asks for 1,000 grilled sausage skewers instead.]



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[The slave of the Green Tower tells you not to worry, saying you and your companions will never get hurt in the Green Tower.]

When Sejun is holding the Great Green Dragon’s insurance with 1000 grilled sausage skewers,



Devourers of destruction cling to the warehouse to follow Kcamangi and take them to the subspace warehouse.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. good! I’ll give you a ride!]

Black Mangi began burning the destruction predators into the subspace warehouse without Sejun’s knowledge.

“Ophelia, please leave the 99th floor of the tower for a moment later. “Go and take a waypoint.”

[The slave in the green tower says he knew.]

Sejun is conversing with Ophelia without even knowing that.

Not long ago, Kaiser once again modified Kaiser’s Homing Bracelet to allow the homing magic to be used by selecting relative or absolute coordinates.

So, on my way to the Green Tower, I planned to take a waypoint on the 99th floor of the Green Tower and get .

If you get , the waypoints on the 99th floor of the towers will be connected, so Sejun can also go to and from the Green Tower.

I won’t go there often, but I have to clear a path just in case.

That’s how we ended the story about Ophelia and

said, “Hehehe. “Now you’re trying it on.”



Sejun wore the [Red Dragon Full Scale Armor] that he used as a scarecrow.

There was now enough wear to meet all usage restrictions.

Sejun put on his armor and said,

“I’ll come back Eileen.”

[The tower manager tells you to be careful.]

“Yes. don’t worry. “Then I’ll go.”


After saying hello to Eileen, I opened the land document for the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.

And with the message

[The summon function is activated to imprint the first owner of the land document on the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.]

Sejun disappeared.


[Arrived at the 93rd floor of the Green Tower.]


“Guys, come out.”

As soon as Sejun arrived, he was alert to his surroundings and called out to his group in a quiet voice. Fortunately, the surrounding area was a wasteland with nothing in it.


“Fuhuhuhu. “I wanted to see Chairman Park…”


The subspace warehouse opens and Theo rushes into Sejun’s face, opens the helmet lid, and shouts,


I clung to Sejun’s bare face.

“hey. “Why do you always rub yourself against my bare face?”

“That’s because Chairman Park’s face is rotten!”

“It’s not rotten!”

“It’s rotten!”

While Sejun was bickering with Theo, Kueng


Kueng flew in the sky and scouted the surroundings,

and hehehehehehe!

[Guys, come out!]




Kamangi made Eomdori and the destruction predators come out of the subspace warehouse.

“huh? These guys…? “Did you bring it to me?”

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. of course! Because they are my subordinates!]

When Sejun asks Black Mang while looking at the endless predators of destruction coming out of the subspace warehouse


The destruction predators opened their mouths into the air and began to devour the energy of destruction.


Is there a spirit of destruction here?

The 99th floor of the Black Tower had an aura of destruction because Sejun deliberately planted a piece of Fenrir’s core in the ground, but not here.

what? Is there an apostle of destruction?!

When Sejun is wary of his surroundings,

“Hey! If you stay there like that, they’ll come! “Hurry and hide here!”

A voice calls out to Sejun as he slightly opens the tunnel lid.




[Herbalist Kuengi has defeated the fifth plague, the poisonous snail.]




Those who would threaten Sejun were already defeated by Kkueng with his thunderbolt.

“uh?! Why does the fifth plague come out here? Ophelia, don’t you know that a disaster has come to the tower?”

Sejun scolded Ophelia,


No answer was heard.

“Are you trying to communicate with somewhere else? Then it won’t help. I don’t know what they did, but communication was blocked. ah. “My name is Ari.”

Ari, a green meerkat who came out of the tunnel, looked up at Sejun and said.


“huh. “He suddenly appeared about a year ago and is using the boss of this place, Bletoon of the Slaughter, as his subordinate and making the residents slaves.”

“Nyan! “You mean slaves?!”

Theo’s nose fluttered at Ari’s words and he asked in an excited voice.


“So they are the snails too?”

“huh. The snails are kidnapping the tower’s residents. “That’s why we hid underground.”

“Is that so?”

When Sejun heard from Ari about the situation on the 93rd floor of the tower,

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: The mangosteen farm on the 93rd floor of the Green Tower has been eroded by the energy of destruction and disappeared. Eliminate the energy of destruction spreading on the 93rd floor of the tower.]

Reward: One mangosteen tree Recognized as the rightful owner of the land document

The land document quest has appeared.

“This was originally a mangosteen farm.”

Thanks to this, Sejun learned what kind of farm this was.

“Where are the Ari guys’ headquarters…”

When asking Ari where the enemy’s base is,

ki! ki! ki!

Key! Key! Key!

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Guys, run!]

“The Great Black Man is leaving! “Get out of the way!”

The destruction predators carrying the black and white turtles began to run toward the north.


Ari belatedly pointed to the direction the Destruction Devourers were heading towards.

“hey! Let’s go together! “Guys, let’s go!”

“I understand!”


[I understand!]

Sejun and Theo Kueng hurriedly follow behind, worried about Kamangi.






There was no need to worry too much.

The fifth plague, the poisonous snails, are surrounded by destruction predators.

Thump, thump.

The giant poisonous snails, eaten by the energy of destruction, began to fall one by one.

To destruction predators, disaster was just great food with good nutrients.



Oh my!

The Doom Predators burped and spewed out a blue mist.

[You have achieved the great achievement of creation, which spreads the energy of creation throughout the Green Tower.]

[As a reward for the great achievement of creation, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 1%.]

Messages that appear at the same time.

“oh. “It’s a 1% decrease!”

If the cost of staying decreases by 1% every time a predator burps in another tower, there are 7 towers left…

“Hehehe. “We can reduce it by an additional 7%.”

Then the cost of stay is reduced by 19%.

If I’m lucky, I might be able to reduce this to 0%.


“I believe in Vice President Te!”

Sejun had Theo, who had the golden paws of great luck that never fell on the lucky side.

“Nyan?! Chairman Park, you trust me?! I understand! “Just trust me, Vice President Te!”

Fuhehehe. The great Chairman Park said he trusted me! I’m happy!

Theo is heartbroken by Sejun’s words.

“Chairman Park, it’s over there!”

Suddenly I feel a pull from over there!

Theo, who was hanging on Sejun’s lap, pointed west with his front paw.

“okay? Then it will have to be split in two.”

You can trust Theo’s attraction unconditionally.

Sejun plans to take Theo Kuengi with him for his own safety.

Because Batbat is a bit anxious alone…

“Summon the Black Rabbit.”

Black Rabbit and Eomdori summoned a black rabbit with the dragon’s summoning bracelet to protect themselves from destruction predators.

Will it work?

Considering that communication with Ophelia was cut off, I didn’t know that I would be able to summon her…

[Summons the specified target.]

That works.


[Thank you so much for calling my uncle!]

Fortunately, summoning the black rabbit was a success. But why are you thankful as if you came back from the dead?

“Black Rabbit and Batbat, please protect the children.”

Bang! Bang!

[Don’t worry uncle! Just trust me!]

(Batbat, don’t worry!)

I left Black Rabbit and his men in charge of the overly powerful Black Rabbit and Batbat, and said,

“Vice President Te is over there?”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “It’s over there!”


[Kuengi will give you a ride!]

Sejun and Theo rode on Kuengi’s back and quickly flew toward the direction Theo pointed.


“Please help me!”

Hold. Hold. Hold.

Sejun and his companions saw Shark, the target of destruction, wearing a black hood who stands up the residents of the tower and stamps their foreheads.

“Nyan! “That’s it!”

Theo quickly moves to Nyambo and says,


After snatching the red seal that Shark was holding,

he said, “Take it from Chairman Park!”

I quickly returned to Sejun and handed him the seal that Shark was holding.


32nd floor of the Black Tower.

“Ugh. When are you going?”

The farming king, who had been ordained by Leah, the god of abundance, sighed deeply and worked hard to climb the tower toward the 99th floor.

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