Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 442

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Episode 442 Should I recruit him as an apostle of destruction?

Episode 442 Should I recruit him as an apostle of destruction?

Battle Store Headquarters.

“I don’t have a favorite warrior.”

Thunder, the god of storms, grumbled as he inspected the warriors who had entered the tower.

Unlike other battle gods, Thunder was extremely proud and only sold weapons and skills to warriors he liked.

At that time,

[a being who realized the power of the storm and obtained appeared in the tower.]

A message appeared in front of Thunder.


You obtained by yourself?!

Although I have lived for tens of thousands of years, I have never seen a person who achieved enlightenment and gained power on his own.

“Where are you?!”

Thunder quickly began looking for the warrior shown in the message. Because it might be stolen by other warrior gods.

So Thunder hurriedly searched for the warrior with and said,

“I found it!”

I found Kuengi on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

With its rough aura and huge body, you can’t help but think that it was born for warriors.

“You are the talent I was looking for!”

Seeing the Thunder in person made me even more confident.

You were born to be a warrior! Hahaha! I will raise you to be the best warrior!

“I am Thunder, the god of storms. Warrior. What is your name?”

When Thunder asked Kueng in a solemn voice

– Hello, Thunder! Kuengi’s name is Kuengi Park! Nice to meet you!

Kueng, who was well educated in etiquette, answered politely.

“okay. Nice to meet you too. Kuengi Park, I will especially give you a chance to buy my weapons and skills!”

As a warrior, Thunder did not change his mind and got straight to the point.

And then he showed off his magic and skills…

-Then he’ll give you a discount!

Kueng, who had learned from Sejun and Theo that items should be discounted three times before buying, asked Thunder to lower the price.

what?! Give me a cut?!

“Uh-huh! “Warriors don’t cut prices lamely!”

-It’s okay! Kuengi is not a warrior, but a herbalist! So, I’ll give you a discount!

“…A herbalist?!”

You’re a herbalist with the ability to become the best warrior?!

“Why are you wasting your talent like that?!” Quickly quit being an herbalist! “Become the best warrior!”

-I don’t like it! Thunder, you ignored the herbalist! No more talking!


[Kueng Park blocked communication for 3 days.]

···Are you criticizing me?


Kueng, you are the talent of a warrior!!!

At Thunder’s scream, dark clouds rose in the sky and a storm began to arrive.



“huh? Why did it suddenly get dark?”

There isn’t much left now…

Leah, who was concentrating on making a new device to give to Sejun, looked outside.

A gloomy sky that looks as if lightning may strike at any moment.

“Who pissed off Thunder again?”

Leah muttered as she looked at the sky and resumed making the sacred device.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

You ignored the herbalist! Thunder is bad!

Kueng blocked Thunder who ignored the herbalist.

Kuhehehe. I need to brag to my dad quickly!

Kueng smiled and looked around to find Sejun, and saw Sejun hiding behind the pink fur.

For Sejun, who was having a hard time due to the energy emitted by Kueng, the pink fur stood in front of him and blocked the energy.

Kueng! Kueng!

[mom and dad! Kueng has gained power! Kueng can control his strength now!]


The pink fur hugged Kueng tightly and said,

“Okay… congratulations on our son…”

Sejun, who had become a green onion kimchi as he had to withstand Kuengi’s release of energy, congratulated Kuengi in a weak voice and confirmed the power that Kuengyi had gained.

Normally, the power is compressed to maintain a calm state without leakage, but then it explodes at once to amplify the power like a storm.

The longer you remain in a state of stillness, the more the amplification due to the expansion of the force increases when the force is decompressed. (The maximum amplification amount is 100 times.)



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Kuengi would be nice.

Sejun looked at the power and sighed in envy.

It was the power to amplify the power by compressing the power, gathering energy, and then releasing the power at the desired time.

I also want to gather my energy…

I growl

when Sejun looks at Kueng enviously .

A rumbling sound came from Kuengi’s stomach. It seemed like he got hungrier earlier than usual because he woke up early in the morning to do special training.


[Daddy Kueng is hungry!]

“Okay. “Let’s eat.”

Hehehe. I’ll have a power acquisition party later this evening.

Sejun planned a party for the evening and started putting out food in front of Kuengi and Pink Fur.

Pink fur was given 100 different types of food, including pizza, hamburger, and chicken.

At least it’s not enough to make you feel full, but enough to taste it.

The rest used the crop giant skill to compete with sheep.


“Come on. “This is Kueng’s.”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I’m excited! They are Jja-neunim and Tang-nenim!]

Kuengi and Sejun ate Jjajangmyeon and sweet and sour pork for breakfast.

While the three of us were having a delicious breakfast,



Theo and Kamangi’s angry cries were heard from the direction of the house.


Looks like he’s awake now.

Sejun burst out laughing as he imagined Theo and Kamangi’s surprise when they looked at each other’s faces.

After a while,

“I missed Chairman Park!”

Theo, who used Nyannyangbo to find Sejun, appeared in an instant and clung to Sejun’s face.



Sejun grabs Theo by the scruff of his neck, which is clinging to his face, and

puts him on his lap.

Whip! Whip?!

[hey! Take care of me! uh?! Are you the only one who ate the delicious food besides me?!]

Belatedly, Black Mang also ran towards Sejun and barked angrily.

“You can eat it now.”

Sejun put some sweet and sour pork into the mouth of the barking dog,

and he laughed.

The black guy immediately laughs.

Hehehe. Easy guy.

Sejun also smiled and gave Theo some churro and continued eating.


A merchant passage connecting the 70th and 80th floors of the Black Tower.

-We must quickly find Fenrir!

Unlike the other Apostles of Perdition, a fragment of Kuruger infiltrated again to let people know that the Apostles of Perdition were targeting Fenrir.

But no matter how hard I wandered around the tower, I couldn’t find any clues about Fenrir.

At that time

, Piyo! Piyo!

Squeak! Squeak!

I saw Piyote and Yuren passing in front of Kuruger disguised as a rock, singing excitedly.

The two were still tracking down the guys who took Yuren’s money today.

‘This is Fenrir’s party!’

If we follow them, we can meet Fenrir, right?

Kuruger recognized the two and followed them carefully.


‘What is that guy?’

Kuruger, who was chasing the two, was greatly surprised to see Yuren only going to places where other Apostles of Destruction were located, which were traps for robbers.

-He’s a guy with tremendous talent.

It seemed like if I threw that guy into a normal dimension, I could easily destroy the planet by attracting all kinds of misfortune without having to send disaster.

‘Should I recruit him as an apostle of destruction?’

Kuruger continues to track Yuren, thinking that he will later recommend him as a candidate for the Apostle of Destruction.



The two couldn’t hold back for a moment and disappeared into Jormungand’s mouth.

-As expected, he is a talented person.

Kuruger hid and waited for the two to come out.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“It’s finally finished!”

Leah, the god of abundance, who completed the sacred device, cheered and shouted.


“My believer!”

I called the King of Farmers, a disgraceful believer who doesn’t pray often these days, and had him visit Sejun.

There were other ways to send Shinki, but Leah sent the Farming King up to the 99th floor of the tower.

There were absolutely no hard feelings.

“Hehehe. You have to go through hardships like this to increase your faith. cancer. “Of course.”

no. It seemed like there was a little bit.

He gave the King of Farming a huge ordeal of going to the 99th floor of the tower and asked,

“Shall we go see Herna after a long time?”

Leah left her residence and went to a corner of the seed store headquarters.

There was a small side door in the corner, and when Leah opened the side door and came out, she saw an ornate building made of gold.

A small, fancy building between the big, fancy Battle Store headquarters and the big, shabby Seed Store headquarters.


When Leah opened the door of the golden building and entered, she exclaimed,

“Ugh! Why do you keep giving me money?! “You idiot Theo!”

I saw a blonde woman fuming and getting angry.

“Her what’s going on?”

When Leah heard a familiar name, she hurriedly asked Her.

“ostrich? What’s going on with you? “Are you here to borrow divine power?”

“Hehe. no. Now we too are earning divine power!”

“really?! congratulations!”

“Hehe. thank you.”

“But how are you earning?”

“ah. that···.”

He explained how Leah gained divine power.

“what?! “That guy, Park Se-jun, is building your temple?!”

“huh. Hey, do you know Park Se-jun?”

“Of course I know! “He’s a vicious guy who exploits the innocent Theo!”

“what?! “Park Se-jun is exploiting?!”

“okay! Leah listen to me! Park Se-jun, that guy…”

Her, whose face turned red with anger at Leah’s question, began to complain.

Her, the merchant god who cherishes talented merchants.

To Her, Theo was something special.

I thought I definitely had no talent, but before I knew it, I started making money with my amazing skills.

It was amazing to see Theo grow into a great merchant even though he had no talent at first.

I felt uncomfortable watching Theo give all the money he earned to Sejun, a farmer.

It was clear that a guy named Park Se-jun was exploiting Theo by tempting him with pleasant words.

Otherwise, it made no sense for the merchant to give all his money.

In addition, he became even more angry when he saw Theo exploiting his favorite children, Yuren and Mimir, as subordinates.

So, during the subject test, he even interfered by asking him to obtain impossible materials to prevent further exploitation, but

Park Se-jun gave Theo the necessary materials as if he was showing off, ultimately making Theo a subject.

The exploitation was even more severe as they extended their magical power to other towers.

Herr did not like Sejun exploiting the target people like that.

“Her, you are mistaken. Park Se-jun is a kind and capable farmer. And wouldn’t it be better for you to stick with Park Se-jun too?”

“what?! Park Se-jun is a good guy?! It’s not possible, but even if that were the case, I’m the god of merchants! “I have pride, so how can I, the god of a merchant, be attached to a farmer?!”

“Do you feed your pride? If you’re the god of merchants, you’d know better, right? If you help in difficult times, the reward will be greater. Park Se-jun is a person who will become big! It’s still a baby step! “We have to catch Park Se-jun before he flies away!”

Leah strongly defended Sejun and persuaded Her. If Her steps forward, it will be of great help to Sejun.

I’ll have to tell Park Se-jun later that I convinced him.

Leah, hoping to receive a bigger temple from Sejun, spoke even harder and said,

“Hmm. is it?”

Her began to worry about whether Leah’s theories were valid.

“okay. Trust me and invest once.”

“hmm. “If Leah says that… should we just invest a little bit?”

The God of Abundance is the god who presides over abundance. It was nice to do something that Leah recommended so strongly.

“Wouldn’t this be good if you were a farmer?”

When Her took out a glass bottle containing the elixir of harvest from among the items displayed on the wall, she said,

“Yes! “That would be great!”

Leah smiled and nodded.

Her’s elixir of growth was something that Leah pledged as collateral by borrowing divine power, but was taken away when she failed to meet the deadline.

The walls were also full of items that other gods had entrusted as collateral and were taken away when they could not repay the divine power.

“Take the object, Theo, and deliver it to Park Se-jun!”

Her sent 10 drops of the Elixir of Harvest to Theo.


[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, petulantly asks what 10 drops are and asks for more.]

What?! Tiny?!

“This guy is so shameless?”

Is it true that he was being exploited by Park Se-jun?

Her, who felt sorry for Theo, began to doubt Theo.

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