Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 443

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Episode 443 Theo Park, you bastard!

Episode 443 Theo Park, you bastard!

“Nyan nyang nyang.”

Theo was having a blessed time lying on Sejun’s lap before going to work.

At that time,

[Her, the god of merchants, gives 10 drops of the elixir of harvest.]

A message from Her appeared in front of Theo.

10 drops of the Elixir of Harvest were worth almost 1 trillion Top Coins, but


It’s not enough!

Theo frowned as he looked at the small glass bottle in his paw.

Theo didn’t like the idea of the great Chairman Park struggling with just a few drops of the elixir of harvest.

Fuhehehe. Nice to meet you, Herr, the god of merchants! Then it’s a showdown! I will win with the skills I learned from the great Chairman Park!

Suddenly, his competitive spirit burned and he challenged Her.

‘It’s so petty! ‘Please give me more!’

Park Jae-Ryu Oh’s No. 3 cutting is applied to Vice President-Ryu Oh’s No. 3 strangulation!

So he used his five senses and begged for more.

There was no sound coming out. To boast to Sejun that he had defeated Her, the god of merchants.


[Her, the god of merchants, gets angry and says that 10 drops of the elixir of harvest is enough for you, as he seems to have lost his sense of being exploited by Park Se-jun.]

Her said angrily.

‘Did you just call the great Chairman Park’s name?! Plus, Chairman Park doesn’t exploit people!’

Hearing Her say Sejun was a bad person, Theo felt a thousand dollars in his heart. Who was it that gave grilled fish and churro to

the lowly wandering cat merchant who was defrauded


Who is it that gave you the great knee?!

Who is it that made you a target?!

That is the great and great Chairman Park!

But how dare you insult such a great Chairman Park?!

I can’t forgive you!

‘Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! ‘I did something very wrong, so stamp it!’

Theo gets angry and takes out the slave contract.

Of course, the slave contract that Theo took out was not delivered to Her, but

what kind of guy is this?!

It was enough to embarrass Her.

What kind of being would dare ask God to sign a slave contract?

Could it be that Park Se-jun is the CEO of Baji and this guy is a black man?

When Her guesses that Theo is behind the scenes,

she scolds him! But how can you scold me?

Theo was worried about punishing Her, the god of merchants.

Meow! That’s it!

‘I will impeach Her, the god of merchants!’

Since the opponent was a god and I couldn’t scold him, I decided to make him come down from the god first.


[Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower, is trying to impeach the merchant god Her.]

[The slaves, Mimir, the target of the Black Tower, and Yuren, the target of the Black Tower, automatically agree with the opinion of Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower.]

[The opinion of the target of the Black Tower is is counted as 2 votes.]

[Three Black Tower targets agreed to the impeachment of Her, the merchant god, with 6 votes in favor.]

[6 votes, or more than 25% of the total 20 votes, were in favor of the impeachment of Her, the merchant god. ]

[The vote for the impeachment of Her, the god of merchants, begins.]

[If 5 more votes are in favor within one year, Her, the god of merchants, will be impeached.]

In an instant, the vote for the impeachment of Her began.

You crazy guy!!! Are you impeaching me because I did something wrong?!

Her, the merchant god, was dumbfounded.


it’s dangerous!

At the same time, I felt a huge crisis.

The total number of subjects in the nine towers is 16. There are 4 people in the black tower and 12 people in other towers.

‘But what if Theo enslaves the remaining Black Tower targets and goes to another tower and enslaves only the three targets?’

I’m really being impeached!

[Her, the god of merchants, will give you all the elixirs of harvest, so I ask you to cancel the impeachment.]

‘Please hurry!’

Fuhehehe. I won!

Her hurriedly gave Theo all the harvest elixir he had.

[Her, the merchant god, gives 45 drops of the elixir of harvest.]


‘Fuhuhuhu.’ ‘I’m canceling it!’

Theo canceled Her’s impeachment.


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[Her, the god of merchants, is grateful.]

In this way, the relationship between Her and Theo is reversed.

‘Fuhuhuhu. Now, pay the price for framing the great Chairman Park!’

There’s only 3 finals left!

Theo made a final spurt.

[The merchant god Her is mortified, saying that the harvest elixir he just gave her is of great value.]

‘Fuhuhuhu. Then it’s impeachment!’

Theo can always cast 6 votes, including the votes of Mimir and Yuren.

[Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower, is trying to impeach the merchant god Her.]




An impeachment vote could begin at any time to impeach Her.

[Her, the god of merchants, sighs and says that this is truly precious.]

As expected, that guy, Theo, was a black man!

Her, who had finally realized the situation, was in tears and sent the items from the closet to Theo.

[Her, the god of merchants, brings down the magical thunderbolt of Thunder, the god of storms.]

Puhuhuhu. The bargain was successful!

There were clearly threats and threats, but Theo said that it was a bargain, something that would have been unfair if Her had heard it.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, look at this!”

Theo handed Sejun a glass bottle containing 55 drops of the elixir of harvest that he received from Her and a golden metal bat.

“Is this the elixir of harvest? uh?! 55 drops?! And isn’t this amazing?! Vice President Te Where did you get this all of a sudden?”

Sejun asked in great surprise when Theo, who was obviously playing on his lap, handed him a huge item.


This is a sacred weapon used by Thunder, the god of storms, in battle.

With this club filled with the first thunderbolt, you can use the power of thunderbolt at will.

If placed in a place where lightning strikes, it absorbs the lightning and recharges its strength. (Current charge rate: 10%)

Restrictions on use: Those with

Creator: Thunder God of Storms

Rating: ★★★

In particular, the divine Lightning Rod is a club. It seemed like it was made for Kkueng, who writes.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I won and got it from a guy named Her!”


“That’s right! Her is the god of merchants!”

“okay? “Still, he is a god in name and appearance, so I should call him Her.”

Hehehe. You gave me such a good thing, but I guess you should at least add ‘nim’ to the name.

“I understand! From now on, I will call you Her!”

As befits Theo who listens well to what Sejun says, he immediately changed his title.

“I guess I should make something for Her.”

I gave you this amazing thing, but Her Rod is a bit weak…

Sejun envisioned a new temple for Her and said,

“Okay. This time, let’s go to the achievement fee. “Move the ground!”

Sejun used a hoe to erect a 3m high monument next to the monument of the Creator God.

[Her Achievement Monument]

-Her, the merchant god who gave us 55 drops of the elixir of harvest and the magical Thunderbolt. She was a god who knew mourning.

Her’s achievements were also inscribed in writing in front of the tower.

That time.

Her is robbed of items of great value due to Theo’s threats.

“Leah, everything is ruined because of you! I got ripped off a lot by Theo! “Theo you bastard!”

Her got irritated and shouted at Leah, who recommended Sejun to invest.

“Her, just wait a moment. “I heard Park Se-jun will do something for me.”

“no! As long as I have Theo, I’m doomed! Soon Theo will rip you off and you will become a beggar! “Wow!”

While Her was crying and whining to Leah,

[Black Tower Farmer Sejun Park built a temple for you.]

[Sacred power increases by 100.]

[The location of the temple is next to the monument of the Creator God, so you can receive the blessings of the Creator God. The amount of divine power is doubled.]

[10,000 mushroom ants, tenant farmers of Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun, witness your temple.]

[Divine power increases by 2.]

[The third Apostle of Creation, Kamangi . Park witnesses your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 4.]

[100,000 Calamity Sentinel Doom Devourers witness your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 1000.]




The message that appears.

Unlike the road, the sacred power increased just by looking at the achievement monument rather than stepping on it directly.



At the same time, tremendous divine power entered Her’s body, and Her’s body shone to the point of dazzling.

“Look! “It was a good investment in Park Se-jun, right?”

phew. Lived! Park Se-jun also believed it!

Leah, who was a little anxious, was relieved and asked Her proudly,

“Yes!” “Park Se-jun is the best!”

It’s incredible divine power!

Her, who had already stopped whining, raised her thumb and smiled brightly.


the rate of return is very high!

Her started flipping the abacus in her head and looking for things to invest in Sejun.


Sejun obtained 55 drops of the elixir of harvest.

“This elixir of harvest is…”

It should be used on dark cherry sunflowers.

I moved to use the elixir of harvest.

The dark cherry and light ray were used to help the black and white dragons find the power of darkness and light, and if you

take 10,000 sun candles to the White Tower, they will tell you the location of the sealed sun, right?

The purpose of the sun candle was to bring day to the white tower where there was only night.

So, Sejun used 20 drops on the dark cherry, 20 drops on the bright cherries, and 15 drops on the sunflowers

. [The sunflowers were harvested.]




We were able to harvest 30,000 sunflowers in the evening.

After a while,

“Okay. “Ajax, are you ready?”

[The slave of the White Tower says he is currently in the White Tower administrator’s area with his grandfather.]

Sejun awakens and sends Ajax to the administrator’s area because he cannot meet him.

“okay. movement.”

After hearing Ajax’s answer, Sejun went up to the waypoint and moved to the 99th floor of the White Tower.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the White Tower.]

[The surroundings are full of

magical power.] Elixir: Sejun was exposed to the enormous magical power unleashed by Ajax in order to grow cherry tomatoes with powerful magical power.

In the past, Sejun would have found it difficult to even breathe, but he said,

“Oh. “Something cheers me up?”

Now, I have reached a level where I can enjoy this environment leisurely.

[Talent: The efficiency of the magical power accumulating circuit increases and the speed of accumulating magical power becomes faster.]

[Magic power is permanently accumulated by 0.1 every 3 hours.]

Thanks to this . The speed of magic accumulation also increased.

“Then shall we take it out?”

Sejun took out 10,000 sunflowers from the leather pouch on his waist.


[10,000 sun candles were brought to the White Tower.]

[The quest was completed.]

[5 drops of the Elixir of Harvest were obtained as a reward for completing the quest.]

[10,000 sun candles burned and the sun sealed in the White Tower Find the location.]

With the message, the sun candles began to burn brightly and the surrounding area became brighter.

After about 10 minutes, the message

[The location of the sealed sun in the White Tower has been found.]

[The sealed sun is on the 67th floor of the tower.]

message appeared and

[Quest occurs.]




Next, a quest appeared saying that if you unlock the sun, you can achieve great achievements.

The reward was 10 drops of Harvest Elixir.

“Let’s go back first.”

First, he had to find the land document on the 67th floor of the White Tower, so Sejun returned to the Black Tower and three days passed, leading a normal life.


10th tower, 1st floor.

“Huh. Hah. Hah. “You’re really persistent…”

Stella, who had been fighting Fireworks for five days, was exhausted as she had no one shot to completely subdue Fireworks, which can recover infinitely.

[Are you going to continue?! I still have 100 more days to fight! Quickly take back from cursing my master!]

“Huh. Hah. okay. “I will cancel and cancel the insult I made to Park Se-Jun.”

In the end, Fireworks won by strangling Stella’s neck with its roots as she was exhausted and unable to move.

To be exact, Fireworks couldn’t hit her no matter how much she strangled, but Stella was annoying so she just surrendered.

The flame that made Stella surrender like that.

[But who is that person?]

I asked, looking at the man who was eating popcorn while looking at me and Stella from earlier.

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