Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 441

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Episode 441 Dad isn’t always weak!

Episode 441 Dad isn’t always weak!

Green Tower 1st floor.

“Fuhuhuhu. It’s sold out! And starting today, I’ll be selling new items!”

Theo, who went to work at the Green Tower after breakfast and sold out the auction, shouted.

“New stuff?”


Not only the Neta people but also members of the Immortal Sect who worked as slaves in the store showed interest in Theo’s shout.

The members of the Immortal Sect were living happier and more relaxed lives than when they were slaves.

The salary of a slave was higher than that of a member of the Immortal Sect, and if you used the salary you received to purchase small amounts of crops sold at Sejun’s store and then

take them upstairs and sell them during non-working hours, you could earn quite a bit of extra income.

So, of course, I had no choice but to show interest in the new items Theo was selling.

When everyone’s attention was focused,

“This is it!”

Theo took out a tree struck by lightning and a lightning stone.

If you release items from the Golden Tower only to the Black Tower, their scarcity will quickly decrease.

Then, as the market price fell, Theo, under Sejun’s instructions, released some of the quantity of Golden Tower items to the Green Tower.


“Is that a tree struck by lightning and a lightning stone?!”

Egel, the Saint of Destruction, the boss on the 97th floor of the tower, was excited when she saw the 50 trees struck by lightning and 500 lightning stones taken out by Theo.

The divine power used by Egel was greatly influenced by the power of the thunder attribute.

So, he was looking for trees struck by lightning and lightning stones to make equipment that would amplify his divine power, but

even though he had a huge amount of money, there were very few of them, so he had not been able to collect the quantity needed to make equipment for several years.


“Fuhuhuhu. “This isn’t an auction, I’m selling it at regular price!”

A benefactor appeared before my eyes, selling trees struck by lightning and lightning stones in large quantities.

“I will sell the tree struck by lightning for 15 billion Top Coins and the lightning stone for 400 million Top Coins!”

“Theo, I will buy everything!”

It was more than 50% more expensive than the market price of the Black Tower, but since he had a lot of money saved up, Egel purchased all of the quantity that Theo brought.

I bought a lot more than I needed to make equipment, but I can use the rest to make equipment for my subordinates.


Thanks to this, Theo sold out the trees struck by lightning and the lightning stones he had planned to sell in his store.

“Fuhuhuhu. I’m leaving work early today!

I need to hurry up and brag to Chairman Park!

Theo returned to the 99th floor of the Black Tower with over 1 trillion Top Coins.

“Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Theo, who quickly got out of the gym, threw himself at Sejun’s face and said,

“You came early?”

Sejun caught Theo’s body with his face.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park and Vice Chairman Te sold out all the items they brought in today! “I made a lot of money!”

“You sold everything?”

Sejun asked, grabbing Theo by the back of his neck and pulling him away from his face.

“That’s right!”

Theo showed off the money bag in his hand.

“good job.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Of course this body is good!”

When Sejun stroked Theo’s head, who was hanging on his lap, he said,

“You can praise me more!”

Theo said, rubbing his head vigorously in Sejun’s hand.

Thanks to this, Sejun took a short break while stroking Theo’s head.

“Be abundant!”

[The acts on the Magical Cherry Tomatoes.]

[The next amount of fruit that the Magical Cherry Tomatoes will bear is doubled.]

Drink the red mugwort juice potion and use the power to increase the harvest of cherry tomatoes. Raised it.

This time, cherry tomatoes were sent to Golden Tower all at once, and the storage was empty.

In this way, we increase the production of cherry tomatoes and say,

“Hey, let’s have lunch.”

I called out to the blackbirds that were playing with the destruction predators nearby.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Give me something delicious!]

Kamangi hurriedly ran to Sejun’s call.

Cheap chook chok.

Theo ate the chur and said,

“Kamang wait a minute.”

Sejun opens the package of Samgak Gimbap from the convenience store and

rips it off!

[Give me more!]

I put it in Kamangi’s mouth and ate it.


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After finishing the meal like that,

“Be abundant!”

Sejun began to increase the intelligence of the land with his power.




Devourers of destruction calling for their leader.


[What’s going on, subordinates?]

Let’s go to the place where Kamangi’s subordinates are calling,


The Devourers of Destruction pointed to a piece of core that had been completely purified by absorbing the power of destruction.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Well done guys! Now let’s go over there!]

I’ll have to feed this to the butler later!

Gamangi, who took the core piece, took the destruction predators to a field with a strong energy of destruction.


West area of the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


[It’s a medicinal herb!]


Today too, Kueng is digging up herbs to give to Sejun.

Kueng spends the whole morning taking care of or digging up herbs.


[It’s time for lunch!]

I took out the small black three-tiered lunch box that Sejun had packed for me from my snack bag.

The lunch box was made from the scales of a black dragon by Eileen at Sejun’s request, and of course it was affixed with preservation magic and space expansion magic.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I’m looking forward to seeing what dad packed me today!]


Kueng opened the lid of his lunch box with a happy face.


[It’s soy sauce butter bibimbap!]

The first tier, the top layer, was filled with soy sauce butter bibimbap covered in dozens of soft-boiled eggs.

The second tier was full of pork cutlet and the third tier was full of sausages.


Kueng lifted the spoon with his right hand and scooped up the soy sauce butter bibimbap with the yolk on top

and put it in his mouth.

I picked up the uncut pork cutlet with my left hand, dipped it in the sauce, and put the whole thing in my mouth.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s delicious!]

Kkueng ate the food while shaking his buttocks and dancing with delight.

After a while,


[Now let’s eat dessert!]

Kueng put the cleaned lunch box into his snack bag and started eating a 10L large-capacity chocolate ice cream.



[Now I have to go for special training!]

After eating all the ice cream, Kueng went to visit Uma King for special training.


[Master Umawang Kueng has arrived!]



King Uma, who had been waiting in advance, greeted Kuengi.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

[Let’s start right away. Raise your energy.]


Kueng, who was energized by the words of the Uma King, clenched his fists and cheered up his energy.


[Pull it up further!]






When Kkueng raised his power to 70%


Kueng felt his heart sink and quickly lost his strength without realizing it.




Seeing Kueng like that, Umawang gets his energy up again.



Kueng was unable to give his best this time and lost his strength in the middle.




It’s difficult…

King Uma was troubled as he watched his disciple Kkueng lose his strength before he could use his best.

It was a few days ago that I realized that Kkueng wasn’t giving his all, no, he wasn’t doing his best.

I was teaching how to subdue enemies with energy…


Kuengi raised his energy, but strangely, when he reached a certain level, he lost his strength.


[Disciple, why are you loosening your strength?]

King Uma had an in-depth conversation with Kueng because of his strangeness, and


[I am afraid that my father will get hurt if I increase my strength…]

I found out the reason.

It was a trauma to Kkueng that Sejun fainted several times because of him.

So Kueng developed a habit of releasing his energy when he felt that it would harm Sejun.

The fear that he might harm his father was imprinted in Kueng’s subconscious, and

every time Kueng increased his strength beyond a certain level, the unconscious fear released his body’s strength to prevent him from using his strength.




Kueng was training hard today to break his limits.




[I’m sleepy…]

Kamangi wakes up and goes outside with sleepy eyes


I dug hard into the ground and took out the purified core piece that had been hidden during the day.



Climbing onto the bed with a piece of the core in my mouth

, hehehe.

Put the core piece in Sejun’s mouth and

squeeze it!

Push the core piece strongly with both front feet.



A piece of core gently passes down Sejun’s throat.


Sejun felt pain briefly, but since it was only 0.01%, the pain did not last long.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It’s done!]

Satisfied, Black Mang climbs onto Sejun’s chest and

thumps. thumps.

I fell asleep again while listening to Sejun’s heartbeat.

A few hours later.

“Kamanga rain… gasp!”

Sejun woke up from a nightmare of being crushed by a giant black cat.


[Forcibly consumed the purified core fragment of Fenrir.]

[Absorbed the core fragment containing 0.01% of Fenrir’s power.]

[The power of the existing core fragments of Fenrir are combined.]

[Fenrir’s body remains in the body. Strength is accumulated by 0.0129%.]

I confirmed the message.

“Is this the black guy’s doing again?


Sejun said while looking at the black cat sleeping on his chest.

Sejun asked Bat-Baet to find out who kept feeding him purified Fenrir core pieces

(Sejun, it was Black Man!)

and found out that Black Man was the culprit.

Why is he feeding this to me?

I don’t know what Blackman did or how, but it’s a piece of Fenrir’s core that Sejun alone can’t eat due to usage restrictions.

It wasn’t a bad thing because it was helpful, including strengthening my powers.

“You should just get up.”

Although the sun had not yet risen, it was an awkward time to go back to sleep.



Sejun, who suddenly became playful, stood up, released Theo’s front paws that were holding his knees, pulled his knees out,


and put a black paw in there.

“Hehehe. “I wonder what kind of reaction you’ll get later.”

After seeing the two of them sleeping happily together, Sejun came out and was walking around the farm.



From afar, the sound of Pink Fur and Kuengi cheering was heard.

Normally, it would be time for both of us to sleep.

What is happening at this hour?

Sejun looked strange and went to the place where the sound came from.

As the distance got closer,




I saw Pink Fur and Kuengi shouting and spreading their energy around.



Sejun, whose nose was itchy probably because of the cold air, sneezed.



Kueng, who woke up early and did some extra practice with Pink Fur because he had little success in training yesterday, was taken aback when he saw Sejun who had come quite close.

This is a big deal! Mom is working hard! Dad is fainting!

Kueng is in a panic.


“Oh. sorry. “I suddenly started sneezing… but what are you two doing?”

Sejun asked the two in a normal voice.


[Dad didn’t faint?!]

Even though my eldest brother wasn’t there, mom held on?!

Kueng is surprised to see that.

Sejun was not the weakling Sejun that Kueng was worried about.

In particular, by acquiring , his resistance to external energy has greatly increased.

Of course, it was still the weakest sunfish on the 99th floor of the tower, but it was no longer at the point where it fainted just because it was exposed to strong energy.

That’s right! Dad isn’t always weak! Dad grows up too!

Thanks to you, Kkueng gained great enlightenment.



Kueng, who was confident that Sejun would not be hurt even if he increased his strength, began to use 100% of his energy.

Energy bursting out explosively.

The power that had been suppressed for so long burst out at once, and a much more powerful energy than Kuengi originally had was released, and he said,


I feel like I’m going to faint!

Sejun quickly dodged backwards to avoid Kueng’s energy. He didn’t faint, but there was pain.

Kkueng overcame trauma so wonderfully.

[Queng Park, an enlightened novice herbalist, has acquired .]

[Thunder, the god of storms, is keeping an eye on Kueng Park.]

He gained powerful power and received the attention of Thunder, the god of storms.

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