Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 438

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Episode 438 good! I’ll take care of it after seeing the butler!

Episode 438 good! I’ll take care of it after seeing the butler!


A TV program covering strange things in Korea


“Who would win if a cat and a bear fight? If you ask such a stupid question, everyone will laugh at you. Of course the bear wins. But if you watch this video, those thoughts will disappear.”

Today, unlike usual, the story was about a place other than Korea.

As the host spoke, huge cat and bear footprints in China and the United States appeared on the screen.

“The beings who left these traces are Korean hunter Sejun Park’s colleagues Theo Park and Kuengi Park, and as you can see, they are a cute cat and a baby bear.”

Then, the screen changed to show Theo and Kuengi captured on CCTV and

asked, “Which of the two do you think will win?”

“Of course it’s Theo!”

“no! Kkueng is a baby! “Kueng may still win, but in just one year, he will win 100%!”

“Do we play Theo? Of course, Theo also becomes stronger over the course of a year. And our Theo is going to be cute even a year later!”

“I cannot agree! “Kkueng one year later is also cute!”

In response to the host’s question, the guests fiercely defended Theo and Kuengi and had a cuteness battle to see who was cuter.

Opinions are almost 5 to 5.

However, the guests were not the only ones whose opinions were split equally.

korea. no. People all over the world were divided into Teopa and Kuengyi factions and were discussing who was cuter.

“We also have a bat…”

Of course, there were a few people who cheered for BatBaet.

Perhaps because he resembles Batbat, the people who cheered for Batbat preferred to remain unnoticed and did not receive much attention.

*** What happens

when King Uma disposes of the fragments of the Apostles of Destruction


[Are you guys okay?]

Kamangi hurriedly checked the status of his subordinates.


Most of the surviving destruction predators were fine. But that didn’t mean it was good.

The power of the Apostle of Destruction fragments was so strong that all of the Devourers of Destruction that were attacked died.

At that time

, Kiki…


The Destruction Predators brought forward a dying Predator with half of its head cut off.

It was a predator of destruction who told Black Mangi, who couldn’t close his eyes because he was worried about his leader, to run away.

Key… this… key… this.

I’m glad the captain is safe.

Even though the words did not make sense, Black Mang understood the last words spoken by the Devourer of Destruction. no. I understand.

So I was sad and angry that there was nothing my noble wolf and great self could do.

Whip! Whip!

[hey! wake up! The captain gives orders!]

The only thing you can do is forcefully disguise it as an unhelpful order.

I guess I’ll have to step up.

Here, it creeps in as King Uma, the eldest(?), tries to explain to the grieving Kamangi that there is also a reality that must be accepted


The energy of creation that was vaguely spread around gathered and converged on the head of the dying Devourer of Destruction.

A reaction to Kkamangi’s words.

Just as a dragon has a dragon’s tongue, the kamangi also had a similar spirit of extinction.

The power to ignore the providence of the world and carry out one’s will by putting the power of destruction in words.

Until now, Black Mangi had not been able to use the Spirit of Destruction because it did not have the power of destruction.

However, as he was overcome with emotion, he unconsciously moved the energy of creation and used the spirit of extinction.


height… height?!

The head of the dying Predator of Destruction returned to normal.

uh?! Why is this happening?

Even though I use it, I don’t understand it.


that’s not the point!

Kihihi. Whip?! Whip!

[Hehe. Did you see it?! The captain’s orders are absolute!]

What’s important now is that the captain’s majesty was shown to the destruction predators.



The destruction predators put such a black bird on their heads and rinsed it with

gargoyles. Kkheehee. Beep!

[Hehe. Raise it higher! [As much as I respect the great Kamangi!]

Kamangi was happy to be treated as a leader by the destruction predators.

That guy was hiding his abilities too.


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King Uma looked at Kamangi and nodded.

As expected, all of Sejun’s companions are very talented.

Theo Flame, Kuengi, Black Rabbit, etc.

King Uma thought that Sejun had an outstanding talent for finding talented people.

When Sejun was recognized by King Uma with abilities he didn’t even have,

he munched. munched.

Yuren was filling up his empty stomach while using ‘Become Gold’ and he was so


[It was a windfall!]

Piyot picked up the coins that were dropped as the Apostle of Destruction fragments disappeared.



[Surround those pigs!]

Above the heads of the destruction predators, Blacky pointed at Yuren and shouted.

It smells!

Because he felt a piece of his core in Yuren’s body.

I planned to find the core piece and show my subordinates my dignity as a captain once again.



When the Devourers of Destruction under orders from Kamangi surrounded Yuren, they

cried out?

Yuren, who was eating food, was embarrassed.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Give me a piece of my core!] What should I do

when Black Mangi runs towards Yuren, aiming for Yuren’s pocket


Yuren was worried between the food in his hands and his pocket.

Munching, munching.

Yuren, of course, chose food, and

kihihi. bleep?! bleep?!

[Hehe. Guys, have you seen it?! [Great Blackman is so fast that he can’t even react?!]

After snatching Yuren’s pocket and showing off, he takes out his core piece from Yuren’s pocket.

Don’t fuss!

He subdued his thoughts in the core piece.



[Eat this!]

Let’s show the core pieces to the destruction predators,



Sum. Sum.

After the destruction predators cheered for Kamangi, they began eating in earnest.


Blackman feels proud seeing that.


[But I’m sleepy…]

My eyelids became very heavy. Because I suddenly used a lot of force and overexerted myself.

dump. As

soon as the black cat fell to the floor,

it hit hard.

Umawang grabs Kamangi by the scruff of his neck

and murmurs.

[Let’s go back.]




Piyot and Yuren moved to the 99th floor of the tower.



The destruction predators also followed behind the Demon King, chasing the black bird that was hanging on the Demon King’s hand.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


“Where is Black Man?!”


[Where is Kamangi?]

When Sejun and Theo Kueng were looking for Kamangi

[Sejun, I know where Kamangyi has gone!]

Podri waved a branch and said to Sejun.

“really?! “Where did the black mang go?”

[I went that way on the Destruction Predators earlier.]

Podori moved the branch and pointed in the direction where Blackman went.

“uh?! Over there…”

It was in the direction of the merchant passage leading down the tower.

“Could it be that you got angry and ran away from home because you received mental education?!”

A gale and a storm?

“This isn’t going to work.”

Anyway, it’s not like running away from home!

“Guys, let’s go catch the blackfish!”

“I understand!”


[I understand!]

Not long after returning to the farm, Sejun and his friends leave the farm again to catch the runaway blackbird.


boom. boom.


[Put this away!]


[No.] I

saw Kamangi, who was grabbed by the back of the neck by King Uma, struggling to escape from King Uma’s hand.

“uh?! “Kamang!”

When Sejun calls out Kkamangi,

whine?! Beep! Beep!

[uh?! Butler! I missed you!]

Black Mangi barked happily at Sejun.



Contrary to the warm welcome that Kamangi expected, Kamangyi was surrounded by Theo and Kuengi.

“Kkamang hasn’t come to his senses yet! “I’m following you!”


[I’m following you! I need to be scolded more!]

I was on the verge of having to go to Theo and Kkueng for mental education again.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

[I’m stronger now! I will not receive mental education! Don’t stop me!]

Kamangi tried to escape between the two while raising the energy of creation, but he said,

“Fuhuhuhu. “What are you doing?”



A black cat that was lightly grabbed by the back of the neck by Theo. With this level of creative energy, Theo and Kuengi could not be defeated.


[Save Blacky!]

In the end, Blacky was taken away and received mental education again, and he personally experienced that strong resistance comes with a strong beating.

While Kamangi was receiving mental education,

sum. sum.

For the sake of the leader, the destruction predators diligently absorb the energy of destruction from the piece of Fenrir’s core dropped by Black Mangi


Oh my!

I exuded creative energy, but


The black man’s screams did not disappear.


The Destruction Predators realize that it will be difficult to find a leader on their own, so

let’s increase the number quickly!

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

I spat out the seed in front of Sejun.

3 days later.

[The seeds of the Devourer of Destruction were planted in the land filled with magic.]





The seeds planted by Sejun grow quickly and the predators of destruction arise


[My subordinate! come here! There’s a lot to eat here!]

Blackfish grabbed a piece of the core with both front paws and shouted,


The Destruction Predator, who had received the call of Kamangi, moved towards Kamangi.


[You succeeded in increasing the number of Devourers of Destruction to 1 million.]

[Completed the quest.] [

100 drops of Elixir of Growth were obtained as a reward for completing the quest.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, Devourers of Destruction are designated as Calamity Sentinels. .]

A quest completion message finally appeared in front of Sejun, who had planted the Devourer of Destruction seed without resting for three days.

“Hehehe. good.”

Sejun smiled as he looked at the glass bottle with 100 drops of growth elixir in his hand.


what is Calamity Sentinel?



I looked at the Devourers of Destruction who were cheering that they had become Disaster Sentinels. Nothing much changed.

At that time,

[Kamang, who has control over the Devourer of Destruction, appoints Park as the third apostle of creation.]


[How dare you!]

Kamangi was angry when he saw the message that appeared in front of him.

I’m the third?! I am the great Kamang, the first Apostle of Destruction!

I didn’t like the third time.

I won’t do it!

So, when you try to reject the Apostle of Creation,

[], the

following message appears.

‘A noble wolf protecting Park Se-jun?’

Sounds a bit tempting, right?

Whip! Whip!

[good! I’ll do it after seeing the deacon!]

Not knowing that Kamangi has become the third apostle of the God of Creation, he says,

“Hehehe. Kamanga goes first.”


[You have consumed the elixir of growth.]

[Acquired 1 million experience points.]

[The lowest stat, agility, increases by 10.]

[Grasping Lv. The skill level of 8 increases significantly.]

Sejun swallowed a drop of the elixir of growth.



I swallowed another drop of the elixir of growth.

Sejun’s current level is 99.

Once he reaches level 100, he can no longer gain experience points due to job quests, so he drank it carefully, drop by drop.

We cannot allow even a single drop of loss!

When Sejun swallowed 5 drops of the elixir of growth

[He consumed 10 drops of the elixir of growth.]

[All stats increase by 100.]

Additional effects of the elixir of growth appeared.


Now the gap between me and Kamang has widened further.

Sejun likes that he has widened the gap with Kamangi.


Sejun continued to drink the elixir of growth, and when he consumed 80 drops of the elixir of growth

, [he leveled up.]

[Obtained bonus stat 1.]

[Strength increases by 10.]

[Quest occurs.]

[Job Quest: Receive recognition from Hamer, the god of farming, Patrick, the god of the earth, and Leah, the god of abundance, and raise your Top Farmer grade to S.]

Reward: All job skill levels +1 and 1 job skill

Sejun has finally reached level 100 and a job quest has appeared. .


[Lea, the God of Abundance, recognizes Sejun Park, the Black Tower farmer, as the first.]

Leah, the God of Abundance, quickly recognized Sejun as first place.

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