Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 439

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Episode 439 I can’t stand gossiping behind my back!

Episode 439 I can’t stand gossiping behind my back!

Seed Store Headquarters.

“It’s already been a week…”

When no one visited her temple for a week, Leah opened her mouth with an expression of despair.

Leah still doesn’t know that Podri has blocked Leah Road.


What did I do wrong that Park Se-jun is angry at me?

Leah thought about why Sejun was angry.


“Ah! Is that it?”

One reason why Sejun would be angry came to mind.

Are you really angry because I was late in producing the new product?!

These days, whenever the seal of the gods is released, we hold a party and eat, drink, and have fun…

“We played almost every day.”

You deserve to be angry.

“But how do I relieve Park Se-jun’s anger?”

When Leah is worried,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun has received a job quest.]

[Test Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun to check his farming skills. If you like Park Se-jun’s farming skills, say ‘approval’.]

Appears. message.

A test for Park Se-jun?!

This was an opportunity. A chance to appeal how much you trust Park Se-jun.

There is no need for tests between us! Because I completely trust you, Park Se-jun!


So I quickly admitted it without even taking a test.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun’s farming skills were recognized for the first time.]

Oh! First place!

“lol. “I guess Park Se-jun’s anger will go away now, right?”

Release me quickly!

Leah clasped her hands together and prayed for divine power to gather.


[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun has expanded your temple to 15 pyeong.]

[Holy power increases by 50.]

[The third apostle of creation, Black Park, has passed by your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 10. ]

[1000 Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourers have passed through your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 5.]




With the message that Sejun had expanded the temple, Black and Destruction Devourers passed by the temple and increased Leah’s sacred power.

“Park Sejun! Park Se-jun!”

Park Se-jun is a bold man! I believed it!

Leah was chanting Sejun’s name, who quickly relieved her anger.

“huh?! The third apostle of creation, Kamangi Park?!”

There is a third?! So who is the second one?

I was puzzled when I discovered Kkamangi’s name later.

The only apostle of creation known to the gods was Emilla Evenus.

“ah. “That’s not important now!”

Because I don’t want Park Se-jun to get angry again.

Leah hurriedly produced the sacred equipment.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“First place should be given preferential treatment.”

Sejun decided to expand Leah Road as a reward for Leah who was the first to acknowledge him.

So we go to where Leah Lord is and

“Move the Earth.”

Using Myler’s hoe skill, Leah Road was expanded by 10 pyeong.


[Rhea Lord]

– Rhea, the god of abundance who will enrich our pockets with the elixir of harvest. She was a good god.

– Recognized as 1st place in level 100 job quest.

I added one more line to my achievements.

When Sejun was expanding Leah Road like that,


[Hehe. Guys, follow me!]



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Blackbird was playing around Sejun with his destruction predators.

Kamangi was briefly discouraged by mental education, but became proud again after becoming an apostle of creation. In particular

, I will protect the butler

while obtaining !

This became even more true after I felt a sense of duty to protect Sejun.

So, Kamangi led his men and circled around Sejun, and

Kamangi and the Destruction Devourers naturally stepped on the Leah Road and increased Leah’s sacred power.


[you can’t get caught.]

Podori, which was blocking Leah Road, quickly pulled out the roots so that Sejun wouldn’t notice.

He vented his anger to some extent, and felt like he would be scolded if Flame found out that he was blocking Leah Road.

You will eat a lot of nutritional supplements along with a lot of cravings.


Sejun completed the expansion of Leah Road.

“But how do I get the approval of Hamer, the god of agriculture?”

Suddenly, I was curious.

Patrick, the Earth God, is sealed on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower, so all you need to do is receive recognition in return for releasing the seal.

However, there was no information at all about Hamer, the god of farming.

“Well, it’ll come out someday, right?”

Sejun put off things that couldn’t be resolved right away and said,

“Guys, let’s eat!”

I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

“What should I eat today?”

Sejun looked around the subspace warehouse and thought about the menu for tonight.

“I’ve only been eating delivery food these days…”

I should eat light today.

As Sejun passed the place where the delivery food was collected and went inside, he saw fresh beef, pork, and chicken.


“A light pork belly today?”

Pork belly will be lighter than ogyeopsal. It will happen.

After Sejun picked up the pork belly, he took the lettuce and perilla leaves that were not available on the farm and came out of the subspace warehouse.

Chi profit.

When Sejun grilled pork belly,

“Chairman Park is grilling my grilled fish too?!”

Theo, who was sleeping clinging to Sejun’s leg, woke up and asked.

“huh. of course. Can you see what’s baking here?”

Sejun showed me the fish being grilled until golden brown on a skewer next to the brazier where pork belly was being grilled.


When Theo was watching the grilled fish with a happy expression,


[It smells delicious!]

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip.

[Hehe. Butler! Give me food!]

Kueng and Kamangi came in.

Kamangi, looking at his brothers’ eyes as if he still had some left in his mental education, hurriedly added the letter ‘yo’ to the end.

After a while.

“ruler. let’s eat.”

Sejun put the grilled pork belly on a plate and placed it in the center of the table


[Kuengi will make wraps for Dad to eat!]

Kuengi, who tried pork belly once, started making wraps with enthusiasm.

Put 2 perilla leaves on top of the lettuce, 5 pieces of pork belly, 3 garlic cloves, 5 slices of Cheongyang pepper, 3 spoons of white rice?

“uh?! Kueng, I think that’s a bit big, don’t you think?”

Sejun spoke in a voice full of concern.



[It’s okay! It tastes good this way!]

After adding a handful of green onions and half a spoonful of red pepper paste, put 5 pieces of pork belly on top, cover with lettuce and perilla leaves, and go fight my way.



[It’s done!]

I handed out a huge wrap to Sejun.

“···oh my. looks delicious! Thank you Kueng.”

Doesn’t this look like rice balls rather than ssam?

I was unable to say the words that were in my mind and was beaten.


[I’m putting it in one bite, Dad!]

Unable to ignore Kueng’s expectations as he looked at Sejun with eyes hoping that he would enjoy it, Sejun stuffed a huge wrap into his mouth.

Munching, munching.

It was difficult to put in, but it tasted good.


When Sejun gave Kueng a thumbs up,

Kuhehehe Kueng!

[Hehehe. Now it’s Kueng’s turn!]

Kueng was satisfied and made his own ssam, adding three times more ingredients than when making Sejun’s ssam.

Of course, it was three times as big.


Kuaengi cheered up and put the ssam into his mouth. As expected, he was so energetic while eating that he seemed like the winner of a food fight competition.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Great Black Mangi cannot lose! I’m going to eat it in one bite too!]

I’ve eaten well in the past too!

Kamangi, who felt competitive at the sight of Kuengi, raised his head as he put a whole piece of pork belly into his mouth.

I plan on swallowing it all in one go.



The pork belly, which was larger than Kamangi’s throat, did not go down completely and got stuck in Kamangi’s throat.

Gong! Gwang!

“hey! “Why did you swallow it whole?”

Sejun, who was watching Blackbird, quickly figured out Blackbird’s condition and performed the Heimlich maneuver by pressing on Blackbird’s stomach.


Kamangi made a strange noise and spit out pork belly from its throat.

“Kamangi is not allowed to eat meat for a week.”



When Kkamangi gets frustrated because he can’t eat meat thanks to you, he

says, “I’ll give you dried sweet potatoes instead.”

When Sejun takes out dried sweet potatoes,


[Hehe. good! Give it to me quickly!]

Black Mang quickly got over his frustration and started wagging his tail.


I will give you a magic tower in a black gourd.

“Pfft. “I like it so much.”

Iona smiled happily as she looked at the crushing gravity staff of suppression in her hand.

The atmosphere at the Black Park Magic Tower was the best these days.

Thanks to this, the 10 vice presidents who took the exam every day were really happy.

In the past, I would have been dragged right away and subjected to gravity torture until

I passed out… This was explained to me yesterday. “Look at this and try to solve it again.”


These days, Iona gave them several hints and opportunities until they solved the problem.

What do you need from Sejun

while the 10 vice presidents are taking the exam ?

Iona thought about a gift to give to Sejun.

Of course, Theo’s contribution goes into making the wand, but Iona only worries about Sejun’s gift.

There was a reason for everything.

Even if you give it to Theo as a gift, Theo gives it to Sejun anyway.


there it is. If you want to win Theo’s heart, you must first win Sejun’s heart!

If Sejun, Theo’s spiritual supporter, liked it, Theo naturally liked it too, so in a way, it was killing two birds with one stone.

When Iona was thinking about a gift to give to Sejun,

swoosh. swoosh.

There was a sound of something scraping next to me.


When Iona turned her head, she saw Heukster, who had already passed the test, drawing a blueprint.

“Heukster, what is that?”

“ah. This one? “These are the magic equipment that Sejun requested from me last time.”

Sejun, who came to give Iona a staff a few days ago, told Heukster the options for the magic equipment he wanted while waiting for Iona.

“Pfft. is it so?”

These are the magic equipment that Sejun wants.

뀻댕뀻. There is no gift more authentic than this!

Hearing Heukster’s words, Iona looked closely at the blueprint.

Iona looks at the blueprint intently.

That’s great.

As expected from a Blackster with a high understanding of magic, the equipment was designed to have good magic efficiency.


“What? “What is this jjangsegun talking about?”

There were words in the blueprint that I didn’t know.

“Jjangseji is a shortened name for gauntlet.

“Then what about Jjangsebu?”

“Jjang Seji is shortened boots.”

“Then I guess Jjangsebel is the most powerful belt. “Did you come up with this name, Sejun?”

A name that seems to have been made quite roughly. The moment Iona heard the name, she thought of Sejun.

“yes. that’s right. Honestly, I don’t have the motivation to make equipment because of this name.”

“Pfft. I understand. Honestly, Sejun’s naming skills are…”

Having watched Sejun’s vicious naming skills several times, Iona understood Heukster’s feelings.

“Yes?! Iona, isn’t it strange too?! “I’m not the only one who’s weird, right?!”

“Pfft. sure. Honestly, Blackster too…”

“Wow. “I’m so glad you understand!”

When Iona and Heukster criticize Sejun’s naming skills,

they can’t stand the gossip!

“But didn’t the yellow cat that came a few days ago look a little lacking?”

Vice President No. 7 Grunn, who was twitching his mouth as he wanted to speak, opened his mouth and said,

“You idiot!” it’s not that!

Heukster, who is sensitive to the senses of a great swordsman, looked at Iona, who was suddenly radiating a frost-like energy, and shook his head to give Grun a look.

However, wizards have not learned how to use magic because they only study magic.

“Not a little bit. “It seemed like I was lacking a lot.”

“that’s right. “It’s so frivolous to even laugh and say ‘fuhuhuhu’.”

Not realizing that the atmosphere was becoming cold, even the other vice presidents began to badmouth Theo.

Guys, please be careful!

Heukster continued to notice them with his strong eyes, but the wizards did not notice.


what?! Why is the atmosphere like this?

By the time the 10 vice presidents noticed that the atmosphere was strange, it was already too late.

“Kk-kkeun-kkeun-everyone but Blackster, follow me!”

In the end, they were taken to Iona and said,

“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-How dare you insult Theo?! Overpower!”

“Ugh! Wrong!”

“Please save Iona!”

Became the first tester of the gravity staff of crushing suppression.

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