Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 437

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Episode 437 What?! Did you just call me a dog?!

Episode 437 What?! Did you just call me a dog?!

Near the 97th floor of the tower.



Piyote and Yuren were being chased by fragments of the Apostles of Destruction who were desperately pursuing them.

In addition, Yuren continued to run away to the place where the Apostle of Destruction fragments were, increasing the number of enemies to five.

For reference, after Yuren was tracked again, he encountered fragments of the Apostle of Destruction three more times, and

thanks to Yuren, Melphix and Kuruger encountered their own fragments, which were normally difficult to encounter in the tower, and merged into one, even powering up.

However, he couldn’t throw away Fenrir’s core piece and run away.

If you throw away the core piece, the Apostle of Doom who absorbs it will become stronger.

Even if you are lucky and escape the pursuit of the Apostles of Doom, the enemy who absorbed pieces of Fenrir’s core in the meantime could have harmed other innocent people in the tower.

There is only one way to kill your enemies cleanly!

Piyot was planning to lure the enemies up to the 99th floor of the tower and attack them once and for all.

There are many strong people there who can easily defeat the Apostle of Destruction fragments.

The two of them ran away from the fragments of the Apostles of Destruction for a long time.

But something unexpected happened to Piyo.

Yuren spread before reaching the 99th floor of the tower.

Piyo! Piyo!

[Yuren, cheer up! If you go a little further, you’ll be on the 99th floor of the tower!]

Pyogi pulled Yuren’s ears and urged him, who was almost walking from exhaustion, but he said,

“No. I was wrong now. “Leave me and go…”

Yuren no longer had the strength to walk.

Whenever Yuren was in danger of being captured by the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction, he overcame the crisis with ‘Become Gold’.

But now it was the limit. Yuren’s ability is to turn the amount of food he eats into gold.


In other words, he was saying he couldn’t move because he was hungry.


– I finally caught these guys!

-You won’t be able to escape this time!

-Hurry up and explain to you guys why you can feel Fenrir’s energy!

The fragments of the Apostles of Destruction that followed behind the two arrived.


[What should I do, Yuren?!]

“Money won’t work, right?”


[Of course it won’t work!]

“Then I’ll try to hold out as long as I can, so you can call Theo!”

It’s my fault, but I have to take responsibility.

Yuren tried to meet a wonderful end,

but Pyo?


Are you? I hope you can hold on just fine.


[Don’t be foolish and come up with a useful idea!]


Smart Piyote was not fooled.

-Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. It’s funny that you talk nonsense in front of us.

Meanwhile, fragments of the Apostles of Destruction surrounded the two.


[Yuren, if you are reborn, be sure to be reborn as a lucky person.]

“I want to do that too. “I’ll make sure you see it thanks to me then.”


[It’s so loud!]

Piyote and Yuren are making noises and rumbling as they prepare for the final, unwinnable battle against the fragments of the Apostles of Destruction


The sound of a huge army moving and shaking the ground was heard.

Ppayot?! Pyoyo!

[uh?! I guess someone came to save us!]

“I survived!”

Piyo and Yuren look towards the source of the sound with hopeful expressions.


hehe hee hee!

[Hehe. The great Black Man appears!]




“Cherry tomatoes?”


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Piyogi and Yuren’s hopes quickly faded as they saw Black Mangi, the weakest member of the 99th floor of the tower, appearing arrogantly riding the Devourer of Destruction.


whine?! whine…

[What should I do?! The butler would be worried…]

At first, Black was embarrassed by his situation of being forced to run away from home.


kihihihi. whine! whine!

[Hehe. It’s an adventure! Guys, run!]

He soon accepted his situation and decided to enjoy the moment.

uh?! Those guys?!

In the eyes of Black Man, who was traveling on the Devourers of Destruction, he came across fragments of the Apostles of Destruction and Pyogi and Yuren who were surrounded by them.

What should I do?!

Kamangi was in a dilemma.

One side was originally his subordinates, and the other side was his eldest brother Theo’s subordinates.

Your subordinates are also my subordinates!

Therefore, he said that both were his subordinates.


[hey! Don’t fight!]

So I went out to stop the two from fighting.

In the past, no matter how much I shouted, it had no presence, but now with the creation of a new core, it has gained some presence.


– are you Fenrir?

Kuruger, the apostle of destruction, saw Kamangi and asked Kamangi.

Kuruger is the most loyal apostle who follows Fenrir among the 12 apostles of destruction.

Although his appearance has changed a lot, I can see Fenrir’s appearance in Black Mangi’s proud attitude.


whine… whine! whine!

[Ah… that’s not right! I am the great Black Mang!] Black

Manang could not say yes because his happy life would be ruined if his identity was discovered.

-Are you not the real Fenrir?

The loyal Kuruger asked again,

but whined!

[Kuruger, this body is not the great Fenrir!]

Black once again strongly denies it.

-But how do you know my name? After all, it’s Fenrir, right?!

Whip?! Whip! Whip!

[uh?! Anyway, not! I am not the noble wolf, the great Fenrir, who hunts the first god of destruction, but the noble wolf, the great Black Man Park!]

While Black Man was trying so hard not to reveal his true identity

– Kuruger! Where do you see that’s Fenrir?! It’s just a dog!

Melpix, the 4th Apostle of Destruction and Demon of Destruction, pointed to Black Mangi and said.

What?! Did you just call me a dog?!

A black man getting angry.

At that time

– Be polite to Melpix Fenrir!

Kuruger, who had a lot to do with Melphix who showed no respect for Fenrir, became angry.

-joy! Kuruga, come to your senses! Even after discovering a piece of Fenrir’s core, you still make that sound?! Fenrir is no longer the Fenrir it used to be. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I will absorb Fenrir’s core fragment and become the third Apostle of Doom!

Melpix said with a mean smile, and

this bastard, Melpix, swore allegiance so diligently in front of me…

Blackman became angry when he saw Melpix like that.

-Do you think I would leave it like that?! I, the mountain-smashing rock Kuruger, will collect the pieces of Fenrir’s core and deliver them to Fenrir!

On the contrary, Kuruger, who was usually blunt, was a true loyalist.

Kuruger, you will continue to be my subordinate!

When Blackman thinks he should bring Kuruger

– what is it? I suddenly feel weak.

-so do i.

The Apostle of Doom fragments were confused.

Sum. Sum.

Because of the destruction predators who surround the apostles of destruction and are eagerly feasting on the energy of destruction.

At that


Oh my.

The destruction predators digested the energy of destruction and began to emit blue fog.

-What is this unpleasant energy?

The energy of creation is opposite to the energy of destruction.

The energy of creation prevented the Apostle of Destruction fragments from using their power.

It wasn’t too uncomfortable yet, but if the blue fog got thicker, the situation could have gotten worse.

Melpix and Kuruger, who were fighting, were in an unusual situation

. -Kuruger, let’s deal with them quickly!

-I get it.

-Everyone attack!

Together with the other Apostles of Destruction, they attacked the Destruction Devourers and



Like destruction predators who hate the power of destruction, they responded immediately.

However, the power of the Destruction Devourers, which were numerous in number but poor in combat, could not compete with the fragments of the Apostles of Destruction.


The Destruction Predators were killed by fragments of the Apostles of Destruction and their numbers quickly decreased.

“Quick! Be golden!”

Meanwhile, Yuren, who has filled his stomach, turns the Hydra’s fragments into gold and


[Messenger bird’s level flight!]

Piyo flew quickly and tried to cut off the hydra’s neck

– but it was impossible!


Kuruger blocked Piyote’s attack with his solid body made of stone.

Whip! Whip!

[Don’t touch my men! The great Black Man will scold you!]

Black Black also ran towards the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction out of curiosity, but



The shock wave created by the Apostle of Destruction fragments prevented him from getting close and was thrown away.


A black cat that got hit and rolled around like that.


In Black’s eyes, he saw a fallen Predator of Destruction with half of its head cut off, vigorously shaking its leaves as if telling Black to run away.

Whip! Whip!

[A captain won’t run away and leave his men behind! I will protect you!]

I need strength!

Activate your core to the maximum

and gather together!

He guided the power he had been reluctant to gather until now to his core.


As if responding to Kamangi’s will, the energy of creation moved toward Kamangi.

Because he was an apostle of destruction, the energy of creation is a power that Kamangi is instinctively reluctant to use.


there’s nothing better than this to fight those guys!

Therefore, I knew that the energy of creation was the best power to deal with the Apostle of Destruction.

The energy of creation, which had spread so vaguely around the surroundings that it was almost invisible, gathered in Black Mangi and the color gradually became darker, and


The blue mist, which had become thick enough to stain your hands blue when you touched it, began to be sucked into the blackfish’s mouth.



As the energy of creation accumulates in the core

, it roars. Grumbles! Grumbles!

[Crumbling. These guys! Stop now!]

Black Mangi roared and rushed towards the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction.

this guy! You must have called me a dog earlier!

The first to attack was Melpix, who had been waiting for a while.

I felt worse about being called a dog than betraying him.


Black Mangi hit Melpix hard on the back of the head with his front paw.


Melpix, attacked by Black Mang, flew away and fell into the wall.


‘Was there a lack of strength?’

The expression on Blackman’s face after hitting Melphix was not good.

Although it absorbed the energy of creation, the amount was not enough to kill Melpix’s fragments in one blow.

-this guy!

-I’ll join you!

Kuruger, who decided that it would be difficult for Melpix alone, attacked Black Mangi in tandem

– you two, take care of those guys! I’ll take care of these and go!

Shasha, the queen of screams and heat, froze the Devourers of Destruction and shattered them with screams, shouting at Hydra and Leviathan.

Although the situation improved with Blackman’s appearance,

Blackman vs. Melpix Kuruger

Piyote Yuren vs. Hydra Leviathan

80,000 Devourers of Destruction vs. Sasha,

there was no advantage in any of them.

In particular, the problem was that the number of destruction predators was decreasing as Shasha slaughtered them.

As the amount of destruction energy consumed by the destruction predator decreased, the energy of creation emitted also decreased, and the power of the black man was gradually weakening.

As the wounds of the Black Piyot Yuren increased and the victory of the Apostles of Destruction became certain,

thud. thump.

With a shaking vibration, a black figure with huge horns and a large body appeared. It was King Uma who followed Kamangi.




[Is that guy Sejun’s?]

King Uma found Black Mangi going down the tower with the Destruction Predators.

It would be dangerous if he went alone…

He was worried about Black Mangi, so he hurriedly called his men to guard the waypoint and followed Black Mangi.

I could send my men away, but I wanted to get some fresh air for the first time in a while and, when I had the chance, try out the new skills I had developed during special training with Kueng.


the enemy.

When the opportunity to use a new technology came, King Uma quickly snatched up the five pieces of the Apostle of Destruction and gathered them in his palm, then


[Demon King’s Fist!]

Without hesitation, he extended his fist towards the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction.


A powerful destructive force occurred, and the fragments of the Apostle of Destruction in the palm of his hand disappeared without a trace, but the surrounding area was fine.

Blocking the shock waves going out with the palm of your hand.

You can teach me to Kkueng.

King Uma smiled in satisfaction and waved his numb palm.

At that time, the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Huh?! Where did Kkamang go?”

Sejun, who returned to the farm after delivering the gravity staff to Iona to suppress her crush, found out that Black Mangi had disappeared.

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