Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 434

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Episode 434 This is a famous place!

Episode 434 This is a famous place!

Green Tower 1st floor.

“It’s not like Theo isn’t coming today, right?”

“Don’t be unlucky! “You will definitely come today!”

The Tiger Tribe and the Lion Tribe were worried that Theo might have stopped coming when he did not show up for work yesterday, disappointed with the meager Green Tower.

In the past, I didn’t go to work the day after the sturdy blade green onions weren’t sold.

“We’re out of grapes and pineapples, so it’s a big problem.”

“We too…”

These days, the Neta people

have been achieving great results by luring giant vampire leeches with fragrant grapes full of life and dealing with the leeches gathered with pineapples that are screaming once they have been suppressed.

If they had a few more grapes and pineapples, they would be able to exterminate the giant vampire leeches like the locusts, but

when Theo did not come to sell the crops at this critical moment, they became anxious.

“It won’t work! “If Theo comes, our tiger clan will buy twice as much of Theo’s goods!”

“Are you saying that only the tiger tribe will receive Theo’s favor?! Don’t be funny! “Our lion tribe will live three times as long!”

“What?! Do you think our tiger tribe will lose to the lion tribe?! “The tiger tribe will buy it four times as much!”

When the tiger tribe and the lion tribe were fighting to buy Theo’s goods at a higher price, they said,

“Fuhuhuhu. Neta people. “Vice President Teh has come to work!”

Theo jumped from the roof, made three mid-air turns, and landed in Hero Landing, loudly announcing his appearance.


“Theo is here!”

“Call the other races!”

The tiger and lion tribes who discovered Theo quickly called the other tribes.

They would receive the winning bid, but it was to show Theo that the Neta people wanted Theo’s items.

Fuhehehe. This body is really popular!

Thanks to this, Theo felt better when he saw the Neta people surrounding him.

“I’m going to start the auction!”

We sold items with great excitement and

said, “It’s sold out!”

Fuhehehe. I earned 5 times more than before! Chairman Park would like it!

Theo smiled brightly at the thought of bragging to Sejun about the huge increase in sales and eating the churro on Sejun’s lap.


then .

A powerful energy began to emanate from the sky. The Neta people were not the only ones waiting for Theo.

Vice President Te, why isn’t he coming?!

Ophelia, who had finished eating the grilled sausage skewers, was also waiting anxiously for Theo.


It’s Ophelia! Those idiots are dangerous!

Theo quickly used Energy Suction to absorb Ofelia’s energy in an instant.

As Theo’s ability increased after absorbing Ophelia’s strong energy several times, he was now able to absorb the energy with greater ease.

As Teo absorbed the energy,

“Vice President Te, why didn’t you come yesterday?!” I worked really hard to grow up! “How many mugworts do I have… huh?!”

What does this smell like?

When Ophelia came down in front of Theo and started questioning him, Theo smiled evilly and started taking out Earth food from the bag.

“Vice President Te, what is that?”

“Fuhuhuhu. This is food that only Chairman Park can get! “Chairman Park told me to give it to Ophelia!”


“That’s right!”

“But what is this thing called?”

Ophelia asked, pointing to a food item. The red color and spicy scent stimulated my appetite.

“Fuhuhuhu. “That’s the Goddess of Yeoptteok!”

“Then what about this?”

“You’re such a chin goddess!”


“That’s you!”

After asking for the names of all the foods, Ophelia started eating and said,


I realized that the word ‘nenim’ is added to delicious food.

After a while.

“Tell Sejun that he ate well. And this is the mugwort I canned.”

Ophelia put the remaining food into the subspace and handed over the harvested mugwort to Theo.

“I understand! Ophelia, please dig up more mugwort!”

“okay. Instead, bring delicious food next time too. Understand?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! “When we go to Chairman Park’s parents’ house, there’s a lot of food like this!”

Theo stuck out his chest and spoke arrogantly as if the house was his.

“really? okay. “Then I’ll go.”

Ophelia returned to the 99th floor of the tower feeling reassured by Theo’s confident words.

Ofelia didn’t know that it would be difficult to go to Sejun’s parents’ house.


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99th floor of the Black Tower.

[The seeds of the Devourer of Destruction were planted in the land filled with magic.]




Sejun, who planted the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction.


Kihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Hey guys, come here! This is a great place!] Kamangi and


find the place where the energy of destruction is strongest and call out the destruction predators !


I was bewildered as I saw the perish predator answering the black bird’s call and toddling towards it.

“What happened?”

Anchovy wolf instead of shepherd dog?

Kamangi, who had a useless pedigree and a lot of power, had an unexpected talent.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. After eating the energy of destruction, he will grow up quickly and become a great subordinate of the noble wolf, the great Blackman!]

Now, Blackman feels no guilt even when he team kills. Now there was no intention of returning to destruction.


hehe. It’s so exciting and fun, why go there?

Because playing here is much more fun.

Hehehe. cute.

Sejun was watching the blackbird barking and following the destruction predators and the destruction predator following the blackbirds making kiki sounds.


[The seeds of the Devourer of Destruction were planted in the land filled with magic.]




I planted the Devourer of Destruction seeds again.

So the number of destruction predators gradually increased,

and hehehe!

[Hehe. Follow me!]



The destruction predators followed Kamangi and absorbed the energy of destruction in places where the energy of destruction was strong.



By digesting the energy of destruction, the energy of creation was spread to the 99th floor of the tower, and the concentration of the energy of creation gradually became thicker.

After a while,

“Let’s do it! “Everything has been planted!”

Sejun stretched out after planting all 100,000 Devourer seeds in his pocket.

“I’m hungry…”

When Sejun took out a hamburger from the storage room and ate it

, he cried.

Whip! Whip!

[hey! Are you the only one eating?! Give me dried sweet potatoes too!]

Black, who was playing captain with the perish predators, ran eagerly to Sejun.


it’s a mess.

I fell because I couldn’t see the hole.


The captain also fell?!

As the destruction predators became agitated when they saw the fallen black bird,

hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Guys, I’m fine!]

Black man pretends to be strong in front of his subordinates.


Sejun burst out laughing at the sight of such a black man.

Ttungdadang. Ttungdadang.

Black came running to Sejun, pretending like nothing was wrong.

As soon as he went behind Sejun, where the destruction predators couldn’t see, he started


[My legs hurt…]

and laying down and whining to Sejun.

“are you okay?”

Sejun was massaging Black’s legs and after about 10 minutes

, hehehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi is back!]

Kamangi got up quickly.


whine! whine!

[hungry! Give me the dried sweet potatoes!]

I sat down in front of Sejun and barked.

“okay. ruler.”

When Sejun took out a dried sweet potato from the sub-space warehouse and put it in Kamangi’s mouth, it was

salty, salty, salty.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It’s delicious!]

Black Mangi put his butt on Sejun’s butt and began to eat the dried sweet potatoes deliciously.

While Sejun and Kamangi were eating,

“Fuhuhu.” Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Theo, who had come home from work at Green Tower, came out of the gym and rushed into Sejun’s face.

“Did you sell well today?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! It was sold out today too! Plus, sales increased five times!”

Theo smiled and handed Sejun the money he earned from the auction.

“oh. really? “Vice President Te is great.”

“Fuhuhuhu. It goes without saying that Vice President I am great! “Give me Churu!”

It was sweet

when Theo, who received Sejun’s praise, smiled arrogantly and lay down on Sejun’s lap to eat a bowl of cheese .

A black hole appeared in the air, and Theo’s cart, having sold out all the goods from the Golden Tower, returned.

This time, the cart returned after three days. I came back after spending one more day than before.

It rattled.

[The settlement begins.]

The entrance to the cart opened and writing began to be engraved on the door.

[I earned 21.5 million Top Coins by selling all the items.]

Thanks to raising the price of cherry tomatoes, the money I earned doubled compared to before, but that wasn’t a big concern.

I was more interested in the cart I bought from the Golden Tower than in the money I earned from selling it.

“Hehehe. “Do you think you bought a lot?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I, the owner, am as capable as Vice President Te, so I must have bought a lot!”

When Theo shouted

[I was unable to purchase the ‘Golden Tower 35th Floor Land Document’ that I instructed to purchase.]

[120 trees struck by lightning were purchased for 840 Top Coins.]

[3000 Thunderstone Stones were purchased for 450 Top Coins. .]

[1 Thunder Spirit Stone was purchased for 1000 Top Coins.]

[Glato Village’s Order Form was purchased for 0 Top Coins.]

The cart began displaying what it had purchased on the door.

“As expected, Vice President Teh’s cart.”

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, I am Vice President Te’s cart!”

Sejun and Theo nodded with happy smiles after reading the message.

Recognizing that there were many trees and stones struck by lightning in the Golden Pagoda, the cart mercilessly beat down the purchase price.

Thanks to this, the tree struck by lightning, which was worth 10 top coins each, was bought for 7 top coins each, and the lightning stone, which was worth 0.2 top coins each, was bought for 0.15 top coins.

“But what is the Thunderstone? It costs 1000 Top Coins?”


Sejun said, looking at a stone the size of two fists that was emitting golden sparks about once a minute inside the cart.

The price is too expensive compared to other items in the Golden Tower.

I couldn’t grab it for fear of getting electrocuted.

“Now that I think about it, wasn’t there a thunderbolt stone among the materials that made the cart?”

When Sejun recalls the contents of [Automatic Cart Wandering the Black Tower and Golden Tower] that he had previously read,

[Currently, the automatic cart wandering the Black Tower and Golden Tower contains 1 Thunder Spirit Stone, a material that can upgrade the cart.]

[ You can use one Thunderbolt Stone to expand the storage space of the automatic cart that roams the Black and Golden Towers by 1.5 times.] [Would you like to

use a Thunderbolt Stone to upgrade the automatic cart that roams the Black Tower and the Golden Tower?]

The message that appears.

It would have been profitable to pay 1,000 Top Coins to expand the cart’s storage compartment by 50% and bring in more lightning-struck trees and lightning stones.

“huh. “I’ll use it.”


With Sejun’s words, the thunderbolt disappeared with a thunderbolt, and the size of the cart remained the same, only the storage space expanded.

Sejun took out the tree struck by lightning and the lightning stone from the expanded storage compartment of the cart.

“The purchase order was here.”

After putting everything away, I found an envelope on the floor and took out the paper to check it. The plan was to order 50,000 cherry tomatoes.

The residents of the Golden Tower certainly seemed to like magic cherry tomatoes.

“Send Vice President Te’s stuff on board.”

“I understand!”

Following Sejun’s instructions, Theo filled the cart with crops and

said, “Make a lot of money!”

Sweet, sweet.

Theo sent the cart back to the Golden Tower.

This time, I returned after 3 days and paid 270 billion Topcoin.

As the cart left,

“Now we have to harvest the corn.”

Sejun got up with Theo and Kcamangi and approached the cornfield.



One of the destruction predators who was absorbing the energy of destruction in the corn field approached Sejun

and swooshed.

Did I do well?

He spit something out at Sejun’s feet and was proud.


Sejun looked closely at what the destruction eater spat.


[Destruction Predator Seeds]

There were 5 Destruction Predator seeds. The Destruction Predator seemed to spread the seeds like this.

“A plant that will spit out seeds again?”



In response to Sejun’s question, the destruction predators hurriedly walked towards Sejun

and hehehe.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

He started spitting seeds into Sejun’s palm.


[I planted the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction in the land filled with magic.]




Sejun had to plant 50,000 Devourer seeds again.

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