Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 433

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Episode 433 Follow the great Kamangi!

Episode 433 Follow the great Kamangi!

Outskirts of destruction.

“profit! “What on earth is Fenrir doing inside the Black Tower?”

Halfas was angry as he looked at the giant tower, which was upgraded from the Black Tower and slightly increased in height.

There wasn’t much difference in appearance, but the energy became several times stronger.

At that time, a bead that was half stained red with destruction quickly became transparent.


Halfas turned his head and checked the orb.

“This is where Fenrir directly took control of destruction.”

Fenrir, you incompetent! Even such a small world cannot be destroyed, but rather pushed out!

It seemed like he had overestimated Fenrir’s abilities because of the memories of being cruelly treated by him in the past.

I can’t wait any longer for Fenrir!

“Everyone gather together!”

Halfas gathered the other Apostles of Doom.


“Send a fragment to the Black Tower to find Fenrir!”

I had the Apostles of Perdition bring Fenrir.

“And if Fenrir has lost his power, you can destroy him and absorb his core fragments.”


At Halfas’s words, the Apostles of Destruction began to rush to send fragments to the Black Tower.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

“When I return, I return to the 99th floor of the tower.”

Sejun said while looking around. Sejun was in the center of the waypoint.

When I thought about it, it was a good thing.

If I had gone to the first floor of the tower without wearing the Seal Grape Vine Bracelet and without putting the kids in the subspace warehouse, there would have been an uproar.

“Aileen, I’m back.”

Sejun immediately reported his return to Eileen.

[The tower manager asks if you had a good time with your family.]

“Yes! It was so much fun. Eileen, this is food from Earth. Try it.”

Sejun took out delivery food such as chicken, pizza, and tteokbokki from the subspace warehouse and sent them to Eileen.

[The tower manager says he will eat well.]

“Tell me if you need anything. I’ll give you more. Eileen, you said you’re learning cooking from your mom these days? “Isn’t it difficult?”

Sejun took the opportunity to tell him not to cook.

Tell me it’s difficult! Tell me it’s hard! Please let me cook!

Sejun prayed hard in his heart, but

[Top’s manager says it’s not hard at all.]

[Top’s manager says it’s so much fun.]

Sejun’s prayers didn’t work.

[The tower manager says he cooked the food for you even though he didn’t.]


Rather, Sejun’s prayers were betrayed and trials came.

[The tower manager says he made 100 fried eggs.]


A huge ordeal.

A plate piled with 100 fried eggs appeared in front of Sejun.


‘Whew. thank god.’

Sejun, who expected a completely burnt fried egg that looked like coal, was greatly relieved to see an undercooked fried egg.

Normally, the dish would be considered a failure, but

Eileen didn’t burn it?! Our Eileen really worked hard.

Perhaps because he expected the worst, Sejun was very satisfied with Eileen’s cooking.

It’s better to have less fire.

If you think of it as a half-boiled fried egg, it was worth eating.

At that time,

[Top’s manager says in a nervous voice, “Go ahead and try it.”]

Eileen, who was anxious about whether her cooking would be good, urged Sejun to try the fried eggs.


Sejun picked up a whole half-boiled egg and put it in his mouth.

It was a half-boiled fried egg, so it was a little fishy,

but haha. It’s worth eating.

The corners of Sejun’s mouth curled up in joy at not having to eat coal-fried eggs.

Hee hee hee. Sejun laughed while eating my cooking! It looks really delicious!

Thanks to this, Eileen’s confidence in cooking has increased significantly, and

her mother is the best! I have to learn harder!

Eileen thought that she should work harder to learn how to cook from Kim Mi-ran.



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Without knowing that Eileen’s passion for cooking had been ignited, Sejun swallowed a fried egg and vomited


[Uncle, I’m going down now!]

The black rabbit prepared to leave. I thought he’d be gone for a while, but he seemed like he wanted to see me after not seeing him for a few days.

“Take this.”

Sejun provided Earth food to the black rabbit.



[Goodbye little brother!]


[I will allow you to spread the rumor that you ate with the great Black Rabbit!]

After seeing off the black rabbit,


Sejun called Toryong and headed home,

“I’m here.”

As soon as I arrived, I visited the dragons and announced my return.

-Hahaha. Did our Sejun have a good trip?


-Hahaha. Did you deliver our gift well?


It must have been passed down to the parents because the girl who sold the jewels brought joy to her parents with her cuteness. It will happen.


Are you sleepy now?!

Sejun answered and glared slightly at Kuengi, who was sleeping in a sling bag.

“This is from Earth.”

Sejun also gave Earth food to the four leaders.


“It’s finally home!”

I went home, threw myself on the bed,

and cried.

fell asleep


The next morning.

“eww. I slept well.”

Sejun stretched and opened his eyes.


[The seal of the Earth Jewel has been released.]

[Saphi, the God of Sapphire, who was sealed in the Jewel of the Earth, is released from the seal.]

[Saphi, the God of Sapphire, returns a favor to the person who released her seal. ]

[Sapphire, the god of sapphire, repays the favor by creating a sapphire road in 1 pyeong of land.] [

10% of the life force was saved while sleeping.]

[The life orb is 9.22% complete.]

[Magic power for 24 hours. This 0.1 has been accumulated.

[Magic power increases by 0.1.]

Sapphire? Gorolong

checked the message



He got up with Theo and Kamangi and marked the date on the wall.

I brought my hunter phone back yesterday, but perhaps because I got used to it, I preferred marking it on the wall myself.

After a while,

“Oh! “It’s a real sapphire.”

Sapphi, I will give you a 3 out of 10 rating.


To create a sapphire rod, Sejun opened the space expansion pouch on his waist and took out Mylar’s hoe.


“Move the ground!”

[Sapphire Road]

Sapphire, the god of sapphires, who rewarded us with sparkling sapphires. He was a cool god.

Sejun, who confirmed that Sapphire, the God of Sapphire, had repaid the favor, made a 3-pyeong Sapphi Road.

Previously, I would only have received 1 pyeong as compensation, but

I need money.

Since he had brought back all the ingredients for food during his trip to Earth, what became more important to Sejun was money.

I had to save up money to go back to Earth.

So the compensation for wealth went up.

“We need to take out the rest of the equipment as well.”

Sejun took out the equipment and put on the equipment he had taken off.


As I was taking out my equipment, something fell out of my pocket and fell to the floor.

“huh? This······.”

It was a bag containing the Devourer of Doom seeds that Theo had picked up yesterday.

“right. “I need to check this.”

Sejun opened his pocket and looked at the seeds.

[Destruction Predator Seed]

Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun’s magical cherry tomatoes evolved into mutant cherry tomatoes under the influence of medicine, and from there, the Flesh Predator seeds, which were contaminated with destruction again and evolved into flesh predators, evolved anew after their power of destruction was purified. It’s a seed.

It hates the power of destruction, so if the power of destruction is nearby, it preys on the energy of destruction and eliminates it.

It digests the devouring power of destruction and releases the energy of creation.

Grade: E


These were my magic cherry tomatoes?

When Sejun is surprised by the explanation

[You have achieved the achievement of creating a new breed in the tower]




[As a job characteristic, all stats increase by 10.]

An achievement message appeared stating that a new breed was created.


A new variety that I obtained through some means.

Sejun smiled and moved to the field. It was to plant the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction.

[The Devourer of Destruction seed was planted in the land containing magical power.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[The Devourer of Destruction seed is listening to the footsteps of the farmer, so it has reached Magical Seed Sowing Lv. With the effect of 9, the growth speed of the Doom Devourer is doubled for 24 hours.]

[Magic Sowing Lv. Due to the effect of 9, some of the energy of the tower farmer is contained in the Devourer of Destruction seeds.]

[Magic Seed Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]

As Sejun planted the Devourer of Destruction seed,

he burst out in laughter.

The Destruction Predator grew rapidly and appeared on the ground.

It was small, about the height of Sejun’s feet, but it had everything from a red cherry tomato head like a flesh predator to moving roots.

The grown destruction predator looked around and found


He smiled strangely, as if he had discovered something, and toddled towards the cornfield.

Why do crops move?

While Sejun was confused as he watched the predator of destruction walking, the predator of destruction arrived at the corn field by walking hard.

Sum. Sum.

He opened his mouth into the air and began swallowing something eagerly.

Are you eating the energy of destruction?

It seemed to be consuming the energy of destruction coming from the piece of Fenrir’s core left in the cornfield.

After a while,

the destruction eater grew slightly taller and its cheeks became fuller, as if it had consumed the energy of destruction.

At that


The Doom Predator belched coolly and spewed out a blue mist.


the message that appears

[We have achieved the great feat of spreading the energy of creation to the world.]


Burp is the energy of creation? Is it a little dirty?

When Sejun frowns as he looks at the spreading blue fog

[As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, the energy of creation begins to spread again in the world.]

[As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 7% thereafter. .]

Achievement rewards have appeared.

“oh! 7%!”

Sejun was happy to see the message.

If 7% decreases from the original 4%, it becomes 11%, right?

It was becoming easier to get to Earth.

While reading the message,

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: The energy of creation is still very weak. Raise the Devourers of Destruction to increase their number to 1 million and spread the power of creation.

Reward: 100 drops of Elixir of Growth

A quest to designate the Devourer of Destruction as a Disaster Sentinel has appeared.

I think we can only find out if the Disaster Sentinel is good or bad when the quest is completed…

“Hehehe. “You’re giving me 100 drops of the elixir of growth?”

Sejun smiled and headed to the kitchen.

I want to complete the quest quickly, but I still need to fill my stomach.

When Sejun was going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast,


[Good morning, Dad!]

Kueng, who was walking across from me, looked at Sejun and said hello.

“huh. Kueng, are you hungry? “Let’s go and eat.”



Sejun arrived at the kitchen like that.

“What should I eat?”

Kimchi stew, japchae, chicken, pizza, black bean noodles, sweet and sour pork, etc.

Even if there is too much to eat, the problem is…


Just eat it all.


Sejun took out the food he wanted to eat, put it all on the table, and ate it with his companions.

When breakfast was over,

“Nyan!” “Then I’ll come back!”

Theo went to the Green Tower with Earth food to give to Ophelia and

[planted the Devourer of Destruction’s seed in the land containing magical power.]




Sejun planted the Devourer of Destruction seed to complete the quest.


A predator of destruction that grows as soon as it is planted.


Sejun did not need to move from his seat because the destruction eater looked around and moved in search of the energy of destruction.

When Sejun was planting the destruction predator in place

, hehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. Follow the great Black Man!]



Predators of destruction that follow the black mang.

Blackman, who had taken control by swallowing Fenrir’s thoughts, was playing captain with the Devourers of Destruction.

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