Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 435

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Episode 435 I am the noble wolf, the great black man! I’m not scared!

Episode 435 I am the noble wolf, the great black man! I’m not scared!

[The seeds of the Devourer of Destruction were planted in the land filled with magic.]




While Sejun was planting seeds,

tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

The destruction predators spit out seeds everywhere and

hee hee hee hee hee

hee hee. hey! Here it is again!]

The black bird did not control the destruction predator at all and barked brightly to let Sejun know that there were seeds.

“It’s difficult to pick up the seeds if they are scattered like that, so tell the kids to spit out the seeds in one place.”

So Sejun said to Kkamangi,

but hehehehehe!

[Hehe. I hate it!]

Black, who felt like he was going to be blown away by the increased number of subordinates, got so excited that he ended up crossing the line.



I don’t like it!

Instead of Sejun, who was diligently planting the seeds, Theo, who was picking up the seeds, started vrooming the first stage of his anger when he saw Blacky, who had greatly crossed the line.

I think it’s time for our youngest to receive mental education!

Sejun told me to take care of Kamangi because he was still a baby, so I let him out a lot these days, and it seemed like all the mental education was done.

When Theo approaches to scold Kamangi,

Kueng! Kueng!

[I’ve been there! Black is coming!]

Kkueng, who returned home after training with King Uma, saw Black and white scolding Sejun and took out a stick from his snack bag.

The black cat that ended up being dragged by the two like that.



[Guys, protect me!]

Kamangi was no longer alone.



150,000 subordinates were together.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. I have a lot of subordinates now! Don’t touch me!]

Blackbird hid behind the destruction predators and shouted in a confident voice,

“Ha! “Get out of the way!”


[Get out of the way!]

As Theo and Kkueng started to cheer up,



The destruction predators slowly moved to the side and

whiff?! whiff!

[Where are you going, guys?! Don’t abandon me!]

The relationship between me and Kamangi was as divided as the Red Sea.


When Black Mang made eye contact with the two, he thought a bit and then said, “

I am the noble wolf, the great Black Man!” I’m not scared!

Kigging! Kigging!

[This body is a great evil… evil!]

I built up my last pride and instead received harsh true spiritual education.


[Save Blacky!]

While Blacky was receiving mental education from Theo and Kuengi, the destruction predators trembled as they heard their leader’s screams.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

The seeds keep spitting out.


“I can’t do all of this today anyway…”

As Sejun watched the destruction predators spitting out endless seeds, he decided to finish the work.

First, I need to take care of the seeds.

Sejun couldn’t find the seeds if they were buried in the soil, so Sejun took out a bowl and put the seeds that had fallen nearby.




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The destruction predators who saw Sejun’s actions began to put the fallen seeds in Sejun’s bowl.

I learned indirectly by watching the captain what would happen if I acted carelessly.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

The seed-spitting predators also noticed and started spitting seeds into the bowl that Sejun was holding.

“ruler. “Just spit it out here.”

Sejun, feeling at ease thanks to this, put the bowl down on the ground and said,

“It’s already time for dinner. “Guys, eat this.”

Earth food was also sent to the top slaves, Ajax Veronica Zelga Oric.

I was originally going to send it around lunch time, but I completely forgot about it because I was planting the Devourer seeds.

About 5 minutes after sending the food,

[The Slave of the White Tower is so delicious and Sejun cries that he wants to go see his brother quickly.]

Ajax was the first to receive a message.

“hey. Why are you crying? “My brother got stronger so quickly that if you look at his face, he looks like a pig.”

[The slave of the White Tower cries loudly, saying that it seems impossible.]

Ajax cries louder at Sejun’s words. Thanks to

this bastard,

Sejun and Ajax cried for different reasons.

[The slave of the Purple Tower praises the food recommended by Sejun, saying that he never fails.]

[The slave of the Blue Tower expresses his gratitude by saying that he enjoyed the meal with his family.]

Next, messages from Veronica and Zelga came, and

[the slave of the Brown Tower] In return for the delicious food, the slave wants to serve traditional goblin cuisine.]

Finally, Oric’s message came.


Is this returning favor with vengeance?!

Sejun was embarrassed and wondered if he should call Oric and give him some true education, but

he said, “No. “It’s not a good idea to feed and crave.”

This is earned.

I decided to double down if I made a mistake later.

When Sejun received all the messages from the top slaves, he said,

“Fuhuhu. Now listen carefully!”


[If you don’t listen, it’s mental education again!]


[yes! Brothers!]

Kamangi, who had received proper mental education, followed behind the two brothers, being careful not to step on their shadows.

Of course, it remained to be seen how long the effectiveness of that mental education would last.

So Sejun and his group ate dinner, played something, and ended the day.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“Hehehe. “Now that I’ve mastered frying eggs, I should move on to more difficult dishes.”

Eileen gained confidence by watching Sejun smile and eat the fried eggs he made.

“This time it’s spicy stew!”

Suddenly, the difficulty level of cooking increased significantly. Of course, Eileen herself did not know that she had increased the difficulty level too much.

Spicy stew doesn’t seem that difficult, right?

Originally, everything seemed easy when you didn’t know anything.


Eileen hummed, took out the pot, and put a whole uncut fish into the pot.

When Sejun was in danger of encountering the fish head again after Eileen’s health soup, he asked,

“Where is Eileen?”

“We’re here!”

“Poby oppa is here!”

“Aileen Sylvia is here too!”

I heard the sound of Sejun being saved.

Eileen didn’t know it, but today was a day for the hatchling parents to hold a wedding ceremony.

All parents were looking forward to this day, so no family member was absent.

The hatchlings released into the Black Tower manager’s area were looking for Eileen, blushing, and

had to practice cooking…

Eileen had no choice but to put the fish back in the subspace so they wouldn’t get damaged and

say, “Sisters and brothers, welcome back.”

Welcoming the hatchlings.

We played hide and seek last time, so what should we play today?

In her head, Eileen is lost in thoughts about how to entertain her older sisters.


ah! That’s it!

A good game came into Eileen’s mind.

“Sisters and brothers, this is called Superheroes Landing… Release the polymorph.”

Eileen explains as she deactivates her polymorph and ascends high into the sky,

“Giga Lightning.” Fire Storm. Ice Fog.”


Using magic, he descended toward the ground with a spectacular effect and landed in a superhero landing.

Hehehe. Is it fun?

Originally, I was only planning to demonstrate and watch what my sisters and brothers did, but I felt an exhilarating feeling.

“Oh wow! stylish! “I want to do superhero landing too!”

“me too!”

“Sylvia will go first!”

The same goes for hatchlings. My heart raced when I saw the superhero landing.

So Eileen and the six hatchlings entered special training to create their own cool superhero landings.


The next morning.


Sejun opens his eyes.

[The seal of the Earth Jewel has been released.]

[Pan, the God of Gold Pan, who was sealed in the Earth Jewel, has been released from the seal.]


[Pan, the God of Gold Pan, returns the favor by creating a gold panning farm on 1 pyeong of land. ]

[You saved 10% of your life force while sleeping.]

[The life orb is 9.48% complete.]

[Magic power has accumulated 0.1 over 24 hours.

[Magic power increases by 0.1.]

“Gold panning?”



After reading the message, Sejun took Theo and Kamangi and stood up.


“Wow. “Why are there so many seeds?”

The first thing Sejun found when he came out was an overflowing bowl of Doom Predator seeds. It seemed like it was spit out late yesterday.

After Sejun took the seeds,

where are the predators?

Let’s look around


The destruction predators were huddled together in the corn field and dozing off.

Oh my.

It looks like it is absorbing the energy of destruction while sleeping as it burps and emits a blue mist.

After confirming that the predators were sleeping, he asked,

“But where is the gold panning place?”

Sejun set out to find a gold panning site.

Do you want to be in the pond?

Sejun, who remembered that in movies you usually dig up dirt in a wide dish near the water to look for gold, went to the pond in the cave.


“It was here too.”

I was able to find a 1-pyeong gold panning site that gave off a soft golden glow.


It’s gonna be fun.

Sejun took out a wide plate, filled it with dirt mixed with gold dust, and gently shook it in the water.


“Huh? “I don’t have any?”

Sejun couldn’t even look at the gold until all the dirt on the plate disappeared.

The gold dust flowed away along with the dirt. Gold panning was not easy.

“It’s difficult.”

Sejun tried a few more times, but

“Profit!” I will not!”

In the end, I wasted my time without getting a single piece of gold.

How can you make me suffer like this? Pan rated 0.3 pyeong.

Thanks to this, the plate load of 0.3 pyeong was confirmed even after providing a gold panning site where 10 kg of gold was newly created every day.

When Sejun, who failed to pan for gold, stood up,


Next to me, I saw a huge black clam the size of two palms combined.

It was a clam grown in a pearl clam farm created by Pearl, the god of pearls, as a reward.

Should I eat grilled clams?

Sejun whetted his appetite while looking at the giant pearl clam.

I need to make grilled cheese clams.

So the breakfast menu was decided and

it was hot.

I was trying to pick up a pearl shell…


There was no clam heard. A clam that doesn’t move.



Sejun once again lifted the clam with all his might, but the clam was not heard. Kueng



[What are you doing there, Dad?]

After hearing Sejun’s sound of exertion, Kkueng poked his head out from the ceiling of the cave and asked.

“Kueng, help me. “This clam is so heavy!”


[I understand! Kkueng will help you!]


Kueng lands proudly in a superhero landing posture and then


I heard a pearl shell. Very lightly.


It was really heavy?

Thanks to this, Sejun is embarrassed, and

as expected, his father is still very weak!

Kueng decided to dig up a lot of healthy herbs for Sejun.

With Kueng’s help, we moved the giant pearl clams to the kitchen and made grilled cheese clams.

“Huh?!” What is this?”

[Black pearl of oppressive gravity]

Sejun, who was eating clams, found a black pearl the size of his fist.

“oh! “If this is it…”

Can you make Eona’s staff?

When Sejun thinks of Iona, he says,

“Fuhuhu. “I can make Iona’s staff!”

Theo also shouted, remembering Iona.

What if you use the Black Pearl, which has the power of gravity, as the core, and put the Yeti’s Heart, King Giant Worm’s Heart, and Albatross’ Heart together in a staff?

I can make Iona an item greater than the Staff of Disaster!

In addition, I couldn’t even imagine what grade of item would be produced if a staff and a branch of the precious world tree were used.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Let’s go to Chairman Park’s friends!”



Sejun answered and tried to lift the black pearl.



Pearl could not be heard. The clam wasn’t heavy.

Sejun didn’t know because he didn’t read the explanation of the Black Pearl, but the Black Pearl had an option where the smaller the magical power, the greater the gravity.

Of course, its own weight was quite heavy.

“Kkueng, give me this…”


[I understand!]

In the end, Sejun, who got the black pearl with Kuengi’s help, went to visit Theo and the dragons playing in the fountain.

That time.

A merchant passage connecting the 50th and 60th floors of the Black Tower.


[Run away!]


Piyo and Yuren were being chased by fragments of the Apostles of Destruction that entered the Black Tower.

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