Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 430

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Episode 430 After all, our black mang is still weak, right?

Episode 430 After all, our black mang is still weak, right?

Kamang, weren’t you a Sigorzab species?

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. More of my awesomeness! more! Explain!]

Sejun felt a great sense of betrayal as he watched Black Mang yelling at the message.

Our Black Man, whom we thought was a sunfish, was a being with noble wolf blood and the incredible power to eat money…

It’s dangerous!

His position, which had barely escaped the weakest position on the 99th floor of the Black Tower, was being threatened.

The second from the bottom is me!

It was Sejun’s great joy to have Blackman under him, but even Blackman was stepping on Sejun.

While Sejun is feeling sad like that,

[the money he currently has is 5 trillion Topcoin.]

[There is a huge lack of money.]

Of course it is not enough.

Should I remove the black part?

I wanted to go with him, but he said he had no money so I had no choice.

I’m sorry. Still, I have to go.

When Sejun thinks he should leave Kkamangyi on the first floor of the tower

[He sells the goods in the subspace warehouse for cash.]


What are you selling? How much can I sell it for…

[I won 27,000,000,000,000 Top Coins.]


It seemed that Heukster’s treasures were more profitable than expected.

[Take 300 million Top Coins in cash from Theo Park’s [Topside of a person wandering the Nine Towers].]

[Move into cash the wealth in Theo Park’s [Topside of a person wandering around the Nine Towers].]

[ I obtained the 3rd view.]

What was in Theo Botzim?

When Sejun is curious

[Kueng takes 3000 Top Coins from Park’s pocket money.]

Hey! Don’t touch Kueng’s pocket money!

Our Kueng worked so hard to fill out the compliment card with stamps, but it seemed like he would have to secretly refill it later.

When all the money the group had was added together

[the current amount of money is 30 quintillion 5.33 trillion Top Coins],

an unimaginable amount of money was collected.


, [I spend 30 quintillion of my money to stay on Earth for 3 hours.]

With that money, I can only stay for 3 hours.

“what?! “Not 3 days, but 3 hours?!”

There is so much to do!

I have to go to America, go to the amusement park with the kids, and watch all the drama while eating the meal my mom made…

[I’m moving to Earth.]

Without a second thought, Sejun’s vision turned black and he was transported to Earth.


Nine black towers that were creating a safe zone in Korea.

However, Michael removed the black towers in Korea, and now only three black towers remain, two in Gangnam and Hannam-dong.

“Kkkkkk. Now if we remove just one more thing, the safe zone will disappear.”

When Michael approaches the black tower in Gangnam with a wry smile,



Michael tripped on a tree root and stumbled.

“ah. it’s annoying. “What kind of trees grow near the tower in Seoul? There are so many tree roots!”

Michael grumbled and approached the black tower again.

[What should I do? Should I come forward?]

Seeing that, a flame throbbed in my roots.

The moment you step out, Gangnam disappears. So I was watching Michael and disturbing him with the roots.

But as Michael tried to eliminate the last remaining safe zone, Flame had to make a decision.

If the safe zone disappears, Sejun will not be able to come to Earth.

Sejun, come quickly!

When Fireworks anxiously prepared to pull out the root, hoping that he would not come forward, he cried out,

“Earth! I’m back!”

Sejun appeared in front of Michael shouting hurray.

‘What is this guy?’

Michael looked at Sejun who suddenly appeared in front of him and stretched out his hand as if swatting away an annoying fly.

He tried to eliminate Sejun as the fastest way to accomplish the task.

So far, nothing noticeable has been done to make things easier.



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‘I don’t need that anymore.’

Now, if you remove the obstacles in front of you and remove just one black tower, the safe zone will disappear from the Earth.

‘Then that’s the end. Don’t be too sad. Soon others will follow.’

When Michael reaches out to Sejun

, [Arrived at the 0th floor of the Black Tower.]

[Within the safe zone, the energy emitted from the body does not cause damage to the surroundings.]

[Destruction detection begins.]




[The destruction detection has ended.]

[Multiple energies of destruction have been detected within a 500 km radius.]

[A large amount of destruction energy has been detected in Texas, USA, 11,000 km east.]

[A quest begins.]

[Quest: Hurry up and eliminate all detected spirits of destruction. If the current situation continues, the Earth will be destroyed in 38 days.]

Reward: Delay of the Earth’s destruction

Sejun was reading the message intently.

Uh… we need to eliminate destruction. But I can only stay on Earth for 3 hours…

If I finish quickly, will I be able to eat a meal at home?

Sejun, lost in his thoughts, noticed Michael’s palm coming towards him only when he was only 10cm away.

I felt tremendous power from the approaching fist.

I should have taken off the bracelet as soon as I arrived… but

when Sejun regrets it, he says,



Theo blocked Michael’s surprise attack.

“Fuhuhuhu. This body is Chairman Park’s loyal subordinate, the impregnable defense Theo Park! “As long as Vice Chairman Te is here, I can’t even lay a hand on Chairman Park’s rotten face!”

Theo has a proud expression on his face.

Kihihi. Whip? Whip!

[Hehe. Did you try to hit him?! The noble wolf, the great Black Mangi, will scold you!]


The black cat also excitedly threw its body towards Michael.



After lightly headbutting Michael’s forehead


Blacky faints and falls to the floor.

[The seal has been lifted.]

[Abilities can be used 100%.]

“Hehehe. “The sunfish guy.”

After all, our black mang is still weak, right?

In the meantime, Sejun, who had taken off the grape vine bracelet of the seal, hurriedly carefully caught the falling black beetle and

boom! Boom!

“Why did you tease our Chairman Park?! “I’m going to scold you!”

Theo started scolding Michael.

“profit! “Why is Fenrir’s power…”

Michael was beaten by Theo with an aggrieved expression when he could not use the power of destruction.

“Your expression is impure!”

Of course, Theo, who felt bad about it, scolded him even harder.


kihihi.. whing? whining…

[Hee hee. Did you see it? The power of the great Kamangi…]

Kamangi who did the greatest job of bringing the thoughts contained in the core fragment into his mental world and destroying them.


“Okay. Let us become great even in our dreams.”

No one recognized it.

After a while,

“Chairman Park, I picked up something good!”

Theo picked up the piece of Fenrir’s core that had come out of Michael’s body and took it to Sejun.

[Fenrir’s Core Piece (10%)]

“Huh? “10%?!”

and. If something like this existed on Earth, it would have been a big problem.

“Vice President Te is great! good job!”

When Sejun patted Theo’s head and praised him, he said,

“Fuhuhu.” “I, Vice President Te, am actually great and good at it!”

Theo was proud and proud. It was obnoxious, but I tolerated it today.

If the fallen man in front of me had misused a 10% piece of Fenrir’s core, the Earth would have been destroyed immediately.

“Aileen, please purify this.”

Sejun called Eileen to purify the core fragment, but


was no answer. Perhaps because I was temporarily transferred to the Black Tower, I couldn’t talk to Eileen in the administrator’s area.

Sejun took the core piece of Fenrir.


“Guys, come out.”

I opened the subspace warehouse and called in Kueng and the black rabbit.

Kuhehehe. Kueng?!

[Hehehe. Kueng can now see his grandmother?!]

“Okay then. “Let’s go and eat grandma’s kimchi stew.”


[I like it!]


[Is this Earth?]

“Yes. “Isn’t it amazing?”



“But it’s really clean.”

Sejun looked disappointed as he saw that the floor of the sub-space warehouse, which was thickly covered with jewels, was clean as he cashed in to pay for his stay.


“Sejun, you’re here!”

Han Tae-jun and Kim Dong-sik came running with two blonde men. They were Robin and Peter, CIA agents dispatched from the United States.

Taejun Han called the two to coordinate a schedule for eliminating flesh predators in Texas, USA.

“This person, Kim Dong-sik, attacked our Chairman Park!”

Theo said as he grabbed the unconscious Michael by the arm and dragged him to Dongsik.

“uh?! “This is Michael?!”

“uh?! “This was Michael?!”

“yes! As expected, you are amazing. “You’ve already caught Michael!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Kim Dong-sik What did I say?! Did you say it would be over the moment Chairman Park steps forward? Didn’t you? “Chairman Park is great!”

When Theo excitedly praised Sejun,

“Hello, Sejun. “This is CIA agent Robin.”

“hello. “This is CIA agent Peter.”

Peter and Robin approached Sejun and greeted him in English.

“yes. nice to meet you.”

oh! It works!

Although he can’t speak English, Sejun is talented: Thanks to his friends in nature, Sejun was able to understand English.

“So the U.S. military is sending nuclear weapons to Texas to kill the flesh-eating predators?”

Thanks to this, Sejun heard the situation in the United States directly from the two without an interpreter.

“yes. So please help! There are still 200,000 people in Texas who haven’t fled. Just like last time, Bat…”

When Peter tries to tell what Bat-Bat did in the past

(Bat-Bat! This is my first time coming to Earth like this!),

I’m going to get caught like this!

Fearing that he would be caught plagiarizing his brothers’ skills, Bat-Bat hurriedly cut off Peter’s conversation and made a fuss.


(Batbat! Oh, I’m sorry. I interrupted the conversation between you two, right? But after listening to it, I think I can solve the problem with Brother Kueng’s Kueng walking ticket!) and subtly suggested a


Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! Kuengi solves the problem with Kueng Manbokwon!]

After hearing Batbat’s words, Kuengyi steps forward

(Batbat. No one will know now.)

Batbat feels relieved.

If Kueng kills the Texas flesh-predator with Kueng Manbokwon, any traces he made in the past will disappear completely.

When Kkueng steps forward like that


Peter and Robin are embarrassed. What is that bear?

At that time,

“Kueng, not this way, but that way.”

Sejun, who could sense the detected location of destruction, corrected the direction of Kuengi’s front foot.




Kueng swings his front paw vigorously.

Of course, nothing happened in front of them.

Instead, like a butterfly effect, disaster struck Texas, USA.


U.S. Pentagon operations room.

“Minister, there are 30 minutes left.”

In the end, will we have to launch a nuke on the mainland?

“Who’s left in Texas?”

“We haven’t rescued 200,000 people yet.”


The Minister of Defense shed a sigh of relief at his subordinate’s report.

Although 200,000 lives would be lost due to his decision, he could not wait any longer.

Still, you have to do it.

When the Minister of Defense makes a decision,


I received a call from my friend, the Director of the CIA.

Normally, he would not receive a phone call during an operation, but the Minister of Defense answered the phone just in case.


“Park Se-jun just appeared in Korea!”


“Park Se-jun came out of the Black Tower!”

“Is it real?!”

“okay. “Our agents have gone to persuade Park Se-jun, so let us know the exact location of the survivors.”


When the Minister of Defense was in a hurry to call his subordinate,

he shouted, “Minister! Watch the video!”

A satellite image taken over Texas, USA, showed the shape of a huge bear’s paw cutting through the clouds.

After a while.

A bear’s paw that only attacks flesh predators by avoiding areas where people are gathered.

Then, the bear paw fell once more, leaving two huge bear paws in Texas, completely annihilating the flesh predators.

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