Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 429

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Episode 429. love! It’s motivation!

Episode 429. love! It’s motivation!

“Great black dragon! sorry! Please forgive me just this once!”

“Fuhuhuhu. It’s impossible! “You are now Chairman Park’s slaves!”

What happened?

Gyeongcheol was embarrassed to see dozens of black bears kneeling in front of Sejun and a yellow cat yelling at them.

Kyeong-cheol was waiting for Se-jun after selling all his goods and organizing the stall.

There was a commotion due to the black bear’s tyranny, but I didn’t pay attention for fear of getting caught up in the argument with the black bear.

However, when Sejun did not come even after waiting for more than 30 minutes,

I thought, ‘Surely Sejun didn’t get into a fight with the black bear?’

Just in case, I went to the place where the black bears were gathered.

And Gyeong-cheol witnessed an unbelievable sight.

What kind of black bears are those?

The Phoenix Guild, the most powerful force on Earth, the Black Bear tribe that cultivates the 64th floor of the tower, was in a situation where they pretended not to notice their vicious actions.


‘My classmate Sejun wants to kneel down to those black bears?’

Gyeong-cheol thought that his classmate Park Se-jun and Park Se-jun, the strongest person on earth who saved the earth by growing crops that saved the earth, were people with the same name.

It didn’t make sense that ‘Park Se-jun’, who worked at the company with him and ate and drank coffee with him, was the same person who joined the company.

So I thought the cat hanging from the bridge was also a doll belonging to the wandering merchant Theo.

The wandering merchant Theo doll is currently the most popular character on Earth along with BatBaby, and he himself had a doll of Theo.

I can’t wear it on my leg because I’m embarrassed.


“Take a picture!” Vice President Te will give another slap to the guy who doesn’t take pictures!”

Theo, who was hanging on the leg of his classmate Sejun, was not a doll. We talked and got black bears’ paw prints on the contract.

Could it be that my classmate Park Se-jun is that ‘Park Se-jun’?!

“oh my god!”

When Gyeong-cheol realized that his classmate Se-jun was Park Se-jun, the strongest man on earth, he got goosebumps all over his body. My heart was also pounding.

‘I’m in the same company as Park Se-jun!’

Just posting this fact will easily get a million star likes.

When Gyeong-cheol was excited at the thought of getting likes from Star Star,


Sejun called Gyeongcheol.

Sejun, the strongest man on earth who brought the Black Bear faction to its knees and his classmate, called him out in front of other hunters.

love! It’s motivation!

“Yes… Sejun…”

Do I dare to call you this?

When Kyung-cheol hesitated and answered,

“Take this.”

Sejun approached Gyeongcheol and handed him the [Longbow of Infinite Arrows] that he had purchased earlier.

“This is a longbow with infinite arrows?!”

As soon as Gyeongcheol saw the bow, he recognized it immediately.

With a market price of 1,000 Top Coins, it was an item that Kyung-cheol could not even dream of, having barely repaid half of the loan he had taken to buy the ticket.

“Take these too.”

Sejun went around the street vendors and gave Gyeongcheol the items that Eileen had appraised.

“Sejun, why are you giving this to me?”

“It’s the price of apples.”

“The price of apples?”

Kyung-cheol didn’t seem to remember the washed apples he had given him, but it didn’t matter.

Whether the other person intended it or not, I was greatly indebted to them.

“huh. “Thanks to the apple you gave me, I have a good family.”

Because I met Fireworks.

So, expressing gratitude also meant that I cherish Fireworks that much.

“I don’t remember, but I’m glad it helped you. Still, receiving all of this…”

When Gyeong-cheol tried to refuse items other than the bow,


Taejun Han and Dongsik Kim came running from afar and called out to Sejun.

-Theo Park has appeared on the first floor of the tower!

-and! really cute! come fast!

Hunters who recognized Theo from the conflict with the Black Gompa took a picture of Theo with their hunter phone and relayed the news to other hunters.

This was also relayed to Kim Dong-sik, who was moving to explain the current situation to the hunters trapped in the tower with Han Tae-jun.


“Huh?! “This is Master Sejun!”

He spotted Sejun pictured next to Theo and hurried over.

Even if it was 10 minutes late, hunters from other countries might have contacted Sejun first.

“Nyan! “Han Tae-jun and Kim Dong-sik, nice to meet you!”

Seeing Taejun Han and Dongsik Kim approaching, Theo raised his front paw and greeted them warmly.


Sejun also awkwardly greeted the two. Saying hello to Korea’s strongest hunter, Taejun Han.


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Although he greets much greater dragons every day, Sejun was more nervous about greeting Han Taejun.

“Sejun, we will take care of you. Let’s go.”


The two tried to guide Sejun to the Korean Awakened Association branch on the first floor of the tower.

“yes. “Gyeongcheol, let’s catch the bus later.”

“uh? uh,

ah. I want to die of shame. I told Sejun I would give him a ride on the bus…

Gyeongcheol answered in a confused voice, remembering the conversation a few hours ago.


“Wow! “I guess Park Se-jun said he’d give me a ride on the bus!”

“I’m really jealous!”

The people around him started talking without even thinking that Kyung-cheol was the bus driver, and Kyung-cheol became even more embarrassed and could not raise his head.



When Taejun Han entered his room at the branch of the Korean Awakened Association, he

said, “I meet the Earth Defense Commander and Deputy Commander! “My code name is Captain K.”

Suddenly, he put Sejun on guard and said,

“My code name is K-6!”

Kim Dong-sik also followed Han Tae-jun and saluted Se-jun.

“Fuhuhuhu. Everyone is having a hard time! This body is the Deputy Commander of Earth Defense, code name Yellow Danang! no! “I’m going to change it to gold now!”

Theo accepted their salute, but the two did not salute. Because Sejun, the highest ranking person, has not yet received the salute.

right. I was the Earth Defense Commander.

“I am codenamed Black Dragon.”

Sejun received the two’s salutes and roughly made up a code name.

“No! It’s a great black dragon! “You can’t skip it!”

“okay. Great black dragon. “Okay?”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “Chairman Park is a great black dragon!”

After the introduction of each person’s code name,

“Then, I will brief you on the situation on Earth.”

Kim Dong-sik stood up and explained the current situation on Earth.

After a while,

“Huh?! “A flesh eater?”

Sejun was surprised after hearing Kim Dong-sik’s explanation.

Sejun knew that the locusts were extinct and the leeches were almost eliminated thanks to the fragrant grapes that were full of life.

I was very surprised to hear that the entire state of Texas, USA, had been taken over by monsters called flesh predators.

“The flesh predator occurred first in the Black Tower, and we think Michael McLaren, the chairman of Gagel, a global grain company, was behind it. Michael is currently…”

“Fuhuhu.” Don’t worry! “Now that Chairman Park has arrived, it’s over!”

“is it so. Do not worry.”

Sejun also shouted loudly, confident that his strength would work on Earth.

“I will also take care of the monsters in America.”

Hehehe. I’ve never been to the US, but I need to travel to the US as well.

Sejun is excited about going to America and sightseeing.

“Then are you going to leave right away?”

“no. “I plan to educate black bears and normalize the market.”

Sejun followed Han Taejun and put the black bears in a subspace warehouse. Kueng must be bored, so give him some education.

And since it would be possible until tomorrow morning for the Earth to be incorporated into the 0th floor of the Black Tower, I couldn’t leave now even if I wanted to.

I tried to go out through the official exit of the tower for a moment, but

[Black Tower farmers cannot leave the tower.]

I couldn’t go out.

“Hunter, has the exit disappeared?”


Thanks to this, he was misunderstood by the staff of the Korea Awakened Association.

“ah. Then, we will go out in advance, prepare a private plane to go to the United States, and contact Sejun’s family in advance.”

“yes. thank you.”

After the conversation, Sejun came out from the branch of the Korean Awakened Association.


Sejun carefully opened the subspace warehouse and asked,

“Kueng, are you finished with your training?”

I asked, looking inside.

Kueng! Kueng?!

[That’s right! Is that right?!]

When Kkueng looked at the black bears while holding a club and asked,

“That’s right! We are now completely nice! “That’s a very nice black bear!”

“Now I have decided to become a Kuengyipa who doesn’t do bad things!”


Kueng, why did you form an organization when I told you to educate the children?

When Sejun looks worried,

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! We, the Kuengyi family, don’t do bad things! This is what happens when you do bad things!]

As Kueng made the motion of breaking the club, the black bears trembled.


Sejun also trembled. I felt like I would never eat anything else.

“ruler. Follow me.”


Sejun came to his senses and took the black bears of Kueng Ipa to reorganize the market.

“Raise the earth!”

Sejun created a store in half the market and allowed hunters to do business in the other half as before.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Once you attack, you get a stamp!”

“yes! “If you attack me, I’ll punish you!”

In the meantime, Theo trained the black bears on what to do with beings that interfere with business or cause problems.

Then it


The 1,000 skeleton wizards on the 4th floor of the tower arrived.

“ruler. Now, you guys can appraise the items brought by the hunters here and sell them at a reasonable price.”

Sejun put them into the store.

As a result, a store specializing in purchasing items for hunters was opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on the first floor of the Black Tower.

At first, hunters will sell it directly, but later they will realize that it is more profitable to sell it here at a reasonable price and then go hunting.

As soon as the market was ready for business, the surroundings became dark.

Sejun ate a quick dinner and went into the subspace warehouse to sleep with Theo, Kueng, the black rabbit, and Black Rabbit.

The next morning.


When Sejun wakes up, leaves the subspace warehouse, washes briefly, and looks around the market

[The tower manager says that Earth has been incorporated into the 0th floor of the Black Tower.]

“Really?! So where is the private passage?”

[The tower manager tells you to move all the way north from your location.]


As Sejun followed Eileen’s words and moved toward the north, he saw a black hole in the floor.

“This is a private passage.”

good. let’s go.

When Sejun touches the black hole, a message appears

[Currently, the number of people trying to use the exclusive passage is six.]

[Would you like to pay a stay fee of six and move to the 0th floor of the Black Tower?]

A message appears.


When Sejun answered, he started calculating the cost of his stay.

[Calculate the cost of staying considering Theo Park’s stats and level.]

[The cost of staying per hour is 400 billion Top Coins.]

[Calculate the cost of staying considering the statistics and level of the Black Rabbit.]

[For 1 hour. The cost of staying is 300 billion Top Coins.]

[Kueng calculates the cost of staying considering Park’s stats and level.]

[The cost of staying for 1 hour is 500 billion Top Coins.]

[Bat Bat calculates the cost of staying based on Park’s stats and level. Calculate the cost of your stay by taking this into account.]

[The cost of your stay is 300 billion Top Coins per hour.]

It was expensive, but it was within the expected range.

And now the only ones left are the weakest, Sejun and Kamangi. In short, only the two who cost the least money remain.


[The cost of staying is calculated considering Park Se-jun’s stats and level.]

[The cost of staying for 1 hour is 100 billion.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[The cost of staying for 1 hour is 1 Joe Topcoin is surcharged.]



Prices have risen sharply in unexpected places.

Still, if I sell all the jewelry I have, I can stay for 10 days, right?

When Sejun can’t let go of hope

[Calculate the cost of stay considering Park’s stats and class.]

The cost of stay for the last step, Black, has been calculated.

[One hour stay costs 100 million Top Coins.]

Hehehe. It’s also the lowest.

Our black cat is pretty.

As Sejun happily looks at the black dog that consumes the least money,

[ has been confirmed.]

[1,000 trillion Top Coins will be added to the cost of one hour of stay.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[500 trillion Top Coins will be added to the cost of staying for 1 hour.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[100 trillion Top Coins will be added to the cost of staying for 1 hour.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[900 trillion Top Coins will be added to the cost of one hour of stay.]




A message that comes out with no end in sight.


When Sejun screams,

whine! whine!

[Ahem! This is how much I am! This is the power of me, the great Kamangi!]

Kamangi was puffed up to his heart’s content without even knowing Sejun’s feelings.

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