Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 431

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Episode 431 I’m back.

Episode 431 I’m back.

[Herbalist Kueng Park has defeated the Flesh Devourer.]

[Herbalist Kueng has acquired 500, which is 50% of the experience gained by Park.]




[You have leveled up.]

[Bonus stat 1 has been obtained.]

“Oh. “Level up.”

Thanks to Kueng, Sejun, who leveled up without even lifting a finger from his spot, was smiling

. Kuhehehe. Kueng?

[Hehehe. Dad, Kueng did a good job?]

Kueng took out a praise card from his snack bag.

“Then you did very well. But shall we see how much pocket money Kueng has saved?”


Sejun said with a nervous expression as he stamped the compliment card.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng collected a lot! Here it is!]

Hearing Sejun’s words, Kueng wanted to show off the pocket money he had worked hard to save, so he hurriedly handed his pocket money bag to Sejun.


“Oh! Kueng, look over there! It’s a convenience store! “There are a lot of delicious things over there. Should we go and take a look?”

Sejun, who received Kuengi’s pocket money bag, hurriedly suggested Kuengi to look at a convenience store.

While Kueng was looking at the food at the convenience store, I was planning to fill my pocket money with 3000 Top Coins again.


kueng! kueng!

[I don’t like it! I’m going to meet Kueng’s grandmother quickly and ask her to cook me something delicious!]


Even though he drools, our loyal Kkueng does not give in to evil temptations.

“Hey Dongsik, can you lend me your phone for a moment?”

“yes. “Here it is.”

So, I changed my strategy and borrowed Dong-sik’s smartphone and asked,

“Can I communicate with you?”

“sure! “Spend as much as you want.”

I made a video call to Kim Mi-ran.


“Mom, it’s me, Sejun.”

-Sejun! Have you finally come out of the tower?!

“huh. But I think I’ll have to go back in a bit later.”

-How much is there?

“About 3 hours? mom. wait for a sec. Kueng will change it for you.”

-oh! Kkueng came out too?!

Mom, why are you more happy that Kueng came out? My son is about to get upset.

“It’s Grandma Kuenga.”

When Sejun gives Kueng the phone,


[Nice to meet you, Kuengi’s grandmother!]

Kuengi holds the phone in both front paws and gives a belly greeting to Kim Mi-ran.

-How is our Kueng?


[Kueng I want to eat the delicious food made by Kueng’s grandmother!]

-Yes. Grandma Kueng has made a lot of delicious food, so come quickly.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng is hungry! You can eat a lot!]

Although we obviously couldn’t communicate, the conversation continued without difficulty.

While Kkueng was talking to Kim Mi-ran,

his hands were faster than his eyes!

Sejun quickly took out 3,000 TopCoins and put them in his pocket money pocket.

“Mom, I think we’ll be there within an hour, so tell Sedol to order all my regular delivery food.”

-okay. come fast! Because I miss you.


For some reason, I felt like they were waiting for Kkueng more than me, but Sejun tried to ignore it and ended the conversation.


“Wow. “Our Kueng has collected 3000 Top Coins?”

He calmly took out 3000 Top Coins from his pocket money and said in a surprised voice.

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! Kueng is rich!]

Kueng is proud, sticking out his stomach instead of his chest at Sejun’s words.


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good. It was perfect.

“okay. “Our Kueng is rich.”

[Skill: Duplicated Kuengmanbokwon (Master).]

Sejun patted Kuengi’s stomach and duplicated the skill.

As a result of Sejun’s research, the higher the intimacy with the other person, the greater the chance of duplicating the desired skill with a Skill Steal Stone.

Of course, it had to be a usable skill.

Thanks to this, Sejun was able to duplicate only the Kueng Man Bo Kwon.

Sejun planned to personally remove the energy of destruction within 500 km using the Kueng Man Bo Fist. Because destruction is in the sea.

If Kueng was defeated by Kueng Manbokwon, the countries around the East Sea, West Sea, and South Sea might suffer enormous damage from a huge tsunami.


This is a jointly created skill that Crimson Giant Honey Bear Kueng devised with his teacher, King Uma, to strike enemies from a distance without harming his father.

It is a skill that evolved through Kueng Baekbo Fist and Kueng Tianbo Fist, so as long as you can detect the target, you can attack even enemies from very far away.

The destructive power decreases every 1km away from the enemy.

Usage limit: All stats must be over 1000,

finish quickly and go home!



Sejun subtly gave his name to the skill and violently extended his fist towards the place where he could feel the energy of destruction.


Of course, nothing happened in front.

Hehehe. A message will now appear indicating that you have defeated the destruction in the East Sea.

Sejun kept waiting for the message, but


message did not appear.

[Skill: Duplicated Kueng Man Bo Kwon (Master).]


I used the skill a few more times on the nearby energy of destruction, but the message did not appear.

“ah. it’s hard. Vice President Te, take this.”

In the end, Sejun failed at the 7th place in the Kukbak Pokwon. I gave Theo a skill robbery stone and had him use the skill instead, and said,


[Watchman Theo Park has killed a giant vampire leech.]

[Watchman Theo Park has gained 5000 experience points, which is 50% of the experience gained.]

Theo has killed the enemy.


“Fuhuhu.” “New technology has been completed!”

After understanding the principles of the skill, Theo quickly created a new skill.

If Theo can create skills so easily, why can’t I?

When Sejun looks at Theo with envious eyes,

“Chairman Park, this is a combination technology, so please give it a name!”

Fuhehehe. It would be nice if Chairman Park’s name was included!

Theo asked Sejun to name the new technology.

“Chief Tekubag Manbo Yuseong?”

The soles of feet that drop meteors on enemies outside of Manbok.


I came up with this name?! Crazy! I just got goosebumps!

Sejun was surprised even when he gave himself a name. It’s so well built.

Following the Tekubak Drill Storm, another coalescing machine with a strangely named name was created.

“Nyan! “Nyan!”

So, while Theo kills leeches with the new technology, Tekubak 1000,000 Meteor Chief,

I’m going to go home.

“Dongsik, where is our house?”

Sejun asked Dongsik where his family lives. This is because I do not know the exact address of the house I moved to.

“Please follow me. “I will guide you.”


While Sejun and his group were driving home in Dongsik’s car,

“Vice President Te, here this time.”

“I understand! “Nyan!”

Sejun put his foot out on the spear and grabbed Theo’s front paw and swung

[Watchman Theo Park killed the giant vampire leech.]

[Watchman Theo Park acquired 5000, which is 50% of the experience gained.] The

giant vampire leeches were killed and

[Destroyed. sent to extinction the giant vampire leeches of the second plague.]

[A great achievement that no one has achieved so far has been achieved.]

[As a reward for this great achievement, the giant vampire leeches of the third plague of destruction cannot invade the Earth.]

Giant A great achievement was achieved when vampire leeches became extinct from the Earth.

[As a great achievement reward, the cost of staying on floor 0 of the Black Tower will be reduced by 2%.]

Thanks to this, the cost of staying has been reduced by 2%.

He only gets 2%…

Sejun complains.


2% of 10 quintillion is 2,000 trillion won?!

I soon realized that was a huge amount of money. Thanks to Kamangi, the cost of staying in the original loan was large, so even just 2% reduced the amount by a huge amount.

“But what is here?”

The location of the remaining energy of destruction was not in the West Sea, East Sea, or Namhae Sea, but in the north. That too, deep underground.

Sejun was puzzled by the location of the energy of destruction concentrated in a completely different place and said,

“Vice President Te, please make it a little bigger this time and hit it.”

“I understand!”


Theo’s front paw moved.


[Watchman Theo Park killed the fire moths.]

[Watchman Theo Park obtained 3000, which is 50% of the experience gained.]




[The Third Plague Fire Moth sent by Destruction has become extinct.]

[A great achievement that no one has achieved before has been achieved.]

[As a reward for this great achievement, the Third Plague Fire Moth of Destruction cannot invade the Earth.]

Near Mt. Baekdu . Theo’s giant footprints were deeply imprinted, and he achieved a great achievement once again.

The fire moth, which had been growing stronger underground without anyone knowing, eventually disappeared from the earth without anyone noticing.

[As a great achievement reward, the crops grown by Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun can absorb some of the power of destruction and turn it into nutrients.] [

As a great achievement reward, the cost of staying on floor 0 of the Black Tower is reduced by 2%.]

This time, In addition to a 2% reduction in staying costs, the amount that crops can absorb the power of destruction has increased.


[All detected auras of destruction have been removed.]

[The quest has been completed.]

[The destruction of the Earth is postponed as a quest reward.]

Finally, the quest has been completed.


Now all you have to do is play hard and eat!

Sejun smiles brightly and Theo and Kueng are excited as they hold the black rabbit






While I was asleep for a moment,

“I arrived at Sejun’s house.”

Kim Dong-sik stopped his car in front of a huge mansion.

“ah. yes.”

When Sejun quickly came to his senses and got out of the car, his family was waiting in front of the house.

Kim Dong-sik contacted me in advance.

“Mom, Dad, younger brother…”

Sejun started crying without realizing it when he saw his family he hadn’t seen in a long time. The longing I had been holding back surged from my chest like a flood.




It was the same for the family.

“Ugh! “Mom and Dad, Sedol!”




While the family hugged each other and cried,

lick, lick.

Theo’s black rabbits, Kuengi and Kamangi, tidied up their fur for the last time in order to look good to Sejun’s family.


“Fuhuhu.” Nice to meet you humans! “This body is Chairman Park’s right-hand man, Theo Park!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Kuhehehe. Kueng is father’s son, Kueng is Park!]

Bap! Bap!

[hello! It’s my nephew’s black rabbit!]

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. This body is the noble wolf, the great black man! Since you are Park Se-jun’s family, I will give you the honor of serving me for generations to come!]

Each person said hello.

Of course, Sejun’s family could only understand Theo’s words, so Sejun interpreted and said,

“How can I fool around with a topic that only costs so much money!”



The cocky little guy had to be gently beaten by Sejun.

“Please accept me. “I’m back.”

Sejun bowed deeply to his parents on the street.



Kueng quickly bows down after Sejun.

When Sejun woke up, Kueng stood up with him and held out both front paws to Sejun’s parents. I thought Sejun was doing his best.

“Kueng, this is not receiving New Year’s money.”


[Isn’t that New Year’s money?]

Kueng looks sullen at Sejun’s words.


“Come on. Let’s go in. “Because I prepared a lot of food.”

“yes. “Kids, let’s go in and eat.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng! Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kueng is finally eating the food his grandmother cooked! I’m excited!]

I immediately smiled brightly at Sejun’s words.

As Sejun followed his family through the garden and into the house,


Fireworks, who had been nervous about being caught by Sejun, sighed greatly in relief when he saw Sejun entering the house.

(Batbat. Phew. I’m glad I didn’t get caught by my brothers.)

Next to me, Batbat sighed as well.

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