Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 408

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Episode 408 Believe. Vice President Teh.

Episode 408 Believe. Vice President Teh.

“Did you hear Morik? “There’s an empty building on the outskirts of the shopping street. A new store has opened there.”

Chiren, the owner of the shield shop, spoke to Morik, the owner of the sword shop in the building next door.

“okay? “Isn’t that the store that went out of business a few years ago?”

“that’s right. “You opened a potion shop, but Luca cut the price of the potions in half, so you couldn’t hold on.”

“But what are they selling there? “If they sell products that overlap with ours this time, we’ll have to go and do something about it.”

“There’s no need for that. “They sold their crops.”

At Morik’s words, the potion shop owner Luca approached and said.

“what? crops?! Haha! “Can you sell it and pay taxes?”

“So it will be ruined soon.”

“Shall we make a bet? “How soon will it fail?”

When the merchants on the shopping street were betting on whether Sejun’s store would go bankrupt in a few days, they shouted,

“Buy crops!”

“We sell crops that are delicious and effective!”

In front of Sejun’s store, the voices of Ururu children promoting Sejun’s store began to echo.

Sejun, who hired his parents, and children who wanted to help their parents who work at the store came forward.

The voices of the Ururu children, who had filled their bellies with sweet hotcakes and milk since morning, were very energetic.

Thanks to this, although it was on the outskirts of the shopping street, the Hunters who heard the voices of the Ururu children came one by one to Sejun’s store.

“what’s this?”

“This is a crop called Magical Cherry Tomato, and when consumed, it lasts for 10 minutes…”

In response to questions from the Green Tower hunters, the Ururu employees diligently explained the effects of Sejun’s crop.

The hunters here looked similar to humans, but were very different.

Regardless of whether they are male or female, they have massive muscles and a horn on their forehead.

They said that because they come from a world called Neta, they are called Neta people in the tower.

From what I heard from the Urur people, the Neta people maintain a healthy body throughout their lives and are not very interested in diet or cancer.

So the prices of crops were discounted compared to what was sold on Earth. Should we call it a localization strategy?

“oh! It works better than the potion sold at the store! “Then give me one of these and one of this.”

“Then these are the top 5 coins.”

After listening to the staff’s explanation, the hunters bought some crops and went back.

“I heard that the crops here taste better and are more effective than the disgusting potions sold at the potion store?!”

“okay! “Elkeas ate it and it was really delicious!”

Soon, a huge crowd of people began to gather in front of Sejun’s store. This is thanks to the effects of Open Pal and Sejun on crops spreading among hunters.


ah. It’s delicious! You have to attack this place with taste!

Sejun, who was watching the Neta hunters, was able to know what to put forward as a selling point.

“Kueng, bring out the steamer.”


[I understand!]

So I started steaming corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes in front of the store.

As the crops steamed, a sweet scent spread out.


“Sniff. “Where does this smell come from?”

“and. “It smells really delicious!”

As the hunters in line looked around to find where the smell was coming from, they

said, “Guys, come here for a moment.”


Sejun called the Urur children and made them go around carrying steamed crops, cherry tomatoes, and carrots in a basket. Of course it was for sales.

Hehehe. Since it smells so good, of course you want to eat it, right?

“Are you selling that by any chance?”


“Then will you give me one?”

“Give me one too!”

As Sejun expected, the hunters who were already captivated by the smell bought Sejun’s crops while they were waiting in line and said,

“Oh! It’s really delicious. “Does this increase your stamina?”

“These refreshing cherry tomatoes increase your magical power!”

After enjoying the meal, he decided which crops he should purchase.

When Sejun’s store was crowded from the first day of opening,

boom, boom.

A hunter, who was a head taller than the other hunters with two huge axes in the shape of an X on his back, tried to enter Sejun’s store, ignoring the long line.


kueng! kueng!

[No! Stand in line!]

At the entrance to the store, Kueng, who was to receive two five-star stamps later, was guarding the entrance with a rather scary face.

“what?! How dare I, Double Axe Krahn…”

Krahn, who was enraged by Kueng’s restraint, increased his momentum, but


[If you keep disobeying me, I’ll get scolded!]


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“Ugh! All right! “I’ll go and stand in line!”

I quickly became a gentle sheep to the violent energy that Kueng gave off.

“Nyan… That’s a shame!”

Theo, who was looking for an opportunity to become the Green Tower’s official first slave, looked sadly at Krahn, who meekly retreated.


boom, boom.

The opportunity to make slaves came quickly.

“Thahaha! There was a new store that started business? Should I raise the seat tax? “The boss needs to come out here!”

A huge green troll found Sejun.

After a while.

“Why did you ask to see me?”




What…what is it?

Krta, the youngest of the Immortal Sect, was embarrassed as he saw the beings surrounding him. Everyone was in unusually good spirits.

In particular, the bloody energy from the three of them, excluding the president, made my legs tremble and break into a cold sweat.

“How dare you show hostility towards me, a member of the Immortal Sect?! “You all want to die?!”

Krta was scared, but that made him stronger. Because in this world, the one with the loudest voice wins.

“It’s noisy!” “Let’s punish Chairman Park first!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I sent my life to my dad! Kueng is angry!]

And in this world, the strong one was the law.


Krta lost consciousness as he saw something pink passing before his eyes.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Green Tower’s No. 1 slave!”


Theo raised the stunned Krta’s thumb and received a seal on the slave contract.

[I own 1 slave.]

[All stats increase by 0.01 due to the effect of .]

Thanks to this, Sejun’s stats also increased.

“It’s interfering with business, so Kueng please move it to the back of the store.”


[I understand!]

At Sejun’s words, Kueng grabbed one of Kreta’s legs and dragged him.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

”Heeheehee. “What is our Sejun doing?”

Eileen, who had decided not to give Sejun any food until he made something safe for her to eat, visited Sejun.



Even though I searched the entire black tower, I couldn’t find Sejun.

“Where did you go? “Exploring middle management positions.”

When Eileen searches for Sejun’s location using the crystal ball,

[Search for the location of the Black Tower middle manager.]

[The location of the Black Tower middle manager has been found.]

[The Black Tower middle manager is currently on the first floor of the Green Tower.]

Crystal ball The location appeared.


Why is Sejun in Green Tower?

“Huh. Could it be that you ran away because of my cooking?! Sejun, I didn’t do well! Come back!”

Eileen hurriedly spoke to Sejun.


About 30 minutes after the troll arrived,

“Hey! How dare you touch a member of the Immortal Sect?!”

The leader of the Immortal Sect, who received word that the youngest had been harmed, appeared with three of his subordinates.

“Fuhuhuhu. “You’re welcome!”


Of course, it became a good choice for slave hunter Theo.

[He owns 3 slaves.]

[Due to the effect of , all stats increase by 0.03.]

Sejun’s good stats too.


Kueng moved the trolls to the back of the store twice this time.

An hour later,

“Hey! How dare you touch the Immortal Sect!”

101 trolls appeared and disrupted the business.

ah. What?

“Kids, subdue it first.”

Sejun got angry at the trolls who were interfering with his business and gave orders,

“I’ll punish you!”



The trolls were quickly dealt with.

[Stomp down the Immortal Sect mid-boss]

All but one remains.

I had something to ask.

“These guys know who is looking after our Immortal Sect…”

“Yes. “I’m not curious.”

Where is this about bragging about your connections? I have dragon veins.

“But why are you interfering with our business?”

Sejun ignored Eokta’s words and asked what he was curious about.

“what?! “That’s…”

The moment I was overwhelmed by Sejun’s question, I was at a loss for words.

“It’s because you didn’t pay rent!

“So you have to pay rent?”


“This is my land, why do I pay rent?”

“But you still have to pay. “If you don’t pay, you won’t survive in the Green Tower.”


“The person who is looking after our Immortal Sect is the most powerful person in the Green Tower. “We just follow his instructions and manage the 50th floor below.”

“Real power? “What floor are you from?”

“He is from the 93rd floor.”

Eokta answered Sejun’s question with a proud expression. Why are you so proud?


“What? It’s nothing.”

For Sejun, who hung out with people from the 99th floor of the top every day, it was really nothing.

“what? How dare you say anything to someone from the 93rd floor of the tower…”


When Sejun hits the angry Eokta on the back of the head and faints…

“This guy!!!”

uh?! You’re not fainting?





At Sejun’s call, Kkueng hit Eokta on the back of the head with a baton.

It must hurt. That’s why he faints after being hit by me… I hold on

while I look at Eokta who faints after being hit by Kuengi with pity


[I own 1 slave.]

[All stats increase by 0.01 due to the effect of .]

Theo received the seal of force.

After a while, the sky darkened and

“Good job, kids. “After dinner, rest.”

Sejun closed the store.

“Sejun, here is the money I earned today.”

The Urur people brought the money from selling their crops to Sejun.

31,213 Top Coins.

There were a lot of customers, but it didn’t make a lot of money.

“Guys, come here. “Because you worked hard today, I’ll give you pocket money.”

Since it was really a pittance compared to what he earns these days, Sejun used the money he received to give pocket money to the Ururu children who worked hard to promote it.

He added money to purchase a building worth 500 million Topcoin in a residential area where the Urur people can live.

After purchasing the building, I headed back to the store.

“you did well today! “See you tomorrow!”

In Sejun’s eyes, he saw the Neta tribe leaving the tower.

Could that be the exit of the green tower?

Sejun suddenly became curious.

Can I go out there too?

So I cautiously approached the exit.


, [You are not in the dimension protected by the green tower.]

[You cannot use the exit of the green tower.]

[Special permission from the green tower manager is required to leave.]

The message appeared and an invisible wall blocked Sejun.

“You need special permission from the green tower manager?”

If you are the Green Tower manager… Mr. Brachio?

I just shouldn’t go out.

I was curious about the outside world, but not until I met Brachio.

At that time

[The manager of the Black Tower cries, saying that he did not do well and telling him to return to the Black Tower quickly.]


Why is Eileen acting like that all of a sudden?

I didn’t know what was going on, but I felt like I had to go back quickly.


“If I just go, the immortals and that powerful person won’t stay still…”

It took a while to take the shortcut.

“Vice President Te I will tell Ofelia to send a few of her men here. “Until then, please protect the store and the Urur people.”

So, I asked Theo, who can go back and forth with his luggage.

“Nyan?! Are you leaving me alone?! I don’t like it! “Take me with you!”

Of course Theo refuses.

However, Sejun had a few cheats to deal with Theo.

“Believe. Vice President Te.”

“Puhuhu. Leave it to Vice President Te!”

Chairman Park said he trusts me!

Theo’s eyes changed at Sejun’s words.

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