Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 409

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Episode 409 Fuhehehe. Netas, then let the auction begin!

Episode 409 Fuhehehe. Netas, then let the auction begin!

[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

“It’s home.”

Sejun arrived in front of the house using the Yonggak’s Return Bracelet.

This time, the return magic was activated with absolute coordinates, so instead of going to the 99th floor of the Green Tower, it arrived properly at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Sejun arrived at the Black Tower like that.

“What’s going on Eileen?”

I quickly called Eileen.

[The tower manager tells you not to run away because he will not give you his tasteless dishes in the future.]

“Huh?! really? no. Why does Eileen cook? It’s worth eating. And it wasn’t because of Eileen’s cooking that she ran away, but there was also a land document on the first floor of the Green Tower, and Theo Botjim…”

Sejun hurriedly corrected his true feelings, which came out without his knowledge, and explained to Eileen in detail how he came to go to the Green Tower.

[The tower manager says he is glad you did not run away to the Green Tower because of his cooking.]

“Okay. “Why would I run to another tower when Eileen is here?”

Sejun reassured Eileen, who was anxious.

[The tower manager looks gloomy, saying that he now realizes that his cooking is not delicious.]

Yes. Now you know…

“But it’s still better than the food Orrick brought.”

Sejun felt fortunate and comforted Eileen.

Hehehe. Eileen, don’t cook anymore. Just enjoy the food I cooked.

I lowered my head, pretending to be sad, to hide the corners of my mouth that turned up without my knowledge.


[The tower manager is determined to practice cooking harder and make delicious dishes for you.]

Contrary to Sejun’s expectations, Eileen did not give up on cooking.

“···huh. “I’m looking forward to it!”

Sejun cheered for Eileen in a slightly gloomy voice. There is also the option of not cooking…

Sejun ended his conversation with Eileen like that.

“Ophelia, come out. “Oba.”

I called Ophelia. It was to ask them to dispatch subordinates to the first floor of the tower.

[The slave of the Green Tower asks what is going on.]

“Please send some useful subordinates to the first floor of the Green Tower.”

[Ask what is happening on the first floor of the tower.]

“Ah. I opened a store on the first floor of the tower. So we need bodyguards to protect the store and the Ururs who work there.”

I left out the topic of power on the 93rd floor of the tower. Because I don’t want to lose a source of good stats.

[The slave of the Green Tower says not to worry.]

[The slave of the Green Tower says he will send useful subordinates.]

Ophelia received Sejun’s request.

“Ahem. The human eventually asks for help from the talented and great green dragon Ophelia Iolg. But who are you sending?”

Ofelia was happy to receive Sejun’s request and was worried about who to send to the first floor of the tower.

I am a great green dragon. If you send a weak subordinate, you will lose face.

“good. “It was decided by you!”

Ophelia sent the boss from the 99th floor of the tower, the boss from the 98th floor of the tower, and the boss from the 97th floor of the tower to the 1st floor of the tower at the same time.

Since it was sent using movement magic, there was no uproar like the Black Minotaur’s southward migration incident in the Black Tower.


Green Tower 1st floor.

Thump, thud, thump.

The bosses who received orders from Ophelia arrived in front of Sejun’s store.

“Nyan? Are you here? Nice to meet you! “I am Theo Park, a subordinate of the great black dragon and the target of the fatal dragon claw golden cat!”

Theo, who was waiting for Ophelia’s subordinates, welcomed them warmly and introduced himself,

“I am Agni of the Agni, the boss of the 99th floor of the tower.”

“The 98th floor of the tower. “This is the boss, the demon dog Cerberus.”

“I am Egel, the Saint of Destruction, the boss on the 97th floor of the tower.”

The bosses also introduced themselves.

“But you guys can’t reduce your body size?”

It was so hard to see the store just with the three of them standing there.

“It’s possible.”

“I can too.”

“Me too.”

The bosses shrunk down to the size of Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “What do you guys know how to do?”

“I am good at using fire.”


To Theo’s question, Agni answered confidently, spouting fire.

”Fuhuhuhu. Good! Agni, from now on, roast sweet potatoes, potatoes, and corn!”


Theo turned the boss on the 99th floor of the tower into a roasted sweet potato seller.

“I bite well.”

“Cerberus, guard the entrance!”


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“I can take a beating and recover well.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! Egel is paying for treatment!”

Cerberus had his guard and Egel work as a healer.

Fuhehehe. Chairman Park said he trusts me!

I will make this store the highest selling store in Green Tower!

A huge turmoil was happening in Green Tower because of Sejun’s single words of trust.

what? Ophelia told me to listen carefully to what that cat called Theo said, so I listened… but

when the bosses who went to work as bodyguards and got jobs at the store were puzzled, they said,

“Fuhuhu. This is the Urur people who work at our store! “Please protect me well from now on!”

Theo introduced the Urrs to the bosses.


“okay. “Nice to meet you.”

While the bosses and the Ururu people were greeting each other,

“Then, good luck!”

Theo said hello, opened his luggage, and returned to the Black Tower.


The next morning.


When Sejun opens his eyes,

[The seal of the Earth Jewel has been released.]

[The Stone God Toga, who was sealed in the Earth Jewel, is released from the seal.]

[The object for which the Stone God Toga has released his seal. I repay the favor.]

[Toga, the stone god, repays the favor by turning one pyeong of the road into a rocky field.]

The visible message.


How does the stony ground return the favor?


Sejun carried Theo, who came in at dawn, on his lap and went outside to find a rocky field.


I found the rocky field easier than I thought.

The stones that were exposed to sunlight reflected the light and sparkled brightly in various colors.

Should I call it a jewel stone? The gem stones were thicker than the gem pebbles.

The bigger the egg, the more expensive it is.

“Hehehe. Thank you, Toga.”

Sejun collects jewel stones

[Toga Road]

– Toga, the god of stones, rewarded us with heavy jewels. He was a great god.

We created a 2-pyeong toga road that is twice as big as the road where the jewel stones were.

We made a path like that and asked,

“Aileen, what happened to the stone knife you asked for last time?”

Sejun asked Eileen as he walked around the farm.

[The tower manager says you also seem to have a talent for drawing.]

“Hehehe. “Is it that much?”

Sejun, who still doesn’t know that the one he picked is Shingi, said with a smile.

[The tower manager tells you to be careful because it is heavy.]



With Sejun’s answer, a stone knife appeared in front of him and stuck in the ground.

[Earth Blade]

“Oh. “Does the name give you a feeling?”

Sejun hurriedly grabbed the handle of the Earth Blade and tried to lift it,


the sword did not move.


Sejun had no choice but to check the options for the sword stuck in the ground.

[Earth Blade]

This is a sacred weapon used by the Earth God Patrick in battle.

Because it was made by compressing an abandoned dimension into a blade, it is extremely heavy.

You can make it as big as you want by putting magic into it.

When placed in the ground, the power of the earth is charged and you can use the power: Earth Blade. (Current usable time: 0.3 seconds)

Usage limit: Beloved of the earth Power over 50,000

Creator: Patrick, God of the Earth

Rating: ★★★

“It was amazing. But… was this something you made to use?”

It has more than 50,000 power…

I felt like I would have to ask Patrick later when I met him.

“You should just plug it in.”

In any case, the more the power of the earth can be charged, the better, so Sejun decided to leave the earth blade alone.

“It’s comfortable. “You don’t have to worry about someone stealing it.”

Originally, there was no way there would be a thief on the 99th floor of the tower, but Sejun pretended to be cool for no reason.

Sejun left behind the blade of the earth and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

After a while,


[Good morning, Dad!]


[I’m hungry!]

Kkueng and Kkamang came into the kitchen in a friendly manner and

said, “Okay. let’s eat.”

I enjoyed the stir-fried sojijiji prepared by Sejun.

When breakfast was over,


[Kueng is coming to see the herbs!]

Kueng packed his lunch and left for the western forest


Fenrir slept again.


“Fuhuhu.” Chairman Park, just trust me!”


What do you believe?

Theo shouted loudly, opened his luggage and left for the green tower.


Green Tower 1st floor.

When it was opening time, Sejun’s store door opened and

he said, “Give me 10 roasted sweet potatoes and 100 cherry tomatoes!”

“I have 10 steamed corn!”

Neta hunters, who had starved for breakfast and were waiting for the store to open, put out money and placed orders.

In just one day, Sejun’s store became the hottest place on the first floor of the green tower.

Fortunately, thanks to a talented chef who was urgently hired yesterday, we were able to handle the flood of orders coming in.

At that time,

“If you are injured, get treatment here!”

“My pretty sister will treat you!”

Ururu children promoted the newly built treatment center next to the store.

After a while, a hunter entered the treatment center and a line began to form in front of the clinic.

“It’s still not enough!”

Theo was worried as he watched the hunters from the roof of the store. This is why Green Tower can’t be the best store!

At that time,

“You tore off your ear while catching locusts yesterday. “Go and get treatment.”

“Is that so?”

Theo’s ears heard the hunters’ conversation.


“It’s Locaster!”

Theo, who heard the conversation, came up with a way to increase the store’s sales.

If you think about it, the hunters here are probably also being invaded by the Locust.

But what about Earth?

“Fuhuhuhu. “No thanks to the great Chairman Park!”

Then what you need most here is…

“Of course, the sturdy blades that are plentiful in the warehouse!”

Currently, on Earth, the Locaster is completely extinct and there is no demand for strong blades, so they are piling up in warehouses.

I have a lot of inventory these days, so I thought I could sell it here! I’m so smart!

Theo praised himself, took out a green onion from his bag, and

said, “Hey Netas. Aren’t the Locusts giving you a headache?! Fuhehehe. “As long as you have this, don’t worry!”

He shouted at the hunters.

The Locust is a disaster that threatens their world. The hunters’ attention immediately focused on Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. By this I mean it was a powerful blade that wiped out the Locusts that invaded the Earth!”

As Theo waved the sturdy bladed green onion and said,

“What?!” “You cut down the grass like that and made the Locust extinct?!”

“lie! “Do you know what locusters eat?!”

The hunters shouted excitedly.

“It’s noisy! “Tell the dog to be quiet!”

When Theo spoke while looking at the horse dog Cerberus guarding the entrance, it


Cerberus grew in size and growled at the hunters.

As the huge power pressured the hunters, the hunters quickly became quiet and said,

“This is a strong blade approved by the great Chairman Park and the great green dragon Ophelia!”

Theo continued his promotion. Ophelia has never seen a strong bladed green onion, but

since she is Chairman Park’s slave, she can sell her name!

Theo casually mentioned Ophelia’s name.

When Theo’s explanation was over,

“What?!” “The great green dragon?”


“Can I look at some options first?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Look!”

Hunters are starting to check options for green onions.

After a while,

“So how much is this?”

Hunters who were interested in the sturdy bladed green onion asked about the price and

said, “Fuhuhu. Neta people, then let’s start the auction!”

Theo shouted with a smile.

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