Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 407

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Episode 407 Sejun, I’m sorry.

Episode 407 Sejun, I’m sorry.

[The Black Tower begins to grow into the Black Tower.]

[10,000 days remain until the Black Tower grows.]

10,000 days is approximately 30 years. For dragons, it’s enough time to yawn, but

“King?!” “It takes that much?!”

I want to quickly brag to Sejun, but

it was such a long time for Eileen.

At that time

, [13 more new varieties were created under the conditions

for growing the Black Tower.] [The time required to grow the Black Tower is shortened by 3900 days.]

[One more world tree was grown under the growing conditions for the Black Tower.]

[Growing the Black Tower. Reduces the time required for

growth by 1,000 days.] [Two more great achievements have been achieved under the conditions for growing the Black Tower.]

[Reduces the time required to grow the Black Tower by 4,000 days.]

The conditions exceeded will allow you to grow into the Black Tower. shortened the time required to do so.

As a result…

[There are 1,100 days left to grow into the Black Tower.]

The remaining time has been reduced by almost 90%.

“Kuhhh…but it’s still long.”

When Eirin is heartbroken,

she says, “Et tut tsk!” eww!”

Sylvia, who tasted Eileen’s cooking, spat out her food in disgust.

Eileen took Sylvia to a dark place and gave her her own cooking, saying that she needed to have this level of cooking skills to become Sejun’s wife.

Hee hee hee. If you eat my cooking, you won’t say you’ll marry Sejun, right?

Eileen was confident in cooking. Because Sejun never said it wasn’t delicious.

If this doesn’t work, drag Sylvia to a darker place…

“Eileen Sylvia can never make something like this. “I don’t want to marry Park Se-jun!”

Fortunately, Sylvia gave up on marrying Sejun as Eileen had intended.

Park Se-jun likes this kind of terrible cuisine?! scared!

Eileen gave up on marriage for different reasons than she thought, but the result was the same.

Instead, only Sejun felt unfair.

When Sylvia went to drink water to rinse her mouth, she

said, “No matter how much I envy you, Sylvia. “Why are you spitting out this delicious food?”

The food was as good as new because I only ate a little bit at the end. Eileen took a bite of the food Sylvia left behind.

Until now, Eileen had never eaten a single bite of her own food to feed Sejun.


I was very shocked when I tried my own cooking for the first time.


How can this be… that my food tastes this terrible?

“Eh tsk tsk!”

Eileen hastily spit out her food.


Sejun, I’m sorry.

Eileen felt sorry and grateful at the same time for Sejun who ate her tasteless cooking.


“Are you feeling it yet?”

Sejun is waiting for Eileen while eating lunch at a restaurant.

“Kkamang, try eating this!”


[Kamang needs to eat this to become stronger!]

Theo and Kkueng were eager to take care of their youngest child.

‘ah. bothered. “I want to eat the dried sweet potatoes that Sejun made…”

Of course, it was annoying for Kamangi to take care of the food for the two of them, but he didn’t show any signs of displeasure and eagerly ate whatever was given to him. Because I might get hit again.

After lunch like that,

“Vice President Te, take out some of your luggage.”

Sejun had Theo take out the luggage of the target person wandering the nine towers.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

At Sejun’s words, Theo took out his luggage.

“Did you say that the place where Botjim is currently connected is the 72nd floor of the Purple Tower?”

“That’s right!”

“Hmm… First, let’s use 500 billion Top Coins to change the location. here.”

Sejun handed the money to Theo.


Theo shouted as he put the money he received from Sejun into his luggage.



A red light appeared from the bag and then disappeared.


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“Vice President Te, go in.”

“I understand!”

Theo went into the gym.

1 minute later.

“Chairman Park, this is the 30th floor of the Black Tower!”


It’s a complete mess. I never thought it would lead to the Black Tower…

“Let’s change it one more time.”

Sejun again handed 500 billion Top Coins to Theo.


In an instant, 1 trillion Top Coins disappeared.

“Vice President Te, go back in.”

“I understand!”

Theo went back into the gym and

said, “Chairman Park, this is the first floor of the Green Tower!”

“uh?! Green Tower 1st floor?”

Sejun happened to have a land document for the first floor of the Green Tower that he received from Mason a little while ago.


“What about the surroundings?” Dangerous?”

“There is no one stronger than Chairman Park!”

Even the reconnaissance was completed perfectly.


There’s no one stronger than me, right?

Then, should we take a look at the first floor of the tower?

“Guys, stay inside for a moment.”

Sejun had the group, except Theo, enter the subspace warehouse.


blah blah blah.

Sejun opened the land document on the first floor of the green tower and disappeared.


Green Tower 1st floor.

“If you want to learn skills, you can come here!”

“Take a look at the sword!

“It’s a shield rather than a sword! “As long as you have this shield, you can come back alive!”

“I’m selling a potion that reduces magical power usage!”

Similar to the first floor of the Black Tower, it was bustling with training centers where you could learn skills and shops selling equipment and potions.


“I’m hungry…”

“Is there any food on the ground?”

There were round, black furry creatures that couldn’t fit into that atmosphere and hid in the alleys, peeking out their faces and looking at the floor.

At that time,

“Hey! Refugee bastards! Unlucky. Won’t it turn off?! “I told you not to show your face!”

A merchant selling swords found them and chased them away by throwing stones.


The black furry creatures called refugees were startled, apologized, and ran away to another place.

They are a race called the Urru people, and because the world they live in was falling into destruction too quickly, they became residents of the tower without being able to raise enough power in the tower.

However, although the tower accepts survivors, it does not guarantee survival.

And refugees are people who cannot find a place in the tower until the world falls apart.

Races that are unable to establish themselves become refugees and wander the tower, taking land from other races or continuing to wander until they are gradually eliminated and disappear from the tower.

They changed locations and were kicked out several times, and as evening fell.

They returned to their residence, a building on the outskirts of the first floor of the tower, carrying a few food scraps.

They were using an empty building without an owner.

“The adults are here!”

When the parents arrived, the Ururu children, who were smaller than their parents, who had been hiding in the building, ran out to greet their parents.

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

“okay. “Eat this.”

Adults gave the food they had worked hard to obtain to their children. Paaat



A bright light came from the center of the building and Sejun appeared.


[Arrived at the first floor of the Green Tower.]

“Where are we?”

It’s not a farm?

Sejun found a nearby building.

At that time,

“Who are you?”

“It’s mom!”

Sejun shouted in surprise at the sound coming from beneath his feet.

“Chairman Park, what’s going on?! “These guys threatened Chairman Park?!”

Theo, who was now clinging to Sejun’s lap, pulled out his dragon claws and threatened the black furballs.

“We didn’t do anything!”

The black furballs are scared by Theo’s threat and retreat.

“Hmm. Vice President Te, put your claws in.”

Sejun, who was embarrassed to be surprised alone, calmed Theo down and looked around his feet.

Hundreds of black furballs were gathered together and looking at Sejun with fearful eyes.

what? Because I’m like this, I feel like a villain.

When Sejun is in trouble

, [a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Defeat the Ururu refugees who are illegally occupying the store or make an agreement and regain the rights to the land.]

Reward: Become the rightful owner of the store on the first floor of the Green Tower . A quest appeared in front of Sejun


“This is a store.”

I thought it was strange that there was a building there.

But Ururu refugees?

“Are you Urru people?”

When Sejun asked the black furballs,

“Oh! Do you know our Urur people?!”

“that’s right! “We are the Urru tribe!”

They responded with joy that the Urs recognized them.

“okay. nice to meet you. But I’m the owner of the store here…”

When Sejun started speaking,


The people suddenly became quiet.

ah. They said they were refugees. Is it because I have nowhere to go?

“Are you guys interested in working here? There is no daily wage. Instead, I will provide lodging and food.”

As soon as Sejun found out that this was a store, he thought of selling his crops here.

The store wasn’t that big, so hiring about 30 people would have been enough.

As I watched the Urur people carefully carrying their food waste, I thought that this was a better condition than wages.

“I will!”

“Just order it!”

“and! “I got a job!”

At Sejun’s words, the Urur people shed tears and chanted for national independence.

And then

drop. drop.

Black scum falling from the body of the Ururu tribe.

It’s not originally black.

“ruler. Sejun Company’s employees need to be clean, so let’s wash up first. “Raise the land.”

Sejun comes out of the store, creates a huge bathtub, and says,

“Ice Cube.” Ice Cube.”

I made giant ice and filled the bathtub.


“Iona, let’s warm it up.”

“Pfft. yes. fire!”

In the meantime, I came out of the subspace warehouse and asked Iona, who was hanging on Theo’s tail, to use fire magic.

Then the ice quickly melted and turned into water, and steam began to rise from the water.

“ruler. “Go in quickly and wash up.”

Sejun made the Urur people wash.

The water quickly turned black when the Urur entered.

“Ice Cube.”

After changing the water a few times, the Ururu regained its original color.

“uh? “Are you originally green?”

When Sejun asked while looking at the green fur of the Ururu tribe, he said,

“Yes! “I haven’t been able to wash lately…”

one of the Urur people answered, scratching his head as if he were embarrassed.

These days, it’s probably been at least a year…

Then ,


[Dad, Kuengi roasted all the corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes!]

While Sejun was changing the bath water for Ururu, Kuengyi, who had been cooking, shouted.

“okay. “For now, put down your trash and eat this.”

Sejun said as he gave roasted sweet potatoes to the Urur people who were still holding their food waste carefully.

“thank you!”

“oh! “It’s really delicious!”

“Sejun, eat it too!”

While the Urru tribe, Theo Kueng, and Kamangi Iona are all having a delicious dinner,

[The Ururu tribe’s outpouring of praise fills the soul.]

[Spirit increases by 5.]





Sejun smiled happily as he looked at the message.

“Sejun, aren’t you eating?”

One of the Ururu children asked Sejun, handing him a baked potato.

“no. You guys eat a lot. “I’m full even if I don’t eat.”

Sejun said as he peeled a baked potato and gave it to the baby Ururu next to him.

After a while,

[530 Ururu people have been fed to their fill.]

[All stats increase by 106 due to the effect of .]

“Oh my, I’m full.” Sejun


as he pats his stomach with a happy expression on his face as he looks at the message .

A sound came from Sejun’s stomach.

“Nyan?! Chairman Park, is it true that his head is broken?! “Eat this quickly!”

Theo stuffed the grilled fish he was eating into Sejun’s mouth.


The next morning.

“uh?! “Was there a store there?”

“No, it definitely wasn’t there.”

“So is this something new?”

“Let’s give it a go.”

A produce store quietly opened on the first floor of Green Tower.

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