Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 478

Episode 478: Tochika Extermination Battle (6)

Eruption of the New Wave volcano. And the trigger that caused it, Poseidon.

The small ball launched by Bikir eventually created a tremendous butterfly effect.

A great flood sweeping the whole world.

Over the next 150 days, this heavy rain will engulf all the land except for some high plateaus.

The forest fires that spread across the empire, the swarms of monsters taking advantage of the vicious social situation, and the dreaded drought were all swept away.

Naturally, everyone in Tochka was able to greet salvation.

Not only did the current not reach the high plateau, but the ground made of hard rocks and fine sand was very easy to drain.

The fort was also strong enough to withstand the wind and rain, and the lack of drinking water, which was the only drawback, was naturally solved by receiving rainwater.

Under normal circumstances, the Great Flood would have been recorded as an unprecedented supernatural disaster.

However, forest fires, droughts, epidemics, swarms of monsters, and cataclysms that spread throughout the empire due to the Gate of Destruction first occurred, so the great flood that occurred later became a miracle.

Destruction is offset by destruction.

* * *

Deep drains were dug throughout the barracks in the fort.

Large barrels were placed in front of the barracks, and the refugees got rainwater from them and drank freely.

They are enjoying the water to their heart’s content, which they have not been able to drink a drop of for several days.

“If the situation outside the castle is like this, there will be no chance for the enemy to invade. Now is the time to focus on internal security.”

Warden Orca released New Wave’s manpower to manage the security inside the fort and rearranged various rules.

Meanwhile, the Marquis of Sade seemed to be itching already since the battle had ended.

“Pussss- I can finally complete the revolution that I couldn’t complete 40 years ago! Where is the prince! Since the emperor has already died, I must kill even his bastard!”

“Oh hey Grandpa! When I feel better, let’s go together!”

Sadhi managed to stop Sade from saying that he would catch a small boat right away and go to the ecliptic.

In addition, after the battle, reorganization was being carried out step by step.

Everyone, led by Osiris and Sindi Wendy, joins forces to expand and rebuild Fort Tochka.

Everyone was preparing and preparing for when the great flood ended 150 days later.

Hope to be able to move towards the future. Because of that, everyone’s expressions were bright.

… … However, there was one person who still maintained an expressionless expression.


He always stood at the top of the wall, facing the pouring rain.

… slam!

Outside the castle that has now turned into the sea.

Above the raging waves, white flowers bloom.

Bikir was comparing the Tochika before the return with the Tochika now.

“… … .”

As it was originally, the wheel of fate should have rolled in a harsher direction.

The present world has become hell due to the invasion of demons.

Saadi, who took advantage of the chaos and led an attack on New Wave.

Marquis de Sade, who was able to escape from New Wave thanks to the help of her granddaughter Sadi.

Director Orca, who exploded Poseidon, which he found during work to prevent the escape of Marquis Sade.

And the monsoon season was lifted by the great flood that occurred as a result.

However, countless people had already been burned to death, and the unexpected deluge dealt a huge blow not only to demons but also to mankind.

… … But what about now?

Although there was an error of about a week, it was quite difficult to secure drinking water, but the deluge started in a relatively scheduled time.

The rainy season of calamity has also lifted, and the gates of destruction have also cooled.

[At this point, it’s like a perfect victory. Isn’t that human?]

Decaravia spoke in a proud tone as if it were her own recognition.

But Bikir shook his head quietly.

“We haven’t won yet. We just won a big local battle, and the final battleground remains.”

[Are you talking about poem No. 1?]


Bikir nodded as he looked at the world outside, which had turned into a vast expanse of water.

Decaravia admired with her eyes wide open.

[indeed. So as soon as I escaped from Nouvelle Vague, I was the first to recover Don Quixote from Changhae Changga. In order to obtain an invincible armada that divides the armed forces of the Don Quixote family with the invincible cavalry.]

“Yes. In a world like this, only those with fleets would be able to rule as losers.”

At Bikir’s words, Dekarabia paused for a moment.

Then, after a little thought, he spoke again.

[I thought of you when you said you were a loser, human.]


[This time, Flauros, whom I dealt with before.]

Decarabia continued with a slightly uneasy look.

[Flauros was one of the losers, famous for his lies and tenacity even in Hell.]

“What do you mean?”

[Is he really perishing? I doubt that If he had faked his own death… … ]

Flauros is so good at lying that even his death is questionable.


“I don’t care about that any more.”

[What? Why?]

“Whether he was alive or dead at that moment. After all, he won’t survive.”

Bikir smiled dryly as he watched the crashing storm and waves, and the red and tributary streams of the Black Mountains in the distance beyond.

“This world too. If you know it, it’s a place as dangerous as hell.”

* * *

A jungle where heavy rain is pouring down.

There was a man running through a sword forest densely covered with sharp blade-like leaves.

[Heo Eok! omg! Heck-]

The person running with his whole body covered in blood was definitely Thomas de Leviathan, the second son of the extremely poisonous Leviathan.

However, the red aura of death rising from his body and his sharpened teeth clearly meant that he was not the same person he used to be.

Flauros. Just before his death, he tricked Thomas into transporting his soul and took the dying body of Thomas.

In the first place, it was not such a strange situation since all the demons were only the host of the devil, a spare body that could be replaced at any time.

At the last moment, Flauros, who took Thomas’ body, desperately ran away from the battlefield with his body, which had already been damaged, and eventually succeeded in coming to this place.

[My body is breaking down… … I can’t stand it… … Shit… … Forcibly opening the door of destruction… … Even my soul is in tatters… … Hurry up and go to the ecliptic… … I need to ask for help… … ]

Still, since he succeeded in killing Piggy, there must be an element of negotiating.

Floros thought so.

Right then.

Spooky… …

Flauros felt his whole body go cold.

Starting from the boulder goal that had just entered, the temperature around it was rapidly dropping.

cold bone. A place name given by the aborigines living in the waters of the Red and Black Mountains.

There is no way that Flauros knows the climate here, where frost freezes even in midsummer.

As the already low body temperature dropped even further, his body became dull and his joints stiffened.

More and more blood was flowing from the holes in his neck and stomach, and from the wounds all over his body.

Right then.

[…] … Hee!]

As soon as he got out of the rocky goal, Flauros had to lie down.


A huge shadow breaks through the raindrops and leaves.

A gigantic spider appeared with a ghastly sound.

The spider was searching the forest as if looking for something.

Far beyond the forest, there were not one or two such spiders.

[…] … Are you looking for me?]

Flauros had a hunch.

If you are discovered by those spiders now, you will die. It is eternal death without any room.

Flauros desperately held his breath and crawled on the floor.

Avoiding the eyes of the spiders, I crawled and crawled on the floor like a bug.

… … How much time had passed, Flauros was able to escape from the spiders and reach the riverside.

Although it was a riverside at a fairly high altitude, it can be seen that the river has swelled considerably due to the continuous heavy rain.

with a plop-

The moment Flauros dives into the water to cross the river.

… Kwajik!

In an instant, Flauros felt a sharp pain in his lower body and was startled.

[Keugh!? Something like a fish!?]

Fish with serrated teeth were clinging to it and biting into the flesh of Flauros.

‘Nately’. Even from the surface of the water, the cannibals living in the rivers of the Red and Black Mountains gathered together at the smell of blood.

[…] … Shit!]

The moment Flauros turns around to come out of the river.


I see black darkness that fills my vision.

A huge mouth was trying to swallow Flauros’ head.

Monsieur Hushu. A giant snake that lives in the sea of ​​water. The snake approached from behind without making a sound and swallowed Flauros in the blink of an eye.

[Ouch! Such an insignificant insignificant thing!]

With the last of his strength, Flauros tore open the belly of the snake.

Fortunately, it was not too difficult to kill because it was an adult that had not yet grown up.

However, most of the life force required for escape was spent tearing the tough snake skin, so it was just a waste.

[…] … I need to find a place to rest. otherwise it will be an object What kind of disgrace is this?]

Flauros desperately opened his eyes that kept closing.

When I tore off my eyelids and left only the eyeballs, at least my vision was bright again.

Before long, Flauros found a deep tunnel dug under the roots of a tree.

It seemed that he could escape the rain and conserve his body temperature there.

Flauros staggered toward the tunnel.

But is it because of the lack of stamina that his concentration has been disturbed? Flauros hadn’t noticed the large nail marks on the side of his tree.

… … And the results were devastating.

[K-Woah woah woah!]

A thunderous roar erupted from behind.

Flauros didn’t even have time to look back.

A front paw wielded by a blind old Oxbear female with destructive power equal to the weight of more than a dozen tons.

It shattered Flauros’ skull with certainty.

[Ah! oh oh oh oh… … ]

Oxbear looked disgusted at Flauros, who spewed poisonous blood from his body.

Eventually, Oxbear washed away the blood on his front paws with rainwater and went into the den.

It doesn’t mean it’s not worth killing.

Flauros crawled on the floor.

[…] … ! … … ! … … !]

Words won’t come out of your messed up mouth.

what do you want to say

A cry for a sick and painful body? Hatred toward those who made you this way? The anger that comes from recognizing the gruesome reality? The revenge you swore and swore while coming here? or not… … Fear of extinction? Regret that I shouldn’t have come here in the first place?

Complex thoughts are jumbled in the muddy brain.


There were people who greeted such a Flauros.

Wow Wow Wow wengwengwengwengwengwengwengwengwengwengwengwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… …


A staggering number of mosquitoes follow the smell of blood.

There were mosquitoes that attached to the body of Flauros, no, Thomas, and sucked blood.

Unusually, there were also flesh-sucking mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes that only suck on skin were also mixed in.

Mosquitoes burrowed their saliva even deeper to suck bones.

… … And among the dogs there were mosquitoes that didn’t suck anything.

It just floats in the air with hazy, cloudy eyes.

A mosquito that doesn’t suck anything, but for some reason, it reigns over other mosquitoes and exudes overwhelming ominousness.

And Flouros, groaning on the floor, was glaring at the mosquito with bloodshot eyes.

[…] … ! … … !]

Before long, the mosquito quietly landed on Flouros’ head.

Then, aiming at the empty space, but with a clear target, he inserted a needle into it.


The red smoke enters the stomach through the mosquito’s saliva.

Mosquitoes are the most feared and wary of the natives of floods.

Mosquitoes sucking souls decorated the words of Flauros.

[…] … !]

It was a truly shabby and pitiful end, degraded to a meal for mere trifles.

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