Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 479

Episode 479: Urban Sea Battle (1)

shoot aaaaa-

The rain pours down like a torrent.

The world that had turned into an ocean was rippling more and more fiercely.

The people gathered in Tochika gradually show signs of uneasiness.

“Aren’t you going to starve to death by being locked up here?”

“What- there is so much food piled up. Are you still full?”

“Still, what will we do if this great flood continues?”

“They say it only lasts 150 days. We have enough food and even more drinking water, so it’s okay.”

“But it’s already the sea outside. And how do you know if the flood will end exactly in 150 days?”

“The eldest son of the Don Quixote family has gone to pick up the fleet. That’s why everyone is waiting.”

The rumors circulating among the refugees were not false.

In fact, the highland area of ​​Tochika is the safest fortress in the world, and at the same time it is a completely isolated and uninhabited place.

Is that why? Bikir was staring at the distant sea today as well.

… slam!

Waves reaching even the strong walls of the high plateau.

The white foam that bloomed as the current broke white was like looking at a field of flowers.

“… … .”

Bikir sat on top of the castle wall in the pouring rain.

As if cooling down hot iron, they are tapping their bodies with cold rainwater.

at that time.

“Is it raining today? Just right.”

There was a voice coming from behind Bikir.


She, too, walked beside Bikir in the rain.

“It’s pouring really hard.”

Camus said while looking at the water flowing like a waterfall down the wall.

“If it wasn’t for the sea of ​​fire created by the demons, this would have been a disaster. The two calamities interlocked exquisitely, reducing the damage. Is this also the same as you calculated in Nouvelle Vague? Before the volcano explodes.”

“Most of them.”

Bikir nodded quietly.

The calculations didn’t come off perfectly, but they fit roughly.

But if the margin of error had been just a little wider, really big things would have happened.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Bikir and Kamu were looking in the same direction.

The two didn’t say anything for a while.

In the end, it was Camus who spoke first.

“… … I’m sorry about your father.”

At those words, Vikir, who had been standing motionless until now, reacted.

At most, it was only a slight shiver in my shoulders.

The memory of that day is still vivid in my ears.

‘… … Why is that?’

‘I do not know.’

Memories that crumble white. Burnt white ashes. now scattered in the rain.

The fiercely oxidized Hugo was the hero of everyone in Tochka that day.

However, Vikir has no choice but to regard Hugo as an object of complicated feelings.

“… … he.”

After a long silence, Bikir opened his mouth.

“I don’t know how he crossed the threshold of Type 9.”

Compared to the previous life, it was a very different result.

Camu hesitates for a moment at Bikir’s words.

“actually… … .”


“He visited me a long time ago.”

Kamu’s testimony came as a surprise to Bikir.

“It was shortly after the trial in Nakazanye. he wanted to talk to me A way to get you out of prison. ah. By the way, Saadi, it seems that she held her hand with her at that time as well.”

The fact that Sadie and Hugo held hands was a little surprising to Vikir as well.

For Bikir, Hugo seems to have prepared more things than he thought.

The process of Sindi Wendy finding Sadie, who had disappeared, how Iyen was able to go to Newvag to avoid summary execution, and how Saadi was able to pass through the gates of Newvag by creating a disguised identity.

It was all thanks to the helping hand that was spread out in secret.

Vikir recalled the image of Hugo he had seen in the courtroom.

-The argument of the Baskervilles is as follows. Although the crimes, such as rebellion, murder of an ascendant, and poisoning of the head of state, are serious and heinous, the accused deserves to be treated like a nobleman because he inherited the blood of the Baskervilles. Therefore, we request a verdict taking this into consideration.

The back of Hugo, who was just sitting back in his wheelchair, without raising any objection.

“… … .”

There are no words to hide.

Camus continued the story of that time.

“While talking about helping you break out, the topic of the Wraith Tree came up. Inevitably, I had no choice but to mention the ‘grave of the sword’.”

Camus raised his hand.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The wraith tree shakes its long, bony branches.

“The Wraith Tree’s reaction to Hugo surprised me too. He must have read ‘a certain memory’ from the Wraith Tree.”

At Camu’s words, Bikir quietly nodded.

Because there was definitely a part that was pointed out.

[Even after stepping into the supreme realm, there is something that only those who continue to run without rest with the same mindset as when they first grabbed the sword gain something.]

[This stage is a realm that denies all understanding, empathy, understanding, belief, common sense, probability and causality of common people. A being who has never experienced death can never set foot here.]

[You probably won’t be able to reach this stage in your lifetime.]

[Because the realm of type 9 is beyond the threshold of death.]

[If you are a real Baskerville, you will come here at the end of your life.]

[I’ll see you again someday.]

What Hugo saw was probably a Cane Corso.

What did he feel from his older brother’s words?

Bikir thought again.

carnivore (six). A state that can only be reached by transcending all emotions.

Seventh. A state that can only be reached by recovering abandoned emotions.

Eighth. Just like when you first grabbed the sword, you have to go through countless battles before you can reach it.

Old-fashioned. The Unfathomable Zone at the core of the supreme realm, which only those who have experienced death can climb.

“… … .”

How did Hugo cross that threshold?

At the entrance to the other side of life and death, Bikir thought and thought again.

at that time.


Camu put his hand on Bikir’s shoulder.

“Don’t try to handle everything on your own. You’ve come this far, think of the people who think of you.”

“… … that’s right.”

And there was a voice that agreed with Camu’s words.

Dolores. She appeared in front of her castle wall before she knew it, and she put her umbrella on Bikir and said,

“Everyone gathered here is following Vikir. Aren’t they the ones who are ready to follow Bikir-sama wherever he goes?”

“… … That’s true, but don’t I have an umbrella?”

“It serves two.”

Dolores, ignoring Camus grunts, continued to speak to Bikir.

“Don’t worry about Tudor. Since he is a strong friend, he will definitely come back with a fleet.”

At her words, Vikir turned his head back toward the sea.

Looking at the violent storm and the rising waves, no strong fleet seems to be able to set sail.

It was a very frustrating and hopeless situation as it was urgent since I had the chance to win.

“I’m always watching from the watchtower, so stop going in. You can’t do it if your health is damaged.”

Iyen, who appeared before I knew it, said to Vikir.

Her superhuman eyesight, which can see several kilometers away, far surpasses Vikir’s, and if Tudor comes with a fleet, she will be the first to see it.

“What is it, savage? Why do you keep flirting with other people’s men?”

“savage? Do you want to get naked again?”

“Oh- Do you remember the old days? Do you know if that is still possible?”

Camus of Morgue and Ayen of Balac had never been on good terms.

at that time.

“Stop fighting. Hyung-ah, it’s time for you to be disturbed.”

After completing the repair work on the wall, Sinclair appeared.

Camus and Iyen narrowed their eyes, but Sinclair slightly turned away.

She said, placing a cup of hot tea in front of Bikir.

“The next battle will be the final one. How about calming down with a cup of tea?”

“… … Are you going to the golden castle? I had only come across it in literature.”

Next to Sinclair was Kirko, who was in charge of security.

Kirko asked Bikir.

“By the way, does the fact that the ground has become like this mean that all the people living in the lowlands have died?”

“I gathered as many people as possible into Tochka to prevent that from happening. And those who could not come here due to time and space were also evacuated to other highlands in advance. I think I did the best I could.”

Sinclair answered instead.

The two of them seem to have been having this conversation all the way to this place.

Right then.


Iyen, who had been arguing with Camu next to Bikir, jumped up.

She has good eyesight and seems to have seen something beyond the raging waves through the darkness and storm.

Before long, Ayen shouted in a loud voice.

“come! A fleet!”

It was as she said.

Before long, a huge ship began approaching through strong waves and storms.

The large and heavy ship was ignoring the waves and approaching directly towards the highlands of Tochka.

The number of such ships is insignificant. Indeed, it is a colossal majesty.

Dolores also shouted with a delighted face.

“It’s Tudor! Tudor is back!”

As she said, a flag symbolizing Don Quixote, Changhae Changga, was fluttering above the captain’s ship in the front.

Even at first glance, there were a large number of people on board the ship.

“Really! Tochka is not submerged in water!”

“Is there really food there?”

“Ah, salvation really exists! There was land that was not flooded!”

“I should have believed the words of the night walkers then! If it had been… … .”

On top of the vast number of fleets there were equally vast numbers of refugees.

And I saw two familiar faces at the stern of the captain’s ship in front.

It was Tudor and Bianca.

“Bikir! Sorry for being late than promised! I have no face!”

“I’m late because this idiot passed by and told me I had to rescue all the people stranded in the highlands!”

Even at this thrilling moment, the two were still fighting.

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko looked concerned as they watched the many other refugees come to Tochka.

“If we accept more of them, the food will decrease, right?”

“Hmm, there could be new security issues.”

“are you okay. They said they had enough food. Security is also manageable because the Nouvelle Vague team joined.”

“It lasts well enough for about five months. We poured all our family assets into it.”

“It’s good to pursue justice, but nothing should get in the way of the final battle.”

Right then.

“Does not matter. I have to leave here soon anyway.”

Bikir finally got up from his seat.

“Now is the final battle.”

Then everyone’s faces hardened.

They too understood Bikir’s words.

A one-and-done match that will soon take place in the ecliptic.

The final hour is approaching.

* * *

The number and variety of ships Tudor led were staggering.

A longship with a small hull and a shallow draft that can maneuver quickly, a Karbi with 13 rows of oars and 26 oarsmen, a Sneca with 20 rows of oars and 40 oarsmen, and 100 combatants. Skades capable of accommodating , Drakas capable of mounting over 1,000 combatants, and so on.

Moreover, those who drive these numerous ships are veterans of the Don Quixote family who know how to freely navigate the vast expanse of the sea.

They had tremendous navigational skills, as well as the courage and courage to rush to the center of the empire that had become the sea.

Chow ah – slap!

Numerous ships go through the rough sea.

A death squad joined by the Baskervilles, the Morgues, the Quo Vadis, the Bourgeois, and even the survivors of the Donquixotes and Ushers.

Furthermore, the characters of the Colosseo Academy, Themiscyra Women’s University, the Varangian Training Center, and the Mage’s Tower were all gathered in one place.

Osiris and the Seven Counts, Lespane, Adolph, Pope Nabokov I, Cardinal Luther, Archbishop Mosgus, Damian, Banshee Principal, and other prominent figures were all on the front lines.

And besides that, everyone who has been in a relationship so far gathers in one place and burns the will to fight.

The Allied Forces of Tochika boarded Don Quixote’s ships and went to the Ecliptic.

Pointing out the map of the ecliptic, which has now turned into a chart, further inward.


“… … .”

Bikir, on the captain’s ship at the forefront, was standing at the stern, looking at the endless horizon.


Every time the ship rocks from side to side, you can hear the chains around Bikir’s hands scraping across the deck.

Beside Bikir, Minpin and Chihuahua were making worried faces.

“Oops! Deputy magistrate! over there… … !”

Bikir looked in the direction the Chihuahua pointed with an outstretched finger.

A huge shadow spread over the water beside the ship.

A huge, unidentifiable sea monster is seen passing under the water.

Naturally, it was a species that could not live here.

‘I can see how the ecliptic will change.’

where the emperor lives. No, now the place where the crown prince lives.

You can guess what the submerged place will look like by now.

In the center of the empire, in the ecliptic, the opponent who will make the final decision is the first city. The first protagonist who led the era of destruction.

And it is also the final destination of several lives that Bikir has crossed over.

The revenge of the comrades who died first, the end was slowly in sight.


A strong sea breeze blew and inflated the sails.

The boat started to run as if flying over the waves.


The sound of chains scraping the deck again.

Vikir gripped the chain in his hand even tighter.

Then, the minipin next to him looked at the end of the chain and stuttered.

“Me, but the deputy consul. I’ve been curious about this before… … What is that?”

I didn’t ask because I didn’t really know what was tied to the end of the chain.

it’s a coffin.

What Bikir was carrying was a large and heavy coffin.

I don’t know who is inside.

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