Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 477

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Episode 477: Heaven’s Name, Fatherless (知天命父無雙) (2)

‘Never again will he have such a painful life of hanging himself with a thick chain by day and dragging the rope at night.’

-Park Yeong-hee(朴英熙) 『The Hound』zhōng-

* * *

Hugo Les Baskerville.

The iron-blooded swordsman, the head of the Baskervilles, was there.

The body transformed into a Death Knight was covered with pitch-black armor forged by the flames of hell, and the dark red aura completely changed to black.

The life held as collateral slips away like the ebb tide.

Her skin turned white and bluish, and just as the horizons of life and death were reversed, the black and white of her eyes were also reversed.

A contract in which you give up your life and draw strength in return.

In the final fierce battle, Hugo let his body’s mana run wild beyond the limit and crossed the threshold of Type 9, which he had only looked at from a distance for a long time.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The flames emanating from the door of destruction and the aura emitted by a single Death Knight collide.

Even Balmung, the world famous sword that was touching the edge of the edge, could not overcome the rebound damage and began to melt slowly.

that balmong.

That sharp and sturdy knife.

The core that had been forged colder and sharper than anything else in the world.

slowly. hot. It melts. It falls apart.

Bikir looked at it and asked without knowing it.

“… … Why?”

A voice melting slowly and hotly, like a blade in a furnace.

It was indeed a heavy tone, but because of that, even the slightest tremors were felt even louder.

Unlike before, this is the first question I asked because I was really curious and hoping for an answer.

Unreasonable fatherhood? A false sense of responsibility? Insignificant guilt? belated atonement?

What is it? What made him make the choice he does now?

… … .

Hugo did not look back at Vikir’s question, which omitted many things.

As always, he just silently moves forward, looking straight ahead.

Its broad back slowly melted into a blinding halo of light.

Suddenly, Bikire felt a very small voice ringing far away in his ear.

‘I do not know.’

… … Was there anything in the world he didn’t know? Bikir thought so subconsciously.

And again, I looked at Hugo’s back with a feeling of bewilderment and unfamiliarity.

I’ve been through several lives, so I’m sure I’m older than my current father… … Why? can’t understand him. Still can’t figure out the heart of it.

The back, which recedes beyond reach, is broad and firm.

It soon turned black and hazy, as if it were sinking beneath the surface of lava.

and soon.

… Pod!

My eyesight was open.

All I could see was a black sky and a red portal.

The primary impact emitted from the Gate of Destruction has dissipated.

The existence that blocked it in front of everyone.

Iron-Blooded Swordsman The supreme master of Baskerville and the owner of all hounds.

… … And in fact, even he himself is a hound dog who has lived his whole life hanging on a thick chain.

Hugo Les Baskerville. 64 years old. Burned white on the battlefield.

In fact, there was nothing to evaluate other than that it was a Baskerville-like end.

Even Major General Orca and Marquis de Sade were speechless at Hugo’s struggle and oxidation.

“… … That’s definitely a Baskerville Type 9. Was it really possible?”

“I can’t believe it. Cane Corso, the old man wasn’t senile?”

Truly overwhelming spleen and fierceness.

Hugo’s final spirit made everyone in Tochka grit their teeth with a heavy heart.

In the end, Tochika Fortress survived. Bikir too.

“… … .”

Bikir looked at the white ash blowing in the wind.

Burnt white ashes. Complete combustion that burned everything.

It was unclear whether it was Hugo’s, but somehow Vikir thought it might be.

… … but.

Of course, Hugo’s sacrifice did not end the whole situation.

… Kurrureung!

The Gate of Destruction, summoned by Flauros at the cost of his life, still remained firm in the sky.

Only the firestorm when the door was first opened had faded, but the monsoon front of catastrophe that followed remained intact.

Before long, tiny red-glowing drops began to fall from inside the huge door.

Patter- Huduk- Tuk-

it sparks. They were small sparks that could have exploded when iron collided with iron.

They soon began to fall in dots, groups, and innumerable numbers.

“It’s raining fire!”

one of the refugees exclaimed.

It was as it was said.


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Countless fireballs pouring down from the sky fell to the ground and began to burn the surroundings.

No one dared to stand up to this hot shower that fell in a red trail.

end (end). It must have been casting that deep shadow, starting with Tochika here.

Screams began to come from everywhere.

The refugees who had gathered on the top of the wall each fled under the stone wall with their heads down to avoid the rain of fire.

All things that could burn, such as tents and wooden poles, fell prey to the flames.

The ground was already creating a red haze.

“… … It’s over. There is no way you can do something like this.”

“Pusssss- as expected. It was destined to die.”

Orca and Sade also looked up at the red raindrops and said in despair.

Right then.

Sammois, a girl standing next to Tudor, wiped the raindrops off her face with her hand.


There was nothing like pain or despair on the girl’s face.

There was only surprise and joy.

“Is this water?”

At the girl’s words, Tudor and Bianca turned their heads.

“This is fire, not water! Hurry and dodge!”

“Jump down the stone wall right now!”

But Sammuah is still bewildered.

“No, sister! This is water!”

After speaking, Sammuah wiped the raindrops off his face with his hand and held it forward.

moist bite. It was obviously an ordinary raindrop.




The people who were fleeing into the castle to avoid the rain of fire raised their heads one by one.

Fireballs pouring down from the gates of destruction.

But before I knew it, more and more water droplets were falling through them.

Push Sissi-

Fire and water droplets meet in the air and turn into white steam.

The red daffodils rising from the ground began to wither before they knew it.

Suddenly, the raindrops falling from the sky began to get thicker and thicker.

shoot aaaaa-

It was all water.

“be empty! It’s really raining!”

“Mu, water! It’s water!”

“Drips are falling!”

People looked up at the sky with their eyes wide open to the point of tearing.

door of destruction. And a thick dark cloud over it.


A strong wind from the southeast pushes the black clouds here.

gurgling gurgling… …

The raindrops, which had turned into heavy rain before I knew it, were creating strong streams of water down the steep walls of Tochika Fortress.

A sudden, crazy downpour of rain. It was also a downpour strong enough to overwhelm the rain of fire that fell from the gates of destruction.

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko opened their mouths as they saw the sudden heavy rain.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such heavy rain.”

“Even in the jungle where it rains a lot, it has never been like this.”

“Oh my God, how timely this is… … .”

“The drinking water problem will be solved!”

“The climate on Earth is ever-changing.”

It was such a heavy rain that everyone else couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

Of all the refugees gathered here in Tochka, there is no doubt that there is not a single one who has experienced this much rain.

… Kurreuk! Push-sis-sisik… …

The gates of destruction, which had been burning red, began to cool.

The heavy rain was so heavy that even the monsoon season was broken.

The waves of the great flood sweep away the fires that have just begun to ignite on the ground.

“Everyone go back to the citadel!”

Warden Orca gave the order.

Tochika is a highland area made of hard bedrock without worrying about erosion.

Because the ground is very high, there is no worry of flooding.

As the terrain is made up of huge rocks and sand in between, the water drains quickly.

“A fortress that can withstand any major flood. Avoiding fire and water… … It’s like the ark in mythology… … oh!?”

Dolores, who had been muttering to herself, suddenly realized something.

‘Fire and water will only escape from this place, and true salvation will come true only here.’

It is a false myth she created and spread.

And the existence that had instructed the creation of that myth earlier.

‘A great flood will happen soon, so prepare the ark.’

‘Hold on. All I can say is to hold on.’

‘If you wait a little bit, everything will be solved naturally. I can promise you.’

A person who had established a base here in Tochika a long time ago.

Even in the face of running out of drinking water and demons, the one person who endured everything alone, waited, and promised salvation.


He stood at the forefront of the fort, looking into the gates of destruction.

Push Sis Sisik-

Most of the raindrops evaporated without even going near the gate of destruction, but the raindrops that fell after them continued to push through the heat and advance.

The door, which had been heated by Flauros’ mana, was rapidly cooling down due to the heavy rain.

Bikir turned his head.

I see a star floating in the southeastern sky.

Seven stars, commonly called guiding stars.

It is a constellation that can only be seen in a specific direction, and it is a special constellation that has been a guide for countless people since ancient times.

But now, the constellation of the guide star consisted of a total of eight stars.

… Quarreung!

I looked at the eighth star shining exceptionally bright beyond the pouring rain.

“… … Poseidon.”

The worth of rolling and rolling in Nouvelle Vague is finally shining.

The rainy season of scare that will unfold in the future. 150 days of showers of fire.

And at about the same time, heavy rain began to fall. The great flood of 150 days.

It was nothing more than a de facto declaration of an end to the war, which completely cooled the furnace that would start the gates of destruction.

The Gates of Destruction cooled down and eventually ceased operation.

The wave of mana has scattered and the summoning circle that formed the door is also fading.

The era of destruction is no longer coming.

Bikir looked down at the corpses of the poisons that had all been swept away and the plain below that had turned into the sea.

And before long, he gave the final order.


Tudor, having received Bikir’s call, responds by raising his spear.

As if he had been waiting for this moment until now, Bikir immediately opened his mouth.

“We need the Don Quixote fleet.”

Everyone who heard those words couldn’t help but have the same thought.

The destination is the imperial capital. A symbol of the empire where the emperor resides.

The center of this world where everyone’s youth and heyday has stayed at least once.

… … And the last enemy, the number one.

The last demon lurks there.

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