Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 475

Episode 475: Tochika Extermination Battle (5)

“This time, give up your neck and go.”

Hearing the chilling voice in his ears, Flauros was startled and revealed his true face.

The face of a leopard with its skull exposed, its mane like black flames, and its eyes burning yellow like brimstone fire.

<‘This Poem’ by Flauros>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘Second Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“I will turn water into blood.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

Floros this time. Lying leopard.

A being who was in the second highest position among the protagonists who led the era of destruction.

The prey that Bikir had set as the ultimate goal of this battle was there.

… Flash!

Eight teeth bit the air.


Flauros freaked out and stepped back.

It was unavoidable because there was no weapon capable of fighting Baalzebub now that the solo spear Ouroboros had been destroyed by Grenouille.


Flauros took a deep breath and exhaled an enormous amount of poisonous mist.

Red Death, an ominous water mist that turns the water red, spews out of Flauros’ mouth.


[nuclear nuclear-]

The young madam, who jumped out from behind Bikir, sucked in all the red spirit of death that Flauros exhaled with one inhalation.

[Did you see this fucking spider!]

Flauros gnashed his teeth and sowed more and more red death, but to no avail.

It was because five women appeared on the back of the young madam.


Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, Kirko. Dolores, who stood at the forefront of them, bestowed blessings on Vikir.

White divine power was pouring out and burning away the red death.

The priests of the religious chant launched a massive counterattack.

The offspring of the young madame also began to unite and eat the red death.

The red spirits of death that ran rampant throughout the battlefield were gradually being captured by the enemy, the spiders of the black mountain, and the priests of Quo Vadis, a religious chant.

Without the unique Ouroboros, the Red Death is no longer produced, and its end is gradually being revealed.

When the red mist clears, the bewildered figure of Flauros is revealed beyond it.

Bikir immediately followed.

A genius opportunity cannot be missed.

… Great!

Type 4, which deployed as quickly as possible, deeply split Flauros’ chest.

The beating heart could be seen clearly beyond the ribs that exposed the smooth cut surface.

A number of attacks followed.

Camu’s firecrackers and giant iron skewers, Iyen’s iron dagger, Sinclair’s golden golem, and Circo’s demonic sword Asmodeus bombarded Flauros in succession.

The body of Flauros, which is getting tattered in the fire.

In addition, Vikir’s Type 8 was already completely blocking all directions from which Flauros could escape.

When the situation reached this point, Flauros began grinding his teeth.

[…] … If only it wasn’t for the damn Grenouille. How could you doubt my words?]

Flauros seemed to be curious about how Grenouille could see through his authority, ‘Lie’.

Of course, Bikir never felt the need to answer that question. He didn’t even know the answer.


Both left and right arms of Flauros fell off.

Bikir dug into Flauros’ heart and said.

“I told you not to underestimate this world.”

All the causes and ties that I have met so far. The totality of organic things.

The gigantic wheel of causality created by them is not easy to deal with, even for the mightiest devil.

And now there is a pilgrim who has walked the thorny road that has been more difficult and lonely than anyone else, who has been rolling since the days when the wheel of penance was very small.

Bikir. regressor. A hunting dog that has gone through another life in Naraksu.

It bites the nape of the targeted prey beyond the edge of hell, even twisting the time axis.


A black fountain of blood rose from Flauros’ neck.

Vikir thrust Baalzebub hard into Flauros’ neck and twisted it with force.


The sound of the hard fur being torn and the tough muscle fibers within it being torn apart.

Furthermore, the heavy and dense bone was broken off, and all the bundles in it were ripped out.

Chow ah-

By the time Bikir pulled out Baalzebub, Flauros’ neck and torso had already been separated.

After a long time, Flauros, who had completely melted into Hobbs’ body, had to be beheaded without even having time to take the spiritual body out of the body.

… Took! Rolling and rolling-

The head of Flauros rolls on the floor.

A grotesque appearance with the face of Hobbes and the face of Flauros mixed together.

Those words were quite empty for an existence that simultaneously caused a civil war in the empire and a tribal war intertwined in two dimensions.

“… … .”

Bikir looked at the supply and demand of the cut demons.

Although there were still a large number of poison soldiers left on the battlefield, they lost their brains and were fading on their own.

Trampling and killing each other, the ragtags were like straw puppets to Marquis de Sade and Warden Orca.

As soon as the Tochika Allied Forces launched a counterattack with momentum, the poison soldiers collapsed.

The struggle of all against all. It’s the devil’s values ​​about what life is.

The remaining troops of the Leviathan family were also causing self-immolation, befitting beings who were supposed to follow that will.

In words worthy of independent people who have no concept of fellow countrymen or colleagues.

At least there was a person whose head was spinning, so he tried to unite the poisonous soldiers who still accounted for the majority.

[Inherit the troops! After retreating, reorganize… … Wow!?]

Thomas, the second son of the Leviathan family, rolled on the ground with an arrow stuck in his neck while retreating with the remaining troops.

Bianca’s arrow, followed by Tudor’s spear and Sancho’s axe.

“Piggy’s enemy!”

“I will never forgive you!”

“I can’t just let a single one go!”

The fall of the Leviathan family.

Starting with the death of Hobbs de Leviathan, who was like a symbol, the display of extreme poison cancers rapidly collapsed.

The giant poison soldiers lost their reason and began to run wild, and the demons also rapidly weakened.

Looking down at all these landscapes, Bikir had a premonition of the end of a long war.

[…] … Whoop whoop.]

If it hadn’t been for the low-pitched sneer that came from the floor out of nowhere.

Where Bikir turned his head was the head of Flauros.

Like Andromalius in the past, Flauros was still living with only his head remaining.

But Bikir was not at all vigilant.

“The devil kills.”

Always ready for battle right before operation. A hunter who is always warmed up.

To Bikir, who instantly raised the stakes, Flauros continued with a laughing tone.

[Calm down. Because you can’t kill me anyway.]

Truly nonsense. There is no need to play on the other person’s tongue in a game that has been caught in the first place.

There was no reason for Vikir to stop his sword, knowing that he had to be careful with the devil’s tongue, especially the tongue of Flauros.

however. The words of Flauros that followed were such that even the footsteps of a man with steel veins and a furnace heart could stop.

[The moment you kill me, the ‘age of destruction’ will come.]

None of the people gathered here really knew what the age of destruction was.

Except for Bikir.

Flauros continued to tease his black tongue, as if he had judged that only Vikir would have a conversation.

[Before entering the battle. I twisted my lifeline, the string of my life, and tied it tightly to the ring of the gate of destruction. If it breaks off, the door will open naturally.]

devildom. oil world. The door to polar hell.

Bikir remembered the moment the door opened.

The approaching destruction, the looming end, the totality of all these terrible things, the human and external demonic world.

[Are you the only one who has set a trap for the future? Rather, if that’s the case, this is one level higher.]

“… … .”

A cold sweat breaks out. His hands were also trembling slightly.

Flauros is a demon specializing in deceiving others with lies. Should I believe what he’s saying now?

… … But what if, by any chance, this isn’t a lie?

What if killing him really opens the door to destruction?

Even at this moment when Bikir was agonizing, Flauros was slowly vaporizing his body.

It looked like it was about to flee, transforming into the red mist of death itself.

[Didn’t I tell you from the beginning. I mean, your efforts are in vain.]

Flauros said with a broad smile.

There was a thick malice that could not be hidden in the smile that was in full bloom.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

Flauros’s body gradually fades.

In just a few seconds, he will be completely gone from this place.

Kill him on the spot, or let him escape for now. That was the problem.

At a crossroads where either side is unacceptable.


Bikir drew his sword.

To be deceived or not to be deceived?

Now was the moment when a decision had to be made.

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