Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 474

Episode 474: Tochika Extermination Battle (4)

Even if one person throws only one stone, the number is insignificant.

A large number of people climbed onto the walls of Tochika and started throwing stones at them with all their might.

Tochika is a fortress built on a bedrock. Rolling in the stream is a stone.

A huge number of stones.

Tired of running away from the harsh wheel of fate, fed up with the hard life and accumulated abandonment, the fury of those who are tired of running away from the harsh wheel of fate accelerates down the high walls of Tochka Fortress.

Patter- Patter- Patter- Patter-

Of course, the destructive power was enormous.

Puff pup pup pup pup!

The poisonous soldiers who climbed the wall tumbled down with their heads broken and exploded.

The shower of falling rocks, as powerful as the hailstones that Andrealphus had thrown at the city of Sanctuary, slowed down the Germans’ general offensive.

“Now! Tighten left and right!”

Marquis Sade and Orca realized that this moment was the last chance for a counterattack that would never come again.

Eventually, the two old veterans came out with the last remnants of troops and began to press the poisonous soldiers from the left and right wings, out of reach of the falling rocks.

Bikir was also leading a detached force and driving the Germans into a corner.

A fiercer battle than any battlefield you’ve ever experienced.

It was the bloodiest fight before and after returning.


Bikir thought as he blew off the head of the gigantic creature blocking his way.

‘… … I have to drive this momentum and get the devil’s head.’

It was the only way to end the war.

Vikir led the Seven Counts and the Seven Knights across countless German rivers.

Bloody flowers full of venom bloomed everywhere on the frontline where the hounds dug deep, and countless heads rolled around.

… Kwak!

Poison soldiers grab the earth with their huge palms and tear it apart.

Bikir stepped aside to avoid the palm of the poison bottle that fell right in front of him.


The poison bottle’s chest split in two, and a black fountain of blood rose.

Right then.

“… … !”

Bikir felt goosebumps burning up the back of his neck.

It was not a rare sensation on the battlefield, it was just a signal that the enemy was attacking from behind.

If it was the same as usual, you could just throw your body to the side to avoid it.

… … But the truly unique experience was from now on.


The coolness in the back of the neck disappeared with the dull noise.

The poison bottle that had reached out from behind had died.

Vikir turned his head to see who had removed the poison bottle, but it was impossible.

It was because even at this moment, the palms of countless poison bottles were in full bloom in front.

Jjoeok- go! Fuck! Denggung-

Bikir stretched out his demonic sword, Baalzebub, and cut through the poisonous soldiers in front of him at random.

And as it went on, strange things continued to happen.

… … ! … … ! … … ! … … !

The poison soldiers approaching behind Bikir were constantly being overturned.

‘Someone is supporting the back.’

Bikir glanced sideways in the middle of his busy schedule, but he couldn’t make out who the person behind him was because of the rapidly overturning vision and the shower of blood and stones scattered all over the place.

[Uh- I can’t see it because it’s so fast?]

Even Dekaravia didn’t seem to have figured out who the assistant who was currently protecting Vikir’s back was.


Perpuck! thud! Woo support!

One thing was certain that Bikir was supporting him on the road with near-perfect support.

‘Who is it? Camus? Iyen? Dolores? Sinclair? Kirko?’

But they are already far away from the battlefield.

The Seven Counts and the Seven Knights, who had been following right behind them, had long since fallen behind at the end of their physical strength.

‘… … For now, I have no choice but to believe and go.’

Vikir decided to trust the mysterious helper who had been thoroughly protecting her back without making a single mistake.

… Flash!

Bikir bared his 8 teeth at the huge bottle of poison that appeared in front of him.

Right then.


Bikir’s hand froze in the air.

Surprisingly, a poison bottle appeared that met Bikir’s sword.

A giant poison bottle whose entire body is grotesquely distorted.

Bikir immediately recognized its identity.

“… … The eldest son of the Leviathan family. Is it Suskind?”

A talented person who was once promising, a next-generation prospect who was evaluated to support the empire in the future.

But now, it has long since degenerated into a demon with a grotesquely twisted body spouting poison.


Suskind is holding on without collapsing even after being slashed by Vikir… … No, what was once a Suskind.

It pushed through Vikir’s blade with its mouth wide open and a tremendous grip and regenerative power.

‘This size and regenerative power… … It won’t be easy.’

The moment Bikir frowned and tried to increase his strength.

… Flash!

There was a slash that retraced the trajectory of Vikir’s slash just before.

Baskerville 8 meals.

Eight teeth fell straight into the marks Bikir had made.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Suskind’s huge body was shattered and scattered on the spot.

And under the pouring shower of flesh and blood, Bikir came to realize who had supported him all this time.

Red eyes like looking into a mirror with black blood blowing in the wind.

And the beard that grew out of not being able to shave the whole time running across the battlefield.

The iron-blooded swordsman, the best of Baskerville. Master of all hounds.

Hugo Les Baskerville was there.

The father and son faced each other with eight teeth exposed.

Vikir and Hugo both look at each other’s faces and are silent.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Hugo was the first to break the silence.


He swung the famous sword ‘Balmung’ returned from the bourgeoisie once and wiped off the blood.

Then he spoke calmly, like the sound of the wind that just passed by and left no trace.

“You grew up well. I haven’t done anything.”

Vikir paused for a moment when he heard that.

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what to say.

“… … .”

That short silence ended.

Hugo, who was about to say something more, soon shut his mouth and turned around.

And it was revealing without regret that it was unknown if it had been reached before.


A slash that splits the earth and the sky at the same time sweeps away the poisonous people.

Bikir also quickly realized that now is not the time to think about it.

Before long, the father and son began to swing their swords back to back.

Hugo stabbed the gap where Bikir’s knife had cut.

Hugo’s knife stabbed through and Vikir cut through the rest.

The existence or nonexistence of those who can entrust their backs on the battlefield is very large.

In addition to blood and flesh, an awkward and subtle silence flowed between the two, who were slowly turning the tide of the war.

Right then.

[Ha ha ha ha ha-]

Laughter is heard from the battlefield beyond.

Bikir recognized its owner at a glance.

Flauros. The source of all evil.

It was smiling at Bikir with its eyes shining.

[Amman go wild! My poison is infinite!]

As if to prove his point, Flauros brought a huge car from behind.

A wagon with the upper part covered by black barracks.

It was a poison filling station that Bikir had seen on his way to contend for the water source.


The German soldiers began withdrawing one by one from the walls of Fort Tochka.

It was probably to get stronger power and poison by entering the black barracks in the back.

[With this, poisons can be infinitely increased! Raising even corpses is my poison!]

Flauros shouted with a confident voice.

… … Even if it wasn’t until just before the barracks exploded and a loud roar rang out.


A barracks where poison soldiers recharge their wasted miasma.

It was now completely engulfed in flames.

Even in real time!

“… … ?”

Bikir tilted his head with a blank expression.

Why is the poison station exploding at this point?

But it seems that Flauros was more curious.

Its expression, looking back hurriedly, was extremely distorted.

[What, what!? Why is my Ouroboros… … !?]

In an instant, a familiar face was reflected in the eyes of Bikir and Flauros.

harvester. Grenouille de Leviathan, the youngest member of the Leviathan family.

Under the curtains of the burning barracks, with a sad expression on his face, he stood in front of a smashed and broken urn.

In the jar containing the two snakes, Ouroboros, which created red death, the oil boiling with tremendous force was spewing out extremely hot steam.

‘Sometimes I have severe doubts about whether I am living well.’

‘… … Chit, why are you so skeptical? I’m always doing well! A person should be confident!’

Grenouille, who found Sinclair’s face among the detached corps members who had followed Vikir, muttered with a dazed expression.

“… … okay. People have to be confident.”

A voice that seemed to be retracing some distant memory.

The moment Sinclair tilts her head.

… Chew!

Two snakes emerged from the boiling oil.

Despite the terrible burns all over his body, Ouroboros squeezed out his last strength and grabbed Grenouille by the neck and dragged him into the jar.

Wash, shish, shish-

Hot oil sloshes into a large jar.

Soon there was only silence in the barracks.

Seeing the burning barracks, Flauros screamed in astonishment.

[Nonsense! How dare this worm betray… … !?]

A truly unexpected and absurd variable.

However, Flauros could not finish his words.

“… … Last time I only took my arm.”

A voice that chills in my ears.

“This time, give up your neck and go.”

It was because Bikir was behind him.

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