Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 476

Episode 476: Heaven’s Name, Fatherless Match (1)

A severed head kills.

[Didn’t I tell you from the beginning. I mean, your efforts are in vain.]

“… … .”

[Currently, it is impossible to kill me. Give up, demon hunter.]

Flauros continued to tease his tongue.

truth or lie. Will you be deceived knowingly, or will you break through forcefully pretending not to know?

Kamu, standing next to Bikir, gritted his teeth.

“Hey, is what that bastard is saying for real? If he really dies, will the door of destruction or something open?”

The answer came from two places.

One was Seere trembling on Camu’s shoulder, and the other was Decarabia hanging from Bikir’s chest.

[Flauros is a being with the power of lies, so we don’t know if the words are true or not.]

[…] … But it can be seen as highly probable. Because that guy is cunning.]

In the end, even demons of the same rank cannot know whether Flauros’ words are false or true.

At the moment of choice, Bikire hesitated in front of the crossroads of either choice.

Will you let go of Flauros as it is, or will you kill him, prepared to open the door to destruction?

Even at this moment, Flauros made his head look like steam and was slowly running away.

Cold sweat drips like melting lead drops.

Bikir gritted his teeth hard enough to break them.

… … Right then.

“Do whatever you want.”

There was a heavy voice coming from behind Bikir’s back.

Hugo. He cast a thick shadow behind Bikir’s back.


He called Bikir.

Bikir did not look back.

But Hugo continued to open his mouth.

“Even if a child makes a wrong choice, it is the father who is responsible for it.”

Bikir thought that remark very novel.

After he finished talking, Hugo also murmured softly, ‘It’s funny to say that you’ve been a father since when.’

at that time.


I heard the sound of the balmung scraping the ground.

“Hey, wait!”

Bikir hurriedly turned his head, but it was too late.

… Flash!

Hugo brandished his sword.

A powerful slash flew in and hit the ground.

It was the place where the head of Flauros, who had almost finished preparing to escape, was on his way.


A tearing scream rang out.

A merciless slash severed the devil’s last leash.

Bikir half-opened his mouth as he watched Flauros’ head shatter into pieces.

the devil kills Bikir, too, probably would have made the same choice if a little more time had passed.

However, Bikir was suspended from making a choice that came with great responsibility.

By the hands of Hugo, whom he had never considered as his father.

Unintentionally, it became the appearance of being childish.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The eyes of Vikir and Hugo meet.

A gap where complicated thoughts flow.

Everyone gathered in that subtle atmosphere was speechless.

… … Right then.

Kurleung! Kwak!

Suddenly, a lightning bolt fell from the dry sky.

Dark clouds seemed to be gathering, and then a red pillar of light was drawn in the sky.

It is indeed a huge, huge red line.

The red curve, which seemed to be drawn round, soon began to embroider a complex and geometric pattern in the center.

And Bikir recognized at a glance what it was.

“Door of Destruction!”

What Flauros said before he died was true.

He had opened the door to destruction while carrying an enormous burden comparable to extinction, and was blocking the door by making a string with his own life.

And now that Flauros’ lifeline is completely cut, the seal is released and the door opens as planned.

A door summoned by a high ranking demon risking his life.

Perhaps by now, Flauros’s soul would have been put in a terrible situation where it would have to struggle in pain forever after receiving a huge penalty beyond extinction… … Now that doesn’t mean anything.

The door to destruction has been opened.

Bikir managed to contain the mad trembling of his whole body.

The monsoon season will soon begin.

A long rainy season that heralds the end of this world.

The final weapon of the demons that caused the greatest and most terrible damage to the human allied forces by annihilating 98% of the modern human race.

Rain of fire, wind of fire, lightning of fire, flood of fire that fell endlessly.

Red raindrops falling all over the world will burn everything.

The grass and trees of the mountains will be burned, the forests will be turned to ashes, the seas and lakes will boil and turn into wastelands, and all living things will be doomed to be burned to death or parched.

The great flood of fire that will overflow for the next 150 days will wipe out all remaining lives.

“… … Was it real?”

“A portal of this size? Naraksu can’t even compare.”

“I’ve never seen such a terrible magic! Overwhelming ominousness… … .”

“I can’t believe it. Did something like that exist?”

“It’s to the point where New Wave feels like a cradle.”

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko also cannot close their mouths when they see a huge dimensional portal drawn in the sky above them.

Seeing it with your own eyes and yet not believing it means that this is what you are talking about.

Right then.

… Kwak!

The entire sky began to shake violently.

Bikir thundered.

“The first explosion is coming!”

Before returning, I clearly remember the moment when the door to destruction opened.

First of all, the moment the door is opened, an enormous amount of hellfire inside will pour out.

Its instantaneous firepower was enough to turn tens of thousands of soldiers into ashes in an instant.

The door of destruction that appeared here now had enough power to do so.


The door opens slowly.

The crowd was stunned by the already radiating heat.

“… … It’s hot.”

“Pussss- I must have been thirsty, but now I look like I’m going to burn to death, right?”

Even Orca and Sade had no choice but to break their fighting spirit against the gates of destruction that appeared in the sky.

Xindi Wendy, who was standing on the watchtower of Tochika’s main castle, also opened her mouth.

“… … If something like that breathes fire, the whole Tochka will fly away.”

Numerous refugees who were eagerly throwing stones on top of the wall also lost their minds at once.

A natural disaster that you don’t even dare to resist, an existence that brings overwhelming despair and fear.

That was the door to destruction.

The red portal opened in the black sky now took on a complete appearance.

And now, that deep and sinister inside is slowly starting to open up.

at that time.


There was a person who took all this despair, chaos and fear and took a step forward.


His expression was completely calm.

‘… … Now I understand why I returned.’

Maybe it was to prevent this from happening.


Bikir drew his sword.

Then, he took one more powerful step toward the gate of destruction that opened his mouth toward Tochika.

To face the great firestorm that is about to explode.



A huge pillar of fire erupted.

A supernatural disaster on a terrifying scale comparable to the eruption of the New Wave volcano.

Like a tongue protruding from its mouth, the Gates of Destruction spewed out the first prominences, ready to lick the surroundings.

And Bikir burned his whole body to sever the tongue of the gate of destruction.

All of this was something I had been prepared for since I first opened my eyes in the cradle.

… Kurreuk!

Squeezing out every last drop of mana, Bikir created a black sun at the tip of his sword and floated it.

Eight ferociously rotating teeth take the shape of a sphere and confront the gates of destruction.

But it was so small and feeble that it looked like a moth to a torch.

‘Still, I can’t give up.’

Bikir gritted his teeth and exploded all mana in his body.

A blow that raked in all the strength of the days when he strangled a poisonous snake in the cradle.

Vikir’s slash, carrying Dolores’ protection, was fighting against the flames spewing from the gates of destruction.


Bikir closed his eyes. Imagine your own body that will soon burn hotly.

… … .

… … But nothing happened.

There’s no shock, and I don’t feel any heat at all.


Bikir opened his eyes, wondering at the situation where nothing had changed.

And there was an amazing sight.

door of destruction. The feast of the bursting hellfire. Tochka of the wind lantern.

In the meantime, I see something holding on to rice cake.

black teeth.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

It was holding back the flames bursting from the gates of hell.

“No, not eight… … .”

The number of teeth that Bikir fumbles with.

It was one more than eight.


The ninth tooth was ferociously biting at the flames.

Nine teeth that resist destruction. The old style of Baskerville.

The aura of red and black exploding with terrifying momentum prevented the end that was approaching Tochica.

It was definitely something Bikir had seen before.

The Tomb of the Swordsman. Words of a once noble man who has crossed the threshold of death.

Death Knight. and nine teeth. The supreme Baskerville.

An existence that has crossed the boundary between life and death.

An undead whose death has been deferred even though it has already died once.

‘… … Since when did he become a father?’


Hugo Les Baskerville.

The iron-blooded swordsman, the head of the Baskervilles, was there.

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