Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 471

Episode 471: Tochika Extermination Battle (1)

The drinking water has run out.

There was a spleen aura in Tochika Fortress.

Sindi Wendy, who had the map open, opened her mouth with a serious expression on her face.

“I succeeded in bringing in water from the water source area, so I was able to last three more days. It’s really hard now.”

Although the influx of refugees has noticeably decreased since the battle in the Suwon area, the number of people already gathered in the fort is staggering.

It was natural for Sindi Wendy, who was responsible for the food and drinking water that went into their mouths, to feel a burning sensation in their stomachs.

On the other hand, Osiris, sitting close to Sind. Wendy, also had a serious expression just like Sind. Wendy’s.

“The Leviathan and the others seemed to have made up their minds this time. The poisonous people were scattered all over the bedrock under the mountain peak. If you look at the troops alone, it’s more than three times this side.”

Even though Tochika Fort is an iron fortress that is advantageous to Mercury, it only works in a few battles against a small number, and the story is different when both are large-scale troops.

Sindi Wendy and Osiris talked in a serious tone.

“As long as there is not enough drinking water anyway, tomorrow’s battle is at its limit, so we’ll have to fight within it.”

“Is it an all-out war? There is no other way. As troops are troops, large and small local battles will continue outside the Tochika fortress. Fortunately among misfortunes, there are many excellent commanders on this side.”

Outstanding commanders such as Orca and THAAD, as well as the brave and strong generals of each family, are also gathered together leading elite troops.

Even though it was hopeless, it was a situation that made it possible to try a frontal breakthrough.

“What do you want to do, little brother?”

Where Osiris looked up, Bikir stood.

“… … .”

Bikir did not answer for a while.

Just looking out the window and counting the stars in the night sky.

“Is it a starry night? Please come up with some solution. You’re the one who said all you have to do is hold on here!”

Sindi Wendy worked hard.

Osiris, who would have stopped her normally, was also showing a rare impatience today.

It was natural, given the circumstances.

Right then.


A gust of night wind blew through the wide open window.


“What kind of wind… … .”

Sindi Wendy and Osiris covered their faces with their hands.

If you leave the window open, it’s natural for this kind of wind to come in.


“… … !”

Bikir’s expression, which had been silent until now, changed suddenly.

Bikir dabbed a little saliva on his index finger and stood it up.

“… … The southeast wind.”

Bikir opens all the windows to the other direction and checks the wind direction at the same time.

Afterwards, Vikir returned to the southeast window, where he had always stood still and spent time.

And I started looking at the constellations hanging in a corner of the night sky.

“one… … two… … three… … four… … five… … six… … seven… … .”

Seven stars, commonly called guiding stars. It is a constellation that can only be seen in a specific direction, and it is a special constellation that has been a guide for countless people since ancient times.


The night wind blows once again. Again, the southeast wind.

Only then did Sindy Wendy and Osiris feel something strange.

‘… … Come to think of it, has the wind ever come in from this window?’

It seemed that no wind had ever blew from the window here, where Bikir always stayed.

After realizing this trivial fact, for some reason, Sindi Wendy and Osiris’ hearts were filled with an unknown pounding heart.

“one… … two… … three… … four… … five… … six… … seven… … .”

Bikir continues to count the stars.

The fact that there are seven guiding stars in the night sky on the northern wall is a fact that even young shepherds living in the area know.

… … but.

“one… … two… … three… … four… … five… … six… … seven… … .”

The number of stars that Bikir counted third was slightly different.

“… … eight.”

The far end of the guide star. There is one star shining blue.

The light from the eighth star, which was created behind the seven guide stars, is embedded in Bikir’s retina and shines fiercely.

Vikir, who had been silently counting the stars until now, finally nodded.

“good. finally got one It has definitely settled in.”

“… … ?”

Sindi Wendy and Osiris only tilted their heads at Bikir’s incomprehensible voice.

Eventually, Bikir, who had been silent and unresponsive to everyone’s encouragement and torches, moved.

“Tomorrow noon will be the final battle.”

It seemed like a sudden declaration, but Sindi Wendy and Osiris could feel it.

That tomorrow’s battle is the stage that Bikir has been planning and designing for a very long time, the final stage in the true sense.

* * *

It is 12:00 noon when the scorching sun is pouring down.

The Poison Army Corps, which had been besieging Tochika, began to move.

The face of Major General Orca, who was about to face the final defensive battle, was stiff like never before.

Now that even the last drop of drinking water is gone, we can no longer look forward to tomorrow.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to meet midnight today.”

“Pussss- there’s no reason for an old man who’s lived enough to struggle to live just 12 more hours.”

Next to Major General Orca, Marquis Sade grinned.

However, unlike the corners of his mouth that always curled up, his eyes were not smiling.

“Pussss- no more troops, no water. It’s a really extreme situation. A battle like this is really long. Was it about 50 years ago? After fighting the Baskervilles’ dogs in the Uyuni Salt Flats… … .”

“Noisy prisoner. I’m not even curious about your feats, so go talk about it somewhere else.”

“Eh- it might be the last time, but I still don’t care.”

The Marquis of Sade pouted and shut his mouth.

Sitting far apart from each other on the chandelier, the two were silent for a long time.

Eventually, Orca spoke first.

“… … Die without shame.”


Sade frowned as if to say something, and Orca opened her mouth again.

“I hate to admit it, but you are of the same generation as me. Except for me, he is the only one who is active on active duty so far.”


“Like it or not, you and I have come to represent our generation. Let’s not end it ugly.”

“Pussss- you do well, you old man.”

“… … Prisoner bastard. At best, I gave you good advice.”

The two bad friends did not look at each other until the very end.

I am just facing the poisonous mist that covers the distant horizon in a dark red color.

Soon after, the troops were divided into two, led by Orca and THAAD.

Mercury’s Orca, and Counterattack’s THAAD.

The Morgues and Quo Vadis, who specialized in defense, were to defend Tochka’s outer fortress under the command of Orca, and the Baskervilles and Bourgeois, who were specialized in attack, were to outmaneuver the enemy forces under the command of Sade.


Large poisonous soldiers began to rush towards the wall.

“… … !”

Orca’s eyebrows twitched.

The poison soldiers who are currently appearing on the front line were all wearing familiar clothes.

The iron-blooded swordsman Baskerville’s black bloody robe, the sorceress Morgue’s red robe, the religious chant Quo Vadis’s white priest’s robe, and the conglomerate bourgeois’ golden mantle.

All of these worn-out clothes were obviously in the form of a ‘shroud’.

“… … Did they rob the tombs of each family?”

The ancestors of the Baskervilles, the Morgues, the Quo Vadis, and the Bourgeois.

Those who processed their corpses into poisonous diseases, no, dead soldiers, were coming in.

It was the moment when the bloody beast of a robbery incident that shook the entire empire in the past was revealed.

Koo-goo-goo-goo-goo… …

The Baskervilles’ swordsmen stood at the forefront, leaving only bones, hides, and miasma.

The spiders of the sea of ​​beasts facing them stood stiffly on the walls of Tochika.

The young madame glanced away.

There, I saw a detached unit moving separately without receiving THAAD’s instructions.

Bikir. The person who runs the detached unit.

“… … .”

Vikir was quietly watching the poisonous dead soldiers appearing on the front lines in the distance.

Rather, it was the detached team standing behind it and the seven hounds leading the detached team that roared at the moment.

Les Baskerville, the Boston Terrier, leader of the Pit Bull Knights.

The leader of the Mastiff Knights, ‘Greatdan’ Les Baskervilles.

La Baskerville, Isabella, leader of the Doberman Knights.

“German” Les Baskerville, leader of the Shepherd Knights.

Les Baskerville, ‘Metzgerhund’, leader of the Rottweiler Knights.

‘Cu-Chulainn’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Wolfhound Knights.

They stood quietly behind, waiting for Bikir’s instructions.

Except for the two of them who have been fighting loudly since earlier.

“Killing a lot is the best.”

“Killing the big guy is the best thing?”

The leader of the Pit Bull Knights, the Boston Terrier, and the leader of the Mastiff Knights, the Great Dane, have been fighting nerves ever since.

And Isabella, the leader of the Doberman Knights, who was looking at the two with a pitiful gaze, split between the two and walked out and whispered to Vikir.

“Processing the corpses of our ancestors into undead is counterproductive. Rather, it’s like raising the rage of this side and increasing the fighting power. Thanks to that, the short-term firepower will explode.”

Isabella’s judgment was cold and precise.

German, the leader of the Shepherd Knights, also showed a rare attitude of sympathizing with her rival, Isabella, by nodding her head.

“I think so too. If it was a long-term battle, it would have led to a drop in morale on this side, but anyway, the drinking water ran out. Even the burning thirst will be forgotten if it is the anger that burns even hotter than that.”

Meanwhile, Metzgerhund, the leader of the Rottweiler Knights, turned his head away as if he was not interested in such things.

His eyes were fixed on Bikir.

“Nephew. I heard that your 6 meals are amazing, right? I won’t ask how you got those skills. I want to take this opportunity to see your skills clearly.”

“Me too. Type 4 is my favorite type of swordsmanship. As a craftsman, if you don’t feel like a good friend… … It is false!”

The gaze of Kucullin, the leader of the Wolfhound Knights, was also fixed on Vikir from earlier.

They seemed to want to compare their skills with Bikir at this opportunity, as they were masters who would be saddened if they were ranked second in Type 6 and Type 4, respectively.

Tight muscles swelled up as if they were going to burst, and tendons pulsated violently.

Hounds that are ready to pop out at any time, like a tightly stretched rubber band.

in this volatile situation.

Bikir took something out of his arms and held it.

It’s a red whistle. The Baskervilles were a symbol of military power.

… … ! … … ! … … !

At the same time as a sharp whistle echoed through the dry sky.


Many of the fighting dogs of the Baskervilles kicked off the ground and shot forward.

Black shadows running through the sand dust. It is quite different from the wind blowing in the barley field.

The final battle was about to begin.

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