Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 472

Episode 472: Tochika Extermination Battle (2)

Black shadows sway in the dust.

Hounds of the Baskervilles run like the wind shaking the ears of barley.

And what stood in the way were the fighting dogs of the previous generation.

Crunchy… … well… … Less… …

The Baskervilles’ swordsmen, with only skeletons and skins left, walk forward with their shrouds waving.

With each step he took, there was a loud noise of rusty metal, gnawed teeth and jawbones clashing.


The famous swords of the previous generation revealed their teeth that had turned into saw blades.

Against him, Isabella, German, Boston Terrier, Great Dane, Cucullin, and Metzgerhunt. A total of 6 knight commanders also picked up their favorite soldiers.

The Earl of Boston Terrier, with a knife drawn, was the first to jump out in front of the display.

The Earl of Great Dane was next.

“Ha ha ha ha! Old dogs with missing teeth, where are you imitating active duty!”

“… … hey. These are our ancestors.”

“therefore! If you’re dead, lie down quietly and wait and eat the ancestral rice!”

The two clash fiercely with the dead soldiers of the Baskervilles in shrouds.

Boston terrier’s unique broad slashing was driving many dead soldiers at once.

Rough, like a storm, the slashing was irregular and promiscuous, but it was just as destructive.

On the other hand, the Great Dane’s slash is thin and thin, but dense.

A large dead man, believing only in his own size, rushed forward, but was crushed by the Great Dane’s slash with an enormous weight and was cut in half.

Following them, Isabella and German jumped into the line.

“Why don’t you dare come to me and run rampant and go that way?”

“joy! Are you trying to monopolize achievements for only four years?”

“… … The difference in military strength is this much, so where is the monopoly?”

These are the two people who have often been told that the man and woman seem to have switched.

German, revealing both a sense of rivalry and a sense of victimization at the same time, started catching up after Isabella’s death.

Isabella began to move the sword’s trajectory as if she were laying down a Go stone, considering extreme efficiency and economic feasibility as per her unique personality.

With only minimal movement and aura, dozens of dead soldiers have already been knocked over.

German, too, was showing off her swordsmanship to the extent that Isabella did not lag behind.

Poisonous dead bottles with power comparable to hundreds of poison bottles were crumbling like scarecrows.

On the other hand, Metzgerhund and Cuquallin were closely attached to each side of Vikir, the captain of the detached unit, as if escorting them.

“Six meals! Let’s see the six meals!”

“Four meals! 4 matches!”

Both of them were so proud of their own swordsmanship that they even became arrogant.

However, since it has reached its peak, it is only natural to have that level of craftsmanship.

Whirly Ririk – Quageek!

At the stinging gaze felt behind his back, Bikire had no choice but to develop six meals.

Its six teeth mercilessly pierce through poisonous dead soldiers.

Bikir’s 6 meals, which he had honed over the years that flowed like flowing water in Naraksu, were definitely in the ranks of masters.

Pupper puck!

Of course, it was the same with meal 4.

The four teeth he had fiercely forged throughout his life in his past life showed their effectiveness in this life.

Four teeth naturally stretched out as if breathing, and bit the dead soldiers in front.

“… … Oh oh!”

“… … indeed!”

Metzgerhund and Cuquallin couldn’t help but admire the spirit of the 4th and 6th meals that Vikir spewed out almost simultaneously.

Of course, the more they did, the more their rivalry ignited.


Metzgerhund’s meat-eating and Cucullin’s meat-eating pulverized the Germans’ barriers with the same momentum as a waterwheel crushing meat.

The military dogs of the Baskervilles are steadily closing the distance behind the Seven Counts, who are breaking through the fiercest frontline like a no-man’s land.

And at the forefront of all of this was Bikir.

Pupper puck!

Whenever Bikir launches the demonic sword Baalzebub, dozens of heads embroider the sky without fail.


A damp southeast wind blowing from afar was sweeping away the fishy smell of blood.

At that time, something came into the field of view of Bikir, who was leading a detached unit and breaking through the front line.

“… … !”

Bony bodies appearing through the red fog and dust.

oh-oh oh oh… …

It was a tall poison soldier unit that was over ten meters tall.

His tall stature, his muscles and skeleton that have deteriorated as a result of his obsession with heightening too much, but his grotesquely long arms stretched out to the point of reaching the top of Tochika’s castle walls.

They were walking slowly from beyond the wire, exhaling a red mist of death through the pores of their bodies.

They seem to be specially designed objects to attack Tochika’s high walls.

‘… … If you let things like that approach the castle walls, it will be a headache for the siege.’

Of course, Director Orca would take care of it, but it would be better to minimize the burden of Tochika’s nature.

Because there are refugees who need to be protected there.

‘Fortunately, the approach speed is slow because of the poor skeleton. It would be better to cut them down before they get close to the wall.’

Bikir made a quick decision.

“Byeoldongdae! Hit the gigantic demons over there first!”


The Seven Counts took their swords away without saying a word at Vikir’s command and turned their steps.

The same was true of the seven hundred knights that followed.

Bikir is about to cross the battlefield with a detached unit.

at that time. A roar of laughter could be heard from the side.

“Pusssss- Where are you running so hard? I envy you for being young.”

When I turn my head, I see an old man standing on top of a tall, oddly shaped rock jutting out to the side of Bikir.

Marquis of Sade. He appeared like a ghost without a trace.

Behind them were New Wave all-stars such as Dordium, Suware, BDSM, Flubber, and Kirko.

The same is true of sadi who have been demonetized.

Bikir asked in a rather absurd tone.

“… … what combination? Are you being arrested?”

“Pussssss- even kidding. Orca I borrowed it from the old man. A small elite is good for counterattacking.”

It is the Marquis of Sade who laughs at the prison guards who once imprisoned him as if it is not a big deal.

Of course, the expressions of Dordium and Suware behind Marquis Sade were completely rotten.

In particular, the expression of Suware, who managed the solitary confinement in which the Marquis de Sade was confined, was quite worth seeing.

Marquis de Sade asked.

“Anyway, were you going to the wall?”

“okay. If something big like that sticks to the wall, it will be a headache.”

“Pussss- you judged quickly. It is also accurate.”

The judgments of Marquis Sade and Bikir, masters of tactics, were exactly the same.

At that time, Marquis Sade, who was about to turn around after speaking, looked at the six men and women standing behind Vikir.

“Ho-oh, I was just wondering where these fledgling lives come from. Are you the new Seventh Earl of the Baskervilles?”

At the word “newbie,” the six men and women’s eyebrows furrowed in unison.

Boston Terrier, Great Dane, Isabella, German, Metzgerhund, and Cucullin all showed their sympathy by spraying sharp kills at Marquis Sade.

“Ugh, aren’t you too old to go to the battlefield, senior? Hangryeol seems to be closer to the dead soldiers standing over there than to us.”

“Hey, what kind of rudeness is that to the former president? How courageous an old man must have mustered to come out of the back room.”

“I have nothing to share with you, who the Empire classifies as a top-notch war criminal. After the civil war is over, I will throw it back into bread.”

“I really hate it when prisoners wash their images. Call yourself lucky, old man.”

“The old monster Marquis of Sade. It’s a perfect opponent to test my meat-eating, which has been further advanced.”

“… … strong. I want to stick around.”

Marquis de Sade laughed at the sight of the seven counts each preparing to fight.

“The more one-day puppies are, the better they bark. There is no particular person in the Baskervilles of this generation. After all, Cane Corso, is it just that old man… … .”

Right then.

Puff puff puff!

A loud explosion erupted from the side of the castle wall.

“… … !”

Bikir and Marquis Sade, who were approaching the wall, stopped at the same time.

Tall poison bottles that were just about to reach out to the crayfish were collapsing one after another.

It is seen that a black storm is blowing from below and cutting the ankles of poisonous soldiers.

“Oh-ho, there’s a pretty good guy over there, right? Who is it?”

The Marquis de Sade shows interest.

Cutting off the ankles of the poison soldiers, the army guarding the lower part of the wall soon began to approach.

Before long, the being at the forefront of the black wind revealed its face in front of Vikir.

“Even though I heard a red whistle, the assembly was a little late. I don’t want to make an excuse for my age, but this is really time consuming. … … However.”

The moment he heard his voice, Bikir couldn’t help but put on a surprised expression.

A neatly cut suit, a nice mustache, and a polite greeting.

“… … really. You grew up really well, young boy.”

Deacon John Barrymore was there.

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