Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 470

Episode 470: The Beginning of the Counterattack (6)

Leviathan’s nature.

… Flash!

The entire basement was brightly lit.

The space movement magic circle that occupied a huge area completely lost its effect.

This magic circle, which makes it possible to move a very long distance only once, requires a huge amount of money and manpower to install, but its effect is certain.

Flauros stood up in a state of disrepair.

As he walked out of the halo, his left arm and chest were completely torn off and missing.

[Damn demon hunter bastard. To persist until the very end… … ]

If I hadn’t moved my heart to the right at the moment of crisis, it would have been really dangerous.

Cheonryeolsil (千慮一失). In the moment of reassurance at the end, he might have lost his life.

‘The devil kills.’

The demon hunter’s last growl was still clear in my ears.

Flauros trembled once.

Then he had to surprise himself with how his body reacted.

‘… … Am I shaking?’

Fear deeply imprinted in the unconscious.

Flauros shook his head and tried to shake off his thoughts.

‘It can’t be. It’s just the result of consuming too much mana. I’m tired.’

But I couldn’t help but feel the pain in my heart.

No matter what, it is true that in the end he was chased away by a mere human.

Flauros sat down on a chair in a corner of the stone chamber.

Then he opened his mouth and opened his eyes.

[Once again, all poison bottles are sent to Tochka. This time, it won’t be comparable to the battle in the water source area.]

Even if the water was brought from the water source area, it only extended his life by three days at most.

Basically, Tochika, which lacked drinking water, was not a suitable place for a sit-in.

[The poison here is infinite. It’s a fight you can’t lose.]

In other words, the demon hunters stuck in the Tochka are still flies.

It is enough to lead more troops and completely isolate them.

It was also a battle of pride.

It is a fight to restore the pride that was ripped off in the Suwon area battle.

‘I won’t let even a single human in Tochika live.’

Flauros looked at the Ouroboros, the solo spear in his hand.

The two snakes crawled out of the sack made of Naraksu and entered the jar again, biting each other’s tails and spinning round and round, creating poisonous mist.

Infinity Poison. infinite poison. There was no family or power that could stop the current Leviathan.

It was the same even if it was a coalition of other families.

‘Soon the first prince will become the emperor. Even in civil wars and tribal wars, I become the victor. And that would be the right time to accomplish a great feat.’

When Flauros is talking about future plans.

The man in the black robe who had fallen in the magic circle got up as if he had come to his senses.

harvester. Seeing him, Flauros smiled with Hobbes’ face on.

[Well done, my successor. Thanks to that, I was able to fulfill the request of the crown prince. Sowing the seeds of the Naraksu at the end was the most appropriate decision.]

“… … .”

The harvester stands still and does not answer.

Flauros waved his hands, assuming it was due to fatigue.

[okay. It must be very difficult. go and rest You’ll be busy mass-producing poison bottles for a while, so return to the production site as soon as your health recovers.]

“… … .”

[And as soon as the Poison Army Corps is completed, head straight to Tochka. Now is the time to put an end to it. Soon, our family will rule the world.]

At the words of Flauros, the harvester simply bowed his head deeply.

* * *

The harvester took off the black hood that was covering his face.

There was the face of a young man whose pale skin, thick dark circles, and age had not gone away despite his age.


He sighed deeply and buried himself on the sofa.

Entered the Colosseo Academy, the best university in the empire, as the third son of Leviathan, a highly poisonous family, and returned to the family after earning the honor of graduating early as the second-in-command of the fever donation. (Comprachicos)’, his life was definitely a solid one.

… … but.

He succeeded in obtaining the title of a high position that he so longed for, a position that was recognized and respected by everyone in the family, and a life that was far more successful than his older brothers who were proud and arrogant, but he could not help but feel empty somewhere.

Since when?

… … When he saw his uncle, whom he had been close with since childhood, who was usually eccentric but always benevolent towards himself, slowly going insane after participating in a drug experiment?

… … Or when I watched my alumni die in the Naraksu?

… … When you are in a position where you have to silently look down on the process of countless people becoming independent?

Amidst the chain of thoughts, a voice suddenly resonated in Grenouille’s head.

‘I don’t think you’re a bad person. Because we were friends… … ‘

Piggy. A blurry face that didn’t have anything special, but for some reason, an alumni who remained in my memory.

The moment he remembered his last moments, his hands, which had never trembled in the entire time he had killed so many people, began to tremble.

The voice of a friend I heard a long time ago also lingers in my ears.

‘Why are you being nice to me?’

‘… … Well, we’re friends.’

Grenouille bit his lip.


Even Grenouille himself could not accurately define how to express the emotions he felt at the reunion with him.

However, it is clear that the eyes that did not break until the end were indeed the same as before.

The guy who always had a reason for everything he did.

Even though he was a classmate of the same age, he couldn’t help but follow and respect, and he always wanted to chase and overcome, but in the end he couldn’t even reach him.

Such a guy has crossed the unimaginably harsh lines of death and is now standing here blocking himself.

Just as there has always been a belief and a reason for the behavior, this time too it will be the same.

Grenouille groaned in a low voice.

As my thoughts reached this far, the question that I had been putting off thinking about raised my head.

‘Am I living right now?’

Mass-producing poisonous soldiers to wipe out the hostile forces and make the first prince the emperor.

The unification of the empire in the true sense of merging the powers that had been divided into seven into one.


In an instant, Grenouille felt a foreign body in his left chest.

necklace. With a small lip-shaped brooch.

I’ve been wearing it around my neck for a while, but it’s something I’ve never paid much attention to.

But today, this was especially attracting Grenouille’s attention.

“… … ‘Pure lips’.”

An artifact received as a prize in the college league when he was a freshman.

In fact, the ranking at that time would have been impossible had it not been for Bikir.

“Everyone else got good artifacts, but I was sullen because I got useless ones.”

It is an artifact that tells the truth with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any question only once.

This artifact, which was made by cutting off the lips of a wise man who existed a long time ago, could only ask one question per person.

Cooldown is about 100 years. In fact, it can be seen as an artifact only for Grenouille.

“… … .”

Grenouille peered at his parched lips.

Then I remembered. The conversation I had with my classmate when I first got this artifact.

‘What is this only for me?’

‘Why does it look like a very nice artifact. Sometimes I have severe doubts about whether I am living well. I think it would be good to ask at that time.’

‘… … Chit, why are you so skeptical? I’m always doing well! A person should be confident!’

Sinclair. Her once-admired words, which she said with a smile, suddenly burst out of Grenouille’s old memories.

“… … It’s a good mouth.”

Grenouille recalled the series of events that had taken place.

A life filled with an inferiority complex where he was hit by his older brothers and not noticed, the pressure of having to live up to his family’s expectations, the tragedy of his uncle, who was the only shelter, geniuses from other families he met at the academy, small friendships that blossomed in Naraksu, rapid success in his family, Sue Appointment as a commanding officer to command many German soldiers, conversely, the task of transforming countless people into Germans, and war… … another war… … .

Grenouille raised his head.

A black cloak hanging on a hanger, and a huge scythe leaning at an angle.

Grenouille reached out, put on his cloak, and picked up the scythe.

life seeker. Grenouille turned his head to peer at the scene beyond the darkness.

Among the countless bars, I could see poisonous people scratching the bars with their teeth and nails.

beings who were once human. Designed to make you lose your temper due to drugs and abuse and hate everything in this world.

Grenouille turned his head.

He then raised his hand and placed it on his left chest.

“… … Father said. They said that they were evil, we were good, and that Leviathan would become the best family and would furthermore become a prophet who revived mankind. They are small sacrificial lambs for that day, and after death, they will be saved by God and enjoy glory and power forever as heroes who stood at the forefront of the temple.”

Thoughts bite their tails.

My father’s words, my uncle’s last appearance, and the classmates reunited on the battlefield after graduation… … .

yet. Grenouille opened his eyes as if he had made up his mind.

After agonizing over it three times, he finally put his hand on his left chest and asked.

“Is the judgment I am about to make right?”

And soon, a small light emanated from Grenouille’s left chest.

… Dalssak!

The soft lips were about to give a good answer.

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