Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 451

Episode 451: War Declaration (2)

There are numerous papers on the desk.

Each report contained different contents, but the words at the end were all the same.

Defeat. Defeat. Defeat. Defeat. Defeat.

And the one who was looking down at them opened his mouth in a heavy voice.

“… … The Western Front has collapsed.”

Morgue Mu Lespane.

When she, the head of the Madou clan Morgue, opened her mouth, the atmosphere in the meeting hall calmed down.

The most important agenda of the allied family meeting held by the leaders of the iron-blooded swordsman Baskerville, the sorceress Morgue, the religious chant Quo Vadis, and the conglomerate bourgeoisie.

That was the current situation of this civil war.

Extremely poisonous dark house Leviathan.

A family that has been known as a famous poison manufacturer since the Warring States Period before the Unified Dynasty.

Recently, Leviathan, which absorbed the power of ‘Changhaechangga Don Quixote’ and ‘Shingoongbi Usher’, was growing rapidly.

L’Espane frowned and said.

“The ‘toxic person’ created by the Leviathan family was more difficult to deal with than I thought. It’s an army of madmen who have lost their wits, and they even spread contagious diseases around them… … .”

“’The Red Death’. If you get the disease, all the energy in the body is weakened and it leads to death. And after death, they become like marionettes. Is it supposed to be a living corpse? … It’s hard to explain.”

Cardinal Martin Luther of Quo Vadis also looked embarrassed.

However, as Morgue and Quo Vadis mainly dealt with magic and divine power, the damage was relatively small.

On the other hand, the knights of the Baskervilles, who fought directly with their swords, suffered considerable damage from the attack of the Germans.

If Osiris, the owner of Soga, and the Seven Counts had not been promoted in local wars in each region, many of the territories would have been lost.

Before long, everyone’s eyes turned to Demian, the representative of the conglomerate bourgeoisie.

“Weren’t the bourgeoisie an alliance family of the Leviathan family in the past?”

“hmm. It was the work of the previous head of the family, so I don’t know.”

“Aren’t you Damian-sama now?”

“Strictly speaking, I am the deputy head of state. Currently, the head of the bourgeoisie is elsewhere… … .”

“Didn’t you say that you obtained many of the remaining secret documents? I’m not trying to condemn you, so please share the information.”

At Cardinal Martin Luther’s polite request, Damian also opened his mouth.

“Many documents have been lost, so I don’t know the details. However, when the red death was first created, it was sprayed to the natives of the sea as a test. And surprisingly, when the natives blocked it well, Leviathan, who felt alarmed, created an improved version that was more contagious and more effective. The result is the Dokjin Band that is defeating our army day after day.”

The monsters created by the Leviathan family were as strong and ferocious as demons, but they had no reason and moved only under the control of the sorcerer.

It also emits a red mist that drains mana and weakens the body’s energy just by touching it, and if inhaled for a long time, even normal people become monsters.

Even the Leviathan family absorbed all the remaining forces of the Usher family and the Don Quixote family, which were allied families, and produced poisonous people, so their prestige was growing day by day.

Adolf, the magician of Morgue, opened his mouth with an angry expression.

“We lost all the rubies we had mined because the western front was completely pushed back. How hard I’ve been digging those ruby ​​veins! Damn Leviathan or something!”

“The world is getting ugly and cults and cults are rampant, so we are also very troubled.”

“Forest fires, droughts, starvation, outbreaks of monsters, epidemics, and even cults and cults… … It is the last word.”

Martin Luther and Damian also had dark expressions.

at that time. A new person opened his mouth.

“… … Didn’t I say that we should be prepared for this a long time ago?”

A snarky voice addressing the leaders of Baskerville, Morgue, Quo Vadis, and Bourgeois.

Professor Morgue Banshee, no, Banshee, headmaster of the Colosseo Academy, crossed his arms disapprovingly.

“Not only the young blood of the family are dying, but also the innocent common people. People are heavy, so what’s the point of Ruby?”

“what? When did I say people are less important? It’s just that I’m in charge of mining rubies, so I just said a word!”

Adolf, a member of the Chamber of Morgue, and Banshee, who was once a member of the Dark Hall of Morgue, are not on good terms with each other.

Banshee snorted at Adolph and others around him.

“In the past, when my student was unfairly punished in a trial, this would not have happened if all the cases had been thoroughly re-examined. You wouldn’t have raised Leviathan like this in the first place.”

Banshee. He was also one of the people who worked harder than anyone else to save Bikir when Bikir was imprisoned.

He was glaring at those who had taken a lukewarm attitude rather than opposing or sympathizing with Bikir’s life-saving efforts at the time.

“Blinded by personal interests, we turn a blind eye to important issues and keep our mouths shut… … Isn’t this the result? What was everyone doing until the demons became rampant like this?”

At Banshee’s words, many people lowered their heads or averted their eyes.

Then, the representatives of other schools try to smile and calm the atmosphere.

“Haha, isn’t this the place to take responsibility?”

“Headmaster Banshee dispels his anger. There are many more important things now.”

“you’re right. What is urgent right now is how to stop the German army created by Leviathan.”

Varangian warden ‘Basilios’, Themiscyra’s headmaster ‘Hippolyte’, and Mage Tower’s tower owner ‘Blue Whale’ were restless watching the Banshee.

They are worried that the allied forces, which have been united at best, will be divided again.

“… … .”

This was something that Banshee was also concerned about, so he kept his mouth shut and just put on a disapproving look.

When Diracium, the warden of the Varangian Training Center, died without recovering from the injuries sustained by Sadhi’s attack, Basilios, who became the new warden, comforted Banshee.

“Still, the situation has improved a lot since Yurim intervened.”

“you’re right. As the participation rate of student soldiers increased, the number of soldiers also increased.”

“At this rate, even if we can’t overwhelm the poison people, we can make the battle situation a bit similar.”

Banshee was still displeased with what Hippolyte and the blue whale were saying.

“It would be nice to be able to cover the mistakes of adults with the sacrifices of the students, everyone.”

“… … .”

“Furthermore. It is groundless optimism that the academy’s intervention has tightened the war situation. If you look at it coldly, students are just newbies that professors have to protect. There is no such thing as a large increase in the strength of this side just because student soldiers participate in the battle. The timing just coincided.”

No one can give an answer to phrases that are correct.

Principal Banshee continued with her eyes shining.

“The Leviathan family is currently retrieving the Germans back to their home. This is evidenced by the fact that many cases of intentional defeat and retreat are being captured in battles taking place here and there.”

“Why do they retreat when the Western Front has been taken down?”

Lespane asked, and Banshee fell silent for a moment.

“… … .”

Is it because he thinks of his relationship with his parents, Morgue, and his older brother, Representative Snake?

Banshee was silent for a moment before opening her mouth in a slightly more polite tone than before.

“We are gathering forces. To appear natural, feigning defeat.”

At those words, the expressions on the faces of all the leaders changed seriously.

The Leviathan is secretly gathering troops together.

No one was so stupid as to not understand the meaning of these words.

There was no doubt that Leviathan was preparing for a large-scale local battle that would decide the outcome of the war.

Its scale is the level of Leviathan, Usher, and Don Quixote put together.

If the corps of poison soldiers spread across the country gathered together and advanced, their power would be truly great.

There was a high possibility that it would be the final bout that would split the battlefield of the war.

“… … The trouble is, we have no idea where, when, or how they intend to strike.”

Everyone nodded at Lespane’s words.

where, when, how.

The most important of these three is ‘where’.

This is because the defense forces must be stationed in advance where a fierce battle is likely to take place.

The great scholars of the time put their heads together and began to ponder.

Soon, one area or another began to be targeted for raids.

“It might be the Red Awl Castle with a large vein of ruby. As ruby ​​is the material that transmits magic the best, they must be eager to secure it… … .”

“Maybe it’s Dort Smile? Since this is where the core facilities of the magic train are located, destroying this place will cut off the distribution and supply routes for the allies… … .”

“It may be ‘Saint Mecca’ where the Red Death was first discovered. The first red death was discovered in a well in the slums there, so there might be something hidden in the area… … .”

Political reasons, strategic reasons, cultural reasons, and many other reasons are presented as evidence with detailed analysis.

Hundred Family Conflicts (百家爭鳴).

Everyone was talking about a different region.

It was not easy to predict just one specific area because there was a possibility that all of them would be attacked by the Leviathan family.

… … Right then.


one opened his mouth.

A voice that gave no evidence, but was very confident.

Everyone gathered in the conference room turned their gaze to the person who spoke.

“… … .”

cold impression.

The energy exuding from his whole body is sharpened like a blade.

The scent of blood lingered in every movement, and the blade seemed to be slashed whenever the gaze moved.

His true identity is Hugo.

The iron-blooded swordsman was ‘Hugo Les Baskervilles’, the head of Baskerville.

He looked down at the map and continued.

“They will come to Tochka.”

Everyone questioned those words full of confidence.

“Fort Tochika? Why is that remote highland… … ?”

“The defense is good, but isn’t it a place with no tactical value because there is no water source for drinking water?”

“Even if you know a little bit about warfare, you’re bound to avoid a place like this.”

“From Leviathan’s point of view, there’s no reason to hit the area, right?”

“Do you have any reason?”

Then Hugo replied simply and briefly.

“My son is there.”

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