Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 452

Episode 452: War Declaration (3)

“They will come to Tochka. Because my son is there.”

Hugo responded to everyone’s skeptical reaction to Tochika.

The people around him were whispering about his strong conviction, even to the point of being self-righteous in a way.

“Tochika is a fortress with excellent defense, but there is no place to get drinking water, so it has no strategic value at all.”

“Once upon a time, during the Warring States Period, there was a general who camped there and was defeated because there was no water.”

“That’s why it’s called the ‘Castle of Eubcham’.”

“How cunning and cunning those Leviathans are, I can’t believe they’re aiming for something like that.”

Reviews of the surroundings were generally negative.

… … However, Hugo, the patriarch of the Baskervilles, is not a person who succumbs to such gazes or evaluations.

“So what do you mean?”

My Way itself. No one can open their mouths at Hugo’s question.

The name of Baskerville, the iron-blooded swordsman, was heavy and sharp.

Hugo opened his mouth in an unwavering tone.

“My son is there. The kid never does anything stupid. By now, I’m sure my enemies would have noticed that.”

And, surprisingly, there were people who secretly sympathized with Hugo’s tough attitude.

“Hmm. Come to think of it, one of my daughters is there. Girl, when you’re so obsessed with men… … .”

Lespane, head of the House of Morgue, spoke in a low voice.

“Our saintess is also there.”

“Hmm… … It’s kind of hard to say this, but it seems our head of household has been there recently too.”

Martin Luther of the Quo Vadis family and Damian of the Bourgeois family also nodded.

Morgue Camus, Dolores Rune Quo Vadis, and Bourgeois Jos Sinclair are also known to be present in Tochka.

It wasn’t that they reported their location in particular, it was the information that the trio grasped with utmost secrecy.

‘The Night Walkers’.

The leaders of each family knew that many people, led by Dolores and Camus, had gathered there to accommodate the refugees.

A few stuck out their tongues.

“Come to think of it, the night hound was a descendant of the Baskervilles, right?”

“I know you were imprisoned in the New Wave, but how the hell are you going to Tochika?”

“No, I was told that he had died in Nouvelle Vague… … .”

To those questions, Hugo unexpectedly opened his mouth to answer.

“I heard you escaped a while ago.”

Then everyone opened their mouths half-open.

What kind of place is Nouvelle Vague? Isn’t it the worst prison where even the soul can’t escape once imprisoned? You escaped from such a ridiculous place?

Hugo, who received everyone’s attention, continued with a slightly shrugged attitude.

“That guy is so talented.”

This is not a level of pride like ‘what kind of school did my son enter this time’ or ‘I heard he won first place there’.

It is natural that Hugo, who gives the title of a genius to a being who escaped from the worst prison in history, Nouvelle Vague, will be looked upon as absurd by everyone.

“anyway. There was always a reason for my son’s judgment. I will go to Tochka to honor that.”

Hugo’s argument was clear and strong.

Adolph, the magician who knew Bikir to some extent, also nodded in sympathy.

“Certainly the friend is trustworthy. The fact that he made that place his hideout must have been on his mind, but… … I think we need support as we may suffer from lack of drinking water for a while. So, you mean that the Baskervilles are sending an army to Fort Tochka?”

“no. I go alone.”

“… … ?”

When Adolf tilted his head, Hugo replied as if it were natural.

“This is not as the head of the Baskervilles, but as the father. It would be right to distinguish between public and life.”

“… … I didn’t know you loved your children so much, did you?”

“Do you want to be my son? Why do you need to know how much I love my children?”

“… … .”

Hugo replied carelessly, twiddling his chin as if the beard he had shaved off was empty.

In the first place, since the head of the family moves directly, it is natural that the entire family will exert all efforts to assist, but since the justification itself is that the father is going to see his son privately, there is no room for other forces to interfere.

well anyway

For the first time, the top leaders who had seen Hugo take a strong stand apart from public and private affairs to this extent, all of them had a lot to say.

in such a situation.

“Come with me, Father. I have a friend there too.”

“I will join you too!”

“I will join you!”

“I’ll do it!”

Osiris Les Baskervilles, the minor lord of the Baskerville family, also said the same thing behind Hugo’s back.

The same was true of the three brothers next to him, Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro.

Morgue’s side also seemed to be positively reviewing the camp’s move to Fort Tochka.

“She’s my daughter, but I’m worried because she’s so careless and at her own pace.”

“sister. Come with me and have a look.”

“Please take us too.”

“After the war is over, they’re not going to bully you, saying, ‘Where did you hide and didn’t show up?”

“Ugh… … I’m too scared to even think about being beaten. I’d rather fight and die in front of him.”

L’Espane and Adolf. And the three sisters High-Sys, Middle-Sys, and Low-Sys are of the same opinion.

“Our saintess is also there. It’s a car I’ve always cared about, so it would be nice to have a look at it.”

“I will go this way too. I have to protect the family head.”

Martin Luther of the Quo Vadis family and Damian of the Bourgeois family also nodded.

When many people seriously talked about reinforcements to Fort Tochika or camp transfer, public opinion began to lean toward dubiousness.

Right then.

“Well, you can’t go that way! An important meeting now… … !”

From outside the door of the conference room, a panicked cry from a guard can be heard.

An urgent tone, as if blocking someone.


Then, the door suddenly burst open.


A total of five people walked into the meeting room without hesitation.

“… … !?”

The atmosphere in the conference hall changed rapidly.

Everyone expressed their astonishment with their postures and facial expressions at seeing faces they could not have imagined.

Some of the characters look as if they don’t even know who they are.

However, some very few people seemed to already know about the beings who had trespassed into the conference room.

“… … Unexpected nobles arrived. What are the all-stars of New Wave doing here?”

They are so terrifying that even Morgue Banshee, the headmaster of the Colosseo Academy, straightens his posture.

Colonel Dordium. Colonel Suware. BDSM Brigadier General. Brigadier Fluver.

… … and black tongue.

They are the 5 chief guards of New Wave.

Even behind them, there were a large number of guards from New Wave, who were known for their viciousness and skill.

Dordium took a step forward first.

“The New Wave is gone. It disappeared without a trace due to a volcanic eruption. And all the guards there who were lucky enough to survive became unemployed. Just like us.”

Next, Suware opened her mouth.

Her gaze had been fixed on Hugo from earlier.

“Thanks to your son’s splendid rampage.”

“… … you?”

When Hugo slightly crinkled his eyes, Suware slightly averted his gaze and acted different.

BDSM spoke after Suware.

“We also… … Since I am a civil servant belonging to the imperial family… … I need to find a place to stay… … Apparently, I was following the orders of the current captain… … I came here… … .”

After speaking, BDSM looks at the person called ‘Hyeondaejang’.

Flubber, wriggling on the floor, was also watching BDSM.

“… … .”

“… … .”

And surprisingly, Dordium and Suware also didn’t say much.

His expression seemed to agree with BDSM’s words.

This should have surprised everyone present at the conference table.

A leader recognized even by Dordium and Suware, who were in fierce conflict over the position of head of the New Wave.

Has there ever been a person like this other than the director of ‘Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert’?

Everyone in the conference room turned their gaze to the person at the back.

Eventually, the last warden steps forward.

black tongue.

The one who currently leads the 5 chiefs of the New Wave.

He opened his mouth, his red eyes shining.

“We are also going to Tochka. And everyone here has to go that way too. As many people as possible, all together!”

Many people expressed their displeasure at the black tongue’s sudden, somewhat commanding words.

“What do you mean by suddenly popping out?”

“Are you babbling about knowing the current situation?”

“Where do you dare to order? Like jailers. Do you know how many high-ranking nobles there are?”

“No, more than that. Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel, you… … Did it really look like that?”

“Your appearance seems to have changed a lot.”

However, the 5 chiefs of New Wave did not change their attitude at all despite such criticism.

Before long, the black tongue spoke in a bleak voice.

“… … That’s all for good words.”

The black tongue pulled out its own knife at several people with slightly shocked expressions.


‘Asmodeus’, a demonic sword that splits the table in the center of the conference hall in half.

It is truly bizarre that the fragmented parts are joined together and turned into a whip.

Everyone’s expression hardened.

The atmosphere in the conference hall is chilly and tension is high between people.

Under such circumstances, the black tongue wedged itself in once more.

“If you don’t want to lose, everyone go to Tochka.”

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