Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 450

Episode 450: War Declaration (1)

What a shady underground space.

It is extremely quiet except for the intermittent sound of water dripping from the ceiling hitting the stone floor.

at that time. The loud sound of footsteps broke the silence.

“Huh! omg! Whoops!”

A young man was running down the aisle with a distorted expression on his face.

All over her naked body and skinny limbs, she was wearing large handcuffs and shackles.

Suskind de Leviathan. The eldest son of the extremely poisonous Leviathan family.

He hid himself close to the bottom corner of the basement stairs.

Before long, I saw several soldiers with spears patrolling the stairs.

“… … How did it happen?”

Suskind scratched his head and blamed himself.

As the head of the Leviathan family, he was suddenly arrested one day without knowing why and imprisoned in an underground facility inside the family.

As Suskind was the next head of the family to lead the extreme poison family, he knew what the facility was like.

It was a prison that imprisoned those who were out of control among the first-class dangerous elements to be excluded from the family, political opponents, and those who inherited Leviathan’s blood, and at the same time, it was also a laboratory where all kinds of terrible human experiments were conducted.

“Thomas, I was looking for a connection between that guy’s involvement in the mine incident and Principal Winston’s runaway incident at the academy, and this happened… … . It definitely has something to do with our family.”

A demonic plant called Narasu grew up at the Colosseo Academy due to Principal Winston’s rampage, and Thomas, who attended as an escort of the night hound, became a demonized figure.

And seeing that this series of events was subtly buried by the first prince, Suskind constantly pointed out the absurdity of reality.

Common sense meant that the Leviathan family should not side with the first prince in this situation.

… … However, the cost of common sense was heavy.

Before he could even open his eyes in bed, Suskind was overpowered and thrown into the dungeon here. There he was able to meet many family members.

All of them were anti-war figures.

It was only then that Suskind was able to accurately grasp the current situation.

Something unknown and terrifying had completely consumed Leviathan, and now there was no going back to the old days.

… Tarak!

Suskind took advantage of the disappearance of the sentries patrolling and ran through the darkness.

In the meantime, he was able to withstand all kinds of cruel experiments in prison because he was the owner of strong mental power and body.

Although Suskind was an arrogant human being steeped in a sense of choice and privilege, he was an elite who did not neglect training.

Eventually, Suskind ran up the stairs and found a secret door hidden in a secret place.

The only people who know this place are Gaju and Sogaju.

Suskind pushed on the door with a glimmer of hope.


The heavy bricks moved, opening a passage deeper below.

Sensing the presence of a sentry approaching from behind, Suskind hurriedly closed the door and went down into an underground space full of darkness.

‘There is no separate way to the outside from this inside, but… … At least there is space to rest for a while. I have to heal here and recover the body damaged in the human experiment before escaping.’

Suskind went down the secret stairs thinking about this and that.

But soon he witnessed a terrifying sight.

A dark subterranean alcove.

There were countless jars on the floor there.

And from the jars, just looking at them gives off goosebumps.

A jar that exudes energy as if a red evil spirit were dancing.

Suskind immediately recognized what it was.

“… … Red Death!”

How can I not know?

Until a few years ago, it was a terrible plague that the whole family was attached to and focused on developing.

At first, it simply caused a fever and was contagious, but later it made people go wild and further attack others indiscriminately.

“Unbelievable! Wasn’t the red death abandoned because of the incident caused by that idiot?”

Suskind looked at the jars in disbelief.

Each of the large jars contained a single person.

The sight of a man and a woman soaked in red medicine looking up from inside a jar with their bodies curled up like fetuses was truly spooky.

The gazes they sent towards Suskind were all the same.

‘porridge… … female… … give… … .’

The maid who cleaned the room every day, the old man who took care of the garden, the chef who made delicious desserts, the butler who was always strict and strict, the instructor who taught me martial arts when I was young, my collateral relative younger brother whom I only met on holidays, who often greeted me. A distant adult from a maternal family… …

These are the faces everyone knows in the jar.

Suskind passed between the pots with his wobbly legs.

Soon after, I saw a huge pot in the innermost part.

shhh- shhh-

Two breathing sounds can be heard from inside the half-buried jar.

In the jar Suskind looked down at, there were two large snakes entangled in each other.

Every time they exhale, red demons dancing in the air rise up into the air.

“… … Are these the sources that create the red death?”

Suskind broke out in a cold sweat.

at that time.


The two snakes looked up at Suskind and began to breathe heavily.

When Suskind is startled and is about to step back.

[Isn’t it a good smell to smell at any time?]

A sullen voice came from behind.

Surprised, Suskind turned his head to see a man wearing a black robe standing there.

Suskind recognized his identity right away.

“… … Ah, Father.”

Hobbes de Leviathan. The head of the extreme poison family.

He looked at his eldest son, Suskind, and smiled softly.

[I am not your father, Suskind. It’s just a demon that ate your father and took the shell.]

Suskind’s complexion turned pale at the rare honest answer.

I guessed to some extent, but I never thought he would reveal his true identity so openly.

Suskind gritted his teeth and asked.

“What did you do with the youngest?”

[That guy has already become like the second son, Thomas.]

“Stop talking nonsense! Thomas has a bad personality, so he can’t help it, but he’s not the youngest! He’s so kind and naive that we can’t even think of him as our brother, so he’s never going to become a demon… … !?”

However, Suskind’s words did not lead to the end.


The two snakes jumped out of the jar behind them, biting Suskind’s neck and waist and dragging him into the jar.

Suskind couldn’t even scream and fell under the jar.

[Ah, ah- I kept that guy alive because I was going to change his body.]

Hobbs. He sighed when he confirmed that Suskind’s body had fallen into the jar and was bent in strange directions.

[It’s a shame to make it poisonous, but it can’t be helped. If it’s a body to change, there’s still one more left… … ]

The red demons that wandered inside the jar danced and crawled into Suskind’s body.

The two eyes of Suskind, which had been turned in different directions, began to turn red, and red spots began to appear all over the body.

Right then.

[Is everything going well, this time?]

There was another voice coming from above the basement stairs.

A man covered in a black robe was looking down at Hobbs.

Hobbs replied with a grin.

[This is the first time. what’s going on?]

[I came because I had something to discuss about the civil war. Now is the time to discuss the issue of succession to the throne.]

[There are still many eyes to see. If you have anything to discuss, send an owl.]

[Sometimes it’s okay. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had a face-to-face conversation like this.]

[Even that, now only you and I are left.]

[that’s right. Because of the damn demon hunter.]

Hobbes, no, this time, and No. 1, who covered his face with a black robe, started talking about this and that.

[Looks like it happened three times. Traces of forcibly trying to open the ‘door of destruction’ before my life was cut short remained in my magical path.]

[Huhuhu- If you’re going to die, open it and die. He seems like a pathetic guy.]

[It’s nothing to laugh at. Even if we are loners without a sense of fellowship, this is a big problem.]

[Haha. The purpose of opening the door is the same, after all.]

[okay. All of the feverish comrades died, and now only you and me are left. Now is the time to build a deal.]

Hobbs nodded.

[If it’s a civil war problem, don’t worry. Large-scale German manufacturing will soon be over. If only these guys are completed, the war will be a piece of cake.]

[Wasn’t the guy who said that he was dirty or something was the first poisoner in the past?]

[joy! He was a failure. It was somewhat successful in strengthening the body and making the personality violent, but it lacked the most important contagious power. The ones now maturing in jars are improved versions. These are the real ones.]

After speaking, Hobbs turned his head.

It was in the direction of the two snakes that had just poisoned Suskind.

[The essence of my magical power is shaped into a monster. ‘Ouroboros’, the pollen of poison, is an artifact that endlessly produces poison while biting each other’s tails. As long as there is this, the Germans can create as much as they want.]

[That’s good. It will be of great help in the war.]

[of course. It’s a madman raid that spreads contagious disease all over the body. It has tremendous tactical value.]

Then the man who had been quietly listening to Hobbes opened his mouth and asked:

[Then, why not wipe out the ‘night walkers’ who are in Tochka Fortress by now as a test first?]

[huh? what are they?]

[They say the demon hunter who killed number three and number four recently has a nest there. And for some reason, many refugees seem to be heading there.]

[Hmm… … It’s a high and solid place, but there’s no drinking water, so it wouldn’t be suitable for a hideout. Moreover, even more so to accept refugees.]

[But they do. They seem to be preparing for a sit-in while buying a large amount of food and drinking water.]

[Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s stupid! There is no water source there. As long as I release the poisoners, they will just stand up and die.]

Hobbs showed his teeth and laughed.

He gestured into the air once, and an army of Germans lined up behind him with red spots all over his body.

[Other colleagues waited patiently for the demon hunter’s attack, but I wasn’t. As long as you know their location, wouldn’t it be enough to attack first?]

[be careful. There are many refugees there. Demon hunters are heartless, so you might use them as your shield.]

[The human shield strategy doesn’t work for me. The more mischievous people there are, the better. It’s enough to infect everyone and make them poisonous.]

Then, finally, the man in the black robe also smiled with satisfaction.

[Sure, for demon hunters who have a lot to protect, a type like you is like a natural enemy.]


Hobbs smiled softly and continued.

[All the Germans are conscripted. And I will leave right away at this time in a month. Go and decapitate the night hound or something. … … No, wouldn’t it be better to make it a single person altogether? Even his limbs, all of them.]

[You are reliable. by the way. Can I ask you one favor?]

[ask? are you to me what?]

[…] … It’s killing a man.]

The man put down a piece of paper with a face drawn on it in front of Hobbs.

[If alive, it would look like this by now.]

[…] … ? What is this? He looks like an insignificant guy?]

[I think so too. I’m asking you in case you don’t know.]

Hobbs tilted his head, but he had no choice but to nod.

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