Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 428

Episode 428: Those Who Walk the Night (4)


Excluding Bikir, he was a model student who boasted the most outstanding talent and performance among the 20th class at Colosseo Academy.

In the original history, after graduating from the Colosseo Academy, she disappeared from everyone’s eyes, but she appeared in front of her classmates.

“Back off!”

Sinclair shouted in a high-pitched voice at Bianca, who was holding Tudor.

at the same time.

What a bummer! Woo support!

The ground was torn on a large scale, and the yellow golden veins beneath it were lifted out in their entirety.

A stratum snapped off and floated up into the air.

Countless pieces of gold are melted by the hot magic field, and the form is recreated anew.

Before long, an enormous number of golden hands appeared behind Sinclair’s back.

a thousand hands.

Each one shines with a brilliant golden light.

Behind him, a large mana wheel spun and emitted a halo.

The hat on Sinclair’s head began to exert its power in earnest.

A mysterious artifact that increases the amount of mana you possess according to the amount of gold you own.

It was showing its true value along with the overwhelming wealth of Sinclair, who became the official head of the bourgeois family.

Even Sinclair came out of the Naraksu with fairly high stats.

Due to this, she has reached a level where she can double-cast a large amount of earth attribute magic and gold attribute magic.

Just like right now.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Countless golden fists stopped the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family for some time.

Horses fell and knights rolled on the floor.

In an instant, the encirclement that had been tightening on all sides suddenly loosened.

Of course, there was no way that Bianca, who had crossed countless lines of death, would miss this opportunity.


Bianca moved right away, as if she had made an appointment with Sinclair.

She lifted Tudor in her arms with no unnecessary movements and soared up.

As Bianca and Tudor broke through the encirclement and fell back, Sinclair also flew through the air to provide cover.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The javelins that flew towards Bianca hit the golden fist and bounced off.

Bianca, who had been running without a word, finally turned her head to Sinclair.

“… … What about family?”

“I left it to Uncle Damian. I don’t mind saying this now, but… … I’m worried about you guys.”

Sinclair lowered her head and spoke in a low voice as if creeping in.

Because Sinclair and Bianca were, to put it slangly, ‘unlucky’ with each other.

After proving her skills by graduating from Bondi Academy with excellent grades, Sinclair had a plan to compete with her cousin Juliet for the position of head of the bourgeoisie.

However, as Juliet died along the way and she found herself increasingly attracted to Bikir, a classmate from the same school, she gradually walked the path of wandering.

After agonizing for a while in her heart, she decided to drop out of the Colosseo Academy in order to sort out her agony and make a definite decision about her future.

He also tried to sort out all the relationships with other friends that made him sway in his personal affections.

One day, suddenly, without leaving a word, he disappeared from everyone and erased his traces.

But fate was reversed.

Sinclair was trapped in the Naraksu, and in the process he looked back on himself.

The slaughter battle that had to be waged between the motives.

A mission where only one person survived and was able to go down to the next floor.

in these extreme trials.

‘In this situation, I think it’s right to let the person who has the highest chance of surviving live. Sinclair is the most genius among us. I’d like you to go too.’

‘… … joy. You know you’ve been really upset with me lately, right? repent really Where can I find such a good friend?’

My friends embraced and sacrificed myself when I tried to turn my back on them first.

I didn’t ask anything, didn’t ask anything, and just sent my full trust.

After weighing this and that, he made himself ashamed of himself for thinking that it would be better to stay away from friends.

… … And that was also what Sinclair had in mind.

‘Determine yourself. What to see, what to hear, and what to believe.’

Bikir said this just before being crushed by the Dragon Demon’s fist.

It was the same words he said when he killed his father, who became the devil’s master.

After that, Sinclair, who dropped out of the academy and became the head of a bourgeois family, pondered for a long time.

Was this really the life you were looking for?

Was the current situation something he really wanted, or did he hope for?

[At this point, it wouldn’t be bad to weed out useless ties. As of this hour, all plays are over.]

Bartolomeo, the one and only family member who wanted to be recognized and loved, had long ago become a puppet of the devil.

At the point of knowing that, the goal of becoming the head of a bourgeois family has already lost its meaning.

If so, what did you believe in and what did you pursue?

Also, what should we believe in and what should we pursue in the future?

After pondering for a long time, she answered with her clever mind.

And now, Sinclair is standing here to carry out his answer.

“Sorry. All this time I was wrong. Accept me as a friend again.”

Sinclair said while blocking the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family.

Unlike the golden iron wall standing firm, the voice trembled palely.

Her sincere apology reached Bianca, who was entrusting Tudor to Dolores behind the scenes.

“… … .”

Bianca turned her head to look at Sinclair.

Sinclair is sweating profusely.

Blood was flowing from the corners of his mouth, as if the body was under tremendous pressure.

“I can do anything if you guys can forgive me… … .”

However, her words did not follow through.

“Ah-oh! How can you not forgive in a situation like this!?”

It was because Bianca ran quickly, grabbed Sinclair by the scruff of the neck, and ran backwards.

… Kwak! Cood de de de de deuk-

As Sinclair was captured by Bianca, the golden wall collapsed and the cavalry of the invincible rushed in.

It was a tremendous achievement just to block the charge of those monsters that would tear apart a landslide in the first place for a few seconds.

puffer pung-

Several javelins were thrown at Sinclair, but Bianca dodged them with Sinclair wrapped around her waist.

A spear cuts off some strands of Bianca’s long hair and flies away.

Bianca said to Sinclair, who was caught in her waistband, as she darted to jump over the protruding rocks to avoid the spear.

“Idiot, there was never a time when we weren’t friends in the first place.”

“Bianca… … .”

Tears welled up in Sinclair’s eyes.

Since the freshmen of the first year, they have been in the same room for two people.

But in the end, the two separated from each other at the Colosseo Academy.

It would have been a great betrayal and immorality for young girls to hide their birth family or to cut off all contact after school graduation.

But isn’t it a situation where you have to embrace a much bigger cause than that?


The two female knights held hands.

The hands that were clasped again were much more firmly engaged than the first.

“Sorry for coming late.”

“… … .”

“I’m sorry for leaving the academy without saying anything.”

“… … .”

“I’m sorry for deliberately ignoring your greetings and talking to you.”

“… … .”

“I’m sorry I hid the fact that I came from a bourgeois family.”

“… … .”

“At Naraksu again… … .”

“Oh no! I know, all right! I can’t even answer because I’m out of breath!”

Bianca screamed, forgetting that her haughty expression collapsed.

It was the same thing that Sinclair and Bianca had tears and runny nose running down them.

Right then.

The invincible cavalry that came right behind Bianca and Sinclair slowed down.

“These children! How dare you, my friend!”

“I can’t forgive you!”

“I’ll pay you back twice!”

Tudor, who has been cured by Sancho, Piggy, and Dolores, has joined them.



Tudor and Bianca jumped up holding each other’s hands, and soon each fired a devastating counterattack at the knights chasing each other’s back.

“Hey – the tycoon of the night is here!”

“Wouldn’t it be better to be the golden king of the night than the conglomerate of the night?”

When Sancho and Piggy smile naturally at Sinclair, whom they haven’t seen in a long time, Sinclair also smiles widely with tears of relief.

It is also reassuring and enjoyable to be together. Motivation is like that.

“… … It’s a pity that one person is missing.”

Everyone flinched at Piggy’s self-involuntary muttering.

But it’s only for a moment.

“don’t worry. He will definitely come back.”

“He’s a person I can’t imagine dying.”

“… … Is that so too?”

“Maybe they are healthier than us.”

“I will definitely save my brother.”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair turned their heads with determined expressions.

And in front of them stood Dolores, who was a reliable senior and supporter than anyone else.

“Ready! The prayer text is complete!”

Dolores put her hands together and started emitting divine power.


White flames began to spread out in a dome shape.

Upon being touched by Dolores’ divine power, the knights of the Donquixote family all started to flinch.

The tingling in his eyes went away, and his movements became visibly dull.

“it’s okay! It works!”

Tudor involuntarily shouted.

However, Dolores’ complexion was not so bright.

“Wrong. The brainwashing is too strong. It must have been the strength of a ten-tier demon.”

And with that power, the being who indirectly controls the knights, the culprit of the battlefield, was in front of Dolores.

“Ha ha ha ha! As long as I am, His influence is strong!”

Pedro. He was sprinting towards Dolores, spewing demonic energy.

As Pedro gets closer, the eyes of the knights around him become cloudy again and their actions become more alert.

In the end, Dolores bit her lip and pulled out her secret weapon.

“… … I can’t help it.”

I didn’t want to use this method.

Dolores put her hands together and began to pray.

… Dig!

Again bright light swirls around her.

Warmth like the warm sunlight was bringing a warm wind to the battlefield.

Pedro sneered at Dolores.

“Prayers and divine incantations are laughable! Things like light are only warm no matter how much you expose them to them… … .”

however. He couldn’t finish his speech.

It was because of the large shadow that suddenly cast over her face.

“… … uh?”

Pedro’s expression went blank for a moment.

It was because of the object that Dolores, who was praying, suddenly took out from behind.

Mace. A large, beautiful, powerful piece of iron.

Nabokov’s favorite soldier, who was close to physical force rather than divine power, was right there.

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