Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 427

Episode 427: Those Who Walk the Night (3)

Usher Po Bianca.

The bridegroom is Usher’s next head of household… … who was

She is the only daughter of Usher for Roderick, the current head of the Usher family.

Therefore, it is right that she should inherit the consortium in the future.

But the reality is harsh.

Usher for Roderick, who was so strong that he was nicknamed the Archangel, succumbed to a mysterious illness, and his eldest daughter, Bianca, was still young.

When she was at the Colosseo Academy, things turned upside down.

Usher for Madeline. The only sister of Usher for Roderick.

She, who had been ill from a young age and did not participate in the big and small events of her family, seized the real power at some point and started to hit and run.

Madeline began directing all major and minor matters in the household.

As if Usher for Roderick had waited all this time for him to lie down with an illness.

After hearing about her father’s misfortune, Bianca returned to her family and had to be treated with indescribable neglect and ill-treatment.

Having never even seen her father’s face, she gathered her maternal and collateral families, her supporters, and tried to check Madeline’s position.

But in vain.

From the time Bianca had just entered the Colosseo Academy, Madeline had enlisted all of her maternal and collateral families early on, and Bianca had been stabbed in the toe by the ax she trusted.

She realized that her home could no longer support her.

No, on the contrary, he saw through to the fact that he had become his greatest enemy.

After that, Bianca left her family behind and came out into the world.

Wanting to entrust himself to his only childhood friend and soul rival, Tudor, he went to the Don Quixote family, but Tudor was also in a similar situation.

Cervantes, the King of the Spears, suddenly lay down after getting a serious illness of unknown identity, such as Prince Roderick, and his younger brother, Pasamonte, seized the real power.

Even Tudor, unlike Bianca, was openly fighting the entire family.

So Bianca took Tudor and ran away.

One of the strongest military groups existing on the ground, the Donquixote family’s invincible cavalry and the Usher family’s new sniper team pursued them.

The road to escape was long and arduous, but I managed to persevere.

Tudor, a childhood friend who always thought of him as a child, has grown into a man he can trust and trust.

No, sometimes to the point where I feel like leaning on it.

And from some moment, Bianca started watching such Tudor a little longer.

Someone I can share my childhood with. The person who was with me when I was immature and had no plans. And the person who is going through a difficult and painful time right now.

… … Is that why? Bianca was now uncharacteristically furious.

“Cluck- A girl is so venomous.”

Don Quixote La Mancha Pedro. Pasamonte’s lieutenant. The person who escorted Bikir to New Wave a long time ago.

The guy who should have been imprisoned in the dungeon with his limbs cut off was leading the cavalry in good condition for some reason.

Bianca gritted her teeth.

It is only natural that the main culprits who drove Tudor to where he is now are right in front of his eyes.

“As expected, you guys are demons.”

“What are you thinking?”

Pedro shrugged. Then he said it in a smirking manner.

“Iselred of the House of Usher was anxious to catch you. Good thing. If you sell it to him, it’ll be pretty good. Tudor, you came out to catch that cowardly rat and got an unexpected harvest.”

In an instant, veins sprouted from Bianca’s forehead.

“A cowardly rat? Isn’t that a fitting word for you who crawled under the devil’s crotch and for your mother who wrapped you up in the world?”

Risking one’s life for honor and reputation is the family tradition of the Don Quixote family.

Pedro’s eyes rolled over as soon as he heard Bianca’s words.

“How dare you insult me!”

Pedro instinctively tried to take off his gloves, and Bianca didn’t miss the chance and fed an arrow to his bow.


Bianca, who spent a relatively long time in Naraksu compared to others.

She trained hard at the academy based on her understanding at that time.

The liquid aura unique to the graduate was shot out of the arrow.

It looks like a sticky liquid dripping down horizontally on the ground.

And its power was great.


The arrow passed through the back of Pedro’s hand and pierced his heart.


“Ha ha ha! If there is no gap, are you making it and stabbing it? The Usher family’s archery skills are amazing.”

Pedro’s eyes glisten with a muddy aura.

He shatters the arrow, and in its place is immediately covered with new growth.

Bianca looked at it and thought once again that Pedro and his master, Pasamonte, must be demons.

But there was something strange.

‘Why don’t the other knights show any reaction?’

Bianca carefully turned her gaze to look behind her.

The ‘Invincible Cavalry’ of the Don Quixote family.

Together with the ‘Invincible Armada’, they are the real power among the powerful who divide the armed forces of the Don Quixote family.

Why did they all become the devil’s servants?

“… … !”

Sharp-eyed Bianca soon found the answer.

The inner face of the helmet, which ordinary people cannot see, and the expression of the members of the invincible cavalry corps covered by iron surfaces.

All of them were wearing blank expressions, as if they had gone crazy.

Uncharacteristically for knights who have risen to a higher level, their cloudy eyes are visible, and some of them are drooling.

‘You’re being manipulated by the devil!’

If this is not the case, there is no explanation.

Perhaps the knights of the House of Usher are in a similar state.

I also roughly guessed how Madeline would win over Bianca’s supporters.

“Then there is nothing you can do.”

Bianca gritted her teeth.

I don’t want to kill the innocent knights of the Don Quixote family, but if we continue like this, we will die.

It was a situation where we had to fight with all our might.


Bianca kicked off the ground and fired an arrow.

Fortunately, a little further leads to a steep rocky area.

The cavalry would not be able to advance there.

… … However, it was a mistake made by underestimating the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family.

Doo doo doo doo-

Surprisingly, the cavalry of Don Quixote galloped without hesitation even on a steep slope close to a cliff.

“Sheesh. Why are monsters like that being manipulated by demons?”

Bianca continued to fire arrows.

It wasn’t that he was aiming for all those cavalry units one by one.

Kwak! Kururrureung-

The arrows Bianca shot only aimed at the weak parts of the rocky cliff.

As the traps made of rope and vines were destroyed by the arrows, a huge amount of earth and piles of stones began to pour down.

however. In a situation where the considerable cavalry should have already been annihilated, the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote family began to push in with a fierce determination.


At the end of the lances of the knights advancing through the rocks and soil, the aura symbolizing the graduates was formed.

Truly terrifying majesty.

Bianca unknowingly swallowed the wind.

It’s dizzying to think that things like that that can even tear apart a landslide are roaming the battlefield.

What kind of siege can withstand them without breaking through!

The moment I closed my eyes, realizing that Bianca couldn’t escape, and that I had to take all those ignorant charges with my own body.


A thunderous cry came from up there.


A slash fired from an oblique line blew one of the knights in the front back.

Tudor. He appeared in a black bloody robe and was blocking Bianca’s way.

“wake up!”

Tudor stretched out his spear and brandished it.

Bianca was a little puzzled by Tudor’s refusal to extend her arm, but suddenly rose from her seat.

Tudor is currently missing his left arm.

It was lost while escaping from the Don Quixote family.

“Tudor! They’re after you… … !”

“know! Let’s just focus on stepping back for now!”

Tudor swung his spear and rolled all nearby rocks down.

“Tudor! Bianca!”

I hear the voices of Dolores, Sancho, and Piggy from behind.

However, the Don Quixote knights, including Pedro, responded much faster.


At Pedro’s command, the knights rolled around and blocked Dolores and other reinforcements.

At the same time, the rest of the troops raised their spears and threw them at Tudor.


A javelin pierced Tudor’s thigh and lodged in the ground.

“… … !”

Tudor gritted his teeth, but could not block all the showers of spears that followed.


“Get down.”

He just kept Bianca behind his back and blocked all the spears that came in front of him.

Pupper puck!

A spear blade that penetrates the forearms, thighs, shoulders, and legs.


Bianca let out a tear-jerking scream, but Tudor didn’t move on the spot, protecting Bianca.

“You are a tearful chivalry. It’s a good ending.”

Pedro lifted the spear with tears in his eyes.



Pedro’s spear falls, emitting a black aura.

… Pop!

The spear that had been protecting Tudor was broken in half.

Tudor, covered in blood, collapsed.

Bianca, who was behind, hurriedly accepted Tudor.


He suffered severe wounds to his chest. If you don’t see the priest immediately, you will surely die.

However, Dolores and others were unable to cross the wall built by the knights of the Don Quixote family.

Pedro smirked.

“What are you going to do? If you agree to surrender quietly, you can take Tudor back to his family and treat him. Of course, four years together.”

For some reason, Pedro wasn’t about to kill Tudor right away.

“… … .”

Bianca bit her lip.

There was nothing to do but think twice.

“Help me. I want to save Tudor.”

“Good! It’s an excellent choice. I think you can show some condescension to this one.”

Pedro giggled and turned his head.

It was to withdraw the cavalry from Dolores and other night walkers up there.

“hey! It’s enough! Withdraw now… … !?”

however. Pedro couldn’t finish his sentence.


It was because a heavy fist flew in and crushed his face.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Before long, golden fists protruding from the ground began to blow away the knights of the Donquixote family.

Puff! Good luck! bang!

Rings made of earth rose above the ground, causing the hooves of galloping cavalry to stumble.

“Ouch! uh, what is this… … .”

Someone fell in front of Pedro, who was coughing up fragments of broken teeth with a crushed nose, cracked lips, and blood flowing out of his mouth.

Black robes and hats, and short-cut white hair underneath.

A tall, yet childlike woman stood in front of Tudor and Bianca.

“sorry. It’s a little late.”

Tick-tock-the sound of the springs of a busy pocket watch.

Sinclair was reaching out to Bianca.

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