Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 429

Episode 429: Those Who Walk the Night (5)

Gu Gu Guk-

The heavy mace rose up and fell down.

Dolores swung her mace and thought of the past.

After the Naraksu Incident, she had doubts about her powers and had personally visited Pope Nabokov I and asked for training.

At that time, Nabokov I said:

‘A third-class healer heals belatedly when an ally is injured.’

‘A second-class healer treats an ally immediately when they are injured.’

‘… … But a first-rate healer is.’

The teachings of King Nabokov I made Dolores what she is today.

“Remove the risk of getting hurt before your allies get hurt!”

Dolores’s mace fell like lightning.

And it crushed Pedro’s face flat.

… oops!

With a terrifying sound, Pedro’s model flew backwards and crashed to the ground.

Bianca asked in a puzzled tone.

“… … How do you carry that mace?”

“Yes. Originally, I put a sack between my back muscles and tighten it with force, but I don’t have enough muscles and strength yet, so I just secretly tie it to my back with a string! Cover the lower part of the mace with a skirt!”

After explaining, she raised her mace once again and began to rule out factors that could hurt her allies.

I’m sorry-

The mace landed again on top of Pedro’s head, who had fallen to the floor and was bewildered.


Pedro finally realized the reality.

The shock that made my eyeballs pop out, no, they actually popped out.

It was to the point where he was confused as to whether his eyesight was being burned black because he was exposed to divine power or because of the pain caused by the physical shock.

“What are the cavalrymen doing!?”

Pedro sent a rescue request, but the cavalry units could not come close.

This is because the golden wall created by Sinclair, the rockfall that Bianca shoots and drops, and the divine shield emitted by Dolores are blocking the rush of the cavalry.

Furthermore, now that Pedro’s mental magic was weakening, knights who had been brainwashed were coming out one by one from within the cavalry.

Pedro gritted his teeth.

It was a mistake to be too greedy to catch Tudor and Bianca.

In the first place, it was a bad decision to use a steep mountain range that was not good for using cavalry as a battlefield.

“Do you think anything will work if you catch this guy?”

Tudor’s judgment of the situation was also quick.

While the mercenaries hired by Sindi Wendy or the reinforcements from each family came down from behind to block the cavalry, Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair focused on Pedro Hana.

“Dare you cheeky kids!”

Pedro fought back, exuding the highest grade aura and even magic.

mine painting. The moment Pedro’s appearance is about to change terribly.

… Flash!

Dolores’ divine shield, which has become even more powerful, weighs down Pedro’s whole body.

Above it, Sinclair summoned countless golden hands and pressed down on the demon’s body.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca also did everything in their power to cut off Pedro’s limbs.


Pedro, who had turned into a demon, wriggled violently, but there was nothing he could do about it until the mercenaries sent by Sindi Wendy arrived and shot arrows at him.

In the end, Pedro calmed down after the twenty-four stakes that Dolores had bestowed divine power on were driven into his torso.

When he was captured, the invincible cavalry of the Don Quixote also stopped.

They woke up from their dazed faces and slowly began to realize the reality.

“Where is this?”

“omg! Why am I here?”

“Tu, Master Tudor!?”

Tudor stared at the knights of his family who were slowly coming to their senses.

Only a handful of the members of the invincible cavalry corps gathered here, most of them must have been dispatched far away from the civil war.

“To think that the proud knights of La Mancha are brainwashed by a mere demon and die in vain. What kind of tragedy could there be?”

Tudor’s hateful gaze turned to Pedro, who fell to the floor and groaned.

“You should have died when I sent my friend to prison. Please accept the postponed death sweetly.”

[Now, wait! help me! Save my life! I’ll do anything! I’ll tell you everything, so only my life… … !]

Pedro had experienced something similar once before, when escorting Vikir to Newvag.

He had a history of surviving by begging for his life by selling information at the time, so everyone except Tudor decided to interrogate Pedro a little more.

Tudor, who insisted on Pedro’s execution, agreed with everyone.

“From now on, I will have to honestly blow everything I know. Otherwise, I cannot be sure of your life.”


“But if you answer honestly, I will spare your life. On the honor of the Don Quixote family.”

Behind Tudor, who spoke calmly, the knights of the House of Don Quixote, who had been brainwashed, were sending eyes burning with anger.

Pedro moaned in pain, but answered every question.

As a result, the night walkers were able to find out a lot.

First of all, the true name of the servant city they are aiming for is Chimeries. And for Cimmeries, the fact that he had the power to make humans reckless and brave was a great harvest.

In addition, the fact that most of the Don Quixote family’s invincible cavalry is dispatched to the conflict area, that the Invincible Fleet is anchored far away from the family due to the low sea level due to the drought, and that the Ciméries, who are covered in Pasamonte’s shell, There was also information such as that the current priority was to secure Tudor’s safety.

“Why are you trying to capture Tudor and me? If the purpose is to remove static, you can just go with your head up, right? Wouldn’t that be much easier?”

[Mo, I don’t know! Really! You didn’t tell me!]

At Bianca’s question, Pedro shook his head, saying he didn’t know.

Then, Tudor asked.

“What about your father? Is your father all right?”

[…] … .]

Pedro was silent for a moment.

Then he spoke in a stuttering tone.

[No, of course you are safe. Your health isn’t very good, but… … ]

“Really!? Is your father really okay?”

[I am also a demon, but I was once a knight of the Don Quixote family. Don’t lie!]

“Thank you, God. For protecting my father… … .”

Tudor closed his eyes and offered a prayer of thanksgiving.

Pedro looked up and opened his mouth.

[Now I’ve told you everything I know. Really. free me The mana is also empty, so there is no strength to resist. So, don’t you think the knight of the Donquixote family will break the promise he made with his honor?]

For an instant, Tudor’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“okay. I promised you honor. As a knight of the Don Quixote family.”

[okay. Above all else, isn’t the knight of La Mancha the most honorable and dignified? Something like me doesn’t even dare to say it… … .]

Pedro said grimly in a self-deprecating tone.

But Tudor shook his head.

“that’s right. You don’t deserve the honor of Don Quixote. But so am I.”

[…] … ?]

Pedro raises his head with a puzzled expression.

In front of him, Tudor slowly raised the broken spear blade.

“His name is Tudor.”

The blade of the window shines blue.

“There is no last name.”

It fell straight down towards Pedro’s neck.

Pedro had his head cut off before he had time to shout.

Dark blood is spattered all over the ground.

Tudor continued in a low voice.

“So Don Quixote’s honor has nothing to do with me.”

* * *

Deep inside Fort Tochika. The meeting place of those who walk the night.

“Let’s return.”

Tudor said.

In the same way that a general in the Warring States Period usurped the country, he is aiming for the throne by returning the army as it is.

“Pretending to return without any income, bloodless entry into the Don Quixote family’s territory, then sneaking into the castle and assassinating Pasamonte.”

At that, everyone nodded, saying it was a good ploy.

Xindi Wendy, who is skeptical and strict about everything, also agreed this time.

“As usual, the Donquixote family’s army was blocking the supply route, so there were a lot of setbacks in distribution. If we don’t restore Don Quixote, we won’t have any more food and water to feed the refugees. Then Bikir’s plan will be in trouble.”

Besides, since they know that nightwalkers are gathering at Tochika Fortress, they must move as soon as possible.

player win. If it’s a fight that will happen anyway, it’s a hundred times better for this side to strike first.

Tudor seemed to be getting stronger at the thought of saving his father and restoring his family.

Dolores said to everyone.

“Of these two, Sinclair and I are probably the only ones who have experienced the power of ten times directly.”

Dolores has experienced Dantalian, Belial, and Amdusias, and Sinclair has experienced Belial.

The power of ten times that Dolores and Sinclair speak of is so terrifying that it can’t even be compared to anything like Pedro.

“Even now, a lot of time has passed, so he must have become even stronger. You have to come prepared.”

Even the world’s Bikir always prepared fully when dealing with the Ten Commandments, and even risked their lives to move.

Everyone’s expressions became determined at the thought of finally going to deal with the culprit.

“I know very well about the deployment of troops and landmarks within the family.”

Tudor sketched out a map of the family’s interior.

Everyone was watching as Tudor briefly briefed them on where the traps were and where the secret passages were hidden.

Then, suddenly, Piggy muttered in a low voice.

“… … How reassuring it would have been if Bikir had been there at a time like this.”

For a moment, everyone’s eyes turned to Piggy.

Piggy waved his hand in embarrassment.

“oh! mi sorry I’m weak… … .”

Then Dolores smiled and put her hand on Piggy’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Piggy. Because we all think that way.”

“Yeah, but… … sorry. It felt like I had been splashed with cold water.”

Piggy lowered her head with a voice that sounded like she was crawling.

Tudor also comforted Piggy.

“I also think that way sometimes. How happy it would be if he appeared in front of us like a miracle. But the one who is now trapped in the New Wave can’t come here.”

“… … that’s right.”

“What we need to do now is not to dream vaguely of wanting him to be by our side. Doing the homework he left us with, and furthermore, rescuing him from New Wave.”

Tudor’s words resonated in everyone’s heart.

“Bikir must be alive. And he will definitely meet again someday. Before that, we have to achieve results so that we can be confident in front of him.”

Dolores also agreed with Tudor.

“We too have to grow. So that Vikir doesn’t have to deal with everything alone. I want to let them know that they can rely on us more.”

Sancho, Bianca, and Sinclair also silently nodded.

Even if you open your mouth and don’t make a sound, the meaning you have is the same.

Only Sindi Wendy was fiddling under the table with a relatively recently received letter with a notice that it was from Nouvelle Vague.

<Night Hound ‘Bikir van Baskerville’> [Death]

Officially published report by Nouvelle Vague.

It contained information that the Night Hound had died in an unsuccessful attempt to break out of the New Wave.

‘I don’t think I need to tell you this.’

Sindi Wendy crumpled it up with a small sigh.

To those who walk the night, the presence of a secret faith.

It was impossible to break that trust.

‘… … I really don’t want a miracle to happen.’

Everyone is hoping and waiting for the return of Bikir, to the extent that even Sindi Wendy, who never believed in luck or miracles, had this thought.

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